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Rivka Carmi and the BGU Nuremberg Rally

1. http://thejewishpress.blogspot.com/2011/04/anti-israel-propagandizing-at-ben.html

For years the President of Ben Gurion University, Rivka Carmi, has
insisted that she has no idea what the critics of her "University of
Treason" are talking about. BGU is a great Zionist institution, she
insists. Its only problem is Neve Gordon, but aside from him and his
daily anti-Semitic proclamations, there is no problem whatsoever at
BGU. Academic standards are being maintained (stop laughing at her
claim!). There are no other tenured traitors at BGU. And there
certainly is no in-classroom anti-Israel indoctrination going on.
Cabbagehead Carmi has never ever ever heard of a single "conference"
held at BGU consisting of one-sided anti-Israel far-Leftist
indoctrination and propagandizing. Not a blessed one.

Now in reality, one-sided anti-Israel far=leftist "conferences" take
place at BGU all the time, and in some cases students are coerced into

Just consider the "conference" on "human rights" that is about to be
held at BGU this coming week on April 10 and 11, 2011. Like so many
other on-campus anti-Israel Nuremberg Rallies, this one too is
organized by the tenured tanzim in BGU's politics department. The
spring "human rights conferences" have been held each year at BGU and
each year they consist of the same thing. The conference is
co-sponsored by a whole set of far-leftist anti-Israel NGOs. And
every single speaker at the conference is a far-leftist anti-Zionist
(except for one technical talk by the Registrar of non-profits in
Israel). Not a single pro-Israel speaker will participate and not a
single speaker will discuss "human rights" anywhere in the Arab world.
It is abundantly clear that every single discussion of "human rights"
at the "conference" will be an assault against Israel. "Human rights"
violations are only done by Israel and only done as part of

Among the speakers will be Prof. Orne Yiftachel, BGU anti-Israel
geographer, who has built an entire career on smearing Israel as an
apartheid regime; Dani Filc, the chair of the political science
department at BGU, Neve Gordon's sidekick, and the head of the
anti-Semitic "Physicians for Human Rights": Yagil Levy, an extremist
anti-Israel sociologist at Israel's "Open University"; Trotskyite
anti-Zionist Efraim Davidi; Yossi Yonah, an extremist leftist BGU
professor of education; and "Rabbi" Arik Ascherman, a head of the
misnamed "Rabbis for Human Rights," a group that does not think Jews
deserve to have any human rights. In addition, speakers include
representatives of about 10 different far-leftist anti-Israel NGO's,
ranging from "Zochrot," which wants to replace all Hebrew names of
places in Israel with Arabic names, the Israeli chapter of anti-Israel
Amnesty International, Betselem, the "Left Bank," "Physicians for
Human Rights," and several others of similar ilk. While not listed
as speakers, the entire "conference" has the fingerprints of the
anti-Semitic Neve Gordon and his Dean, David Newman, smeared all over

Even the leftist YNET web site ran an article about this one-sided
anti-Israel indoctrination "conference," expressing astonishment that
BGU is allowing this sort of Nuremberg Rally to be held on campus
facilities paid for by the Israeli taxpayer. In Hebrew only, you can
read it here: http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4052283,00.html

Cabbagehead Carmi will no doubt insist that the conference is
pluralistic and balanced. After all, among the pro-terror anti-Israel
speakers there we find both men and women, both Israelis and
non-Israelis, academic propagandists and non-academic propagandists.

And then she will appeal to the Jews of the world to support Ben
Gurion University, to send it donations, for where else can one find
such a fine example of academic freedom, diversity and pluralism!

2. The shots that killed the anti-Semitic pro-terror actor Juliano
Mer-Khamis (discussed in yesterday's posting) continue to reverberate.
Ultra-anti-Semite Gideon Levy, beloved by Neo-Nazis but usually
ignored by Israel except for Haaretz readers, was all over the TV
channels today. A buddy of Mer-Khamis, Levy practically wept on the
screen. And anything that upsets Levy so badly can only be cause for
great rejoicing and celebration.

Meanwhile, the savages are already trying to give the assassination an
anti-Jewish spin. Mer-Khamis was a cheerleader for terror, yet was
killed by terrorists, probably Islamists with ties to the Hamas. They
did not like the "theater" he worked with in Jenin, which allowed boys
and girls to appear together on the stage without the girls wearing
chadors. But Mer was not the head of that theater and was obviously
singled out. It is pretty clears that Mer was singled out because the
savages considered him to be a Jew (he had a Jewish communist mother
married to an Arab communist father), even though he considered
himself to be an Arab. (See
http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4052070,00.html and

Anyways, Hanin Zoabi has also tossed in her own moos. You may recall
Zoabi as the most openly terrorist of all the Arab fascist members of
the Knesset. She was aboard the flotilla ship and took place in the
violence on that ship, in which the terrorists attempted to murder
unarmed Israeli soldiers. Well, now the bovinette Zoabi (see this:
) has announced hat she is surefire positive that no ARABS were
involved in the murder of Mer-Khamis. She insist Jews killed Mer and
demands that, when caught, the perps be given the death penalty.

We would like to endorse her suggestion that terrorists be given the
death penalty and can think of at least one Knesset Member terrorist
who might serve as an interesting court precedent test case. In any
case, as the Muqata blogger above suggests, we are all waiting
breathlessly to see if Zoabi will still want the death penalty once
the Arab murderers of Mer are identified.

3. Some British media are claiming that members of the LEHI or "Stern
Gang" in the Jewish underground in "Palestine" in 1944 plotted to
assassinate Winston Churchill. Family members of LEHI leaders say
this is nonsense. For details:

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