Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Israeli Government gets serious and Takes Action!



     Just when you thought the Israeli government could not POSSIBLY get any stupider!


     Forget the ISIS threat.  Forget the Hezb'Allah.  Forget the Hamas Nazis.  Forget the worldwide wave of anti-Semitism.  Forget the economic problems of the country.


     The urgent matter that commands the attention of Israeli leaders this week is the "transgendered."  A few months back, the Israeli Ministry of Health decided it would finance the "gender reassignment surgeries" of the "transgendered," meaning the surgical mutilation of mentally-ill people asking to make them look as if they are members of the opposite sex.  You may recall that at the time I circulated a piece protesting the arbitrary discrimination in that decision, because it would not allow for public funding of species reassignment surgeries for people who believe they are dolphins trapped inside a human body.  So cancer patients can just wait in line while the public funds are being spent to mutilate the genitalia of perverts.


     Anyway, now the Israeli Attorney General, after "consultations" with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice, and others, has issued a fatwa ordering the population registry offices run by the Ministry of the Interior to record as "female" any male transvestite asking to be recorded as such - including in cases where the male has NOT undergone genital mutilation "sex-change" surgery, and similarly for females wishing to be recorded as males without having bothered to do "sex change" surgery.  The Attorney General insists there exist "professional criteria for assessment" to rule when a person has become a member of the other sex, even when no surgery has been performed.  I suspect that these "professional criteria" involve a lobotomy of the Attorney General. 


    A "panel of experts" already exists within the Ministry of Health to approve sex-change surgeries.  And no, the surgeons involved are NOT prosecuted for assault and mutilation.  The same panel will now be allowed to rule when such people have ALREADY changed their sex without having undergone surgery.  That means, for example,  that male prisoners can do their time in the female prisons, and the military will have to pretend that such "transgendered" people are actually members of the other sex.


     Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, is orgasmically happy about all this.  The same radical Left that insists that circumcision is an abomination and violation of the human rights of infants just loves the idea of "gender reassignment surgery."  

     Its report can be read here: .  You will love this part of the report about two men demanding to be registered in the population registry as women while retaining their doo dads intact:


  'The two argued in the petition that they were not interested in sex reassignment surgery, and that making this a prerequisite is unreasonable. "The Interior Ministry position that there must be a correlation between the penis of the petitioners and their gender identity rests on an unfounded and outdated misconception," said the petition, filed by legal clinic attorney Hisham Shabita.'

The population registry people were perfectly willing to register the two dudes as women as soon as they had mutilation surgery, but the dudes wanted to be registered as women while - er - keeping the equipment that allow them to extinguish camp fires like in the boy scouts.  One of the dudes is a lawyer and he/she/it managed to change his registration to female in some places like the health insurance fund, but the income tax people and the banks refused to make the change.  The army refused to allow him to live in a women's barracks when he was in service. 

   I reprint here my earlier letter to the Minister of Health about this matter:

An Open Letter to the Israeli Minister of Health about Species Reassignment Surgery

To   Yael German, Minister of Health

From:  Steven Plaut

Re:   Your proposal for new coverage of health insurance in Israel for "Sex Change"  Surgery

Dear Minister  German:

    I read with great interest you new proposal to require Israeli "Sick Funds" or Health Maintenance Organizations to finance "Sex Change" surgeries for Israelis to be performed outside of Israel.  The full story behind your proposal was reported in Haaretz this week - .  According to your proposal, the health funds would cover the costs of any Israeli seeking to mutilate himself or herself, or what you prefer to call "genital reassignment surgery."   

     Now it is true that an Israeli approaching a surgeon and requesting that the surgeon slice off his or her pinky finger for no valid medical reason would be confined to a mental institution, and any surgeon performing such a request would be arrested for assault and mutilation.  But you have the sensitivity and insight to appreciate that slicing off a pinky finger is a far worse form of bodily restructuring than slicing off sexual organs.

       In any case, I am appealing to you to make your proposal more encompassing and less discriminatory.  Why should Israeli health institutions ONLY cover genital reassignment surgery?   Why are you refusing to order the health funds to finance species reassignment surgery as well?  After all, the failure to finance species reassignment surgery is causing suffering and hardship for many people who were mistakenly born into bodies of the wrong species.  It is time to remedy this!

     Take me for example,  Ever since I was the youngest of fellows, I have always felt that I should have been born a dolphin.  I identify with dolphins, embrace dolphins, and see myself as part of the dolphin species.  Sure, several psychiatrists have advised me to institutionalize myself in a loony ward.  But this simply illustrates how unenlightened are so many of the medical professionals in Israel.

     Madame Minister, why should the Israeli health system not pay for the surgery required to allow me to live my life to the fullest as a member of the proper species to which I truly belong, rather than being trapped in an inappropriate body for my entire life?   Why should I be denied the opportunity to replace my arms with fins?  Why can't I have my own properly functioning tail?  Why should I not be able to align my species identity so that I can mate with the other dolphins of my true self-understanding? 

      My dream in life is to become part of a dolphin performance team in Sea World.  But the obstinacy of the Israeli medical system is preventing me from fulfilling my dreams and living the life for which I was actually programmed, probably as far back as when I was in the womb.   It is true that I am genetically human, but since when does genetic assignment count for anything?   My true inner being is a dolphin, regardless of what genes I have been assigned.

     So Madame Minister, end this travesty!  End this discrimination.  Acknowledge species reassignment surgery to be exactly as legitimate and appropriate as gender reassignment surgery.  Do it today!

 Cetaceanly yours,

 Professor Steven Plaut



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