Saturday, August 02, 2014

Why the Soldier was Kidnapped



    Wondering what the outbreak of celebration among the savages was all about when they captured an Israeli soldier on Friday?  Why so much happiness over the capture, as compared with - say - the few dozen deaths of Israeli soldiers?


   The answer of course is that the savages believe a single kidnapped IDF soldier can buy for them the release of a thousand genocidal murderers from Israeli prisons.   And why do they believe this?  Because Bibi Netanyahu and his predecessors chose to empty out Israeli prisons of hundreds, and then a thousand genocidal murderers in the series of "exchange" deals it struck with the terrorists.


   The decision to release a thousand murderers to buy back Gilad Shalit was the stupidest act of folly in Jewish history.  The golden calf was in comparison a mere fraternity prank.  The kidnapping Friday of the soldier was a direct consequence of Netanyahu's cowardice in that "exchange."  Netanyahu was telling the terrorists that they can get what they want by kidnapping Israelis.   It was more important for Netanyahu to have his Kodak moment with Shalit than to prevent new kidnappings. 


     In a previous "exchange," Israel released hundreds of murderer terrorists, including the one who kidnapped Air Force navigator Ron Arad, in order to buy back the corpses of three Israeli soldiers murdered by the Hezb'Allah plus an Israeli drug smuggler criminal the Hezb'Allah had captured.   The precedent of paying with jailed terrorists to buy back corpses led directly to the murders of the three yeshiva teenagers, the murders that ignited the current war.


   Bibi Netanyahu and his Likud gang are directly guilty of causing the capture of the soldier on Friday and the kidnappings of the three teenagers.  For decades the Israeli government has rewarded terrorism by releasing mass murderers as tribute to them.



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