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Avraham Burg and the Post-Zionist Wrecking of the Pri Hagalil Company

Avraham Burg and the Post-Zionist Wrecking of the Pri Hagalil

By Steven Plaut

Avraham Burg is without a question one of the worst Israelis in the world
and also a despicable person. A one-time Knesset Member from the Labor
Party and a speaker of the Knesset, and later Chairman of the Jewish
Agency, Burg is openly seeking to put an end to Israel's existence as a
Jewish state. He is a leader in the "Post-Zionist" movement of
ultra-leftists, Israelis and ex-Israelis seeking Israel's annihilation.
But now he is also up to his ears in financial scandal. It turns out he
is one of the central figures involved in the collapse of the Pri Hagalil
company, a collapse that has dominated the economic news in recent weeks
in Israel.

Let's back up a little.

Avraham "Avrum" Burg has been a far-leftist for decades. He is the son of
the great Joseph Burg, a Holocaust survivor and one of Israel's founders.
Father Burg was a leader of the National Religious Party and sat in
Israeli cabinets for so many years that there were many jokes about him
having sat in a cabinet with Pharaoh. Mother Burg had grown up in Hebron
and survived the 1929 Arab pogroms against Jews there.

Junior Avraham had been a leader in "Peace Now," and supposedly was
standing near the favorite martyr saint of the Israeli Left, Emil
Grunsweig, when the latter was killed by a grenade tossed at the
demonstrators by a rightist. (The perp, by the way, is NOT on the list of
people Olmert wants to release as part of the general release of
terrorists.) Avraham is religious, sort of, showing his ambivalence about
that by wearing a yarmulke smaller than many postage stamps. In recent
years he has been making headlines for his demands that Israel stop being
a Jewish state, that the Law of Return for Jews be revoked, and that
Jewish symbols of the state be junked. He is a founder of the new
anti-Israel lobby in the US, "J Street." He has lived in recent years in
France. His current "thinking" can be read here:

As speaker of the Knesset, "Avrum" defied Israeli law and illegally went
to speak before the PLO's "parliament" in Ramallah in 2002.
Since then he has morphed into one of Israel's most extremist
"Post-Zionists" ( ). He
denounces Zionism in the anti-Israel Guardian
(,10551,1042071,00.html ). The
anti-Semite Pat Buchanan has applauded him

He has denounced Israel as an evil entity
( ). The
journal Azure reports
( ) that Burg
'declared the late Yeshayahu Leibowitz (of 'Judeo-Nazis' fame) to be his
'moral compass.' Burg's advisers Haim Ben-Shachar and Arik Carmon have
developed a plan whereby the Zionist movement would drop its focus on
Jewish immigration and concern itself with distributing 'pluralistic'
Jewish material over the Internet. He teamed up with Yossi Beilin to
promote the latter's "Geneva Misunderstandings" to dismember Israel
( ).
Burg demands that Israel desist altogether from defining itself as a
"Jewish state". His take on suicide bombers? "Having ceased to care
about the children of the Palestinians, [Israel] should not be surprised
when they come full of hatred and blow themselves up in the centers of
Israeli escapism."

He has published an anti-Israel 'book', one that ruminates about Israel
and Zionism, compares Israel and Germany, harshly criticizes Eichmann's
hanging by Israel, reflects on Judaism in the age of globalization and
remembers his father's house. In 2007 the media reported that Burg junior
had left Israel altogether to do "business" in France. We will see in a
minute what sort of "business."

Meanwhile, back to Pri Hagalil. It is a fruit canning and processing
company located in the impoverished Israeli "development town" of Hatzor,
not far from Kiryat Shmona, close enough to be on the receiving end of
many a Hezbollah rocket. It is the main employer in the town, and it is

The background to this is that the company was once one of so many
mismanaged enterprises owned by Israel's Histadrut Trade Union Federation.
The Histadrut is essentially Israel's leading organized crime family. Pri
Hagalil had been managed by the Histadrut's own industrial holding company
Koor, before the latter was privatized. Pri Hagalil was sold by Koor in
the 1990s to two dubious characters, an Israeli business man named Aviv
Algor, and a British investor named Ian Davis. I say they are dubious,
but I mean they are crooks. A month ago the two were convicted of serious
fraud in a separate affair involving the Mediterranean Pipes Company
(Maariv Feb 25) and had other previous fraud convictions (see
The two crooks had purchased Pro Hagalil and at the same time purchased
the "Vita" company, which makes soups and other processed foods, and
merged it with Pri Hagalil to make a new company. The merged enterprise
was owned by "Kedem," their own holding company, which also bought up
other failing Israeli companies from different industries.

At that point they struck a deal with .. (drumroll) . our own Avrum Burg!
He came in as a partner in their corporation and was appointed chairman of
the board of directors of Pri Hagalil. The company kept losing money (if
you are interested and read Hebrew, you can check its books out at
It went deeper into debt, borrowing from the banks and others. And to
make matters more confusing, the assets of Pri Hagalil were pledged as
collateral not only for the factory's own debts but also for the debts of
the other companies owned by the fraudulent duo and their Post-Zionist
partner, Burg. Burg did not pony up much or any cash of his own to become
the partner of Algor and Davis. So what exactly did he offer them?
Perhaps his wide-ranging political contacts as the past Speaker of the

In any case, Pri Hagalil went bust, and is now insolvent. The two large
Israeli banks that are its largest creditors began preparations to
foreclose and liquidate the company. That has serious implications
because it is the lifeline of the large portion of the population of
Hatzor. Shutting down the factory would make Hatzor look like Oklahoma
in a John Steinbeck book.

So in the past few weeks, the business news in Israel has been revolving
around the prospective shutting down of the factory. Its workers are
striking on and off, and holding noisy demonstrations. The banks are
demanding that the court put the company into receivership, and that a
"rehabilitation plan" be negotiated. Everyone is pretty clearly trying to
pressure the government to bail out the company Obama-style. But the new
Minister of Finance will likely be Bibi and he is opposed to corporate
welfare. Burg and his buddies are accusing the banks of insensitivity in
trying to get repaid the money owed to them by the Pri Hagalil company.
The banks themselves are in the red even without writing off their
investments in Pri Hagalil, because of the financial crisis and recession.
They are accusing Burg of mismanaging the company and its finances.

The bottom line is that the mainstay source of sustenance for an entire
impoverished development town in Israel was destroyed under the
stewardship of dear old Avraham Burg And then to top it all off, Maariv
Feb 25, 09 is reporting that the Israeli banks are accusing Burg of being
involved in the disappearance of funds plowed into the factory. They
claim they invested 270 million shekels in keeping the factory operational
and that these funds simply "disappeared." Whither did they disappear?
The media are not saying and neither is Burg.

As of this morning, the court gave the company a brief reprieve before
putting it into receivership, so that its owners can try to negotiate with
its creditors. My guess is that the Israeli government will bail it out,
forcing taxpayers to pony up the cash to cover Burg's incompetence.

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The Late Israeli Democracy, Died on a Car Bumper

1. Freedom of speech in Israel just took another bullet. The Leftist
First Amendment, under which anti-Israel leftists and Arabs are entitled
to the protection of freedom of speech for everything they say but know
one else is, made a comeback this week. The Israeli dual court system
also struck back.

Neria Ofan was convicted this week of racism by a Jerusalem
Magistrate's Court. He was convicted of driving with an insensitive
bumper sticker on his car. This is not a spoof. It really happened.

Ofan's felony? Ofan, who lives in the West Bank, had a bumper sticker
on his car that reads, "Where there are No Arabs, there is No Terror."
That, fatwa-ed the court's judge Shulamit Dotan, constitutes racism.
Another Jews was similar convicted in criminal court six months back for
wearing a Tee shirt containing the same slogan.

Now what does NOT constitute racism or incitement in post-democratic
Israel? Arab students chanting "Death to the Jews" does not. Waving PLO
and Hamas banners on campuses does not. We know that merely calling for
Jews to be exterminated and for Israel to be annihilated also does not.
The Supreme Court ruled just before the last election that two Arab
parties whose platforms call for Israel's annihilation should be allowed
to run and to sit in Israel's parliament. We know that Holocaust
revisionism is protected speech, or at least that is what an Arab woman
judge in Nazareth court wrote in one of her better known verdicts. We
know that cheering on terrorist murders of Jewish children is not racist.
After all, there are scores of leftist faculty members at Israeli
universities who do THAT all the time.

Dotan was one of the judges who had earlier "convicted" Moshe Feiglin
of "sedition" because he had blocked a traffic intersection in the 1990s
with a group of protesters against Oslo. Blocking traffic intersections
for other things, such as for the demands of the Histadrut or when
students want lower tuition, is democratic and permitted. Among Dotan's
more notorious acts of bias was this: she was the lead judge in the trial
over the indictment of Israel's ex-President Moshe Katsav, accused of
sexual molestation and rape. Except that it is looking more and more like
Katsav is innocent and the prosecutor is right now proposing that the case
be thrown out (see,7340,L-3654005,00.html ). It seems
that Judge Shula held deliberations on the punishment sentence to be
handed to Katsav even before his trial began!! See this:,7340,L-3554711,00.html

As for that slogan, "Where there are no Arabs, there is no Terror,"
it is very close to being an empirically verifiable statement, although
one can, I suppose, find terror here and there in places where there are
no Arabs, like in Sri Lanka. But racism? I mean, if the court had
accused the driver of perpetrating a slight empirical exaggeration,
perhaps it might have a case.

It actually turns out that the slogan and bumper stickers were first
the invention of an operator of a bed and breakfast on the Golan Heights,
who handed them out during the 2000 intifada violence in the Galilee. Its
point was that the Galilee is dangerous, but the Golan, where there are
virtually no Arabs, is safe, so come on up for the weekend.

The sticker was then picked up by others, perhaps with a different

I personally prefer the bumper sticker that reads, "Where there are
No Leftists there is no Treason," and I am prepared to go to prison for
having one on my car if anyone can get one printed up and sent to me.

(For more on this, see )

2. What does Judaism have to say about the Freeing of Gilad Schalit?

The following information may have a bearing on the problem of gaining the
freedom of our captured soldier. I came across these items in Paul
Johnson.s great work, A History of the Jews, page 155:

.The sages ruled that a man had no right to save his life by causing the
death of another.

.... the sages at Lydda ruled that a Jew, in order to save his life, could
violate any commandment save three: those against idolatry,
adultery-incest, and murder.

.When it came to human life quantitative factors did not signify. An
individual, if innocent, might not be sacrificed for the lives of a group.

.It was an important principle of the Mishnah that each man is a symbol of
all humanity, and whoever destroys one man destroys, in a sense, the
principle of life, just as, if he saves one man, he rescues humanity.

.Rabbi Akiva seems to have thought that to kill was to .renounce the
Likeness., that is to leave the human race.

.Ransom,. wrote Maimonides, .is never acceptable, even if the murderer is
ready to pay all the money in the world, and even if the plaintiff agrees
to let the murderer go free. For the life of a murdered person . . . is
the possession of the Holy One blessed be He.. .

Jock (Joshua) L. Falkson

3. Jihad in San Francisco:

4. (from Isracampus) The ex-Israeli Academic Bimbette attempting to
annihilate Israel with polysyllables:

5. Head's up:

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Aharon Megged Denouncing Israel's Academic Fifth Column

1. Definition of electoral reform needs in Israel. When the Left
wins, there is never any need for electoral reform. When the Left loses,
the entire electoral system must be restructured because it does not
produce the correct results.

2. It should have been called "Waltzes with Self-Hatred." Yet
another anti-Israel film by an Israeli, painting terrorism in a positive
sympathetic light. No, you do not have to be Steven Spielberg to make a
movie about nice sympathetic terrorists.

I think it is wonderful that the leftist anti-Israel cartoon "Waltzes with
Bashir" did not get an Oscar. I also think that it is a cartoon
explanation for why the government of Israel should stop subsidizing
Israeli film making altogether. Israeli films are by and large divided
between the leftist propaganda diatribes painting Israelis as the new
Nazis, and other films that are just plain god-awful. Neither deserve
the subsidies paid for out of public funds. Subsidizing local movies is
a hang-on from the old Mapai bolshevism. If a movie is so awful that
people will not pay to see it then it should not be made at all.

For more on this, see

3. The following piece is somewhat long and somewhat old. It came
out in 1994, smack in the middle of the initial Oslo euphoria, back in the
days when many people actually thought that the "peace process" was a
peace process. It was written by Aharon Megged, one of Israel's finest
fiction writers. Megged is one of the few serious writers who is not
part of the anti-Israel Literary Soviet, run by Amos Oz and A.B. Yehoshua.
Megged is a Zionist, fairly centrist. I personally think he writes
better than Grossman, Yehoshua and Oz, and in any case he is far, far more
intelligent. Megged has publish about 35 books of literature.

My sudden impulse to post this is related to a little anecdote you might
enjoy. Megged has two sons. One, Ayal, is also a writer and journalist.
The other, Amos, is a lecturer in Mexican history at the University of
Haifa. Unlike his brother and father, he is quite leftist. There
operates a chat list of faculty members at the University of Haifa on
which the local moonbat leftists like to post anti-Israel propaganda,
trying to convert the whole list into a little instrument of Hamas public
relations. After ignoring them for years, I recent began to post
materials that blasted the Left and debunked the materials the leftists
were posting. Naturally, this ruffled many a leftist feather.

Over the weekend I got a nasty e-letter from junior, Amos Megged,
demanding that I shut up and stop posting "hate propaganda." Leftists
use the term "hate propaganda" to refer to any article or opinion with
which they disagree. In response I posted the following article by
Megged's own father, which makes my points far better than I could. Let
us see if junior calls his father a hate propagandist on the list. To
keep the article in context, remember that it was written in 1994, so
Megged's comments there about Palestinian statehood were made twelve
thousand rockets ago and may not be his position today.

"We have emotional and moral identification by the majority
of Israel's intelligentsia, and its print and electronic media, with
people committed to our annihilation."

'Hundreds of our society's leading writers, intellectuals, academics,
authors and journalists, joined by painters, photographers and actors,
have been unceasingly and diligently preaching that our cause is not just.
And this, they say, is true not only since the Six Day War - the beginning
of that inherently unjust "occupation" - nor just since the establishment
of our state in 1948, which as one pr om inent scholar put it, "was born
in sin," but since the beginnings of the Zionist settlement at the end of
the last century. What is happening before our very eyes is the
rewriting of Zionist history, a rewriting in the spirit of its adversaries
and foes; and it is being done while active participants in this history
are still around - people who created it, experienced it, remember it,
dedicated their lives to it. The rewriters, like Benny Morris, Ilan Pepe
and Baruch Kimmerling, mostly publish first in English to gain the praise
of the West's "justice seekers." Their works are then quickly grabbed for
translation into Arabic and displayed in marketplaces in Damascus , Cairo
and Tunis . Their conclusion is almost uniform: that in practise Zionism
amounted to an evil, colonialist conspiracy to exploit the people dwelling
in Palestine , enslave them, steal their land, and disinherit them.'

Full article:

One-Way Trip on the Highway to Self-Destruction

Israeli historians gleefully prove that our defensive wars were really
wars to destroy another people.

Aharon Megged,
Jerusalem Post,
June 17, 1994

Zionism appears to be entering a stage of Spenglerian decline. And, as it
approaches this stage, it seems to be propelled by a latent biological
urge to self-destruct.

Worrisome signs of such decline are evident on both the mundane and
intellectual planes. In the conduct of the peace negotiations with the
Palestinians, for example, some steps seem animated by a subconscious
suicidal drive.

If the Palestine National Council had canceled its Charter which calls for
Israel.s destruction and the establishment of an Arab state in the entire
area of what was Mandatory Palestine, and had it proclaimed this to the
world . not just in English or in Hebrew, but in Arabic, thus giving it
theoretical and practical significance . then we should agree not just to
autonomy but to an independent Palestinian state. Such a state would exist
within borders and conditions which would ensure Israel.s security and the
safety of Jewish settlements.

But as long as the Charter has not been annulled, any additional
concession to the Palestinians by way of withdrawal from the territories
can only advance their goal, explicitly stated in the Charter: the
annihilation of Israel.

Arafat pledged to annul the Charter in his letter to Prime Minister Rabin
of September 9, 1993. But all Palestinians continue to cleave to the
Charter with all its clauses. And they regard autonomy as but the first
stage in the .doctrine of stages,. the plan for Israel.s destruction which
derives from the Charter.

Their spokesmen . when not troubling to use diplomatic language . announce
this openly. In reply to friendly wishes by the IDF commander in Jericho,
the Palestinian police commander asserted: .This is the first step toward
the restoration of Jerusalem and the entire occupied land to their
owners.. Two weeks later, he spoke about .three types of weapons,. which
included .weapons we sanctify, aimed at the occupation.. He added: .The
door is open to the agreement.s opponents who wish to escalate the armed

Arafat.s call in Johannesburg for a jihad to liberate Jerusalem (.our
capital, not theirs!.), and his assurance that signing agreements with
Israel is like the Prophet Mohammed.s pact with the Kureish tribe
(implying .our vow is not a vow, our oath is not an oath.) provide a true
expression of the aspiration in every Muslim.s heart. The subsequent
crafty efforts to excuse the felony, by Arafat himself and by Arab and
Israeli commentators, recall Orwell.s .Newspeak..

The Revival of the Old Anti-Zionism

Yet it is in the intellectual rather than the political sphere that the
drive for self-destruction is primarily evident. For two or three decades
we have been witnessing a frightening spectacle, the realization of the
ominous prophecy of Nathan Alterman.s powerful short poem:

.Then did Satan say: .How will I conquer this beleaguered one? He
possesses courage, ingenuity, resourcefulness and tools of war.. And then
he said: .I.ll not rob his strength, nor bridle him, nor rein him in, nor
enervate his hand. But this I.ll do . blunt his mind, till he forgets his
cause is just...

Hundreds of our society.s leading writers, intellectuals, academics,
authors and journalists, joined by painters, photographers and actors,
have been unceasingly and diligently preaching that our cause is not just.
And this, they say, is true not only since the Six Day War . the beginning
of that inherently unjust .occupation. . nor just since the establishment
of our state in 1948, which, as one prominent scholar put it, .was born in
sin,. but since the beginnings of the Zionist settlement at the end of the
last century.

What is happening before our very eyes is the rewriting of Zionist
history, a rewriting in the spirit of its adversaries and foes; and it is
being done while active participants in this history are still around .
people who created it, experienced it, remember it, dedicated their lives
to it.

The rewriters, like Benny Morris, Ilan Pappe and Baruch Kimmerling, mostly
publish first in English to gain the praise of the West.s
.justice-seekers.. Their works are then quickly grabbed for translation
into Arabic and displayed in marketplaces in Damascus, Cairo and Tunis.
Their conclusion is almost uniform: that in practise Zionism amounted to
an evil, colonialist conspiracy to exploit the people dwelling in
Palestine, enslave them, steal their land and disinherit them.

And they tell us that all the fine concepts on which we and our children
were brought up for two or three generations . redeeming the soil, the
conquest of labor, ingathering of exiles, the Haganah, etc. . were nothing
but hypocrisy and eyewash, euphemisms for a foul plot.

Such calumny is not new: the doctrine that Zionism is a colonialist
movement serving imperialism by exploiting and enslaving Arab peasants and
laborers was formulated and disseminated in Soviet propaganda organs since
the 1920s, embellished with .scientific. terms from the Marxist-Leninist
lexicon. Except that this time around, the Israeli academics and
columnists propagating this material do not belong to that school.
Paradoxically, in an era when Soviet theories and slogans have gone up in
smoke, leaving nothing but ashes, it is these anti-Zionist theories and
teachings that are resurrected . and in Israel.

What, then, is the gospel preached by these .new historians,. and emulated
by journalists whose words are avidly consumed with masochistic enjoyment
by thousands of Israeli seekers of .justice and truth.?

The message is that most of the verities forged in our consciousness and
experience are false. You, whose parents immigrated here from Poland and
settled in a small, arid moshav, worked hard and produced a small farm by
their house . you thought they had come to fulfill the dream of creating a
new life .in the land beloved of our forefathers,. a life of labor and
Hebrew culture, free of the fear of pogroms and dependence on the
Gentiles. But you were mistaken! You were naive! They were .colonialists.
whose hidden wish was to exploit the Arabs in the neighboring village.

You, who after completing your studies went to work in orchards,
construction, the harbors: you thought you were .conquering labor,.
translating to deeds what you read in Borochov, Brenner and A. D. Gordon
about the need .to reverse the Diaspora pyramid. and transform the Jewish
people into a nation living by the sweat of its brow. But they fooled you
and you fooled yourself: you did this to displace the indigenous Arab

And when you joined the Hagana and went out at night on guard duty, when
Jews were being slain in ambushes every day and night, and orchards and
plantations were destroyed and fields set alight . and you exercised
self-restraint to avoid hurting innocent Arabs . you thought you were
obeying a moral law you learned at school and in the youth and labor
movements. But no: you were just following the path of oppressive,
imperialist colonialism.

History Without People

Defining Zionism as .a colonialist movement. is not merely an unscientific
distortion of facts and a total disregard of the ideology which animated
Zionism; it is crude propaganda in the old Kremlin mold.

For in diametric contrast to any colonialist movement . British, French,
German and Dutch . Zionist ideology, as expressed in the writings of its
thinkers, in articles, stories and poems from the time of the Hovevei Zion
(Lovers of Zion) movement to the rise of the state, was never aimed at
setting up huge estates and factories to exploit the cheap workforce of
natives, steal their land and enslave them by depriving them of their
rights as individuals and as a community.

On the contrary, it aimed at creating an independent economic and cultural
system alongside the Arab system, without either depending on it or
exploiting it; the intention of the Labor Zionist movement was to develop
and advance the Arab system.

It is impossible to imagine colonialism without colonialist awareness by
the settlers and their leaders. Yet the history written by .the new,
post-Zionist historians. is devoid of people. From their ivory towers they
proclaim: .It never happened that way!.

.Nonsense!. they say to the moshav and kibbutz members in the Hefer
Valley, today a lush garden. .Not by right do you dwell in these lands;
you stole them from the poor wretches who lived on them, and Zionist
leaders lied to the Mandatory inquiry commissions when they proved all
Arabs were compensated and their situation improved.. (Lewis Finch, a
pronounced anti-Zionist sent here by the British Colonial Office in 1931
to check the truth of Arab allegations, found that in the 13 years of
Mandatory rule the number of displaced Arabs as a result of Jewish land
purchases totaled 624.)

.Lies!. say these writers to the men of the Haganah and Palmach who were
taught that .purity of weapons. and the sanctity of life were supreme
values, and who shared a passion for the brotherhood of nations. And lies,
too, they say, are the stories of our brave stand in the War of
Independence, of few against many. The heroic deeds of the defenders of
Deganya, Mishmar Ha.emek, Negba and Kfar Darom, who fought almost with
bare hands against armed soldiers and armor, are debunked.

What is it that moves Israeli scholars to distort and uglify the Jewish
national liberation movement, whose only desire was to realize the
2,000-year-old hope to return to Zion, where both individuals and the
people would .together be resurrected,. as the poet Manne put it?

Even if this movement did make mistakes and cause injustices, the fact is
that there has never been another national liberation movement in human
history which so strove to attain its goals without violence, so
endeavored to guide its steps by moral principles.

What is it that impels them to present it to the world as a movement
founded on conspiracies to enslave and oppress? Are they really merely
seeking the .scientific. truth, are they truly acting out of pure
conviction? Or is some other drive, another ideology, propelling them
against themselves and their kin?

As every historian knows, not only is historiography not objective, but
there are no objective statistics; and even the ostensible appearance of
truth is tendentious. All historians select from that .pile of detritus of
past facts. what suits their object, obscuring the remainder.

A history of World War II could be written focusing on the suffering of
Germans from Allied bombings and invasions . and it would all be based on
facts, for the Germans really did suffer terribly. All one need do is
distort proportions.

Thus, with .pure and noble. intentions, some Israeli historians now
gleefully prove that our defensive wars were really wars of aggression for
the destruction of another people; that the Israeli soldier, whom we know
well as our own flesh and blood, has the appearance and mentality of Nazi

Crimes of Taking Over the Land of the Fathers

Another assault on Zionist legitimacy is the denial of the historic link
of the people of Israel with the land of its forefathers. The right of
Israel to exist at all is thus based purely on .the right of need..

Ze.ev Sternhell, Yigal Eylam, Yehoshafat Harkabi and many other academics,
slavishly imitated by journalists and politicians, regard stressing
religious, cultural and emotional affinity to the land . the most
important rationale for our existence here . with sheer contempt. They see
it as contaminated by nationalism, fundamentalism, fetishism (.a
pronounced national fetish, like the Land of Israel,. wrote Eylam) . and
even fascism.

Some years ago, a book called States for the Jews by Eliahu Binyamini
enumerated 34 territorial plans for settling Jews, whether in autonomous
areas or states, in various parts of the world. The best known are Uganda,
Birobidzhan, Argentina, the Kimberleys zone in Australia, New Caledonia
and Madagascar.

These were meant, according to the territorialists, autonomists,
communists and others, to solve the problem of Jewish .need.. They all
came to naught. Those that were begun, like Birobidzhan (which not only
had Soviet support but financial backing from Jewish communists and their
associates around the world) and Argentina, stagnated and deteriorated
into nothing. They were doomed to failure.

The Zionist idea is the only one which came alive, in a wondrous way no
historian could have foretold. In the Land of Israel, there arose a Jewish
nation in a Jewish state. It revived the Hebrew language, created a Hebrew
culture, and ingathered millions of Jews from all corners of the Diaspora.

If the .new history. had any grounding in life and human nature
(.Historians should know how people who aren.t historians behave,. wrote
E. M. Forster) it should have reached a simple conclusion, obvious to
anyone with common sense: the reason for this achievement was the
cultural, spiritual and emotional affinity of the Jews for the cradle of
their faith and culture, their ancient homeland.

This link has never been severed since the Second Temple. Its religious
expression (prayer, Talmudic texts, liturgical poetry, messianic
movements, etc.) is well known. But since the Lovers of Zion era it has
worn a mainly secular garb, as evidenced by thousands of poems, stories,
articles and scholarly books.

Without this link, mentioned several times in our Declaration of
Independence as granting us the .natural and historic right. to establish
a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, we would not have come here. And we
would have nothing to do here, in this small, disputed corner of the
Middle East. For .need. alone, there are other, perhaps better, solutions.

.Love Thine Enemy.

Our right to the land does not give us leave to rule inhabitants who have
dwelt here for many generations, or to deprive them of their civil and
national rights. It is understandable that there has been moral outrage in
large segments of the Israeli public against acts of oppression and
injustice inflicted on residents of the territories we occupied in a war
forced upon us. (.Forgive us for winning!. as Ephraim Kishon quipped at
the time.)

But since the Six Day War, and at an increasing pace, we have witnessed a
phenomenon which probably has no parallel in history: an emotional and
moral identification by the majority of Israel.s intelligentsia, and its
print and electronic media, with people committed to our annihilation;
people who openly declare their intention to expel us from this land,
branding us villains without a conscience, worse than British, French,
Spanish imperialists.

Whoever researches the dimensions of this pathological phenomenon,
possibly rooted in the Diaspora proclivity for self-abasement and
sycophancy toward Jew-haters, would have to go through enormous quantities
of material. There have been thousands of articles and reports in the
press, hundreds of poems, hymns and satires, dozens of documentary and
feature films, exhibitions and paintings and photos in which Israeli
soldiers are made to appear like Nazis.

Cumulatively, these phenomena constitute a monstrous indictment of Israel,
much more venomous and sophisticated than all the primitive Palestinian
propaganda disseminated throughout the world.

The B.Tselem pamphlets alone, whether mostly accurate or sometimes false .
as one B.Tselem leader recently admitted, claiming the organization had
been .misled. . these charges of murder of children, demolition of homes,
torture and other atrocities, are enough to place the State of Israel
before a kind of Nuremberg court, in which the .Judeo-Nazis. would be
condemned for eternity.

And the .Women in Black. decided in February of 1990 to wear the colors of
the PLO, whose charter calls for the annihilation of Israel, that is .
their own annihilation.

Millions of Muslims, from Iran in the east to Libya in the west, vow in
their mosques, with raised fists and holy fervor, to redeem Jerusalem by
the sword. They swear that the Jews, whom the second Sura of the Koran
calls .sly, cruel and treacherous,. will be driven out of the occupied

Six Arab countries across our borders neither recognize Israel nor
acquiesce in its existence. In 7, 10 or 15 years a Palestinian state will
undoubtedly rise, for reality demands it. But even if peaceful relations
and cooperation prevail between us (as one would hope), there will always
be strong extremist elements whose blood will seethe with the urge to wipe
us off the map.

If the rising tide of self-doubt fails to subside, if the self-denial of
our right to be here continues to enfeeble us, the .Satan. of Alterman.s
poem will triumph, and we shall lack the strength to resist dangers to our
very existence.

4. The Ninth Plague as Peace Policy:

5. Obama's first anti-Semitic appointment: Israel critic is reported
appointment to top intelligence post
By Eric Fingerhut . February 20, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekend Reading:

1. Avigdor Lieberman - Bogeyman of the Moonbatocracy:

2. Chesler on the Buffalo gal who had a little taken off the top:

3. Painting the terrorist as martyr:

4. Israeli Unoccupied territory:

5. Overcoming Kovel:

6. Holocaust Denial comes to the University of Haifa's ALEF chat

7. Maybe he can now get a job offer from Ben Gurion University:

8. Jew-bashing of the day in Britain:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kovel Gets Canned

The Malicious anti-Semite Joel Kovel, author of the Israel-bashing hate
propaganda diatribe Overcoming Zionism, published by the anti-Semitic
"Pluto Press," has been fired by Bard College. Bard is one of the most
extremist uniformly Far Left colleges in the US, and also one of the least
respectable academically. For a while it lost its academic accreditation
altogether. Better to call it Osama Bard Laden. Yet the pseudo-scholar
Kovel was too much of a bigot even for Bard. Bard claims it was all
because of money. Bard lost some serious money in the scam run by Uncle
Bernie (Madoff).

The full story is here:

Note the delicious part about where Kovel accuses Bard of being a Zionist
lapdog institution:

'His faculty letter concluded this way: .If the world stands outraged at
Israeli aggression in Gaza, it should also be outraged at institutions in
the United States that grant Israel impunity. In my view, Bard College is
one such institution. It has suppressed critical engagement with Israel
and Zionism, and therefore has enabled abuses such as have occurred and
are occurring in Gaza. This notion is of course, not just descriptive of a
place like Bard. It is also the context within which the critic of such a
place and the Zionist ideology it enables becomes marginalized, and then
removed.... In his letter, Kovel argues that his position at Bard
deteriorated as his opposition to Zionism grew and became more public.'

Kovel, who appears sometimes with Ben Gurion University's Neve Gordon, is
the latest in the list of anti-Semitic pseudo-academics to be canned from
academic institutions. He now joins Norman Finkelstein, Ward Churchill,
and others on the list of recipients of unemployment insurance.

Kovel anti-Semitic "book" was distributed for a while by the University of
Michigan, but it later repudiated it and stopped the distribution. Pluto
Press has published dozens of anti-Semitic and pro-Syrian books and is
thought to have financial ties to the Syrian Baathists.

The leftist moonbatocracy is having hysterics and numerous web sites are
bellowing about the "Israel Lobby" suppressing academic freedom. WHere
have we heard that before? Crybaby Kovel issued his own statement,
carried here:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Expanded Election Analysis

Subject: Expanded Election Analysis

Israeli Voters Step Decidedly To The Right
By: Steven Plaut

Date: Wednesday, February 18 2009

The Israeli election was on the surface a tie between Likud, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, and Kadima, led by Tzipi Livni (who replaced Ehud Olmert as party chief). While Livni loudly proclaimed victory because Kadima had come out one parliamentary seat ahead, the election was largely a victory for the Israeli Right.

The average Israeli has abandoned the Oslo-era delusion that the way to bring about peace is to engage in unilateral concessions and rank appeasement. In 2009 virtually everyone in Israel understands the abandonment of Gaza to the Hamas terrorists was an act of incredible folly.

As a result, it now looks all but certain that it will be Netanyahu, not Livni, heading a new coalition government. It is not completely out of the question that Likud and Kadima will form some sort of rotating unity coalition, but I would bet the little I have left in my pension fund that this will not happen.

After the split with Kadima several years back, the Likud in the previous parliament had retained only 12 Knesset seats (the rest were basically hijacked by ex-Likudniks who had migrated to Kadima). In the 2009 election, the Likud parliamentary representation jumped to 27 seats - the most dramatic development of the election.

Meanwhile, Kadima won 28 seats, down by only one from its number in the previous Knesset. Kadima had been widely expected to lose far more, and its success in preventing this was largely thanks to the wave of national solidarity that accompanied the bloodying of the Hamas savages in Gaza.

So, in a sense, Livni and Kadima were the big winners of the military campaign in Gaza, but their newfound favor in the eyes of voters was not enough for the party to retain power. Kadima also benefited from a manipulative news leak, not necessarily factual, just hours before the voting that a deal had been reached to get Gilad Shalit released from his Hamas captivity. In addition, Kadima's worst handicaps, the corruption scandals involving Ehud Olmert and former finance minister Avraham Hirshson, had been removed from the front pages. Livni was able to convince the public that their stains had not sullied her.

If the rebound of the Likud was the most dramatic success story of the election, the most noteworthy failure was the near-demise of the leftist Meretz party, allied closely with Peace Now. Meretz garnered merely three Knesset seats - fewer than the communist party.

Part of the reason for Meretz's demise may be attributed to Israel's far-leftist daily Haaretz calling for people to vote against the party. Meretz, while leftist, is nominally Zionist, while Haaretz is not even that.

The other spectacular loser was the Labor party under Ehud Barak. Its Knesset strength sank to an all-time low of 13 seats, despite the fact that Barak himself was widely considered to have performed well in the Cast Lead attack on Hamas.

Meanwhile the Israeli Right experienced both success and failure. The most dramatic development there was the growth of Avigdor Lieberman's Israel Beitenu party. Lieberman originally built up his party with the support of Russian-speaking Jews from the old Soviet Union, picking up votes that once might have gone to Natan Sharansky (who has left politics). But the new Lieberman party reached out to all Israeli Jews.

In recent years Lieberman shifted rhetorically to the right, and so morphed into a bogeyman of the Israeli Left, which loves to accuse him of anti-Arab "racism." The hysteria against him probably fueled his increase in strength to 15 Knesset seats, ahead of the Labor party.

Lieberman's main electoral attraction was his tough, no-nonsense rhetoric. His party's slogan was "Where there is not loyalty, there can be no citizenship," a thinly-veiled threat against Israel's increasingly radicalized and violent Arabs. His other slogan was "Lieberman understands Arabic," implying that he, unlike mainstream politicians, is not fooled by the pleasantries spoken by Arab politicians to the Western press. His party knows what the Arabs really want.

Lieberman's success came despite the dirtiest political trick of the election. Just days before the voting, the country's leftist attorney general, a man with a long track record of politicized prosecutorial decisions, announced that Lieberman and his daughter were being investigated for bribery and money laundering. The timing of the announcement - why not a year or even a month later? - was widely perceived in Israel as political persecution by a biased governmental zealot misusing his powers. That may have helped Lieberman win votes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Israeli Right performed poorly. The National Unity party had merged with the National Religious Party before the election to create the new Jewish Home faction. But no sooner were they merged than the internal bickering began, and half the new party's leaders split away and renamed themselves National Unity. Thanks no doubt to the confusion, the two chunks together won only 7 seats - two fewer than what they held together in the previous parliament.

Hadash, the predominantly Arab Stalinist party, won 4 seats. It had been expected to do better thanks to one of its Jewish communist members running well in the Tel Aviv mayoral election, getting a third of the votes there, and because of the aforementioned Haaretz editorial attacking Meretz.

The three Arab pro-terrorism parties (including Hadash) together took 11 seats, up from the previous election, thanks largely to the Israeli Supreme Court's decision to overturn a ban on two of the parties that had been instituted by the electoral commission (on grounds that they are seditious pro-terror organizations).

The religious parties did about as expected - 23 seats in all, including National Unity. This was four seats short of what they held in the previous Knesset. Evidently those lost seats went to Likud and to Lieberman's party. The religious parties are considerably more likely to enter into a government coalition with Likud than with Kadima.

It is also interesting to note who did not get in at all. The Pensioners Party (GIL), which had 7 seats at the peak of its power, did not win a single seat. None of the "green" environmentalist parties managed to get into the Knesset, including the largest one, led by Michael Melchior, a leftist rabbi who had been a Labor co-leader in the last election. The pro-marijuana Green Leaf party, a perpetual electoral nuisance, also came up empty, as did more than a dozen other loopy parties.

The Tel Aviv stock market, for its part, did not like the results of the election, with shares dropping the day after the vote by about two and half percent. What Netanyahu will do, if indeed he forms the new government, is not clear. He has a track record of moving to the political center (and even left of center) once he takes hold of power. Will he do so again?

Meanwhile, the BBC and most other international media outlets were hysterically reporting that the election results signaled enormous difficulties for any potential deals between Israel and the Palestinians. Some in the media were insisting the results meant the Oslo "peace process" was over. That,of course, is the very best electoral news of all.

The Silence of the Feminists over the Beheading

1. You will be very disappointed. Those rumors that Sports Illustrated
was planning to remove Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli from its swimsuit
edition and replace her with photos of me in my undershirt are not true.

2. Jewish Self-Hatred for Dummies

By David Solway | 2/18/2009

'the heirs
of Hasmoneans lay with trembling knees
concealed and cowering.the sons of the Maccabees
crammed by scores in all the santuaries of their shame.'

Chaim Nachman Bialik, The City of Slaughter

As what Israelis call the matzav, the .situation,. continues to darken and
both Jews in general and Israelis in particular confront the growing storm
of antisemitism throughout the world, the question must be posed: Why are
Jews.not all, of course, but a truly disconcerting prone to turn
against themselves and make common cause with those who, given the chance,
would delight in their extermination? Why suppress the core of their
identity, their defining essence, and encrust it over with a
self-simulacrum that falsifies their nature? As if one could indemnify
oneself against oneself. As if, to quote Horace Kallen, one could change
one.s grandfather.

Are they not cowering in .the sanctuaries of their shame. while at the
same time strutting at the podium of their adversaries? Have they
interiorized the antisemite.s evaluation of their presumed unworthiness?
Is this the real meaning of .assimilation,. the absorption into the plasm
of Jewish cultural and intellectual life of a microbial pathogen? Most
such Jews, of course, profess not to be anti-Jewish but .only.
anti-Zionist, unaware that so facile a distinction puts them squarely in
the camp of those who are anti-Jewish and would like nothing better than
to see the Jewish community either deprivileged or rendered desolate.

These are Jews who have used whatever means at their disposal to attack
the very country that was founded to provide them with shelter in
adversity, believing instead that Israel is the greatest obstacle to their
dream of seamless assimilation. It is Israel, they feel, that stands in
the way of their desire for acceptance by provoking the world.s undiluted
animosity, and it is Israel, therefore, that must be resisted, denounced,
contained and defeated. The sequel would then presumably lead to harmony
and perfect integration into their host societies. Mired in illusion, they
are unaware that History is not on their side.

Let us call these perjurious specimens Theobald-Jews. According to the
Benedictine monk Thomas of Monmouth in his The Life and Miracles of St.
William of Norwich (1173), it was an apostate Jew, a certain Theobald,
who, swore that Jews had killed twelve-year old William, a tanner.s
apprentice, to fulfill their .Passover blood ritual. in the fateful year
of 1144.the first recorded such episode in a long line of murderous

As a matter of interest, the paradigm of ritual-murder accusation goes
back at least to 40 B.C.E. when, as we read in the Contra Apion of Flavius
Josephus, the antisemitic grammarian Apion accused the Jews of Alexandria
of slaughtering a Greek man, .lying upon a bed in the temple,. for the
purposes of ritual cannibalism. .How is it possible,. Josephus asks, .that
the entrails of one man should be sufficient for so many thousands of Jews
to taste, as Apion pretends?. But antisemitic logic has never been
especially profound or intelligible. .It is a great shame,. Josephus
concludes, .for a grammarian not to be able to write a true history.. But
the shame is shared by many.

The blood libel as such, however, seems to be a medieval Christian
invention, fostered with the help of those who were, or were once, part of
the Jewish community itself. Apostate Jews were at the source of many of
the blood libels in the medieval period and, mutatis mutandis, they are
still with us today. Witness Italian-Jewish historian Ariel Toaff who, in
Bloody Passover: The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murders, speculates that
there might have been some truth to the accusations that the Italian Jews
of Trent committed acts of human butchery in 1475 in order to make their
passover matzot with the blood of Christian children.

In effectively offering their own up to sacrifice, this lurid sept of
anti-Zionist Jews are only participating in the latest form the ancient
blood libel has taken. We see this metaphorical transfer at work today in
Gaza where, from the grotesque standpoint of the Theobald-Jew, Israel is
indiscriminately shedding blood to feed its appetite for conquest and
spoliation. Indeed, aligning his sense of canting outrage with the greater
anti-Zionist polemic, .Theobald. has convinced himself that Israel, as it
were, bakes Palestinian blood into its daily diet.

If we were only dealing with a mere scattering of Jews who have adopted so
invidious a position, the situation would be manageable. But the world is
brimming with Theobald-Jews ready to betray their own people to serve what
they regard as their advantage, or the need for acceptance, or as an
expression of their own self-loathing, and in the process cater to the
ammoniac hatred of the current brood of crypto-antisemites posing as
anti-Zionists. .These words.observe, the words of a converted Jew.we
reckon to be all the truer,. wrote Thomas of Monmouth, .in that we
received them as uttered by one who was a converted enemy..

In today.s world, of course, conversion is no longer necessary; compliance
will do. The value of the turncoat is well understood by the anti-Israel
organizations which co-opt him or her. A timely example has just been
afforded by the pro-boycott, anti-Zionist University and College Union in
the U.K., which has created a Facebook page in order to build, according
to its spokesman Mike Cushman, an international network of .anti-Zionist
Jews to support Palestinian resistance and seed new Jewish anti-Zionist
organizing.. The apostate Jew, the apikoros or .wicked son,. who confers
legitimacy on the vengeful campaign against Jewish interests or the state
of Israel, is the antisemite.s most effective weapon. Even the word
.antisemitism. was coined by an apostate, the half-Jew William Marr whose
1879 pamphlet, The Victory of Judaism over Germanism, launched the modern
antisemitic movement in the West.

An act of psychic displacement has taken hold in the Jewish soul,
variously leading it to shrink in self-abasement, to retire into the shell
of subdued anonymity, to do everything in its power not to call attention
to itself, to suffer indignities quietly, to suspect its own motivations
and to accept the scriptures of a demonic inquisition. The culmination of
these prodigies of self-denial is the well-attested tendency of the
insecure and self-doubting Jewish soul to turn about and attack itself,
like an immune system gone awry.

Millennia of social and cultural quarantine must have their effect on the
sensibility of a people, producing a creature who is always in danger of
becoming reflexively disenchanted or of contracting that wasting disease
which Ruth Wisse in Jews and Power has called .the veneration of political
weakness.. Only the strong survive themselves. One thinks of that
memorable scene in novelist Paul Scott.s Raj series, in which a scorpion,
trapped in a ring of fire, coils up with the heat and appears to sting
itself with its own lethal tail. Analogously, surrounded by the flames of
enmity, misprision and commination, the self-reviling Jew shrivels back
upon himself, the autonomic convulsion of an ailing and enervated soul.

But he goes even further, anticipating his own demise by
self-administering the de gr.ce, doing the work of his tormentors
as if in agreement with their salvos of defilement and vilification. He
may even delude himself into believing that the high conception of justice
inherent in the Jewish faith requires him to decry the Zionist enterprise
which is its flickering and terrestrial embodiment, if not to renounce
that very faith itself. By a bizarre act of metaphysical commutation, the
self-despising Jew becomes the antisemite.s loyal deputy, assuming
liability for the world.s mortal caricature of him and willing his own

It.s a kind of solution, after all.

David Solway is the award-winning author of over twenty-five books of
poetry, criticism, educational theory, and travel. He is a contributor to
magazines as varied as the Atlantic, the Sewanee Review, Books in Canada,
and the Partisan Review. His most recent book is The Big Lie: On Terror,
Antisemitism, and Identity.

3. Following up on the previous post on Jordan, the queen of Jordan has
issued a call for donations to UNRWA, which finances the Gazans, including
the Hamas, because they are supposedly short of wampum needed for
"humanitarian needs." Evidently, the Queen herself, who sits on a queen's
fortune, has not donated any money, although claims she donated blood to
teh Gazans during the recent campaign there against the Hamas.

4. Apologizing for anti-communism?

5. The silence of the feminists over the beheading in Buffalo:

From the wall st journal

Don't Look NOW Man allegedly beheads wife. Feminists shrug.


Last week the National Organization for Women issued a press release on an
important topic:

The recent arrest of R&B star Chris Brown, who reportedly assaulted and
threatened singer Rihanna, preventing her participation in the Grammys,
has brought the ever-present issue of violence against women into the
public spotlight once again."Everyone is talking about this case because
it involves two popular recording artists, but the sad reality is that
domestic violence and dating violence happen every day, even among young
teens, and the impact is both far-reaching and under-reported," said
Gandy.We actually had not heard of Chris Brown or Rihanna, but we're
willing to take NOW's word for it that they're popular. Gandy certainly
has a point, though: Domestic violence is a big problem, and one that
affects not only celebrity-Americans. Just surveying recent news articles,
one can find lots of shocking cases involving the less well known.

Here's an example from suburban Buffalo, N.Y., reported in the Buffalo

Orchard Park police are investigating a particularly gruesome killing, the
beheading of a woman, after her husband--an influential member of the
local Muslim community--reported her death to police Thursday.Police
identified the victim as Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37. Detectives have charged her
husband, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, with second-degree murder."He came to the
police station at 6:20 p.m. [Thursday] and told us that she was dead,"
Orchard Park Police Chief Andrew Benz said late this morning. . .
."Obviously, this is the worst form of domestic violence possible," Erie
County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said today.CNN reported
yesterday that police say Mr. Hassan has confessed.

NOW's statement on Mrs. Hassan's beheading was short and to the point: .

James Taranto on NOW and domestic violence.
There is an irony to this story that goes unremarked by NOW: As the
Buffalo News explains, "Muzzammil Hassan is the founder and chief
executive officer of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004, amid hopes
that it would help portray Muslims in a more positive light."

Those who portray Muslims in a negative light often point out that Islamic
culture tends to treat women unfairly, even brutally. If Mr. Hassan
beheaded his wife, it may have the effect of perpetuating the very
stereotypes he hoped to combat.

The Associated Press reports from Murietta, Calif., on another shocking
domestic-violence case:

A self-proclaimed polygamist was sentenced Friday to seven consecutive
life prison terms for torturing seven of his 19 children, abusing four
others and imprisoning two of his three wives.Mansa Musa Muhummed, 55,
also was sentenced to additional terms totaling 16 years and eight months
by Riverside County Superior Court Judge F. Paul Dickerson III, who said
Muhummed's treatment of his family amounted to "a reign of terror over
defenseless children."This report from New York's Daily News is appalling

Mohammed Fagirad, 30, a vice consul at the Afghanistan Consulate,
brutalized his wife inside their Flushing home from about 8:30 a.m.
Wednesday until nearly midnight, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown
said.During the attack, Fagirad bit, slapped, choked and beat the
22-year-old woman with a belt, pushed her down a flight of stairs and sat
on her chest, prosecutors said.At one point, prosecutors said, Fagirad
threw his wife up against a wall, held her there by the neck and then let
her drop to the floor, where he beat her with a belt.Fagirad told police
his "wife was a dog and he was going to treat her like a dog," prosecutors
said.Here are NOW's statements on the Muhummed and Fagirad cases, in their
entirety and edited only for spelling and punctuation: .

Hey, come to think of it, when Gandy complains that people don't care
about domestic violence when it doesn't involve celebrities, she speaks
from direct knowledge.

6. The first casualty of war: Truth

Feb. 16, 2009
Which is the greater factor in getting consumers of news to believe that
"1,300 Palestinians, most of them civilians" were killed during Operation
Cast Lead? Intrinsic anti-Israel bias - or a high degree of gullibility to
manipulative international media coverage?

Put another way, do you have to be anti-Israel to believe Palestinian
lies, or is Palestinian mendacity so well-constructed, so plausible, and
so well disseminated by collaborative media outlets like Al Jazeera that
even well-meaning people can't help but believe the worst of Israel?

These questions are prompted by some significant reporting in Monday's
Jerusalem Post ("Int'l community was duped by Hamas's false civilian death
toll figures, IDF claims").

Even well-regarded Palestinian pressure groups have been claiming that
Israel killed 895 civilians in the Gaza fighting. Operating on the basis
of such "data," coupled with a poisoned wellspring of antipathy against
the Jewish state, Mahmoud Abbas has been making the case for indicting
Israeli cabinet ministers and military officers for international war

Pro-Palestinian campaigners allege that two-thirds of the Arab fatalities
were civilian. The IDF insists that no more than a third of the dead were
civilians - and not a one was targeted intentionally. So instead of "1,300
killed, most of them civilians," we now have reason to believe, based on
the IDF's methodical analysis of 1,200 of the Palestinian fatalities thus
far identified by name, that 580 were combatants and 300 non-combatants.

Of these 300, two were female suicide bombers, and some others were
related to terrorists such as Nizar Rayyan, a top Hamas gunman who
insisted that his family join him in the hereafter.

"The first casualty when war comes is truth," said US senator Hiram Warren

Take, for instance, Arab eyewitness accounts of the number killed at the
Jabalya UN School on January 6 - some 40 dead, maybe 15 of them women and
children. The IDF says the actual figure is 12 killed, nine of them Hamas

With time, perhaps, the names and true identities of each and every one of
the Gaza dead - including the 320 as yet unclassified - will be

One point is indisputable: Despite the best efforts of both sides, the IDF
wound up killing more Palestinians unintentionally than the Palestinians
killed Israeli civilians on purpose. This is known as

Israeli officials, given bitter experiences such as Jenin in 2002, when a
grossly false narrative of massacre and massed killing was disseminated by
Palestinian officials, should have long since internalized the imperative
to try to ascertain the number and nature of Palestinian dead in real

But while the figure "1,300 Palestinians killed, most/many of them
civilians" is now embedded in the public consciousness, it is emphatically
not too late to try to set the record straight.

Atrocity stories are nothing new. The British have been charged with using
them to create popular outrage during the Boer War. The allies used them
against Germany during World War I - which, incidentally, allowed the real
Nazi atrocities during WWII to be dismissed long into the Holocaust.

Nowadays, it matters what masses of uninformed or ill-informed people far
removed from the Arab-Israel conflict think. Dry statistics released so
belatedly will win Israel no PR credit in a world of 24/7 satellite news
channels and real-time blogging. Nevertheless, the fact that an Israeli
narrative is finally out there is significant. Perhaps responsible news
outlets will want to reexamine some of their original reporting, along
with the assumption that "most" of the dead were non-combatants.

Palestinian propaganda is insidious because those being manipulated are
oblivious to what is happening. Chaotic images of casualties being hurried
to hospitals, gut-wrenching funerals and swaths of shattered buildings
create an overarching "reality." Against this, Israel's pleadings that the
Palestinians are culpable for the destruction, and that the above images
lack context, scarcely resonate.

Despite six decades of intransigence and a virtual copyright on airline
hijackings and suicide bombings, the Palestinians have created a popular
"brand" for themselves by parlaying their self-inflicted victimization
into a battering ram against Israel.

Disseminators of news should have learned better than to take Palestinian
death-toll claims at face value, least of all when sourced directly or
indirectly from the Hamas-run government of Gaza.

This article can also be read at
[ Back to the Article ]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Apartheid Jordan Files Legal Complaint against Democratic Israel

The Apartheid Regime of Jordan sues Democratic Israel
By Steven Plaut

Well, no sooner do we recover from our bout of laughter over Turkey
criticizing Israel for its behavior in Gaza
than an even more Orwellistic event takes place. Jordan has decided to
file a criminal lawsuit against Israeli officials for alleged war crimes
in Gaza (,7340,L-3673005,00.html ).

German and Arab media have been reporting that Jordanian Parliament
members at the behest of their king plan to file a petition to the
International Criminal Court in the Hague to prosecute Israeli officials
for "war crimes" committed during Operation Cast Lead, fought against the
genocidal Hamas terrorists. Israeli Internal Security Minister Dichter
reacted: 'No greater hypocrisy than when the country that murdered 10,000
Palestinians deals with international crimes.'

So let us put this into perspective. Jordan itself is a pseudo-country
sitting on land that properly belongs to the Jews. There is no Jordanian
people at all. Jordan is a country composed of Palestinian Arabs with no
political rights at all, controlled by a Bedouin ruling elite, which has
hegemony over the government and army.

Jordan is as much an apartheid regime as any on earth. Official
discrimination against non-Bedouin Arabs is state policy. Jews may not
own land in Jordan, and tracts of land once legally purchased by Jews have
been stolen from them by the Jordanian government. When Jordan
controlled the Old City of Jerusalem it destroyed every single Jewish
shrine there and used their stones to build latrines. It tore up
gravestones from the Mount of Olives, which has been a respected cemetery
for 4000 years, and used them also as building materials.

Jordan came into existence as a country when the young Winston Churchill
quite literally drew its boundaries on the back of an envelope, drawn so
as to accommodate two British petroleum pipelines, , in land promised to
the Jews under the Balfour Declaration. Instead of Wilsonian national
self-determination dictating the emergence of countries, pipeline
geography did in the case of Jordan.

Jordan is one of the few countries on earth still ruled by a king, and not
a make-pretend ceremonial one, but rather one whose every whim must be
obeyed. Moreover, the previous king of Jordan decided to show his
devotion to the human rights of Palestinians by massacring tens of
thousands of them in the infamous "Black September" of 1970. No one
exactly knows how many Palestinian civilians were massacred by the
Jordanian ruling class and army, although Yassir Arafat said it was
25,000. The Palestinian terror group "Black September," which carried out
the Munich massacre and other atrocities, named itself in memory of this
massacre of Palestinians by the Jordanian army. At the time, hundreds of
Palestinian terrorists entered Israel and begged to be allowed to be put
in Israeli prisons, rather than be returned to Jordan where they faced
certain death.

Jordan does not only shoot Palestinians when they ally with Syria and try
to topple the Bedouin regime there, as they did in 1970. Palestinian
students in Jordan participating in demonstrations against ISRAEL have
been mowed down by the Jordanian soldiers. In fact the only country in
the Middle East in which students can conduct a spontaneous anti-Israel
demonstration against Israel is Israel.

Amnesty International and many others speak out against human rights
abuses in Jordan. The treatment of women there is about as bad as it gets
anywhere and there are many "honor killings" of women. There is no
freedom of the press. Torture is routinely used. One of the more ironic
matters is the treatment of homosexuals. Jordanian gays, who face violent
persecution, often apply for asylum in Israel.

Jordan of course has a long history of military aggression. It began with
the Jordanian invasion of Western Palestine in 1948, when Jordan attempted
to annex all of the territory that the UN had tried to partition into
Israel and an Arab Palestinian state. Jordan, not Israel, prevented the
creation of that Arab Palestinian state. Jordan illegally invaded and
held East Jerusalem, including the Old City, starting in 1948 and lasting
for nineteen years. It participated in the military aggressions against
Israel in 1967 and 1973. The West Bank was taken from Jordan by Israel
the same way that Germany lost Alsace and Lorraine, thanks to its losing
its own war of aggression.

Message for the Women in Black:

1. Remember how the moonbats could not control their ecstasy when that
Iraqi tossed a show at President Bush? Well, how come not a single one
of the same moonbats has had a single word to say in support of this
heroic Palestinian who threw HIS shoe at a terrorist and then was arrested
by the Palestinian Authority?:
And junior is only 15!
A Palestinian boy who threw a shoe at the car of Palestinian Authority
Prime Minister Salaam Fayad has been arrested by the PA security forces.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad and PA President Mahmoud
Photo: AP [file]
Slideshow: Pictures of the week
The incident, the first of its kind in the West Bank, is seen by
Palestinians as an attempt to imitate Iraqi journalist Montadar al-Zeidi,
who tossed his shoes at US President George W. Bush during a press
conference in Baghdad. Al-Zeidi has since become a hero of the Arab and
Muslim masses.
The boy was identified as Saher Ahmed Muhaisen, 15, from the Dehaishe
refugee camp near Bethlehem.

2. And ladies, he is now single and available!

Or at least that should be the message we all send to the pro-terror
"Women in Black," those gyno-terrorists who stand on street corners and
demand that Israel be destroyed!

I am referring to the news that a gentleman after their own persuasion is
no longer married. He is Muzzammil Hassan, 44, of Buffalo, New York. He
hat been operating a web site and TV channel devoted to painting Moslems
in a positive light, as peace-loving people. He is available for dating
again because he beheaded his wife.

As reported in the NY Post and dozens of other news media (see


Last updated: 6:30 pm
February 14, 2009
Posted: 6:23 pm
February 14, 2009
An upstate TV exec who set up a channel promoting Muslims as peace-loving
people was stressed about his failing business in the days before he
allegedly chopped off his estranged wife's head, a friend of the couple
said today.
An order of protection barring Muzzammil Hassan, 44, from the couple's
upstate home had been taken out by his wife, Aasiya, 37, less than a week
before she died.
The couple was in the process of divorcing after bouts of domestic
violence, her lawyer told the Buffalo News.
Hassan, who founded Bridges TV in 2004 to counter anti-Islam stereotypes
following 9/11, turned himself in to cops Thursday in the Buffalo suburb
of Orchard Park. Police later found his beheaded wife in the TV studios.
He was charged with murder.
"He was worried about the station's future," said Dr. Khalid Qazi, a
friend of the couple and president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council of
Western New York, who last spoke to the Hassans a week ago.
"He was stressed, but this has left me absolutely shocked. I still cannot
believe it."
Police have still not found the weapon used in the killing, an officer
said today.
Bridges TV was set up with $10 million in backing from more than 50
investors. Two years ago, Hassan told Arab News magazine he needed another
$5 million and was reaching out to supporters in Saudi Arabia.
Hassan, a father of four who moved to the United States from Pakistan 25
years ago, worked as a banker in Buffalo before quitting to start up the
The family home was empty today. A police note stuck to the door five
hours before Aasiya's body was found asked her to contact cops.
Nobody at the Orchard Park Police Department today could explain why
officers wanted to speak to her.
Qazi said the killings went against the teachings of Islam and damaged the
image of Muslims that Hassan worked to promote.
"Domestic violence is despicable, and Islam condones it in no way
whatever," he said.
Murders are being committed in the US every day by people of all faiths."

See also Michelle Malkin on the affair:

Daniel Pipes has been tracking the political activities of the perp since

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hebrew University professor arrested for anti-Judaism Vandalism - Not a Spoof!


The Tenured anti-Judaism Vandal from the Hebrew University

Monday, February 16, 2009
Hebrew University Professor Arrested for Malicious Vandalizing Jerusalem
"Eruv" as anti-Judaism "protest"

To Right - the Tenured Vandal Danny Mandler
Seems like hardly a week goes by without some new anti-Israel or
anti-Jewish outrage coming out of the Hebrew University. The latest is the
arrest this week of a Hebrew University professor of chemistry for
maliciously vandalizing the Jerusalem "eruv." Danny Mandler is an
Argentina-born full professor of chemistry at the Hebrew University.

An "eruv" is a boundary constructed of stings or wires to define an area
in which observant Jews may carry items on the sabbath. Usually the "eruv"
runs along existing poles or trees. It is usually in public areas and does
not impose any sort of inconvenience on others.

Nevertheless, in some cases anti-Semites have campaigned against the
"eruv" as somehow violating the rights of non-Jews or "imposing" Judaism
on the public. In Palo Alto, California, for example, anti-Semites
recruited the ACLU to try to block placing an "eruv" in the trees along

In Jerusalem, a group of radical anti-Orthodox bigots have been slicing
the "eruv" in some places, illegally. The only motive of the vandals is to
show their contempt for Orthodox Jews and for Judaism. After several acts
of sabotage, the police staked off an area. They caught the good professor
redhanded while sabotaging the "eruv" with a knife! The story is carried
in Haaretz, Israel National News and elsewhere.

According to INN, "Rabbi Avraham Moshe Katzenelbogen, who is responsible
for the eruv as a member of the Jerusalem Religious Council, recently took
community center leaders on a tour of the eruv, showing them it was not in
the way and did not pose an obstacle to anyone. A number of hours later,
activists again tried to destroy it."

Mandler is not the first hater of Judaism at the Department of Chemistry
of the Hebrew University. For many years the world's worst Neo-Nazi,
Israel Shahak, was also employed as a professor of chemistry there.
Shahak, who died in 2001, was best known for claims that Orthodox Jews
secretly worship Satan, that Judaism is a form of Nazism, and claiming
things like Orthodox Jews pull down the pants of traffic accident victims
to check if they are circumcized before attending to them. He was so
openly anti-Semitic that David Duke dedicated his book to Shahak. An open
collaborator with Palestinian terrorists, Shahak toured the world
"confirming" the accuracy of every Nazi smear against Jews. He justified
pogroms against Jews as something they deserved. His "work" continues to
be carried on every Holocaust Denial web site on earth.

The heads of the Hebrew
University never took any action against Shahak during the many years in
which he devoted himself to promoting Neo-Nazism while drawing his salary
from the university. It remains to be seen if they will take any action
now against Mandler.


Update: Prof. Mandler has issued the following statement regarding the affair:

February 17, 2009

I did not expect you to get my comment before publishing this article or verify the details, yet, I will appreciate if you post my comments and the facts about the “Eruv” in Jerusalem:
1. Comparing me with Prof. Shahak is not only offending and misleading but also of cheap accusation that reminds of the general allegations used against Jews in Europe. I am not anti-Israeli or anti-Judaism and I wonder what you wanted to achieve by writing such a long paragraph about Prof. Shahak. This has nothing to do with me and you had better searched more about me before writing these irrelevant, not to say, disgusting words.
2. Your article is full of incorrect information, such as the fact that I was not arrested. You even misspelled my name, which is Daniel and Danny Mandler. But this is not the major point. You completely misled the readers by your own opinion that is not based on the facts about the “Eruv” in Jerusalem. Therefore, I bring here the facts, which I will be glad if you can share with your readers. And let them decide.

Some Facts about the “Eruv” in Jerusalem
Since Saturday night I constantly receive accusations, threats and other “blessings” by Jews who read articles like that published in The Jewish Press Blog. Most do not know and maybe do not even want to know what is behind my action on Friday night. Many of you do not live in Israel and yet found it very easy to run into conclusions about my faith and Judaism. So let me try and explain to you the facts, and as a scientist, I will tightly adhere to them. It is not my intention to convince you, as most of you have very clear opinion about me being a secular Jew.
Until 2004 the “Eruv” around Jerusalem satisfied the orthodox population in Jerusalem. You can still find in the Internet ( the map of this “Eruv”. We, who are secular, have nothing against this “Eruv” who is common in every city and village in Israel including army bases. From 2005 and on and for some unclear reasons (also to most of the orthodox Jews living in Jerusalem) a small and very fanatic group decided that this is not enough. Illegally and without the permission of the municipality or the Jerusalem Religious Council (which is, in fact, responsible for the “Eruv” in Jerusalem) they have installed hundreds of “Eruv” poles across the neighborhoods, religious and non-religious. They never asked the people in the neighborhoods. Moreover, they even welded aluminum gates to the fences of private houses without asking the owners! Trees were cut in a vandalistic manner (I can provide photos) and poles were installed adjacent to the roads in a dangerous way. Even more surprising and frustrating was the fact that the private company, which was responsible for that “Eruv Mehudar”, obtained a document signed by one of the council members of Jerusalem (Rabe Shmuel Itzhaki, who was responsible for parking issues) and was not authorized to issue such permission. Whenever, we called the police they took out this document and the police did not stop them from their illegal act.
I wrote several letters (can provide you with them) to the previous mayor of Jerusalem Mr. Luplianski who did not answer for a long time. Finally he sent an unclear letter saying that the municipality objects any violence. Then, I wrote a letter to the municipal comptroller, attorney Shlomit Rubin. She sent a letter to Shmuel Itzhaki who denied that he issued such authorization letters (although we have a copy of the letter signed by him). A letter sent by her to Mr. Luplianski has never been replied. More recently the manager director of the city Mr. Yair Maayan ordered to remove the poles, due to the fact that they were installed illegally. However, the municipal supervision acting director, Mr. Meir Dadya refused (he probably was afraid). A few weeks ago the legal consultant attorney Yossi Havilio published a clear decision stating that the poles should be removed.
In spite of all this, the new elected mayor of the city Mr. Nir Barkat decided recently to establish a committee which should try and find a solution for the “Eruv” poles. This was very disappointing for most of the secular citizens who voted for him and were hoping that he will simply enforce the law and remove the poles from the non-religious neighborhoods in Jerusalem.
It is not a secret that many of the secular Jews are leaving Jerusalem. During the last 15 years since Ehud Ulmert became the mayor (for the second time) the non-orthodox population in Jerusalem is constantly abused and discriminated. Only recently, just before the municipality elections Mr. Polak (deputy to the mayor) decided to build kindergartens for the orthodox children just in the middle of Kiryat Yovel, where I live and which is a secular neighborhood. The citizens appealed to the court, demonstrated and acted very strongly against this decision, which was finally cancelled (only after Nir Barkat was elected).
Jerusalem is a very problematic city. For someone like me who has been living here since I completed my army service in 1980, life has not been simple. The orthodox, secular and Arab populations have to live together, live and let live. Jerusalem belongs to everyone and life cannot be dictated by one of these parties.
I would not propose to build a non-kosher (and illegal) restaurant in the middle of an orthodox neighborhood but at the same time the orthodox people have to understand that we will not let them control our lives. Surprisingly, orthodox people usually do not understand why the “Eruv” poles disturb the secular population; however, will get mad of innocent advertisement pictures if hung in a bus station in a secular (yes, not orthodox!) neighborhood.
I am against any type of violence. I am not proud by my symbolic act carried out on Friday night, which was meant to protest against the attitude of the municipality and our disappointment by the fact that Nir Barkat has decided to legalize the illegal “Eruv” poles. I and my friends do not have another Jerusalem and will not leave the city, which we love and fought for it. We do not hate Jews and have nothing against Judaism. Sentences like “Mandler is not the first hater of Judaism at the Department of Chemistry…” reminds me of the anti-Semitic propaganda in some neighboring countries.
There is a big barrier between me and most of those who had sent me nasty mails and articles and who unfortunately believe that the law of Torah is above the law of the State of Israel. Moreover, many of those justify violence and aggression by the name of God against me and my family. Since Saturday night I and my family are constantly threatened. Yesterday, a few people have tried to assault me in my office at the Hebrew University. I and my friends have never acted violently against any Jew.
I hope that the “Eruv” matter will be solved peacefully; however, we will fight for our right to live in Jerusalem according to our faith. My parents were born in Europe and survived the holocaust, my father fought for the State of Israel and so I did and my son (only recently). My daughter is currently in the army and my younger son will join the army as well. Nobody, neither in Israel nor abroad will tell me and my family what it means to be Jewish and how to live in Jerusalem.

Daniel Mandler

פרופ' דניאל מנדלר Prof. Daniel Mandler
הפקולטה למדעי הטבע Faculty of Science
המחלקה לכימיה Department Chemistry
ירושלים 91904 Jerusalem 91904

Well, there is news that a new mass appeasement and capitulation to
get kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit released may be near. Before it is
imposed on the country, I sent out this new

Open Letter to the Next Prime Minister of Israel

To: The Next Prime Minister of Israel
From: Steven Plaut
Re: How to get Gilad Shalit

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have been doing some research into ways in which Gilad Shalit might be
released WITHOUT the necessity of releasing hundreds of genocidal
terrorists who will immediately return to their murderous activities, and
after which scores, if not hundreds, of Jews will be murdered as a direct
result of their release.

I have found a solution. It is called the Ninth Plague solution. I
actually am not the originator of the proposal. It comes from Moses.

To remind you, the ninth plague against Egypt and Pharaoh consisted of
condemning them to sit in absolute darkness until the time that Pharaoh
agreed to let the blokes go free.

I think that is what should be done. Gaza should be cut off from all
electric power and the Gazans should sit in the dark until our bloke is
set free. No terrorists at all should be released to buy his freedom.
When the world whines about our cutting off the Gazan power, we can just
say we are following Biblical advice. We are also concerned about global
warming and the environment and so insist that no power produced with
fossil fuels be consumed in Gaza. This of course makes Gaza a more
environmentally sustainable society. They can try to power their rockets
with wind energy or solar cells.

In fact, I think there are other negotiating lessons we can learn from
Moses. When Moses was negotiating with Pharaoh, every time the latter
said NO, Moses raised his demands. When Pharoah refused to let the
menfolk go, Moses demanded the whole population. When Pharoah said NO,
Moses added all the farm animals. When Pharoah said No, Moses demanded
that Pharaoh himself provide the Israelites with Egyptian farm stock and
animals to take with them. We know how it all ended.

Now the Hamas has been increasing its demands from Israel, even every time
Israel capitulate and says YES. So let's give Moses' technique a try.

But first and foremost, let us recreate the Ninth Plague. Let's do it

Peacefully yours,

Steven Plaut

3. For those who think that nothing at all good could have possibly come
from the grand pyramid scam of Bernie Madoff, think again. Among those
who lost everything in the scam was the "research center" run by
far-leftist moonbats. According to Haaretz, , "the Jerusalem Spinoza
Institute, a small research institute headed by Israel Prize laureates
Yirmiyahu Yovel, Ze'ev Sternhell and Menachem Brinker, lost its entire
annual budget - a mere $30,000 - when Madoff's fund went broke: It turned
out that the institute's main donor, the Yeshaya Horowitz Association, had
invested so heavily with Madoff that when his pyramid scheme finally
collapsed, the association was wiped out."

Well, Yovel was recently in the media denouncing Israel for its "war
crimes" against the Gazan savages. (see this: ). Sternhell of course
is the far-leftist bolshevik who thinks opponents of Oslo should be
suppressed and denied freedom of speech and that soviet central planning
should be implemented in Israel. Brinker is a far-leftist who has devoted
himself energetically to Palestinian statehood.

I do not know what Spinoza would think of their little "institute" going
belly up. But seeing who ran it, I think the world may now be a better
place without it!

4. About those "war crimes":

5. Holy Nakba, Batman!

6. The UCI Nuremberg Rally:

The Hebrew University's Tenured anti-Judaism Vandal

The Tenured Vandal, to the Right

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Leftist Rules of Debate

The Leftist Rules of Debate
by Steven Plaut

The following are the basic principles upon which all public debate must
be conducted if you wish to be a true progressive and leftist person who

1. Leftists should be free to call everyone else nasty names, because they
are so moral, but no one should be permitted to call leftists anything.
2. For a leftist to call someone nasty names shows social concern and
awareness. For someone to call a leftist a nasty name back is immature and
impolite and is avoiding the issues.
3. Leftists need never document their claims.
4. Whenever a leftist is presented with documentation of facts that
contradict the leftist.s theology, the leftist must insist that no facts
have been presented at all.
5. No scientific sources that presents facts contradicting leftist
theology are admissible. They must be dismissed as being .right-wing..
6. All arguments may be settled by telling a non-leftist that he reminds
you of Rush Limbaugh.
7. Never ever take an economics course.
8. Never recognize the fact that every idea of Marx.s was debunked over
160 years ago. Never admit that you know that Marx was a racist and
9. Never visit the library.
10. Never study statistics or public policy analysis.
11. Always say .people of color. so everyone will know you care. Always
refer to Israeli Arabs as (occupied) Palestinians.
12. Recycle.
13. Whine.
14. Pretend that you do not care about material things, but never sell
your DVD or cellular phone or condo in order to help out.
15. Never admit that life ever involves tradeoffs. After all, when there
are tradeoffs it is harder to feel righteous.
16. Always support proposals that make real problems of the world worse,
just as long as advocating them can make you feel caring and righteous.
17. Never admit that anything could be positive about the United States.
18. Always insist that there are few world problems that could not be
improved through the destruction of Israel.
19. Always insist that you have no idea what political correctness is.
20. Always use the female pronouns half the time or more. That way
everyone will know you are egalitarian.
21. Insist that you are more caring and compassionate than anyone else.
22. Remember, you would prefer that poor people in the Third World starve
rather than that they should embrace capitalism and live like you do.
23. Other people must always be required to relinquish their material
things so that you may feel idealistic and righteous.
24. Your property is sacred; other people.s property is to be used for
social engineering and doing good.
25. Leftists can never be racists. Critics of leftists are always
racists. Racism should never have anything to do with race.
26. Anything that involves defending Jewish civilians must be ruled out
as oppressive and racist.
27. Arabs can never be racist. Anti-Zionism must never be described as a
form of racism or bigotry.
28. The terms "Genocide" and "Nazism" must never be used unless they are
describing Israel and Zionism.
29. Acts of violence against Jews or Americans are never terrorism. They
are resistance. All acts against those who are trying to murder Jews or
Americans must be described as terrorism.
30. The term "apartheid" must only be applied to regimes that are not
apartheid, and never to those that are.
31. Terrorists must always be referred to as activists, as militants,
and, when there is no other choice, as gunmen. Jewish soldiers and
civilians, especially if they are living outside the Green Line, must
always be called terrorists. Zionism also must be called terrorism.

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