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1.    A rather amusing spectacle has been taking place the past few days in the middle of the battles with the savages, as the Tenured Left has discovered a new cause.  It seems the Tenured Left is now screaming its indignity while sipping its lattes and martinis because of Mordecai Kedar.


    Kedar is a prominent Middle Eastern Studies professor at Bar Ilan University.  He is decidedly non-Left.  You probably have seen his many commentaries on the web and elsewhere.


   It seems Kedar was interviewed recently on Israeli radio about what can be done to stop suicide bomber mass murderers.  This is clearly a difficult problem since threatening to kill them is not effective for obvious reasons.  Kedar answered that such people are not deterred by anything except possibly threats to their own family.  Specifically, Kedar said in the interview:  "The only thing that can deter terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children and killed them, is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped."   (See


     Well, you can imagine what sort of effect THAT statement had.  Note that Kedar is hardly advocating that they be raped, just making an observation about what incentives, if any, would affect suicide bombers.


    The feminizts in Israel and around the world left their Bushido studios and went on the war path.  There are letter writing campaigns against Kedar and demands that Bar Ilan University fire him.  These are the same feminizts who have no problems when Hamas shoots thousands of rockets at Israeli women and children.  The spokesman for Bar Ilan issued a statement backing Kedar and emphasizing that his words are being intentionally distorted.  The chat lists of the Tenured Left in Israel are buzzing with self-righteous leftist postureurs denouncing Kedar.   Haaretz is leading the lynch mob against Kedar.  Here is a typical attack on Kedar in a far-leftist web site:  .   It is hardly the first time the Left has demanded that people making comments it finds "insensitive" (meaning non-leftist) be silenced and censored.


     Now the Caring Left so aghast at Kedar's words is curiously silent when leftists deal with the subject of rape in cavalier manner.  Remember that infamous MA thesis sponsored by Hebrew University far leftists that "found" that Israeli troops do not rape Arab women because the Jews are such racists?  A thesis awarded a special prize by the Hebrew University and hailed as path-breaking research by the Left? (see and Refusing to Rape=Racism if you are an Israeli Soldier :: The Phyllis Chesler Organization.)  THESE are the same people suddenly so aghast at Kedar's comments.  


    Curiously the Caring Left has also maintained its studied silence when actual rape takes place.  For years everyone in academia knew about the allegations that Hebrew University's Eyal Ben Ari (sociology) had been raping his students, but because Ben Ari is a senior radical anti-Israel leftist, the Left refused to speak out because of their sense of solidarity with him.  Until the Hebrew University fired him due to growing public outrage ( ).  Ben Ari, of course, was also the supervisor of that thesis accusing Jews of being racists because they do NOT rape Arabs.  I guess Ben Ari just wanted to prove how unracist he was, and the Caring Left had his back.



See this:  and



2.  In a very strange way, I think it is good that Hamas fired some rockets at Ben Gurion airport.  I have been saying for years that the Israeli government would not end its playing silly games with the savages until the airport was targeted.  Short of that, Israel can bomb some empty buildings, make meaningless threats about RRH (really, really hard), seek a rapid "ceasefire" that leaves the terrorocracy intact, and then let life return to normal without annihilating the Hamas.  The Israeli government is looking for any excuse possible to avoid the inevitable conclusion that Israel needs to re-conquer and re-occupy Gaza and impose Denazification and martial rule there.   It has been obvious since early Oslo days that this would be necessary sooner or later.   And the Israeli Left will not REALLY feel threatened until the airport itself is targeted and they cannot go on their ski holidays or pop over to the Riviera.


   Well, now there is no wiggle room left.  Netanayhu and company cannot hide from the obvious any longer.  There is no alternative to R&D = Re-Occupation and Denazifization.


      There is also no room left any longer for delusions about Israeli Arabs.  The bulk of Israeli Arabs (although not all) are cheering Hamas.  When injured soldiers arrived at a hospital in the Negev, the local Arab staff CHEERED (that the soldiers had been wounded).  When (false) reports emerged that an Israeli soldier was kidnapped by the Hamas, the streets of Nazareth broke out in celebration.  Pro-Hamas street demonstrations are everywhere there are Israeli Arabs (or Jewish communists).  Many Israeli Arab businesses were closed down as signs of solidarity with the Hamas. 


   Avigdor Lieberman upset the caring classes by demanding that all such businesses by Arabs shut down to show support for the Hamas be boycotted by Israeli Jews and the government.  The Left soiled its nappies.  Lieberman hardly went far enough.  It is time for the Israeli government to DEFUND and refuse to provide ANY revenues to any Arab town or village that engages in open support for Hamas and open treason against Israel.   Starting with any that voted for or support Haneen Zoabi.  Cut the purse strings as a first step.  They want to war against the Jews?  Let the Jews fight back!





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