Friday, July 25, 2014

Make Bigui-im! Must read before shabbat!



   Sorry to interrupt your preparations for shabbat but this is an urgent story that just must be shared.


   To explain this, the Hamas went to the trouble to produce a marching song in HEBREW (well, broken Hebrew with atrocious pronunciation).  It is called: "This is How we Make Bigui-im".   The Hebrew word for terrorist attacks is Pigoui-im, but Arabs cannot pronounce the "P" sound.  (That means, by the way, that they cannot pronounce the word "Palestine.")   Anyway, the Hamas made a whole video clip that they thought would demoralize the Jews.  Bragging about how they are coming to make Bigui-im.


    But a group of Israelis took the Hamas clip in its entirety, left the sound track with no change, and changed the video scenes.  The result is not only the funniest video you have ever seen in your life.  It also is probably the very best advertisement for Israel and life in Israel that there ever was.  It shows the real Israel under war, Jews out dancing and smiling and kidding around, to the exact words and melodies of the Hamas marching song.  You simply must watch it 4 or 5 times before candle lighting.   It is here:   (A common quip in Israel has people saying, At Long Last an Oriental Music Song I really Like!)


  If you want to see the original Hamas clip all by itself, with Hebrew subtitles, it is here:  If I find one with English subtitles, I will post it.  But briefly the Hamas terrorists sing:   Attack, harm the "Beoble", cause disruptions, annihilate all the Zionists, shake up Israel's confidence.  It goes on in bloodthirsty manner.   But you really have to watch the Zionist parody of it, with URL as mentioned above.  Another parody, not as good, is here:



   There is also a special Facebook page that has collected some of the best clips from Israel about the war.   Not all are funny but a few are hilarious!   The set is here (in Hebrew):


    This one is particularly funny - a Hamas terrorist emerges from the ground tunnel and asks the "Zionist dog" for directions.  He tells the terrorist to dig a U-turn and return to the border.  The terrorist thanks the Zionist dog.  Go here:


    Remember the story of how the Hamas fired a rocket that cut the electric cable to Gaza?  Well, here is the Israeli parody of this story:

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