Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's have an Environmentally Friendly anti-Terror Policy




1.  Hat tip to Yocheved Miriam Russo for this idea.  What Israel needs is an environmentally-friendly form of capital punishment for terrorists.  Non-polluting, no greenhouse gases, sustainable, no carbon footprint.  The idea is this: we strap each terrorist down into a solar-powered electric chair at 4 AM.  His feet are placed in water.  And there are solar panels above. Then we all sit and sip coffee until sunrise.  And then we daven shacharit!

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Now I mention this in part because the Hamas is saying it will agree to a ceasefire only if it continues to get free electricity from Israel (see ).  Now I am all in favor of this idea as long as the free electricity is used for electric chairs.  Go Sparky!



2.  I concede that is has been decades since I studied chemistry but I DO seem to recall that chlorine gas is heavier than air.  That means it sinks down into underground tunnels and stays there.  Actually, sulfur dioxide is also heavier than air and, when mixed with water, like perspiration, it turns to sulfuric acid.  So Bibi and Bogie, are you getting any ideas from this discussion?



3.    I support Black Power:



4.  The Western liberuhs are all whining that Israeli retaliations are not "surgically precise" enough.  They are in fact far more precise than US or NATO military operations in recent decades.  But since a perfectly-precise weapons system does not exist, when these people insist that Israel do nothing at all unless its operations are pinpoint precise, this is equivalent to insisting that Israel take no military actions at all against the Hamas savages.  What they REALLY want is for Israel to roll over and turn its other cheek.....



5.   If the Union army in the Civil War used the same requirements for "pinpoint accuracy" that Obama and Kerry are trying to impose upon Israel today, Obama would be a slave (or maybe a Kenyan).



6.   The heavy casualties yesterday were from the elite infantry "Golani" brigade.

Here is Yoram Gaon singing the famous song about the brigade: 

And here are the words in Eמglish translation:



7.   Remember back when Israel was in full control of the Gaza Strip, before the "withdrawal," when the worst thing that the local savages could do was to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers?  When the Israeli Left insisted there was no risk in leaving Gaza because nothing could POSSIBLY be any worse than a situation in which rocks were being thrown at soldiers?



8.  Israeli young men are dying in order to destroy the terror tunnels of the Hamas in Gaza.   Lest there be any misunderstanding, every single one of those terror tunnels was constructed with concrete provided to the Hamas by the Israeli government.  Afraid of the bad press for constricting "civilian supplies" to the savages.



9.  We have been hearing from the Left for so long that terrorism is caused by Israeli occupation of "Palestinians."  Now the truth should be obvious to all. Terrorism is caused by the REMOVAL of Israeli occupation of "Palestinians."

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