Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Divine Bacon


1.   Cut the crap!

Not every set of difficulties in integrating a group into Israeli society constitutes "racism."

Those who have problems integrating themselves into Israeli society are not suffering from "discrimination."

Read my lips. The fact that a group is disproportionately among those arrested and jailed for crime does not show racism on the part of the police but rather heterogeneous rates of criminality. Have you learned nothing from the US?

Violent and disruptive protesting, including blocking traffic arteries, will only create hostility to the group perpetrating these things.

If you hold violent protests together with communist and other extremist demagogues, do not expect to get any sympathy from us.

A million immigrants from the ex-Soviet Union all faced severe problems and challenges of integration and they underperform in the labor market compared with other Israelis, yet they have never engaged in violent protests. Instead of complaining, they sought education and opportunity. They expressed their agenda by setting up political parties. Learn from them.

If your agenda is to demonize Israel as racist, fuggedaboudit.

If you have bona fide hard evidence of discrimination, let's see it.  Your general feelings of frustration and resentment and being disrespected do not count.


2.  Alternative hypothesis: What do you think? The real reason Lieberman did not join the Netanyahu government is that he figures if he does the bidding of the leftist establishment in the prosecutors' office and undercuts Netanyahu, then - like they did back when Olmert adopted the agenda of the Left - they will freeze all criminal investigations of him and his party.
Just paranoia?



3.  In the Haaretz weekend magazine from May 8, on page 52, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew runs a recipe for making "Divine Bacon." One would think that the editors would have been reluctant to run such a thing in the paper lest it offend Moslems, but there it is, with a nice large photo for all to see the culinary delight that the recipe prepares for all devoted readers of this pseudo-newspaper.

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