Thursday, October 02, 2014

Israeli Court-Ordered Dating Services and Day Camps for African Infiltrators

   Court-Ordered Dating Services and Day Camps for African Infiltrators



   The Op-Ed article in Yediot Ahronot October 2, 2015 today is particularly noteworthy because it is written by Amnon Abramovitch.  He is a hardcore leftist and ordinarily one of the most radical commentators in the newspaper and on Channel Two News.  During the recent Gaza war demonstrators held a noisy protest against him in front of his home.  But the fact that he wrote this Op-Ed shows you how deep is the rage and resentment against the Israeli Supreme Court for its recent outrageous and unconstitutional decision to order the Israeli government to release all illegal infiltrators from Africa from detention.  It extends into the Radical Left.


    The Supreme Court's decision may be among the most unpopular in its long history of judicial activism and anti-democratic arrogance.   There is no basis whatsoever for unelected judges to overturn the will of the elected representatives of the people with regard to anti-infiltrator policy.   The reason why the massive tsunami of illegal infiltrators dried up in recent months has been because the Africans know that, if they sneak into Israel, they will be placed in detention centers and prevented from working (or stealing) to obtain funds to send to their families.  Because of the slowness and the weakness of the government in responding to the problem, large swaths of southern Tel Aviv have been converted into a large Third World African miasma.


    The presence of the infiltrators and the crime and disease they bring with them triggered massive outrage among Israelis.  The government finally woke up and passed the law allowing the holding of the illegals in detention centers until they are deported.   Not a single country in Africa, by the way, allows massive immigration of these same Eritreans and Sudanese.


    But Israel's imperious court is composed of judges who do not live in the neighborhoods filled with the Africans.  Ignoring Israeli law and common sense, ignoring the will of the people, the imperious judges simply ruled, with no legal basis, that the law passed by the parliament is illegal.   By "illegal" the leftist judges mean that they personally disagree with it.   But no one elected THEM to make laws.  The Chief Justice of the Court himself  denounced the ruling as misguided and arrogant.


    In his column columnist Abramovitch rakes the judges over the coals and rips the masks of judicial seriousness off their faces.  He cites in particular the bases for the ruling as written for the majority by Judge Uzi Fogelman.  There Fogelman rationalizes the verdict by claiming that if the illegal African infiltrators are held in detention centers: "Then how will the infiltrators be able to fill their lives with meaning?   How will they find partners to form couples?  What sort of hobbies will they be able to pursue?"


     No, it is not a Purim gag.  This judge believes that these considerations, dating and hobbies for Africans, trump the right of Israelis to rid themselves of the illegals.  As Abramovitch says, the judge thinks Israel should be a large dating service, a sort of African version of J-Date.  He says he reread Israel's Declaration of Independence and found nothing there about Israel's obligation to provide African criminals with vacation packages and day camps.  But the Court insists that the human rights of Israelis must be subordinate to the right of Africans to have day camps.



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