Thursday, June 30, 2016

Let my transcripts go!

1.  And so it came to pass, after the night of guardianship, when the calls were finally echoing in the halls of the powers: Let my transcripts go, Let my transcripts go. The pressures from the people could no longer be resisted. And with a powerful hand and an extended arm, the long classified set of documents related to the "kidnapped" Yemenite children were set free at last, hurrying away with their matzos. The privacy laws were junked and sunk in the Red Sea.

It was only 3 weeks later when the problems began.

The swine, began the shouts, there is nothing at all in these documents about any kidnappings, not even a single one. Only about infants who died or "disappeared" while in monstrously overcrowded hospital wards. We was robbed!!

But that just proves how nefarious the conspiracy is!, it was said. Evidently, the 95-year old MAPAI Ashkenazi conspirators had somehow gotten into the archives under a Likud government, and made away with the only papers documenting actual kidnappings! Government officials insisted they had released all the documents they had held. BUT BUT BUT there just had to be more!!

The campaign escalated. Columnist after columnist, TV talking heads, Mizrachi activists from Right and Left, the Communist Party.

We demand a new commission of inquiry into the disappearance of the real kidnapping documents. That last one, er, four commissions should not count.

Ah, sighed the PM, who knows, perhaps some day the truth might emerge. Next year in Jerusalem!


For decades the Yemenite children kidnap conspiracy was but one out of a pair of supposed conspiracies carried out in Israel against Mizrachi children. The second was the "ringworm children" conspiracy and it too is now coming back out of the sewers of conspiracism.

Ringworm is a nasty fungal infection, one that even in the 90s when my kids had it was tough to get rid of. According to the anti-Israel conspiracy nuts, Israel decided to perform human experiments on the children affected in the 1950s by ringworm with irradiation. In retrospect, it was a harmful treatment and exposed the kids to health risks. A bit like thalidomide in the US. There was no conspiracy. There was de facto medical error.

Nevertheless, over time the "ringworm" conspiracy became the twin mate of the Yemenite children conspiracy, mentioned by the same people, especially anti-Israel Sephardic communists and plain old anti-Semites like Barry Chamish and Little Dickie Silverstein. And neo-nazi web sites.

The anti-Semites paint it as Nazi-like experimentation on children. No one knows how many, if any, Israeli kids died from it. Neo-nazi Silverstein says tens of thousands of Arabs (!!!) died. He also claims Jews commit "goyacide." He has been unemployed for 20 years.

In fairness, the dangers of irradiation were not known at the time, the 50s. I know. In my Philly neighborhood strip mall down the street were shoe stores with XRAYs for free to see how your feet fit inside the shoes. I shudder to think how many times I did it. I did not get sick from it.
This week countless conspiracy nuts are trying to dredge up the ringworm children as companion conspiracy for the non-existent Yemenite children conspiracy "theory."

What is that telling you? And yes they too want a commission of inquiry.



4.   If you bring me an actual report from 1950 about an alleged Kidnapping of a Yemenite kid at that time, I may be willing to look at it.

If you bring me a new report made 65 years later, do not bother.

If you are a believer in the yemen children conspiracy theory, explain to us whether and why you also believe chamish about rabin/peres.

Why do so many people believe the ridiculous conspiracy paranoia from the 9-11 "troofer" people? These are people obsessed with a conspiracy that never existed. Sound familiar?

Here is an example of a total absence of evidence of any sort:

I know lots of people who all claim they have heard from lots of other people that they heard that Yemenite children disappeared without explanation and that must mean they were abducted and the CIA knocked down the WTC at Shimon Peres' behest.


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