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1.  Now that Abu Mazen has proclaimed that Israel's shooting back at the Hamas savages in Gaza constitutes "genocide": just what is it that people demanding "talks" with the "Palestinian Authority" think there is to talk about with such people?  What is there to negotiate?  And why is Abu Mazen himself not being targeted by the IDF drones?


2.  One of the more annoying phenomena in the current round of liberation of Israel is the willingness of the media to accept at face value the "reports" coming from the Hamas and the "Palestinian Authority" regarding casualties.   It of course is not surprising that the BBC, CNN and NY Slimes accept such claims as scientific data.   But the leftist media in Israel, led by Haaretz and Yediot Ahronot, have also been picking up every single "report" from the Hamas and reprinting it as "fact."


   We know from past rounds that the Hamas and PA routinely inflate casualty figures among "Palestinians" by at least an order of magnitude.  In addition, we know from the past that at least 80-90% of Palestinian casualties and deaths are of armed terrorists.  Naturally, the Hamas claims that every single bomb dropped by Israel is hitting a nursery school or baby milk factory or mosque.


   Beyond that, the mystery remains of why anyone thinks that it would matter even if the Hamas numbers were correct, which they are not.  When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the Americans did not do a computation of just how many Japanese civilians could be killed in retaliation and counterattacks against Japan.  The answer was simple:  all of them.  When Germany subjected Britain to the blitz, Churchill did not set an upper limit on how many German casualties could be deemed "reasonably" acceptable as proportionate response.


    We are also once again hearing the nonsense about how if the number of Palestinians killed exceeds the number of Israelis killed, then this proves that it is Israel that is the aggressor.  By the same logic, the US and Britain were the aggressors against Japan and Germany in WWII.  It is remarkable hearing the anti-Israel lobby sob about the fact that not a single Israeli has been killed (yet) by any of the rockets launched from Gaza.   We need to comfort these people that not enough Jews have been murdered for their tastes. 


     And just how many Jews need to be killed to justify re-conquering Gaza and annihilating the Hamas?  The answer is none.


   The tenured Left is starting to awaken.  It was keeping a low profile for the first few days of the war.  Aeyal Gross, a law professor at Tel Aviv University best known for invention of the nonsense term "pinkwashing" and for his promotion of transvestites, has an Op Ed in Haaretz today denouncing Israel for committing "war crimes."  Of course if Israel were to react to Hamas rockets by exhibiting a strong belch, Gross and his fellow comrades in panties would be screaming that this is genocide.

See (in Hebrew):  Oh and writer A.B. Yehoshua is in Yediot today proclaiming that the best way to conduct war with the Hamas is to first grant it recognition as the legitimate government of Gaza.

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