Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Schocken Crime Family

Amos Schocken is the editor of the anti-Israel Haaretz.  He took it over from his own father, Gershom Schocken, who ran it from 1939 until 1989 after Amos' grandfather bought the paper in 1937.  Gershom was moderate compared with his pro-terror pro-jihad son.


This week was the anniversary of the attack by the Irgun (Etsel) on the military headquarters of the British in the King David Hotel in 1946 before Israeli Independence.  See   Lots of chatter about it in the press this week.  


At the time, Gershom Schocken published a condemnation of the attack in shrill terms that included the comment that if an attack like that on the King David were the price to be paid for Israeli statehood, then maybe it was preferable to forego it.   This a year after the Shoah ended.  His son seems to think that if the price of Israeli statehood is Israelis burping, then maybe it is preferable to forego it.   


I mention this because almost every day Haaretz under the hegemony of Amos Schocken argues that that if mass terrorist attacks by Palestinians against Jewish women and children are the price to be paid for a Palestinian state, it is worth it and only fascists would say otherwise and besides it is not terrorism!!

By the way,TREASON does not sell. Haaretz market share is now down 1/3 to 3.9%of newspaper readers, or about 1% of all Israelis.  .

The residuals read it for the Marker.

2.  All of Israel is buzzing over the football hooligans, the creeps calling themselve La Familia, the Jerusalem Beitar fans.
I suggest that until all such hooliganism ends. all sports columns in Israel be published only in Talmudic Aramaic...


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