Friday, August 01, 2014

Who is to blame?

1.   For decades the Israeli Left has been reciting 10 times a day and repeating in unison that "occupation" is the source of all evil, that "occupation" was undermining the moral fabric of Israeli society, that "occupation" was driving the "Palestinians" to violence and alienating the world. 
We now know two things with certainty:  It is not Israeli occupation of Palestinians that does all those things the Left warns about but rather removal of Israeli occupation of "Palestinians" does so.  Second, the Israeli Left is directly responsible and culpable for everything that has happened in Gaza over the past month.  It is guilty of causing ALL of the deaths of Israelis and Palestinians because of its campaign to end "occupation" at all costs.  When the Left and its captive media imposed this vision on Israel, 3000 rockets from Gaza on the Jews were the direct result!

2.  The following message was sent to the University of Haifa faculty by me yesterday:

   Earlier today a memo was sent to the entire campus community by the Rector about the need to fight against the campaign to boycott Israeli academic institutions,  The Rector names Prof. Gabi Weimann as the Haifa University liaison for fighting the boycott.

   Allow me to suggest that the most effective way to fight the boycott is to deal with the campaign of anti-Israel boycotters operating right under the nose of the Rector and the rest of us here at the University.  I refer the the malicious "Alef List," an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic chat list  for the "academic Left" that is controlled by Avraham Oz and which operates under the auspices of the University on the University's computers.   The list proliferates anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate propaganda, while pro-Israel opinion is barred and censored from the list (in the name of academic freedom of course).  It goes without saying that it is a major promoter of BDS boycotts against Israel and its universities.  A long list of examples and more information on the "Alef List" can be found here:

Tony Greenstein (, Convicted Shoplifter and Stalinist Activist, finds some Racism on ...
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  The Rector need look afield no further.

5.  Left of center Israeli journalist calls to crush Hamas:,7340,L-4552772,00.html

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