Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Memo to FDR from 1944 discovered:

We just discovered the following memo that was sent to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the summer of 1944 by a group of Germanists in the State Department, endorsed by the Professors for Peace and by the German-American Friendship Alliance (whose slogan is that 'Germans and Americans refuse to be Enemies'):
Dear Mister President: We want to emphasize that the very best way to resolve the war with Nazi Germany is to provide free electricity to the population of the Reich, lest innocent civilians suffer from a lack of electric power. To that end we would like you to instruct all US forces to help ensure that German citizens, whether Nazi party members or not, are not deprived of electric power. There is also no reason to insist that these German consumers of power pay for it or refrain from using the electricity to manufacture V-2 rockets to shoot at London. That would just prolongue the hostilities.
Patriotically yours,
The Team

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