Monday, July 14, 2014

Part II of Proof that God has a Sense of Humor

Proverbs 19: 21

   Many are the thoughts in the heart of man, but the will of God will prevail.

   As you know, in spite of the fact that the Protective Edge operation is costing Israel an estimated 150 million NIS a day, Bibi Netanyahu and his government have been too pusillanimous to cut off the electricity to Gaza.  The Hamas in Gaza never pays for electricity.  So the savages are getting their free electric power all the same time that they are shooting rockets at the Jews.  Netanyahu prefers to defeat the Hamas by causing it to run out of rockets, and by punishing empty Gaza buildings after warning the terrorists to evacuate before the buildings are hit.

    Well, God has His own anti-Hamas strategy.  It seems that some Hamas rockets went off course and destroyed the electric cables that bring the free electricity to Gaza (see news story at   Netanayhu at last showed a smidgen of backbone when he announced that he will be punishing the Hamas by NOT repairing the cable right away.  The idea of not repairing it at all, or at least not as long as the Hamas owes millions of dollars for back electric bills is one of those imponderables that Bibi is not willing to consider.  But fear not - the Gaza savages still get free water from Israel.

Hamas Rocket Strikes Gaza Electric Supply, Israel not Fixing It

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has asked the IEC not to risk the lives of its employees in trying to restore power.
By Yosef Berger
First Publish: 7/13/2014, 10:18 PM

Seventy thousand Gazans from Khan Younis and Deir el-Balah were in the dark Sunday night after a Hamas rocket hit the power line that supplies electricity to those places. It's not clear when Israel Electric Company workers will be able to repair the system, but they areapparently in no rush to do so. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has asked the IEC not to risk the lives of its employees in trying to restore power to the affected sector in Gaza, an operation that could take hours.

As Operation Protective Edge enters its seventh day, many Israelis are demanding that the country take more aggressive action against Hamas in order to put a halt to the seemingly endless missile attacks from Gaza. One suggestion that has come up numerous times – including from MKs and Ministers like Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon – is cutting off electricity to Gaza,which Israel is still supplying. The Hamas missile, which hit one of the high tension wires that move power from Israel to Gaza,apparently made that a moot point, at least partially.

The Palestinian Authority currently owes the Israel Electric Company NIS 1.5 billion ($525 million) in unpaid bills for electricity. An examination of that debt by business daily Globes shows that the relative amount owed by Gaza was NIS 220 million ($62 million).

Last month, the IEC filed a petition with the High Court demanding to be allowed to shut off electricity to the Palestinian Authority until the debt was paid – or to allow the IEC to seize customs and aid payments collected on behalf of the PA to pay off its debt. That case is still pending.

Meanwhile, the IEC is still supplying electricity to Gaza, under orders from the government. The power is delivered to Gaza via 12 high-tension wires that are capable of delivering up to 120 megawatts of electricity. Experts say this is not enough for all the residents of Gaza, and in recent weeks residents have said that they have been getting electricity only 12 hours a day.

Along with the IEC's power, Gaza also receives electricity from a 140 megawatt generator which is under the control of the PA's Palestine Electric Company, which is run by Hamas operatives. The generator, which is currently operating, is maintained by a crew from German company Siemens. It had been damaged by IDF forces several times in the past, officials said.

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