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Conspiracist Lunacy at Haaretz

1.  When Amira Hass Merges with Barry Chamish

One of the stranger trends is the obsession with conspiracism on the part of the Radical Left and the Neo-Nazi Right.  Strangely, they tend to feed off of one another and reinforce one another. The silliest inventor of conspiracy fiction regarding the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin is the perpetually unemployed UFO chaser Barry Chamish, who publishes his "theories" on the web sites run by Holocaust Deniers. Many of his "theories" get picked up by the Ultra-Left, such as an old Chamish fiction about how supposedly the Zionists irradiated Mizrachi children for ringworm (see ).

Now Amira Hass, the pro-terror Tokyo Rose from Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, joins the feeding frenzy. In her column yesterday in Haaretz, she grants credence to the conspiracist "theories" about supposed cases of "kidnapped" Yemenite children. This is an old urban legend in Israel that has long been completely discredited. The conspiracy nuts claim that Yemenite Jewish children were "kidnapped" from their parents in the 1950s and handed over to Ashkenazi parents illegally for adoption. 

Except no one can find any. Multiple state commissions of investigation checked out the claims over and over and could not find a single case of an abduction or illegal adoption. But, like the 9-11 Troofer cult, the "theories" live on among the IQ-challenged and the hopelessly-bored mentally ill. And now even Amira Hass takes time off from promoting the Hamas to dredge them up. Hass by the way recently came out and ENDORSED the claims by Abu Mazen that Israel carried out "genocide" in Gaza.

In the same column in Haaretz she invents her own new Chamashite fiction, where she claims that during Israel's War of Independence Israel built "concentration camps" for "Palestinians." What she seems to be talking about were some prisoner-of-war camps designed to hold 5000 enemy prisoners during the war. Hass would like us to believe that the operation of such detention camps for enemy fighters was nothing short of Auschwitz. And she immediately compares it to the massive conspiracy to abduct Yemenite babies.

2.  So the master plan of Yair Lapid, Israel's Finance Minister, for reducing the high cost of housing in Israel is to increase demand for housing (by granting buyers an exemption from VAT taxes) while doing nothing at all to change supply of housing. Can anyone see anything wrong with this plan?

3.  Peace Now leftists demanding that Britain recognize the "state" of "Palestine"

Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel (Tel Aviv University) Spurring the British Parliament to Recognize an Arab State of Palestine

Goldblum authors a desperate plea, to which Liel also gives his name, for other Israeli ultra-leftists to join their anti-democratic measure to circumvent peace negotiations and create a belligerent Arab state in the Israeli heartland as a reward for terror.

"We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state. For this reason we the undersigned urge members of the UK parliament to vote in favour of the motion to be debated on Monday 13th October 2014 calling on the British Government to recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel"

4.   Can the Messiah be far off? An unprecedented attack against the leftwing fascism of "Peace Now" appears in Haaretz today as an Op-Ed.  Hebrew only: 

5.   Tel Aviv University's Adi Ophir supervises some research:,7340,L-4579578,00.html

The defender of the beheaders

Ben-Dror Yemini

She's Israeli. She's Jewish. She'd really like to write "love 'em!" about the Jihad's beheaders; but "in the storm of the present, it could be construed as cause for arrest."


It certainly is an exasperating present, in which a fascist majority isn't very enamored with the beheaders. And it's getting worse. Islamic State's public defender views the beheadings as a "refreshing form of dialogue," and she'd "really love to make kale for them." Her name is Anat Rimon-Or – a lecturer and teacher. She teaches at colleges. She taught at Beit Berl and also at high schools.


Along the spectrum of opinions in Israeli society, there are ones like these too. Clearly it was going to take a little while before members of the post-colonial cult began to offer up justifications for Islamic State too. It's not very complicated. You copy the standard blah-blah against colonialism – West, Zionism, white man, America, Europe – and the dish is ready. Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein have already made pilgrimages to Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah. They are, after all, united in the struggle against Israel; thus the road linking madness on the left and the Jihadi madness was paved a long time ago.


Israel is a democracy. If someone were to claim that this madness is poisoning students, the outcry in support of freedom of speech would shift into high gear. She knows she can do it. After all, any form of criticism of this madness is viewed here as McCarthyism. So what's left to do? We need to make it clear to her students and pupils that a degree of caution is required when listening to her.


To get to the crux of the matter in just a few words: Rimon-Or bases her support for the Islamic State murderers on the claim that they are only responding to the misdeeds of the Americans, who are killing a lot more people with their tools of destruction – and "the more primitive and vulgar means" of the Jihad are nothing compared to that.


Before any of her students adopt this pseudo-sophisticated nonsense, one should remind them that the thousands who are being murdered in the name of Jihad in general, and the Islamic States' victims in particular, are in fact Muslims and Arabs. Only a handful are Westerners. But that's enough for her. Because the postcolonial school of thought is essentially racist.


It absolves "the others" of any responsibility. It rants and raves about the fact that two or three Westerners have been murdered. It turns the Jihad into an entity concerned with protest or the righting of social wrongs. It disregards the mass-murder festival. It ignores the fact that girls and women are being turned into sex slaves.


Whether any of that is of interest to her is doubtful. Rimon-Or, like many of her fellow followers of the same school of thought, is stuck like a scratched record in an anti-colonial model that has long since lost touch with reality. And the truth of the matter is that all the Jihad offshoots, from Boko Haram and through to the Taliban, operate with the same degree of barbarity, with or without Americans or Zionists in the vicinity. The Jihad groups perpetrate massacres against blacks and Muslims after all.


But let's not confuse the followers of this post-colonial school of thought with facts. The fact that the new mass murderers have also beheaded three Westerners is enough to get them to dive in with their theories.


Among other things, Rimon-Or has written a tiresome article under the title, "The Nazi Evil and the State of Israel," which, much to her chagrin, all the newspaper editors refused to publish. But fret not. Islamic State's anti-colonial newspaper will be happy to run it.


How did such a radical phenomenon emerge from within the Israeli academe? Well, it turns out that her doctoral advisor was Adi Ophir, a veteran member of the anti-Zionist school of thought..... 

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