Monday, July 07, 2014

Some questions for some people

Some questions for Some People

by Steven Plaut

The police in Israel are claiming they have solved the murder of  the Arab teenager Mohammad Abu Khdeir, claiming six Jewish youths were arrested and three confessed.  Maybe.  Since there have been numerous cases of arrests of "Tag Mechir" (Price Tag) people where the police subsequently admitted it had no case and the arrested were released, it behooves us to wait patiently to see how this works itself out. 

But in the meantime, I think we should all be asking some tough questions and demanding answers from some interesting people.

Some questions for some people:

For Hanin Zoabi. the ARab fascist member of the Israeli parliament, having proclaimed that the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teenagers is definitely not terrorism, will you now be proclaiming that the kidnapping and murder of teenager Mohammad Abu Khdeir is similarly not terror?

For the editors of the NY Times, Washington Post, BBC, Haaretz and Yediot Ahronot: will you be referring to the murderers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir as activists and militants? Noting that one man's terrorist is just another man's freedom fighter?  

Will Israel's tenured Left refer to the jailed murderers as political prisoners?   Will they insist that they be released from prison as a goodwill gesture, since one can only make peace with one's enemies, not with one's friends?

For Israeli leftists: will you be proclaiming that the acts by the murderers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir must be understood against the background of their grievances and sufferings?

For the Palestinians of Hebron and Ramallah: got any candies and sweets left over from the celebrations over the murders of the three Jewish teenagers that you'd like to share now?

For Bibi Netanyahu: will the alleged murderers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir, if they are convicted,  be invited to sign up for university degree studies at the Open University and through distance learning while in prison? How about conjugal visits and nice DVDs?

Will the University of Haifa set up a special law clinic to provide free legal counsel to the arrested alleged murderers of  Mohammad Abu Khdeir? .

Will the Obama Administration rule that donations to the alleged murderers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir be made tax deductible?

Will the International Solidarity Movement hold protests in front of the prisons where the alleged perps are being held to demand that they be released?

Will the world media refer to the killers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir as being unfortunates swept up in the cycle of violence?

Will college campus in the US hold rallies of solidarity with the perps and march with anti-Abu-Khdeir banners reading, "No Justice, No Peace!"

Will leftist professors in Israel demand that streets be named after the alleged killers of  Mohammad Abu Khdeir?

Will the caring class demand that any of the alleged perps who are minors be tried in family court?

Will the Israeli government follow the lead of the Palestinian Authority and pay large subsidies to the families of the alleged perps?

Will the Western press make sure that every story about the murder of Abu Khdeir emphasize the fact that he was living in "disputed territory" which he was occupying against the will of the murderers?

Will leftist Professors Zeev Sternhell and Moshe ZImmerman of the Hebrew University dismiss Abu Khdeir as a member of the Hitler youth? 

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