Thursday, May 21, 2015

So much for Kahlon the liberal reformer....



1.  Q: Quick, what is the difference between "Breaking the Silence" and "Breaking Bad."
A: One of them involves unemployed drugged-out urchins and ignoramuses spouting off their crazed fantasies. The other one takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



2.  Quick: Which ethnic minority is the least discriminated against and the best treated out of all ethnic minorities in the Middle East?
A: If you answered anything other than Arabs in Israel you have been watching the non-Fox media for too long.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is NOT an apartheid regime.


So let us see if we have this straight. Putting Palestinians in the West Bank in separate buses so they do not murder Jews is "apartheid," claim the caring Leftists. But the PLO demand that in any future Palestinian state not a single Jew will be allowed to reside there is NOT apartheid and any attempt to characterize it as such is just people being divisive. That clear now? Naturally, firing rockets at Jewish children and intentionally running over Jews with cars is never racism either.


And why is no one protesting the anti-Jewish apartheid that is being maintained on the Temple Mount to prevent Jews from visiting and praying there?



3.  I have been warning for two decades that the failure by so many in the Israeli Right to separate themselves from the infantile conspiracy "theories" about the Rabin assassination was serving to harm the electoral chances of the "Right" and convincing many in Israel that Rightists are loons. 
There is now one additional proof that I am correct. Shlomo Filber is the nominee to be director of the Ministry of Communications in Israel. However in the 1990s he proliferated the infantile conspiracy fiction invented by the deranged conspiracy nut Barry Chamish, a UFO-logist who publishes his "articles" on Holocaust Denial web sites. The "Rabin conspiracist theories" make the nonsense put out by the 911-Troofers almost appear logical. There is now a media campaign against Filber for his dabbling in Chamishist bullcrap. Filber says he no longer believes in the conspiracy nonsense, but the damages are already done.



4.  So after all the hoopla about how the new Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon would be a champion for economic reform and economic liberalism, along he comes and announces his maiden reform for the Israeli economy - rent controls. Meaning he is an economic illiterate who has never bothered to learn what markets are and what price controls do.



5.  Breaking news: Vatican to recognize Atlantis.



6.  Nomination for the very stupidest Israeli Leftist of the Century:

Israeli Haaretz columnist and Animal Rights nut proclaims that eating meat is a Holocaust, equivalent to Nazi Holocaust



7.  A Nakba a day keeps the terrorists away!



8.  Hebrew U Lefty: Ethnic cleansing of Jews is the way to prevent apartheid!

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