Monday, June 08, 2015

A Letter to a Moderate Leftist Israeli



1.  Dear "moderate" Israeli Leftists. So you only want the world to boycott "settlements" and settlement policy but not the rest of Israel, or so you say?

Only one little problem. The democratically-elected government of Israel built and maintains these "settlements" so when you boycott them you are boycotting the decisions of the democratic government of all of Israel and you are boycotting the Israeli electorate. Making all of Israel a demonized pariah.  The existence of the "settlements" represents the will of the Israeli electorate.

But have no fear. Your BDS friends suffer from no such delusions. They do not seek to boycott only "settlements," or rather they see all of Israel as one big settlement that must be annihilated.

When BDSholes speak about "occupation," they do not mean the West Bank. They mean Haifa and Tel Aviv.

Hope that is clear to you now. Don't say you did not know.



2.  The guy in black is boycotting Israel as part of the BDS campaign because Israel is not moral enough of a regime:



3.   Am I the only one who thinks that Bojo Herzog looks astonishingly like Norman Bates from the Bates Motel?



4.  Everyone must be told:



5.   What happens when you do not enforce the anti-treason law:


Friday, June 05, 2015

Anna Frank is spotted




1.  Breaking news. Anna Frank is spotted in Israel throwing rocks at Dutch tourists. Pass it on!


In the latest outrage against Israel, the Dutch Prime Minister's Office issued a travel warning to its citizens to beware of rock-throwing Israelis in Judea and Samaria.

The Dutch government has issued a travel advisory to its nationals touring Israel to beware of Israeli "settlers" who throw "stones at foreigners and Palestinians."

In a seemingly anti-Semitic post, the official website of the Prime Minister of Holland has recommend that Dutch citizens exercise caution in the vicinity of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, alleging that residents of Israeli towns in the area "throw rocks at Palestinian and international vehicles," Israel's Ynetreports.

The travel warning, which lists the dangers of traveling within the region, claims that "Jewish settlers live in illegal settlements in the West Bank. These settlers regularly organize demonstrations on and around the roads. These demonstrations are sometimes violent. It happens that settlers throw stones at Palestinian and international vehicles."

The violent protests occur, the warning continues, because "Jewish settlers continue to build homes and villages in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, thus there are continuing protests and tensions have risen in Jerusalem." Certain areas in Judea and Samaria are listed as "zones of settler hostility."

There is no mention whatsoever of Palestinian terror, including rock-throwing by Palestinian terrorists, often resulting in severe injuries and death.

Regarding Gaza, the site warns of an unstable security situation in addition to the "ongoing risk of becoming a victim of an Israeli airstrike."

Israel has reacted furiously to what it calls "slander", adding that it will take the matter further.

The Israeli embassy in Holland said in response: "It is unacceptable to slander the name of a whole community. We will make our objections known to high level officials in Holland."

The Dutch have recently been entangled in several anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incidents.

A Jewish student in Holland discovered that official Dutch textbooks say that Israel committed war crimes and that its leaders are terrorists.

In another provocative decision, the government had decided to cut by 35 percent the pension of a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor for living in an Israeli community in Judea and Samaria.​ The decision generated a public outcry and was reversed.

By: United with Israel Staff



2.  Cash for Treason:


Left-wing Israeli groups received $27M from Europe over 3 years

Israel's NGO Transparency Law requires organizations to disclose direct and indirect funding from foreign governmental bodies • According to the Foreign Ministry, many of the organizations receiving massive funding promote anti-Israel activity.

Some 24 Israeli non-governmental political advocacy organizations dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reported a total of nearly 105 million shekels ($27 million) in direct and indirect funding from foreign governments, especially in the European Union, from 2012 to 2014, according to an NGO Monitor report from earlier this year.

The organizations are required by Israel's NGO Transparency Law to disclose funding from foreign governmental bodies. NGO Monitor collected and analyzed the data provided about donations given directly by foreign governments and those given via governmental conduits.

According to the Foreign Ministry, many of these organizations focus on Israel's activities in Judea and SamarSome of the organizations to receive foreign government funding were B'Tselem, Gisha, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel and Breaking the Silence.

The Breaking the Silence organization, which is dedicated to exposing alleged wrongdoings by the Israel Defense Forces, reportedly received some 2.2 million shekels ($573,000) in foreign funding. The group also recently launched an exhibit in Switzerland, receiving $16,000 in Swiss government funding and sparking Israel's condemnation.

Foreign funding is often given to organizations on a project basis. For example, left-wing organization B'Tselem's video project received several thousand dollars in funding, while the Coalition of Women for Peace received some 38,000 shekels ($9,900) for "international activities."

The data collected by NGO Monitor reveal massive funding from the EU and Norway, constituting 17.2% and 13%, respectively, of the total donations reported by political NGOs. Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands were among other countries funding controversial NGOs.


3.  PPSSSTTTT. Pass it on. Orange telecom company to relocate its offices to Vichy



4.   Time to hit back:,7340,L-4663944,00.html


5.  A survey of Israeli youths appears in Maariv in Hebrew (  It finds that 52% of Israeli youths define themselves as "Rightists" and only (% as leftist.  A majority SUPPORT the Tag Machir people who vandalize Arab property.  


6.  After two generations in which assimilationist liberal (asslibib )American Jews misdefined Judaism as political liberalism, is there any wonder that now Obama misdefines himself as a Jew?



7.  Leftwing Fascism at Ben Gurion University:

Ben Gurion University - David Newman (Dean of Social Sciences) Smears BoG Michael Gross and Reveals Far-Leftist Conspiracy to Deny Gross' Freedom of Speech

Gross responds:

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