Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Ultra-Left rallies to Celebrate the Kidnappings




     Alongside the agony regarding the kidnapping by the terrorists of three Israeli teenagers, two of them aged 16, one of those an American citizen, there is also emerging a wave of celebration of the kidnappings by ultra-leftist anti-Israel Jews.  In the US, a number of Jewish anti-Semites have justified and celebrated the kidnappings.   One in particular is "professor" Marc H. Ellis, who was the "Professor of Jewish Studies" at Baylor University before Baylor fired him.  Ellis is a know-nothing Jewish-born Catholic-educated pseudo-academic who insists that the only real moral conclusion from the Holocaust is that Israel must be eliminated.   His celebration of the kidnappings appears on the anti-Semitic junk blog Mondoweiss ( ).   Ellis by the way is employed these days at a 12th rate UN school in Costa Rico where he no doubt has convinced the rainforest tribesmen that he is an authority on Judaism.


     Within Israel, a number of ultra-leftists have also emerged to celebrate and justify the kidnappings.  Quite a few columnists at Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, have expressed such sentiments.   In Haaretz, Avraham Burg, who was once speaker of the Knesset, published this piece (, in which he said that Israel had "kidnapped" all of Palestinian society so there was nothing particularly noteworthy in Palestinians kidnapping Jewish children.   Burg is active in J Street and Meretz these days.  While Palestinians have been handing out candies and sweets to celebrate the kidnappings, it would not surprise me if we hear that Peace Now is similarly handing out candies to celebrate this wonderful blow against the occupiers.


    The Arab fascist Knesset member Hanin Zoabi has of course been outspoken in expressing her joy at the kidnappings.  She insists that kidnapping children is simply not terrorism at all, unlike writing anti-Arab graffiti on walls.  Interestingly, quite a few Israeli leftists are backing Zoabi, defending not only her "right" to celebrate the kidnappings but also endorsing the content of what she says.  The European-funded anti-Israel 972 Magazine web site is solidly pro-Hanin.


   Among the leading figures endorsing Hanin's celebration of the kidnappings has been Orit Kamir.  Her endorsement of Hanin Zoabi appears in Hebrew here: .  She proclaims that Zoabi not only has the right to support the kidnappings but Kamir explicitly says she agrees with Zoabi.  Who exactly is Kamir?  Her story states volumes about the collapse of academic standards in Israel.


     Kamir is a radical feminist "academic" who made headlines a few years back when she was denied tenure at the law school of the Hebrew University.  She had gotten a law degree and worked as the legal rep for Israel's main feminizt lobby, the "Women's Caucus."  She later did doctoral work on "stalking" and in "feminist law," whatever that is.  She was offered a position at the law school at the Hebrew University.  But in 2001 she was turned down for promotion and tenure due to a lack of serious bona fide academic publications. 

     Kamir decided to turn herself into a feminist martyr and started harassing the University in court.  She filed a discrimination suit in an Israel labor court (these are special courts that are invariably hostile to employers).  Kamir claimed she was turned down because of her feminist opinions.  Yeah, sure.  The law school at the Hebrew University is crawling with leftists and the politically correct, but the ones who advance in the system also publish academic articles.  A lot of what Kamir has published consists of quack articles about movie actors and films.   24 out of 29 members of the law faculty filed a written petition with the University administration demanding that Kamir NOT be granted tenure or promoted, an event without precedent!   The administration told the court that Kamir had a track record of personal acrimony with other faculty and with students.  


   After dragging along for two years, the labor court proposed a compromise, under which Kamir could continue working at the Hebrew University but without tenure, for a period of 6 years.  The Hebrew University administration caved and signed.  She was allowed to stay on in one of the worst incidents of affirmative action in Israeli academia.  In 2009 she was finally dismissed from the Hebrew University altogether.

    Since then she has held minor positions at other institutions and evidently these days she is employed by the "Shimon Peres Academic Center," a pseudo-college.  She also has gotten funding from the New Israel Fund to promote feminizt agendas.  To her credit, she did speak out against instances of sexual harassment of students by faculty members at the Hebrew University.  The web lists a course she still offers at the Hebrew University outside the law school in the "multidisciplinary department," whatever that is. 


     Kamir is the new defender of Hanin Zoabi and the rights of terrorists to kidnap Jewish children.




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