Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Wages of Appeasement and Cowardice




   The Israeli government has revealed that there were dozens of failed attempts by Palestinian terrorists to kidnap Jews in the past three years.  After each of these, the Israeli government did absolutely nothing.  It preferred to keep betting on luck, and ignore the law of large numbers in statistics.  That law says that it is only a matter of time until one such attempt will succeed.  And the government was completely unprepared for one such success.


   Had Israel assassinated 300 Hamas members after every previous unsuccessful kidnapping attempt, the kidnapping of the three children this past weekend would not have occurred.  Had Israel grabbed the immediate family members of Hamas leaders and held them in internment, the kidnapping would not have occurred.


   Instead, Netanyahu and his predecessors preferred top reward the terrorists by releasing thousands of jailed murderers.  Not only to buy back kidnapped hostages but also to buy back the bodies of murdered soldiers, to buy back a drug smuggler held in Lebanon, and basically to buy Kodak moments in which Israeli politicians could posture for the cameras with the heads of the "Palestinian Authority."   It was all part of the grand Oslo game of pursuing peace by make-pretending that war does not exist.  The terrorists had every motivation to kidnap more Jews.  When soldier Nachshon Wachsmann was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in 1994, in a village whose residents pelted with rocks soldiers attempting to free him, the village was not bulldozed.  Its residents were not deported to Jordan.   Rabin was too busy appeasing the terrorists in the name of peace.


   The "moderate" "peace partners" of the Fatah have published a cartoon mocking the three kidnapped children, representing them as mice.  The "peace partners" throughout the areas under the control of the "Palestinians" are celebrating the kidnappings, passing out sweets and candies.  Israel has not responded by passing out napalm.  I have no doubt that many on the Israeli Radical Left, starting with "Peace Now," are also passing out sweets in celebration of this blow against "occupation."  Leftist professor Moshe Zimmerman from the Hebrew University has long claimed that "settler" children are Nazis, and Prof. Zeev Sternhell from the Hebrew University has urged the terrorists to attack and murder "settlers."  They have not been fired.


   For years Netanyahu cowered and capitulated, removing all the security checkpoints around the West Bank.  The anti-Israel Left claimed they were "oppressive."  After all, they inconvenienced "Palestinians."    So when the children were kidnapped, there were no inconvenient security checkpoints to stop or apprehend the kidnappers.  Netanyahu put the agenda of the anti-Israel Machsom Watch communists ahead of that of parents of Jewish children. 

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