Sunday, August 10, 2014

Academic Standards at Hebrew University on Display: Hebrew University Sociologist Promotes S&M

1.  Academic Standards at Hebrew University on Display: Hebrew University Sociologist Promotes S&M

Eva Illouz is an ultra-leftist sociologist from the Hebrew University and currently serves as president of Bezalel College. You may recall herimplementing a thought control enforcement mechanism while there: . Here is Ben Dror Yemini commenting on her: 

Well, now her latest pathbreaking scientific work appears here: Explaining 'Fifty Shades': How Bondage Solves the Problem of Modern Love - SPIEGEL ONLINE where she celebrates Sadomasochism and "Bondage".

Here is an excerpt: 

Have you ever had sadomasochistic fantasies? If you are like me, not only have you never had any, but you even view sadomasochism as an exotic and very distant land. Assuming that most people are boringly similar to me, then it is a puzzle how "Fifty Shades of Grey" -- a romance novel in which BDSM (short for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism) is the central plot motif -- became a phenomenal global success....
Moreover, I would argue that the sadomasochist relationship in general is a highly plausible solution to the complicated and uncertain labors of love for a number of reasons.
By definition, a BDSM relationship contains both pain and pleasure and thus neutralizes the ambivalence of relationships that alternate between pain and pleasure.
One of the greatest difficulties of modern relationships is relinquishing one's autonomy to another because, in doing that, our sense of dignity is always at stake. The BDSM contract does the logically and psychologically impossible: It makes one willingly give up one's will and autonomy to another. In that sense, it solves the problem of relinquishing one's autonomy.
The equality that has been promoted by 40 years of feminism demands ongoing, ceaseless negotiation. The BDSM contract stops the endless bargaining by setting up and freezing caricatured and exaggerated roles and positions. In fact, BDSM makes inequality acceptable because it is consensual, contractual and pleasurable.
Finally, sadomasochism can take place only between two people who fully trust each other. The dominant partner stops hurting the submissive partner as soon as he or she says the code word. In that sense, BDSM is the very performance of the scarcest commodity: trust.
Against this context, it is our ordinary heterosexual relationships that have become queer indeed: complicated and elusive and impossible to predict and control. They demand an enormous sophistication in our capacity to play many roles, endlessly negotiate boundaries and make sense of our own and the other's ambivalence. If conventional relationships have become queer, then the romance between Grey and Steele suggests that BDSM actually holds the promise of erasing that queerness by giving us access to erotic ecstasy without the anxiety of ambivalence and uncertainty.

2.   Here's an idea. You know how all the leftist Hitlerjugend and their friends have been complaining that Hamas rockets fired from Gaza into Israel just "do not count"? After all, they chirp, these rockets are harmless, hardly kill anyone, are little more than symbolic protests against "occupation." That is why Israel is the aggressor when it shoots back. 
So once Israel finishes re-taking the Gaza Strip, annihilating the Hamas and Jihadis, and once it captures all the remaining "harmless" Hamas rockets there, I say we take all these harmless Hamas rockets and fire them at Ramallah, Jenin, and Tul Karem. If anyone complains, we will just quote all those leftists who insist that these are innocent toy rockets that really do not do any harm!!

3.  The number of Gazans killed by Israel is far lower than the number of rockets fired into Israel by the savages. This is clearly disproportionate.

4.  Anyone know if the rumor is true that the department of politics at Ben Gurion University plans to merge with ISIS?

5.  As far as we know, the ISIS barbarians in Iraq have not murdered any American citizens. Yet here we have the US air force bombing the bejeebers out of ISIS. So where are all the street urchins and campus Hitlerjugend? Wjy no screams about the Americans perpetrating genocide? Where are all the editorials in the liberal media demanding a proportionate air strike? Where are the numbers pogromchiki who argue that if the US kills more ISIS terrorists than the number of Americans killed by ISIS, then the US is a fascist colonialist aggressor and war criminal?

6.  The Far Left, including Meretz and the Commies, was planning to hold a pro-Hamas rally Saturday night in Tel Aviv. The police cancelled their permit. Not because they are traitors but because Tel Aviv was on alert for Hamas rockets incoming. The Left urged its people to show up anyway. The ultra-left anti-Israel pro-jihad web site 972mag, funded by foreign anti-Semites, claims 500 people showed up. Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, claims 200 showed up. Since Haaretz always adds a zero (and sometimes two zeros) to the numbers of leftist protesters in its reports, I guess we can assume that 20 showed up. All, no doubt, members of the communist party.

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