Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Likud Continues to Stack the Court with Leftists



The late eminent jurist Prof. Robert Bork once said that Israel has the worst Supreme Court in the democratic world (http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/07/the_threat_to_israeli_liberties_from_the_israeli_supreme_court.html ).   While in its early decades it was governed by moderation and respect for the rule of law, in recent decades Israel's Supreme Court has behaved as an imperious threat to democracy, seeking to impose the will of a gang of unelected judges upon the country, vetoing the will of the people as expressed in the legislature of elected representatives.  The Court has been dominated by the anti-democratic doctrine of judicial activism, under which judges can just make up the law as they go along and overturn laws passed by elected representatives of the people on a whim.  Aharon Barak as Chieg Justice insisted that it is the job of the Court to impose "enlightened opinion" on the country, meaning leftist ideology.  He was not impeached.  In fact you cannot impeach any judge in Israel.


One of the worst outrages of judicial activism just took place, when the Supreme Court voted to veto a law passed by the Knesset and to order the freeing of all illegal African infiltrators being held in Israeli prisons.  Interestingly, the Chief Justice himself voted against the ruling and denounced his colleagues on the bench for it.  Almost no one in the country approves of the verdict.  And there is no constitutional basis whatsoever for it. 


If Netanyahu had any backbone he would order the government to ignore the ruling altogether.  There are proposals for a "bypass Supreme Court" act of legislation in this regard in the Knesset, but such proposals have often been heard and never passed.  The imperious justices do not live in the neighborhoods that have been turned into high-crime disease-ridden Third World slums by the presence of thousands of illegal infiltrators from Africa.


To make matters worse, the government led by the Likud and Netanyahu just announced the appointment of two MORE justices to the Supreme Court and they are both leftwing judicial activists.  One is the anti-democratic ex-Attorney General, Manny Mazuz.  As Attorney General, he unabashedly pursued the agenda of the Left under Likud governments.  He attacked the Jewish National Fund (but not the Islamic Waqf) for purchasing and using lands it owns to advance Jewish national goals.  He warred against freedom of speech for non-leftists and indicted rabbis for daring to express opinions and for writing books.


If this sounds bizarre, it is important to emphasize that the main goal of all Likud governments has always been to implement the political agenda of the Labor Party.  Basically, the Likud's position has always been that people should vote for it because it will pursue the Labor Party's agenda even better than the Labor Party.  Most of the leftist judicial activists on the bench in Israel were put there by Likud governments.


And it is not only in such judicial appointments that the Likud promotes the Left.  In state prizes, anti-Israel activists are guaranteed to get the "Israel Prize" under the Likud, and films comparing Israel to Nazi Germany are guaranteed state funding.  Limor Livnat, the Likud's "Minister of Culture," just announced an award will be granted to Yehoshua Sobel, the country's most extremist anti-Israel playwright.      

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