Friday, July 23, 2010

The Crime of Stopping Arab Thieves

Yesterday I sent out a special posting about the heroic policeman Shachar Mizrachi, condemned to serve 30 months in prison with hard criminals because he dared to do his job.  If you missed the posting , it can still be read here:
There are some new elements of the story that I was not aware of yesterday and I think they are worthy of a separate posting on this, so please bear with me.
According to the column in Maariv today by editor Ben Dror Yemini, when Mizrachi confronted the Arab thief stealing a car, it turns out it was not his first confrontation with such a thief engaged in such a theft.  Sometime before this incident, the same police officer was badly injured by a different thief making his getaway with a stolen car away from the scene of the theft.   Mizrachi's partner was struck by that car, and has been in a coma ever since, a vegetable.
The thief that Mizrachi shot, and for which he has just been sentenced to 30 months by Miss Judicial Activism, Dorit Beinisch, Israel's chief justice, had threatened the officer with a screw driver before hopping into the stolen car and also tried to run him down with the car.
Officer Mizrachi should not only be set free, he should receive a medal of valor, a promotion, a large compensation check, and the family of the thief now screaming for the media in Arabic should be sent a bill for the cost of the bullet officer Mizrachi used to shoot the perp.

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