Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tsk Tsk Tsk

It occurs to me that the entire operation in Gaza could end immediately if one of those Syrian rockets the Hamas is shooting were to land on the offices of Haaretz in Tel Aviv.  It goes without saying that Haaretz has been pro-Hamas throughout the entire operation and almost every item in the newspaper contains editorializing against Israel attacking the terrorists and against Israel in general.


The term "Protective Edge" for the operation is actually a very poor translation of "Tsuk Eitan," the Hebrew term for it, which means a strong cliff.  The Prime Minister's office needs some better translators.  Yediot reports that there is a young Israeli named EItan Tsuk who is suddenly world famous thanks to his name, and the most popular guy in the clubs.


Wouldn't it be a pity if one of those rockets the "Palestinian" terrorists are firing at Beer Sheba were to land on the building of the department of politics at Ben Gurion University? Two of the worst anti-Israel extremists in that department have served as the directors of the rabidly anti-Israel uber-leftist "Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)," and it goes without saying that they are not physicians. Well, the PHR has ads in the media today paid for by the New Israel Fund demanding that Israel end the military confrontation with the terrorists by unconditionally ending the "occupation" and so allowing the Hamas to seize control of the West Bank and turn it also into a large rocket launching pad just like Gaza.

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