Friday, March 20, 2015

Israeli Leftists hate Low-Income Working Class Israelis and seek to Punish them!

1.  Leftists Yuppies Against the Proletariat!


You will all be happy to hear that the Israeli Fascist Left has a new campaign - one in which it is calling for retaliation against the working-class Israelis and residents of low-income "development towns" because these people overwhelmingly supported Netanyahu and the rest of the "Israeli Right" in the election.  The Leftist campaign is calling itself Lo Letet (Do not Give), and its Facebook page is here: .


So here we have the spectacle of the same Leftists, who pretend that they care about the underclass of low-income and working class people, now demanding that all social programs designed to assist such people in Israel be blocked as retaliation for their having voted Likud.  Among the proposals of these folks are to oppose raising the minimum wage, a remarkable idea since raising the minimum wage does not even help low-income people, and also to oppose welfare spending that could benefit working-class Israelis. In other words, the Left does not really care about low-income working class people except as a tool that might jettison the Left into power, certainly not for their own sakes.  If the low-income people dare to defy the Plantation Leftists and to vote conservative, the Left wants them stripped of all support, support which they now demand be refocused on the Northern Tel Aviv yuppie population!


   Basically Herzog and Labor got the yuppie vote. And nothing else.



2.  For what it is worth, the Israeli stock market liked the election results. Stocks rose around 1.5% in first trading day after election.



3.  Yossi "Call Me Ishmael" Sarid:



4. There is a hilarious video clip going viral over here.  It shows a mother speaking to her 2 year old toddler. The mother keeps saying, "Say Boji, baby." But the baby keeps answering her "Bibi!"  See it here:



5.  Leftist Israelis against Israel and  

See also



6.   Leftist twat columnist, author, actress in Israel: You F**king Neanderthal (rightists) can all go drink cyanide! You won!... Only death will save you from yourselves."



7.  The very last and final twist to the election count was that the "absentee ballots" allowed Meretz to get an extra Knesset seat, from 4 to 5. This is a more interesting result than you might think. In Israel, very few people are allowed to cast absentee ballots. Israelis outside Israel on election day generally CANNOT. The absentee voters are mainly diplomats and other official emissaries of the state. A few are merchant marines and a few are handicapped people inside Israel who cannot come to the voting booth. The fact that the absentees boosted Meretz is instructive because it shows how strong the Left is in Israel's diplomatic service, even after the long era of Likud rule. 

Netanyahu should put correcting this situation at the top of the agenda of his new government!

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