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The Rot in Ben Gurion University

Ben Gurion University - Neve Gordon (Dept. of Political Science) appointed
to Department Head despite anti-Israel "research"
By Shaul Ben Joseph

He barricaded himself with Arafat during the siege of Ramallah, he has his
articles posted on Holocaust denial websites, he thinks Israel is a pariah
state, he distorted historical facts, he turned the classroom into a
propaganda battlefield, he advocated a one-state solution, and yet, he was
recently appointed as the head of Ben Gurion University's department of
Politics and Government. Will you send your child to study there?

The Negev's Rotten Apple

Consider this madness: One of the most anti-Israeli academics is, from now
on, the head of a large department at one of Israel's largest
universities. Anti-Zionist Neve Gordon, making recent headlines recently
for calling for Israel's elimination in what he dubs the "one-state
solution," is now chairman of the department of political science at Ben
Gurion University. The BGU authorities have not had any objection to the
hijacking of an entire department in the university by a rabid hater of

If you have not heard of him yet, read what has been written about him two
years ago: ".he belongs to the class of rabidly anti-Israel far-left
professors whose trade mark is the delight they take in comparing Israel
to apartheid South-Africa and Nazi Germany". These lines were scribed by
the world-renowned American legalist, Professor Alan Dershowitz, who went
on to say that Gordon is responsible for writing that "consists of
anti-Israeli propaganda designed to 'prove' that the Jewish State is

With Neve Gordon as chairman of political science at Ben Gurion
University, David Ben Gurion himself is turning in his grave. One cannot
help thinking of Alan Dershowitz's conclusion that "Gordon has gotten into
bed with neo-Nazis, Holocaust justice deniers and anti-Semites", or in
short "a despicable example of a self-hating Jew and self-hating

Take, for instance, Gordon's attitude toward the former chairman of the
PLO. Gordon was Arafat's political bedfellow for years. In February 2003,
he and some extreme Left-wing Israeli activists violated the Israeli
Army's order and entered Ramallah for a solidarity meeting with Arafat.
Arafat of course was behind the terrorist wave that engulfed Israel
following the outbreak of the so-called ''Second Intifada''. Neve Gordon
was photographed with Arafat with hands intimately clasped. Arafat at the
time was hiding murderers in his offices, including the assassins of an
Israeli cabinet minister, and refusing to turn them over to Israel in
violation of the Oslo Accords.

When asked afterwards whether he felt comfortable hugging Arafat, who had
been responsible for endless acts of terror, Gordon replied: "I don't know
who's responsible for the terror attacks, that's what the media says (sic)
and it (sic) receives its (sic) information from the defense establishment
and the Shabak.Sharon is the one who wants a second Lebanese war and we
want to stop it.".[2] A picture of the pair was published on most of the
Israeli media outlets in which Arafat could not erase the smile from his
face, while warmly clasping the hands of his guest from Ben Gurion
University. Ben Gurion University's response to this? It was to promote
Gordon and give him tenure!

When Arafat was in a coma, Gordon denounced Israel's representation of him
as a terrorist, a corrupt person and an authoritarian leader, and
predicted that Sharon would continue in his own policy of "expropriation"
of "Palestinian lands." [3]

After Arafat's death Gordon wrote that Israel invented the ''no partner
myth" in order to undercut basic Palestinian demands, which Arafat
represented, like a full withdrawal to 1967 borders, a capital in East
Jerusalem, and recognition of the rights of the Palestinian refugees.
Israel, he added, sought "to destroy Arafat's persona, for he had become
an international symbol of resistance, a symbol of the Palestinian
struggle for self determination". [4]

Gordon's obvious affection for Arafat explains why he vehemently rejects
the undisputed notion that Israel is even a democracy. His argument is
simple: Israel now consists of "a population of over 9 million people and
3.5 million of them cannot vote.5" Never mind that the Arabs of the
"occupied territories" are not Israeli citizens at all, while Israeli
Arabs do vote. Arabs in Libya also do not vote in Israeli elections.

Gordon's views stem from his unqualified support for Arab violence against
Israelis. He has lamented the fact that last July the international media
provided extensive coverage of the bulldozer rampage in which a
Palestinian constructor worker killed three people in Jerusalem. He also
mocked those who branded that murderer a "terrorist," a term Gordon
reserves for Jewish rightists. At the same time, Gordon was disappointed
that, in comparison, only a handful of media outlets took the trouble to
report about the Arab village on Ni'lin which became a scene of violent
protests, following a land controversy.[5]

Gordon uses familiar tactics. He refuses to allow discussion of the larger
context of the Arab-Israeli conflict and avoids questions about it, when
confronting difficult questions in his classroom and in public meetings.
"I am not interested in the Arab-Israeli conflict", he told students at
the University of Michigan last March. [6] He maintains that the conflict
is between mighty occupying Israel and defenseless weak Palestinians, as
if they were no other Arabs forces involved. Gordon always describes
Israel as an "Apartheid regime" like that in South Africa, if not worse.
As part of the recent "Palestinian Awareness Week" in Michigan and in a
public talk titled ''From Colonization to Occupation'', he expressed
support for a ''one state solution,'' in which Israel would cease to
exist, since a ''two state solution'' will perpetuate Israel as an
"apartheid state".[7]

But when it comes to encountering criticism of his anti-Zionists
statements, the lecturer from Beersheba refuses to acknowledge any right
of free speech to his critics. Indeed, he went to lengths to harass one of
his leading critics by filing a malicious SLAPP suit in court, hoping at
the same time to make some money. His contempt for principles of freedom
of expression was demonstrated when he filed the law suit against
Professor Steven Plaut of Haifa University in Nazareth court. Plaut had
accused Gordon (correctly) of being in the habit of endorsing the views of
Dr. Norman Finkelstein, who was fired by DePaul University in Chicago and
was deported by the Israeli authorities after landing at Tel Aviv airport
last summer. Finkelstein is a well-known figure within the radical
anti-Semitic Left, and even flew to Beirut to express support for the
Hezbollah during its recent war of rocket attacks against Israel.
Finkelstein made a career out of claiming that the dishonest and greedy
Jews exploit the Holocaust to make money. Pro-Nazi elements adore his
writings and Gordon seems to worship him, even comparing him to the
biblical prophets.

Gordon, who was also lambasted by Plaut for illegally entering Ramallah in
the height of the Palestinian suicide bombings against Israeli citizens,
reacted in a typical way. He chose a court in Nazareth, where neither he
nor Plaut reside, with the aim of winning sympathy from a
politically-radical Arab judge. Indeed when the case was brought before
Reem Naddaf, an Arab woman judge in the lower court in Nazareth, she ruled
in Gordon's favor. Gordon was not only seeking financial damages against
Plaut for being ''libelous'', but also demanded that Plaut be forced to
compensate him for writing that his academic record largely consisted of
anti-Israeli propaganda. [8] Naddaf awarded Gordon 90,000 shekels in
compensation and costs, but Gordon then lost his case in the appeals
court, which rejected every single demand made by Gordon and agreed to
almost all of Plaut's. A panel of three judges there reserved harsh
criticism of Gordon, dismissing many of his claims as lies and attacking
his anti-Israeli writings, in which he brands Israel as a fascist,
Nazi-like, apartheid state...

Gordon also defended Azmi Bishara, the disgraced former Israeli-Arab MK,
who is wanted by the Israeli authorities for suspected assistance to
Hezbollah and espionage. Gordon does not think that Bishara is a spy, but
rather a "symbolic threat, since he personifies the demand to transform
Israel from a Jewish democracy into a democracy for all its citizens". In
other words the accusations of subversion against Bishara are nothing but
a cover for "Israel's resistance to democratic change". [9] While voicing
support for Bishara, he falsely accused a decorated IDF officer as being a
war criminal, resulting in the barring of his entry into Britain for

Gordon, on his part, denies he is anti-Israeli. But then again so do
Finkelstein and Azmi Bishara. On the contrary, he likes to boast that he
served in the paratroopers and was even critically wounded in defending
the Northern border. He claims to have 42 percent disability as a result
of his injuries in an action that took place in Rosh Hanikra. [10, 11]
Well, Ilan Pappe and every other rabid Israeli academic hater of Israel
also served in the military, so the claim hardly changes the facts about
Gordon's biases and ideological agenda.

Thanks to his promoting Yasser Arafat and Norman Finkelstein, Neve Gordon
himself is widely admired by various anti-Zionists and anti-Semite
preachers around the globe. One of them is Ernst Zundel, a pamphleteer who
has been jailed several times for distributing hate literature on the net.
Three years ago he was deported from Canada to his native Germany to stand
trial for Holocaust denial and he is now in prison. Before that Zundel
posted on his website a glowing review written by Gordon of Finkelstein's
book The Holocaust Industry. In this review Finkelstein earned the honor
of being compared morally to the Jewish prophets. Needless to say that
Gordon never took the trouble to mention his mentor's support of Middle
East terrorist organizations.

At Ben Gurion University, Gordon evidently never misses an opportunity to
use the classroom as a platform for his anti-Israeli propaganda. He
packed up and recycled his venomous anti-Israeli rhetoric when he went to
spend a sabbatical year at the University of Michigan. Twice a week,
during his "The Israeli-Arab conflict" course, he gave his version of the
region's historical events and expressed his own private views as facts,
imposed on his hapless students in the classroom. He even took the
opportunity to denounce Israel in its current conflict with Iran and
justified the Ayatollahs' nuclear policy. According to eye witnesses he
was notorious for insulting students who dared to question his views
there. On one instance he told the class that he was not interested in
giving an unbiased academic history of the conflict. Gordon, according to
one of his students, bolstered the anti-Israel climate already present at
the University of Michigan. He demonstrated his obsession with demonizing
Israel by using anti-Semitic rant and turning the classroom into a
propaganda podium.

Five years ago Gordon told his readers that one day, across the hall from
his office, someone hung a large note which read "Neve Gordon is a rotten
apple". Now, that his colleagues have chosen him to head their department,
with the blessings of BGU's president Rivka Carmi, clearly he is not the
only rotten apple in the BGU box.

1 Jerusalem Post, 8.11.2006

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The New Meretz?

1. You have probably heard the new fashionable slogan holding that
Fifty is the new Thirty, The idea is that what with rising life
expectancies and advances in health, 50 is the start of "middle age" like
30 once was.
It occurred to me that the new Israeli version of this statement is "The
Israeli Labor Party is the new Meretz." You see, the Israeli Labor Party
in current polls is showing up with about an 8& support rate among the
Israeli electorate, equal to about 10 seats in the Knesset out of 120.
That is about what Meretz used to poll back when it was at the height of
its popularity.
I guess Meretz is the new Matzpen (tiny Israeli Maoist faction in the

2. The missing rights of rightists:,7340,L-3615040,00.html

3. Settler who said he hopes soldiers get harmed arrested:,7340,L-3615353,00.html The number of
Arab leaders and Jewish leftists who have been arrested for cheering
terrorist atrocities against Jews and suicide bombings remains zero!

4. Prof. Shlomo Sharan invented this but I am shamelessly
plagiarizing it. The new nickname for Tzipi Livni is now Die Weisse
Feigoloch, which in Yiddish means the white bird, the translation of Tzipi
Livni. Pass it on!

5. From the WSJ:

The Europeanization of America
What's ahead if Obama becomes president.
Barack Obama is likely to become the next president of the United States.
Six weeks ago John McCain was leading Mr. Obama. But according to
RealClearPolitics, as of yesterday Mr. Obama led in the national polls by
just under 8% and in the Electoral College by 306 to 157 (a majority is
270). Throughout his campaign Mr. Obama has successfully presented himself
as a careful and sensible person and was recently endorsed by Christopher
Buckley, son of the late William F. Buckley, as having a "first-class
temperament and a first-class intellect."
But Mr. Obama will most likely be our most liberal public policy president
since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Since President Bush is not popular (his
approval rating is at 25%, with 71% disapproving), Mr. McCain has not run
an inspiring campaign, and most people have declining confidence in our
economic and financial system, voters have simply decided it is time for
change. Gallup reports that just 7% of Americans are satisfied with the
way things are going, so voters seem to have concluded that they will take
a chance on Mr. Obama, whatever his policies may be.
The only organization with a worse rating than the Republican president is
the Democratic Congress.14% approval, 75% disapproval. But there, too, the
Democrats will gain strength. They are expected to increase their majority
in the House, and current polling shows that in Senate races Democrats
will increase their members from the current 51 (including two
independents who caucus with the Democrats) to at least 57. They may even
achieve the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster.
So where is the new Obama administration likely to take us? Seven things
seem certain:
. The U.S. military will withdraw from Iraq quickly and
substantially, regardless of conditions on the ground or the obvious
consequence of emboldening terrorists there and around the globe.
. Protectionism will become our national trade policy; free trade
agreements with other nations will be reduced and limited.
. Income taxes will rise on middle- and upper-income people and
businesses, and individuals will pay much higher Social Security taxes,
all to carry out the new president's goals of "spreading the wealth
. Federal government spending will substantially increase. The new
Obama proposals come to more than $300 billion annually, for education,
health care, energy, environmental and many other programs, in addition to
whatever is needed to meet our economic challenges. Mr. Obama proposes
more than a 10% annual spending growth increase, considerably higher than
under the first President Bush (6.7%), Bill Clinton (3.3%) or George W.
Bush (6.4%).
. Federal regulation of the economy will expand, on everything from
financial management companies to electricity generation and personal
energy use.
. The power of labor unions will substantially increase, beginning
with repeal of secret ballot voting to decide on union representation.
. Free speech will be curtailed through the reimposition of the
Fairness Doctrine to limit the conservative talk radio that so irritates
the liberal establishment.
These policy changes will be the beginning of the Europeanization of
America. There will be many more public policy changes with similar
goals.nationalized health care, Kyoto-like global-warming policies, and
increased education regulation and spending.
Additional tax advantages for lower and middle income people will be
enacted: a 10% mortgage tax credit that would average about $500 per
household per year, a $4,000 tax credit for college tuition, a tax credit
covering half of child-care expenses up to $6,000 per year, and even a
$7,000 credit for purchase of a clean car.
More important, all but the clean car credit would be "refundable,"
meaning people will get a check for them if they owe no taxes, which is
simply a transfer of income from the government to individuals. In reality
this is the beginning of a new series of entitlements for middle-class
families, the longer-term effect of which will be to make those families
more dependant on (and so more supportive of) larger government. The Tax
Policy Center estimates that these refundable tax credits would cost the
government $648 billion over 10 years.
These are Mr. Obama's plans. Meanwhile, congressional Democrats would
increase spending for their own interests and favorite programs. More
important, the Congress will consider itself more important than a
freshman president who has never held an executive position, so they will
do what they want and he will have to go along with most of it.
What can the Republicans in Washington to do to avoid the Europeanization
of America? The obvious answer is to win some elections two years from now
to reduce the congressional power of those who favor it. But in the
meantime they need stronger, better leadership of their minority party.
Then they need to make the case against each of the issues noted above;
why they would be a mistake, what their cost would be to the economy, jobs
and people and their families, and what would be a better approach. They
will not win all the fights, but on protectionism, higher taxes and
broader government regulation they can win the support of a great many
Americans. And that might keep America from becoming Europeanized and our
people from losing their money, their jobs and the market freedom of our

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On the Occasion of the Retirement of Yossi Beilin from Politics

1. In honor of the retirement of Yossi Beilin from treason, er, I
mean, from his political career, I thought the time apt for reprinting


The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So they sat in Geneva
With murderers all day.

And then
We connected the dots!
How those dots made us plotz!

We looked!
Could not believe the nerve of the brat!
We looked!
And we saw it!
The Brat with no Hat!

And he said to us,
'We're gonna make peace just like that!'
I know it is dumb
And this brat is not funny.
When he mails us this treason, using lots of bad money!

'I know some appeasements we can play,'
Said the brat.
'I know some new tricks,'
Said the Brat with no Hat.
'Capitulations, to terrorists true,
Your mother,
Will be blown to bits when we do.'

Then you and I
Did not know what to word.
We were tongue tied and forlorn, when we read the 'accord.'

But our lemmings said, 'No! No!
We can make the war go away!
'Just tell all them settlers that they just cannot stay
They should not be there.
They should not be about.
They should not be around
When the bombers come out!'

'Now! Now! Have no fear.
Have no fear!' said the brat.
'My accords are not bad,'
Said the Brat with no Hat.

'Why, we can have
Lots of fun, yes we shall,
With a game that I call
Send the Guns to the Pals!'
'Stop the deaths!' cried the Jews.
'Stop, stop, we see red!
'Reverse course!' said the Jews.
'Before we're all dead!'

'Have no fear!' said the brat.
'When have I been wrong?
'Their right of return should be implemented 'fore long,
With a pen in my hand!
And sly tricks up my sleeve!
That is not ALL I have done!
Just go and ask Steve.

'Look at me!
Look at me now!' said the brat.
'With a terrorist deal
I've pulled out of my hat!

I can set up TWO states!
One for them and one more!
Two states for two peoples!
And thereafter war!

And look!
I can hop up and down on the law!
But that is not all!
Oh, no.
That is not all...

'Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me NOW!
It is fun to surrender
But you have to know how.

And look! With my arm
I can hold a red flag!
To promote my agenda
With that Aloni hag!
But that is not all.
Oh, no.
That is not all....
That is what the brat said...
Kassem rockets dead ahead!
And you and I,
We saw ALL the bombs fall!

'Now look what you did!'
Said the Jews to the brat.
'You gave them a state!
How could you do that?
You sank our own state,
Sank it deep in the mud.
You set them up armed
And sank us in blood.
You SHOULD NOT be here,
When common sense you have not.
You get out of this house!'
Said the Jews to the sot.

'But I like to be here.
Oh, I like it a lot!'
Said the Brat with no Hat
To the Jews on the spot.
'I will NOT go away.
I do NOT wish to go!
And so,' said the Brat with no Hat, So So So...
I will show you
Another good game that I know!.

And then he ran out.
And, then, fast as a fox,
He flew to Geneva and
came back with a box.

A treasonous box.
To be sold hook or crook.
'Now look at this deal,'
Said the brat.
'Take a look!'

'I will impose my will.
On the Jews, otherwise.
I will force upon them to submit to demise.'
The Jews and I
did not know what to do.

So we had to shake hands
with Thing One and Thing Two.
We shook Yassir's paw.
While our minds said, 'No! No!'

Those Things should not be,
In this land! Make them go!

'They should not be here,
When they shoot at us guns!
Put them out! Put them out!'
Said the Jews of the bums.

'Have no fear, little Jews,'
said the Brat with no Hat.
'These Things are good Things.'
And he gave them a pat.
'They are tame. Oh, so tame!
They have come here to play.
They will give you some peace
On this bright Oslo day.'

2. There is no such thing as "same-sex marriage":

3. For Academic freedom:

What peace process? The PLO confirms it is still at war with Israel - so what exactly did the Israeli politicians "buy" with all those concessions?

1. PLO Acknowledges: Still at War with Israel

by Daniel Pipes Hudson Institute October 28, 2008

Yasir Arafat may have shook Yitzhak Rabin's hand in 1993 and signed solemn
declarations about ending the war to eliminate Israel, but late last
in a New York City courtroom, the Palestine Liberation Organization
confirmed that it still sees terrorism against Israelis as legitimate acts

The lawsuit, Sokolow v The Palestine Liberation Organization, brought by
intrepid David Strachman, alleges that the PLO carried out two machine-gun
and five bombing attacks in the Jerusalem area between January 2001 and
February 2004. The plaintiffs allege, in the words of U.S. District Judge
George Daniels, that the PLO did so "intending to terrorize, intimidate,
coerce the civilian population of Israel into acquiescing to defendants'
political goals and demands, and to influence the policy of the United
and Israeli governments in favor of accepting defendants' political goals
demands." The attacks killed 33 and wounded many more, some of them U.S.
citizens; the victims and their families are seeking up to US$3 billion in
damages from the PLO.

To this, the PLO, represented in part by none other than the appalling
Clark (who in a distant age, 1967-69, was attorney general of the United
States), replied that the attacks were acts of war rather than terrorism.
Daniels summarizes the PLO argument: "defendants argue that subject matter
jurisdiction is lacking because this action is premised on acts of war,
is barred under the ATA [Antiterrorism Act of 1991], and further is based
conduct which does not meet the statutory definition of .international

This response is noteworthy for two reasons: (1) Fifteen years after Oslo
supposedly ended the state of war, four years after Mahmoud Abbas took
and supposedly improved on Arafat's abysmal record, the PLO publicly
maintains it remains at war with Israel. (2) The PLO argues, even in the
context of an American law court, that blatant, cruel, inhumane, and
atrocious acts of murder constitute legitimate acts of warfare.

Judge Daniels rightly slammed the PLO's argument: "the Court finds that
attacks, as alleged to have occurred in the amended complaint, do not
constitute acts of war nor do they, as a matter of law, fall outside the
statutory definition of .international terrorism'." He went on to point
that civilians, not soldiers were the intended victims of these assaults:

There has been no showing that the situs of the attacks were in any combat
militarized zone, or were otherwise targeted at military or governmental
personnel or interests. Rather, plaintiffs allege that the attacks were
intentionally targeted at the civilian population. They were purportedly
carried out at locations where non-combatants citizens would be known to
congregate, such as in the cafeteria on the Hebrew University campus and
on a
commercial passenger bus.

Daniels went on, rising to an eloquence not frequently heard in district

Additionally, the use of bombs, under such circumstances, is indicative of
intent to cause far-reaching devastation upon the masses. The "benefit" of
such weaponry is its merciless capability of indiscriminately killing and
maiming untold numbers in heavily populated civilian areas. Such claimed
violent attacks upon non-combatant civilians, who were allegedly simply
about their everyday lives, do not constitute acts of war.

That the PLO justifies "merciless capability of indiscriminately killing
maiming untold numbers" suggests it remains the terrorist organization it
always been since its founding in 1964.

When will the diplomatic bright lights in Jerusalem and Washington figure

2. Speaking of the wisdom of Joe the Plumber:

3. Olmert's last-minute attempt to destroy Israel to avenge his being

4. So how come Israel does not deal with soldier killing the same way?

5. Over the past few weeks the Israeli leftist media have been having
conniptions because the army's chief rabbi dared to teach Judaism to
imprisoned rightwing radicals and also expresses occasionally his own
political ideas. But the real story that the Israeli mainstream media are
suppressing is the LEFTIST political bias in the army's own radio station:
see this

Media Analysis: Army Radio's Left-Wing Agenda
29 Tishrei 5769, 28 October 08 07:10
by Hillel Fendel
( Last week, popular broadcaster Dudu Alharar accused Army
Radio (Galei Tzahal) of left-wing extremism, and this week, writer Chani
Luz brings proof.
Alharar, who is also a musician, actor and producer, was fired from his
long-time Army Radio show last month; most observers agree that it was
because of the right-wing views he presented. Alharar responded by saying,
"This is political persecution and a silencing of mouths... It is
perfectly obvious that Army Radio is a left-wing station, which will just
continue to destroy the country."
More recently, he said that Army Radio is a "greenhouse for the
'Wants to Balance All of Israel Media'
In response, Army Radio director Yitzchak Tunik, who fired Alharar, all
but admitted the reason for the firing. Noting for the record that the
show ran for an entire year under his command, Tunik said, "Alharar sees
his mission in life as balancing not only the shows on Army Radio, but all
of the broadcasters in Israeli media."
Luz Takes on Razi Barkai
This week, veteran media watchdog Chani Luz documents how Army Radio's
Razi Barkai - one of Israel's most listened-to talk show hosts - slants
his program to promote what she calls his anti-settler, left-wing agenda.
In an article for the Omedia Hebrew-language website, Luz writes, "Barkai
adjusts the flames of Israeli media, raising the flames (against settlers)
at will, and lowering them (against the Arab sector) at will."
"How does a media personality create identification with a subject?" Luz
asks. "By bringing a personal story and intensifying its pain and emotion.
How is a lack of identification created? By impersonalizing the issue, by
generalizing and applying negative group labels, by not allotting
air-time, and by blowing up marginal incidents. De-humanization creates
demonization, and this sums up Barkai's work with regard to the settlers
[Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria]."
Luz provides three recent examples: Barkai's coverage of last month's
terrorist attacks in Yitzhar and the Jews' reactions; the destruction of
the Federmans' home in Kiryat Arba this week; and anti-Israel marches by
Arabs in Jaffa and the Galilee earlier this year.
In the first case, Luz notes that Barkai's show dedicated no more than a
half-minute to the voice of Elisheva Federman, who experienced the brunt
of what some have called a pogrom in her home by Israeli security forces.
Neither was the condemnation by the local mayor - an elected official - of
the farm's destruction heard on Barkai's show.
On the other hand, the voice of the Kiryat Arba man who cursed the
soldiers who perpetrated the act was broadcast repeatedly, with emphasis
provided by Barkai. The show host spoke derisively of "the settlers" - a
population of close to 300,000 people - several times.
Terror Attack - No; Jewish Reaction - Yes
Luz also cites Barkai's coverage of the events in Yitzhar. A few weeks
earlier, early on Sabbath morning, a Palestinian Authority terrorist
entered the Jewish town of Yitzhar in Samaria, attempted to stab and hurl
a Jewish boy to his death, and burnt down a house. Local Jews responded by
descending on the nearby Arab town where the terrorist had escaped, and
they threw rocks and shot in the air.
The next morning, Barkai interviewed no one from Yitzhar or from the boy's
family, but he did ask Yesha Council Danny Dayan some questions. When
Dayan tried to speak about the terrorist attack, Barkai said, "There is no
need to discuss that, it has already been reported." Dayan talked about it
anyway, but Barkai finally interrupted and said again that it need not be
elaborated upon.
Barkai then devoted nearly three minutes of air-time to a friendly chat on
the issue with Gen. (res.) Shlomo Gazit, who once revealed his feelings
about religious-nationalists when he said that skullcaps on IDF soldiers
remind him of swastikas.
A week later in Yitzhar, the same terrorist attempted once again to
infiltrate the town; this time, soldiers shot and killed him. Barkai did
not even mention the item. "He certainly did not bring in any army experts
to explain how it happened that an attempted murderer was allowed to run
free for a week until he succeeded in reaching the scene of his crime for
a second try," Luz laments.
"Barkai can claim that this is part of his agenda against threats and
violence," Luz writes. "But what happens when it's Arabs who are
threatening Jews? Oh, that's different."
Six months ago, Israeli-Arabs marched in the Galilee, waving PLO flags and
chanting, "We want a terrorist attack." They also marched in Jaffa, with
Peace Now members, calling out the Arab slogan, "In spirit and blood we
will redeem you, Jaffa!"
"Following those incidents," Luz notes, "Barkai acted to put down the
flames of incitement. He did not broadcast the calls of incitement again
and again, and did not incite listeners against the Arab public, but
rather worked to lower the flames. In an interview with two members of an
Israeli-Arab co-existence organization, the 'isolated' and 'separatist'
nature of the incitement was emphasized, and everyone spoke of peace and
appeasement. When he wants, he incites, and when he wants, he appeases;
this is not journalism, but rather the promotion of an agenda."
Army Radio is a Left-Wing Occupied Station
"It is time to tell the truth," Luz concludes. "Army Radio is an occupied
[conquered] radio station. Strongly left-wing personalities, headed by
Razi Barkai, have taken over key positions there, and they are leading a
campaign of smearing and de-legitimizing the Jewish settlement enterprise
in Judea and Samaria... If Army Radio wants to be considered a free and
democratic radio station, it must institute immediate balance and employ
talk show hosts with clear right-wing stances to offset Barkai and his

6. From
Ben Gurion University's Israel-Hater of the week:
His competitor, from the Hebrew University:
And the competitor from Bar-Ilan:
Competitor for Haifa University:

7. Israeli pseudo-academic celebrating suicide bombings:

8. On which Jewish holiday did Yossi Beilin retire once and for all from
Israeli politics, having devoted his career to seeing Israel exterminated
by its enemies?

Answer: Any day Yossi Beilin retires from politics is a Jewish holiday,
but it turned out to be on Rosh Hodesh.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Professor Walden in the service of Israel-Demonization

1. By now, everyone knows about the infamous "Mohammed a-Dura"
incident. This was the event in which a French television crew staged a
fake death of a Palestinian boy, pretending to be shot by Israeli gunfire
in a firefight with terrorists, dying in his father's lap like a
Palestinian Pieta figure taken down from the cross. He became the
overnight symbol of Palestinian "martyrdom," a child gunned down by
Israel. The Iranians made him a state icon and Arab students at Israeli
universities display him in their pro-terrorism campus activities. Of
course, in the sense that it was all fake, a-Dura really WAS indeed the
appropriate symbol for Palestinian "martyrdom."

The entire a-Dura Gaza incident was staged and faked by the France 2
television crew, as the media later proved and as a French court
officially declared. Among those helping to expose the lies was a young
French Jew named Phillippe Karsenty. He was then sued by the French TV
station for "libel' but eventually won in court. For details, see this: This did not stop the usual Jewish
leftists from denouncing Karsenty. Leftist Larry Derfner from the
Jerusalem Post said that Karsenty and people like him are mentally ill and
are equivalent to the 911 "deniers," those who say the US government
itself blew up the WTC buildings. Derfner did not issue an apology after
the French court declared Karsenty was entirely correct.

By now, numerous excellent articles have exposed the whole story. In
French, the best may be this:
. In English, this may be the best:

But there is one aspect of the case that has NOT been widely exposed.
That is the collaboration by Prof. Raphael Walden with the French
television station's fraud and cover-up. Walden is a far-leftist
anti-Zionist medical doctor with specialty in surgery, at Tel Hashomer
hospital. He is active in the pro-terror anti-Israel propaganda group
"Doctors for Human Rights," a group once run by anti-Semite Neve Gordon
and which does not believe that Jews should be entitled to any human
rights. He is also the son-in-law of Shimon Peres and often described in
the press as Shimon Peres' personal physician. He signs all the usual
leftist proclamations
( . His email is

Ben-Dror Yemini this week described the role of Walden in the French
forgery in his weekly column
( . Walden prepared a
professional medical report that backed the lies and fabrications of the
French TV station and the attempt to "prove" the Arab propaganda version
of the a-Dura shooting, based on the injuries to a-Dura's father. Only
problem is that the good doctor never examined the a-Dura father and based
his expert conclusions on some paperwork he got from a Jordanian office.
A different Israeli doctor who DID examine the poppa, Dr. Yehuda David,
discovered that all the injuries the father was claiming to have suffered
when his son was pretending to be shot were in fact injuries from at least
8 years earlier.

More about Walden's toadying for the French TV station and his attempt to
defend the lies about the a-Dura "killing" can be read here, by an Arab
propaganda news service:

2. One of the more amusing developments in pre-election Israel is the
sudden adoption of the slogan "piggish capitalism." Most of Israel's
chattering classes still dream of seeing a bolshevik system of state
planning of the economy imposed upon what is already a Scandinavian style
welfare state in Israel.

Things escalated when airhead Shelly Yachimovitz, a backbencher from the
Labor Party, started tossing out comments about how "piggish capitalism"
was what had to be suppressed. Shelly, whose qualifications for sitting
in the Knesset were that she had hosted a chat show on a state-owned radio
station, claimed that the crashing stock markets prove that capitalism is
dead and that the new enlightened era of bolshevik planning will rescue
the planet. Never mind that capitalism is the only system capable of
generating any wealth at all that ordinary people can have at risk in the
stock market in the first place. It was a bit amusing, but the only paper
that told off Ssilly Shelly was Haaretz, whose business section is the
most free-market medium in Israel.

Now Ehud Barak, the fella who single-handedly rained 4000 Katyusha rockets
down on northern Israel when he ordered the cowardly unilateral
capitulation to the Hezbollah in 2000, has picked up the nonsense term
from Little Shelly. Barak yesterday also spoke out against piggish
capitalism, although in the news report in the English Haaretz they
prettify what Barak said and call it "greedy capitalism" of the "Right"
(see ).

So now Barak, who is heading the Israeli Labor Party, is getting about 10%
of the support of the public in pre-election polls. He is trying to save
his McClellenist backside by pouting against "Piggish Capitalism." In
other words, Barak is now the national champion of Dodo Bolshevism. You
may recall that the Dodo bird became extinct because it was too stupid to
respond or defend itself when it was being stalked by other animals
seeking to devour it. It joins the lemming as the new Labor Party

3. Sarkozy on Obama:

4. Want to annoy a self-hating Jewish leftist Post-Zionist? Tell him
this: the number of Israeli Arabs volunteering to serve in the Israeli
Defense Forces is growing rapidly (Haaretz, Oct 28, 08)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The University of Haifa's itinerant smear-meister against Israel:

1. The best idea to come out of an Israeli politician in decades:
Rightist MK's new slogan: No national service, no national insurance
(social security)

2. I said the same thing when Hamas first took over:,7340,L-3612155,00.html

3. From
The University of Haifa's itinerant smear-meister against Israel:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jihad on J Street:

1. Latest herd of Jews for a Second Holocaust . "J Street":

What is J Street?
By Morrie Amitay

Founder, Washington Political Action Committee

The current election cycle witnessed the creation of .J Street. and the J
Street PAC. J Street describes itself as the .political arm of the
pro-Israel, pro-peace movement. seeking to .change the direction of
American policy in the Middle East and to broaden the public and policy
debate in the U.S. about the Middle East..
J Street was formed to give a political voice to the more established
.blame Israel first. groups, such as - Americans for Peace Now, Brit
Tzedek V.Shalom and the somewhat less critical Israel Policy Forum. To no
surprise, J Street.s creation was heralded as a .much needed, important
new development. by American Arab lobbyist and fanatical Israel critic,
James Zogby of the Arab American Institute.
This Congress, J Street took .pride. in supporting resistance to a
.dangerous. non-binding House resolution (H.Con. Res. 362) -- co-sponsored
by 280 members of the House -- .expressing the sense of Congress regarding
the threat posed to international peace, stability in the Middle East, and
the vital national security interests of the United States by ban.s
pursuit of nuclear weapons and regional hegemony..
The J Street PAC makes contributions and endorses members of Congress and
candidates based on J Street.s principles. This year J Street PAC endorsed
the following House members; Tom Allen (in his race against the very
pro-Israel Senator Susan Collins of Maine), Earl Blumenaur, Charles
Boustany, Lois Capps, Steve Cohen, Susan Davis, Bill Delahunt, Donna
Edwards, Keith Ellison, Bob Filner, Rush Holt, Betty McCollum, David
Price, Jan Schakowsky, Adam Schiff, Joe Sestak, Rob Wexler, and John
Yarmuth. Also endorsed was the challenger to pro-Israel Senator Gordon
Smith of Oregon.
A large number of J Street PAC endorsed members of Congress have some of
the poorest Israel/Middle East related voting records in the House.
Accordingly, many are also among the 33 House Members in the 110th
Congress Pro-Arab .Hall of Fame. as determined by the virulently
anti-Israel, .Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs.. Of interest
also is that while J Street PAC claims to be .non-partisan. there was only
one Republican (Boustany of LA) .pro-Israel. enough for them to endorse.
As a matter of policy, the Washington PAC has decided not to contribute to
Members of Congress and candidates who accept endorsements by J Street
PAC. We hope that truly pro-Israel political contributors will do
Morris J. Amitay

See also:

2. Palestine? Never hoid of da bum!

3. New tactics for campus jihadniks:

4. Send torpedoes, fast!

5. Happy Orange Day:

6. Jewish Press endorses McCain:

7. From the Wall Street Journal: From the Beirut Bombing to 9/11

Liberal assaults on the executive branch have made us vulnerable.

Twenty-five years ago today a terrorist truck bomb in Beirut, Lebanon,
killed 241 Marines, sailors and soldiers, and wounded more than 100
others. Had it not been for crass political partisanship, and efforts by
Sen. Joe Biden and other congressional liberals to usurp the
constitutional powers of the president, the loss of life in Beirut may
have been avoided.
In part because it did, Osama bin Laden concluded that America could not
accept casualties and ordered the 9/11 attacks. Similar congressional
usurpation of presidential power over foreign intelligence played an
important role in guaranteeing the success of those attacks.
This story goes back at least to November 1973, when congressional
liberals pushed through the War Powers Resolution -- which claimed
congressional control over all use of military force abroad -- overriding
a presidential veto. (All seven American presidents since then have shared
the view that that statute is unconstitutional.)
President Reagan sent the Marines to Beirut as part of a multinational
peacekeeping operation that included forces from Great Britain, Italy and
France. The purpose was to help maintain peace while the feuding factions
tried to negotiate an end to years of strife. Nevertheless, Democrats --
particularly in the Senate -- decided to turn the deployment into a
partisan issue in preparation for the 1984 elections. They demanded under
the War Powers Resolution to know exactly when the troops would return
Gen. P.X. Kelley, the commandant of the Marine Corps, respectfully
cautioned the Foreign Relations Committee that a partisan debate about
placing time limits on the deployment would encourage hostile forces
inimical to the "life and limb of the Marines." Senior Democrats denounced
this warning as a "ludicrous argument" designed to "intimidate the
Congress and to frighten the American people."
Referring to the assertion that the Senate debate would encourage attacks
on Marines, Sen. Biden said, "My response to that is that may be true . .
. but until we . . . invoke the War Powers Act," we are always going to be
"beaten over the head by every administration that says 60 days is not
enough time." In the end, only two Senate Democrats voted on Sept. 29,
1983, to "authorize" the continued deployment.
Syrian Foreign Minister Abdel Halim Khaddam announced during the
congressional debate that America was "short of breath." And as reported
in U.S. News & World Report, American intelligence intercepted a message
between two radical Muslim militia groups that read: "If we kill 15
Marines, the rest will leave." At sunrise on the morning of Oct. 23, 1983,
a terrorist truck bomb crashed into the Marine Headquarters in Beirut and
exploded. Early the following year, the surviving Marines were withdrawn.
During a 1998 interview with an ABC News reporter in Afghanistan, Osama
bin Laden declared that this withdrawal proved Americans can't accept
casualties. It was obviously a consideration in his decision to order the
9/11 terrorist attacks. But the conventional wisdom, that those deadly
attacks resulted from "an intelligence failure," doesn't tell the full
A major reason we failed to detect the 9/11 attacks in advance was
because, beginning in the 1970s, Congress launched a major public attack
on the intelligence community. Mr. Biden, for example, was one of 17
senators to vote on Oct. 2, 1974, to make all covert operations (even
espionage in some cases) unlawful. In 1986, he bragged in a New Republic
interview that he'd personally blocked planned covert operations during
the Reagan administration simply by threatening to leak them. (That
statement calls to mind John Jay's observation, in Federalist No. 64, that
because Congress could not be trusted to keep secrets, the Constitution
left the president "able to manage the business of intelligence as
prudence might suggest.")
In 1978, Congress continued its intrusion into presidential powers by
enacting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), making it a
felony for intelligence professionals to monitor communications between
foreign terrorists abroad and individuals within the U.S. without first
getting a special warrant. But in a unanimous opinion, the appellate court
established by FISA observed that every court to decide the issue had held
the president has "inherent authority" under the Constitution "to conduct
warrantless searches to obtain foreign intelligence information," adding:
"We take for granted that the President does have that authority . . ."
Congress failed to anticipate in FISA the dangers posed by a terrorist
like Zacarias Moussaoui -- which is why FBI agents were unable to examine
the contents of Moussaoui's laptop computer and perhaps prevent the 9/11
attacks. Michael Hayden, then Director of the National Security Agency
(NSA), later expressed his "professional judgment" that had these legal
constraints (FISA) not existed "we would have detected some of the 9/11 al
Qaeda operatives in the United States" prior to the attacks, and "we would
have identified them as such."
As we pause today to honor the memory of the 241 brave young Marines who
lost their lives in 1983, Americans should vow that political partisanship
should never again be permitted to endanger our country and its armed
Mr. Turner is a constitutional scholar who served as acting assistant
secretary of state for legislative affairs in 1984-85.

8. Bomb Iran:'s_Political_Mot.html

9. Can I hold the sword?,7340,L-3611965,00.html

10. Ex-Israeli academics go a-jihading:

11. Zalman's gotkas:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Avenge Kacha!

1. Never mind the Alamo. Remember Kacha!

Kacha's death must be avenged! The blood of Kacha's dead body demands an
accounting, for she is a-maulderin' in her grave. The murderers must be
apprehended. Kacha is the latest martyr.

Even though she was, well, a dog.

The valiant and heroic Kacha was a dog in the West Bank 'settlement' of
Churshah, really a small outpost consisting of a few Jews and their pets.
A group of leftist 'anarchists,' better known as anarcho-fascists, entered
the village with some Arab thugs and they murdered poor Kacha in cold
blood. Those leftists, as opposed to Kacha, were the REAL sons of

The story is reported in detail at
The leftist terrorists and their Arab accomplices burned property in
Churshah and commited the anti-canine atrocity, murdering Kacha and
stealing a second dog.

Now this is a wonderful opportunity for all those Jewish animal rights
nuts all over the United States. Many of them have been trying to get the
main kosher slaughtering company in Iowa in the US shut down because the
animalists claim that the self-esteem and the human rights of the cows and
chickens there are not being probably respected by the evil kosher food
corporation. A whole movement of 'kosher certification in the name of
justice' now operates in the US, whereby a company gets a kosher
certificate only if it complies with fashionable leftist PC fads,
including of course animal rights. My guess is a nice pig slaughtering
company that recycled and used ethanol could get a 'hachsher tzedek'
certificate from these clowns.

So will these same animal rightists now speak out about the atrocity
committed by the anarcho-fascists? Will they demand that Kacha's legacy
be preserved and her murderers punished? Will they endorse establishing
a new memorial settlement some place in Samaria named after Kacha?
Commemorating Kacha's very own Masada-like heroism and Maccabee-like

What about the other liberal-keftist animal rights nuts in the US? Will
Rabbi Moonbeam (Michael Lerner) and Rabbi Woodstock (Arthur Waskow) write
new Tikkun articles commemorating Kacha? Will the Reform synagogue's
leftist SWAT team, the misnamed Religious Action Center, take a brave
stand for Kacha.s rights? Will the Jews for Obama ask Barack Hussein to
speak out against this atrocity?

Stay tuned!

2. The Muftis of Morningside Heights:

3. A letter concerning Israel becoming a 'state of all its citizens':

Dear Dr. C:

Concerning your inquiry about the chances that Israel will follow the
advice of some Arabs and some of its leftist Jewish anti-Zionists and
transform itself into a 'state of all its citizens':

First of all, Israel already IS a state of all its citizens. It is a
democracy and all its citizens vote, enjoy free access to courts, can run
for office, and enjoy freedom of speech. Of course the large majority of
all its citizens happen to be Jews who happen to think that Israel has a
right to exist as a state with a Jewish majority and with a Jewish
character as legitimate as France being French. There is a minority of
hostile disloyal Israeli Arabs who do not want Israel to exist as a state
of all its citizens, but granting them their wishes is hardly the creation
of a "state for all its citizens." Rather it would be a denial of the
rights of the citizens of that state.

Violence can be stopped if Israel at long last gets serious about stopping
it with the necessary force. The same way the Allies stopped violence in
Germany in 1945.

Hope that answer helps.


(Prof.) Steven Plaut

More Tikkun Olam Paganism

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
More Tikkun Olam Paganism and Misrepresentation
The letter to the editor in this week's JP from Leslie Cohen Fargotstein
of Memphis, TN, in which she demands that Jews vote for Obama as part of
the realization of what she calls "Tikkun Olam," presents an opportunity
to comment on the misuse of "Tikkun Olam" by assimilationist Jewish
liberals (or "asslibs" for short).

Briefly the position of Tikkun Olam pagans can be summed up as follows:

1. All of Judaism reduces to the pursuit of "Tikkun Olam."
2. "Tikkun Olam" refers to the pursuit of "social justice," not to be
confused with judicial justice.
3. "Social Justice" is synonymous with this week's liberal-leftist
political fads.
4. Obama is an ultra-liberal. Therefore voting for him is the essence of

The asslib pagans are wrong about everything. In particular, the truth is:
1. Judaism does not reduce to "Tikkun Olam," even if assimilationist
liberals have never heard of any other concept within Judaism.
2. "Tikkun Olam" has nothing at all to do with "social" justice. It
refers, firstly, to eliminating paganism from the world (making it ironic
that pagans are so obsessed with misusing the term today), and sometimes
refers to judicial justice, which should not be confused with "social"
3. Social justice is NOT synonymous with liberal political fads. Liberal
political fads generally foster social injustice.
4. It is a free country. You can vote for Obama if you want but do not
misrepresent your doing so as being some sort of Jewish ethical

2. More on Asslibs:
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3. The Scurrilous Zalman Amit:

4. McCarthyism from the Tel Aviv University tenured Left:
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5. Israeli expatriate traitors:

6. The Nazification of Jesse Jackson:

7. The Acre Pogrom:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Putting the Oy Back into 'Ahoy' - The Saga of Jewish Pirates

Subject: Putting the Oy Back into 'Ahoy' - The Saga of Jewish Pirates

Putting the Oy Back into 'Ahoy'
Date: Wednesday, October 15 2008

They did not sing "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Manischewitz," nor do they
ever seem to appear in any of the Disney films about pirates in the
Caribbean. The website carries not a single reference to

And while September 19 has for a number of years now been designated
International Talk Like a Pirate Day (there are even Internet courses
available in pirate lingo), none of its initiators seems to have had
Ladino (the language spoken by Jewish refugees expelled by the Spanish
and Portuguese after the Reconquista) in mind.

Swashbuckling buccaneers who took time to put on tefillin each morning?
Better get used to the idea. Long overlooked, the history of Jewish
piracy has been garnering increasing interest, with several serious
books and articles telling its epic tales.

Many Jewish pirates came from families of refugees who had been expelled
by Spain and Portugal. They took to piracy as part of a strategy of
revenge on the Iberian powers (though lining their pockets with Spanish
doubloons was no doubt also a motive). Many of these pirates mixed
traditional Jewish lifestyles with their exploits on the high seas.

* * * * *

Jewish refugees from Portugal first settled in Jamaica in 1511, probably
originally as sugar growers, and some took up piracy. The British, led
by Admiral William Penn (the father of the William Penn who established
Philadelphia), took over the island from the Spanish in 1655, reportedly
with assistance from local Jews and Marranos (crypto-Jews), all of whom
were allowed to remain.

By 1720, as many as 20 percent of the residents of Kingston were Jews.
Over time, Ashkenazi Jews arrived and their synagogues operated
alongside the Sephardic ones (the congregations all merged in the 20th
century). Jewish tombstones dating back to 1672 have been found there,
with Portuguese, Hebrew and English inscriptions.

Some Jews went into local Jamaican politics, and there were so many in
the Jamaican parliament in the 19th century that it became the only
parliament on earth that did not hold deliberations on Saturday. The
Jewish community of Jamaica today numbers a couple hundred and calls
itself the United Congregation of Israelites in Jamaica (UCIJA). The
active synagogue there is built in Sephardic style and is one of the few
left in the world with a sand floor. Naturally, its official website
includes a page on the pirate ancestors of Jewish residents

According to an article earlier this year in the Israeli weekly
Bakihilot, municipal workers in Kingston recently uncovered a long
forgotten pirate graveyard. Among the tombstones are those with Jewish
stars and Hebrew inscriptions, together with pirate symbols such as the
skull and crossbones.

Similar Jewish pirate graves have been found near Bridgetown in the
Barbados and in the old Jewish graveyard in Curacao. Jamaican-born
Jewish historian Ed Kritzler claims that Jewish pirates once operated
there, raiding the Spanish Main wearing tallis shawls. He's just
published a book titled Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean and conducts
private tours of the "Jewish pirate coves" of Jamaica.

Kritzler's book includes the saga of one Moses Cohen Henriques, who
participated in one of history's largest sea heists against Spain. In
1628, Henriques sailed together with Dutch Admiral Piet Hein, of the
Dutch West India Company, who hated Spain after having been held as a
slave for four years on a Spanish galleon. They raided Spanish ships off
Matanzas Bay in Cuba, commandeering large amounts of gold and silver.

Henriques set up his own pirate "Treasure Island" on a deserted island
off the Brazilian coast on which Jews could openly practice their
religion. (He also served as adviser to Henry Morgan, perhaps the most
famous pirate of all time; Errol Flynn played Morgan in the movie
"Captain Blood.") After the recapture of Brazil by Portugal in 1654,
some of these Jews would sail off to set up a brand new Jewish community
in a place called New Amsterdam, now known as New York.

In many cases Jewish pirates collaborated with Holland, a friendly and
welcoming state for Jews. One such pirate was Rabbi Samuel Pallache, a
leader of the Moroccan Jewish community in Fez. Born in The Hague, he
was son of a leading rabbi from Cordoba who ended up in Morocco. From
there he was sent to Holland as envoy of the Moroccan sultan, who was
seeking allies against Spain. He became a personal friend of Dutch Crown
Prince Maurice, who commissioned him as a privateer, and served for
years as a pirate under a Netherlands flag and with Dutch letters of
marque. Rabbi Pallache recruited Marranos for his crews.

In other cases Jewish pirates worked for the Ottomans. A Jewish pirate
named Sinan, known to his Spanish prey as "The Great Jew," was born in
what is now Turkey and operated out of Algiers. He first served as
second in command to the famous pirate Barbarossa. (No connection to the
fictional Barbarossa of the Disney films.) Their pirate flag carried a
six-pointed star called the Seal of Solomon by the Ottomans.

Sinan led the force that defeated a Genoan navy hired by Spain to rid
the Barbary Coast of corsairs. He then conquered Tripoli in Libya, and
was eventually appointed supreme Ottoman naval commander. He is buried
in a Jewish cemetery in Albania.

A Jewish pirate named Yaakov Koriel commanded three pirate ships in the
Caribbean. He later repented and ended up in Safed as one of the
Kabbalah students of the Ari (Rabbi Isaac Luria) and is buried near the
Ari's grave.

A pirate named David Abrabanel, evidently from the same family as the
famous Spanish rabbinic dynasty (which included Rabbi Isaac Abrabanel),
joined British privateers after his family was butchered off the South
American coast. He used the nom de guerre "Captain Davis" and commanded
his own pirate vessel named The Jerusalem. According to at least one
report, he was the person who discovered what is now called Easter

Several Jewish corsairs operated against Spanish ships off the coast of
Chile. There are reports that their galleys were kosher and they
abstained from raids on the Sabbath. A maritime museum in Chile today
holds letters of communication among these pirates composed in Hebrew.

One pirate leader was named Subatol Deul. On a trip up the coast he
stumbled across a ship under the command of the pirate Henry Drake, son
of Sir Francis Drake. They decided to create an alliance of anti-Spanish
pirates, the "Black Flag Fraternity."

Deul and Drake reportedly buried treasure on an island near Coquimbo in
1645. A chapter in the book Piracy & Plunder: A Murderous Business, by
Milton Meltzer, is devoted to Deul's swashbuckling career.

There also were Jewish corsairs based in Curacao next to Venezuela. The
local Curacao rabbi once berated his community's pirates when they
thoughtlessly attacked a ship owned by a fellow Jew. At least it wasn't
done on the Sabbath.

The history of Jewish pirates goes far back: Josephus mentions Jewish
pirates operating in the seas off the Land of Israel in Roman times.
There is a drawing of a pirate ship inside Jason's Tomb in Jerusalem.
The Hasmonean Hyrcanus accused Aristobulus, his brother, of "acts of
piracy at sea." In its last days, the Seleucid empire (the one fought by
the Maccabees) was plagued by Jewish and Arab pirates.

Pirates operated from coves along the Levantine coast for centuries, and
my own city of Haifa was once known as The Little Malta because of its
notorious pirates. (The local pirates these days seem to specialize
mainly in computer software.)

The fact that some Jews seemed to have taken so easily to the pirate
lifestyle may have been due in part to other skills developed by Jews
over the centuries. Cartography, for example, was considered a Jewish
specialty in the 15th and 16th centuries, and Christopher Columbus is
believed to have consulted the work of a Jewish cartographer, one
Abraham Cresque of Mallorca, who produced the Catalan Atlas in 1375.
Portuguese Jewish cartographers and scientists contributed to Vasco Da
Gama's voyage of discovery to the Cape of Good Hope in 1497. Jews also
worked on ships as navigators.

* * * * *

Perhaps the most important Jewish pirate of all was the Caribbean pirate
Jean Lafitte, a familiar name to many American schoolchildren. He and
his men, pirates trained in cannon fire, came to the aid of General
(later President) Andrew Jackson and played a critical role in winning
the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812. A Jean Lafitte National
Historic Park stands today on the outskirts of the city.

What is still largely unknown is that Lafitte was a Jew, born either in
Western France or in what is now Haiti. A while back my friend Edward
Bernard Glick, a retired professor of political science living in
Oregon, published an article in the Jerusalem Post (July 14, 2006) on
Lafitte's Jewish origins and it stirred up a storm of interest. Parts of
Rabbi I. Harold Sharfman's book Jews on the Frontier also discuss
Lafitte's life.

According to Glick, "[Lafitte] was a Sephardi Jew, as was his first
wife, who was born in the Danish Virgin Islands. In his prime, Lafitte
ran not just one pirate sloop but a whole fleet of them simultaneously.
He even bought a blacksmith shop in New Orleans, which he used as a
front for fencing pirate loot. And he was one of the few buccaneers who
didn't die in battle, in prison or on the gallows."

Glick claims the British tried to recruit Lafitte to guide them through
the swamps to ambush the Americans, but Lafitte instead showed General
"Old Hickory" Jackson Britain's battle plans to attack New Orleans. The
rest is history.

Years before the Battle of New Orleans, Louisiana Governor William C. C.
Claiborne placed a reward of $500 on Lafitte's head. Lafitte retaliated
by putting a $5,000 bounty on the head of the governor. Neither

Lafitte later commanded his own "kingdom" named Campeche on the island
of Galveston, Texas, then nominally under Spanish rule. Some of
Lafitte's trading activities were conducted by Jao de la Porta, a
Portuguese Jew from Spanish Texas. Among their clients was Jim Bowie,
made famous at the Alamo and also for the special knife.

* * * * *

Mention of Jewish pirates can pop up in some unexpected places. Just
before Rosh Hashanah this year, the liberal Huffington Post website
carried a post by humorist Andy Borowitz "reporting" that the group of
Somali pirates who had just hijacked a ship full of Ukrainians in the
Gulf of Aden was calling a halt to the piracy in honor of the Jewish
High Holidays.

Wrote Borowitz: " 'To all of our Jewish friends, we say a hearty Shana
Tova,' said pirate spokesman Sugule, moments before the pirates hoisted a
Star of David flag over the captured ship. Sugule took pains to indicate
that while the pirates were taking a Rosh Hashanah break from their usual
plundering and pillaging schedule, they were doing so only out of respect
for Jewish pirates and not because they are Jewish themselves. 'None of
us Somali pirates are Jewish,' he said. 'Except for Abe in accounting,
who's half.' "

And there are others who are getting into the spirit of things. The Jewish humor website listed a set of halachic challenges
for Jewish pirates, including the following:

If you have a hook instead of a hand, on which arm do you put tefillin?
Does your treasure map show how far the eruv extends?
How long do you wait, after capturing a plundered ship, to put up a
mezuzah in the captain's cabin?
Should you cover your eye patch with your hand when you say the Shema?
Can you wear a leather boot over your peg leg on Yom Kippur?
Are you able to carry on the plank on Shabbos? If your parrot is on
your shoulder, is that carrying?

Personally, I think the biggest challenge to Jewish pirates occurs at
Purim. After walking around all year decked out like that, what could
they possibly dress up as? Accountants?

In a way, the legacy of Jewish pirates is alive and well in Israel
today. One of the most outstanding examples of the Jewish state's
derring-do was when it stole five gunboats out of the port of Cherbourg
in France - ships that had already been paid for by Israel but that
France, as punishment for Israel's Six-Day War victory, was refusing to

Israeli agents operating through a front corporation seized the ships on
December 25, 1969 and sailed them to Haifa. The details of that piracy
are engagingly told in The Boats of Cherbourg (1997) by Abraham

So let's swab the decks, count our doubloons and grant the Jewish
pirates their proper place in history. In other words, it's time to put
the oy back into "ahoy."

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Comeuppance for Ami Ayalon

1. Comeuppance for Ami Ayalon - go to web page
for links and photos
by Steven Plaut

Talk about comeuppance!
Ayalon on left, not to be confused with Mussolini, on right

Ami Ayalon, the ultra-leftist cabinet minister without portfolio (meaning
without a job) and composer of his own program for Israeli annihilation to
rival the 'Geneva Misunderstandings' program of Yossi Beilin, was almost
arrested this week in Holland for 'war crimes.' See this. Seems the Dutch
believed a local Palestinian terrorist who filed a court claim in which he
alleges that he had been 'tortured' by Ayalon when the latter ran the
SHABAK. Never mind that Ayalon is far better known for appeasing
Palestinians than torturing them and has never heard of a terrorist demand
to which he does not wish to capitulate.

Now the Israeli far Left has long been lobbying European anti-Semites to
arrest and try Israeli public figures as 'war criminals.' In some cases
Israeli officers were prevented from entering European countries lest they
be arrested, thanks to the campaigns of vilification by Israeli far
leftists against them. Consider the malicious campaign of Israel-hating
and Norman Finkelstein shilling leftist lecturer Neve Gordon from Ben
Gurion University against his own army officer Aviv Kochavi (see this).
General Kochavi had to cancel plans to study in Britain thanks to Gordon.s
false slanders against him (see also this)

Now the idea that far leftists themselves are now being targeted by the
Eurotrash Israel bashers is truly delicious. Indeed, if this new trend
continues, it could save Israel from destruction. Let.s send the entire
leadership of Meretz, Gush Shalom, Betselem, and Ben Gurion University to
Holland and let the local jihadocracy indict them all as war criminals! It
just might produce peace!

In photo, Israeli hero Aviv Kochavi, vilified by anti-Israel extremist
Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion University.

Completely unrelated Haaretz reports that a new movie has opened in Italy
about Jews who run around scalping anti-Semites. I do not know why I was
reminded of that.

2. The Putsch of Peres:

3. Haaretz econ editor bashes Braverman and Barak:
The irresponsibility of Barak and Braverman
By Nehemia Shtrasler

Once, the Labor Party was the symbol of national responsibility. Today,
the responsibility is long gone and the party is busy with petty politics,
enslaved to its longing for power. It does not matter that the entire
world is being battered by a financial hurricane blowing in from Wall
Street, nor does it matter that the public is panicking and begging for a
new, stable government.

Ehud Barak has all the time in the world. What is important to him now is
how to leverage the present crisis to improve his image. For that, he is
willing to sacrifice stability, economic growth and employment. All for
another few votes.

Standing alongside Barak is MK Avishay Braverman, who has a clear price
tag for Labor's entry into the new government: increasing next year's
budget by 2.5 percent, or another NIS 2 billion - which will be spent on
worthy causes, of course. Braverman says this demand stems from the
expected economic slowdown. But in 2007 and early 2008, when the economy
was growing at a rapid 5 percent clip, Braverman said that precisely
because of this rapid growth, we should increase spending by 2.5 percent.
Then, too, of course, he was talking about very important causes.

In other words, it really does not matter whether the economy is growing
or slowing. It does not matter whether the economy is stable or the stock
market is collapsing. We must always increase, expand, spend, waste -
because that is what the public loves, that is what the pensioners want,
and they want it in large doses.

The Braverman-Barak explanation for why spending should increase during an
economic slowdown - in order to encourage economic activity - is an
antiquated one, based on an outdated Keynesian model from 1933. Since
then, everything has changed. That model was appropriate for a closed
economy, but today there is globalization, an open economy, free movement
of capital and worldwide competition. Nothing has remained the same since

The latest economic thinking holds that precisely because this is a time
of crisis and fears of recession, it is of the utmost importance to
increase spending only by the modest 1.7 percent already approved. That
would make it clear to the public that it has a serious and trustworthy
government, which stands behind its decisions and does not surrender to
the Labor Party's political needs.

The public is not as stupid as Barak and Braverman seem to think. The
public will not be mesmerized by the baubles the two plan to pass to out.
The public knows there is no such thing as a free lunch. It understands
that if the cabinet increases spending now, it will be unable to proceed
with the plan to lower income and corporate taxes, and then investments
will fall and the economy will retreat.

The public knows that next year's deficit is expected to be large, due to
declining tax revenues, and therefore, adding an additional burden now
borders on criminal irresponsibility.

The public even knows that if the government increases its expenditures as
a result of irresponsible pressures from parties such as Labor, the day
will come when a government will be forced to implement a "New Economic
Plan" that includes harsh decrees, raises taxes and eliminates everything
that had been added. We have been there several times already. Therefore,
the minute the cabinet raises spending, the public adopts a defensive
posture, cuts back on private consumption and investments - and turns an
economic slowdown into a serious recession.

Given the sensitivity of the global economy's current situation, credit
rating agencies will not wait even a moment before lowering Israel's
credit rating, should the cabinet dare to increase spending. The large
deficit resulting from such an increase would require a massive issue of
government bonds, and this would seriously harm the private sector, which
would be shouldered out of the capital markets and would thus be forced to
retrench. That in turn would lead to less growth and more unemployment.

A responsible government needs to think about the possibility, far-fetched
as it may be, that the global economic crisis will reach Israeli financial
institutions, too. Then, the government would be forced to reach deep into
its pockets and implement an expensive bailout plan. That is why it needs
to keep a few billion in reserve, and not waste them now on the political
ploys of Barak and Braverman.

Barak and Braverman believe that if they can just get NIS 2 billion, it
will be perceived as a political victory for them. But the truth is that
it will merely boomerang and hurt them politically, because the public
understands that a time of uncertainty and global crisis is not the
appropriate time for political extortion. The public will see the
"achievement" that Barak and Braverman are seeking as a gamble with
Israel's economy. Therefore, not only will it not gain them a few more
votes, it will bring them contempt and derision.

4. UCI Pogrom:

5. A week late, but cute:
TASCHLICH (Tasch - leekh)
Sometime between Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur,(Day of
Atonement) it is customary to throw bread crumbs into a body of water as a
symbolic act of repentance, called Tashlich.

Most Jews do Tashlich the afternoon of the first day of Rosh Hashanah.
Family and friends gather together at the waterfront of a body of water to
"cast away" the sins of the past year and resolve to be a better person in
the year to come.
Occasionally, people ask what kinds of breadcrumbs should,(or might) be
Here are suggestions for breads which may be most appropriate for specific
sins and misbehaviors...

For ordinary sins - White bread

For sins involving treason - French bread

For particularly dark sins - Pumpernickel

For complex sins - Multi-Grain

For sins of indecision - Waffles

For sins committed in haste - Matzos

For Tikkunies guilty of substance abuse - Stoned wheat

For committing auto theft - Caraway

For timidity/cowardice - Milk toast

For ill-temperedness - Sourdough

For silliness, eccentricity - Nut bread

For excessive irony - Rye bread

For taking unnecessary chances - 'Hero' bread

For war-mongering - Kaiser rolls

For dressing immodestly - Tarts

For lechery and promiscuity - Hot buns

For promiscuity with Gentiles - Hot cross buns

For racist attitudes - Crackers

For overeating - Stuffing

For indecent photography - Cheesecake

For raising your voice too often - Challah

For pride and egotism - Puff pastry

For sycophancy, ass-kissing - Brownies

For being overly smothering - Angel food cake

Monday, October 06, 2008

Yuli Tamir Goes a-SLAPPing

1. Yuli Tamir Goes a-SLAPPing
(see web page for links)

SLAPP suits are anti-democratic harassment suits in which people are sued
for 'libel' to prevent them from expressing criticism. They are a favorite
tactic of the radical Left, which uses them to make sure that non-Leftists
are silenced. SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit against Public
Participation. SLAPP suits are illegal in much of the United States but
are a growing pastime for Israeli leftists.

YNET has now reported that Yuli Tamir, Israel's education czarina, has
filed such a SLAPP suit against Channel 10 TV. She was upset because
Channel 10 broadcast a news story that Tamir had ordered Ze.ev Jabotinsky
removed from the Israeli school curriculum. Jabotinsky was the founder of
the .Revisionist Zionist Party. in the 1920s and MAPAI bolsheviks have
never gotten over that. Ben Gurion had refused even to allow Jabotinsky.s
remains to be moved to Israel.

According to YNET News, 'Tamir filed a NIS 500,000 (approx. $145,000) suit
against Reudor Benziman, CEO of Channel 10 Tali Ben Ovadia, the editor of
the channel's 8 o'clock news broadcast, and Ran Lior, one of the channel's
reporters, citing slander and defamation of character.... A Channel 10
News statement said that the network stands by the report and its content,
and respects Tamir's fundamental right to have the matter cleared in
court.' Now in libel suits, one is supposed to be prohibited from filing
unless one can demonstrate that one was caused provable material damages.
Just what were the material damages Tamir suffered due to this report.
which was evidently factually correct?

Tamir has already shown her passion for loopiness. She not only demanded
that the Israeli school curriculum teach that Israel's creation was a
'Nakba' or catastrophe. She also has a track record of defending the
practice of what is euphemistically called 'female circumcision.'

Now SLAPP suits are more common than you might have thought. It turns out
both Professor Zeev Sternhell and myself have been victimized by
anti-democratic neo-fascists filing them against us. In Sternhell case, he
was successfully sued in France for 'libel' by a French anti-Semite named
Bertrand de Jouvenel. I myself was sued by the Israeli anti-democratic
anti-Semite Neve Gordon for 'libel' because I criticized his political
writings and activities. That case, in which I was largely victorious on
appeal in the Nazareth regional court, is now on the docket at the Israeli
Supreme Court to finish off SLAPP suits in Israel altogether.

I wonder if Sternhell will be pleased to discover how much he has in
common with me.

2. Surpassing Sherlock:

3. America as last man standing:

4. Jewish country western music:

5. Hypocrisy of the Israeli Left:

Sunday, October 05, 2008

News Stories You might Not Have Seen:

1. Suddenly the Israeli Left does not insist that everyone try to
.understand. what drives .terrorism.:

The Left.s selective logic

Jackie Levy wonders why leftists call for dialogue with Arab terrorists,
harsh response to Jewish terror
Jackie Levy

Something about the automatic responses to the attack on Professor Ze.ev
Sternhell was too loud, too generalizing, and too theatrical in the
negative sense of the word. In short, there was something about the
reactions of leftists such as Zahava Gal-On, Haim Oron, and Peace Now
members that insisted on turning them into a caricature.
Were any of them happy that the severe incident took place? I would not go
that far, yet still, it was nice to see the color back in their face.

From the very beginning, it was clear that none of the abovementioned
figures would make do with less than a comprehensive, collective guilty
verdict. Police investigators did not have any leads yet, yet Oron and
Gal-On are not regular people like you and I. The hand of God rested on
them . the God of all those people who know everything in advance . and
prompted them to engage in prophecies. Yet as amateur prophets tend to do,
they were using too many hand gestures, their voices were too loud, and
the substance they uttered was, how shall we put it, not the best we ever

Yet they were certainly right on in respect to one thing: talking
about terrorism here. Without even knowing who carried out this despicable
act, where he came from, and what his future plans are, we can agree: He.s
a terrorist. Personally, I.m in favor of razing his family home a moment
after his identity becomes known. I.m also pretty certain that this time
around, Peace Now won.t file a petition against this.
.This time it.s me.
Yet here we have a surprise. Thus far those very same people, ranging from
Peace Now leaders to Gal-On and Oron, argued that terrorism cannot be
defeated by force. They said that only fools speak about terror in terms
of .thwarting,. .eliminating,. .cutting off the hand. and other such dark
expressions. They said that when it comes to terror, we need to seek
dialogue. We need to understand what motivates the terrorists, and
besides, we should stop referring to them by this insulting nickname.

So what happened, my distinguished ladies and gentlemen, to prompt your
vocabulary to suddenly change just like that? Where are the calls for
dialogue? Instead, I heard you calling on authorities to .stop treating
them with kid gloves,. and I couldn.t believe my ears. Is this Zahava
Gal-On speaking, or some impassioned rightist politician?
The main victim, Sternhell himself, already said this act was
unforgivable. I regret to say it, yet the impression created was that the
important word here is .this.. This act, as opposed to other terror acts,
is unforgivable. This time, it.s a big deal. Yes, seemingly the victims of
other terror attacks also suffered, also got scared, and are also dealing
with scars and burns. But how is this related to anything, for heaven.s
sake? This time it.s me! It.s us! Sternhell and Peace Now. Peace Now and

2. Important piece by Arlene Kushner:,7340,L-3604716,00.html Who are we?
If ever national soul-searching was called for in Israel, it is now
Arlene Kushner

3. Zionism is Beautiful

By Rabbi Shaul Marshall Praver

The Talmud says, .When good will exists amongst brethren, both can dwell
together even on the razor thin edge of a sword, but when good will does
not exist amongst them, even the full expanse of the earth lacks
sufficient space to contain them..

Israel., .Jew. and .Zionism. are beautiful words. Yet repetitive racial
slurs concerning these words make them sound ugly and pejorative.

Zionism means scorched desert wastelands transformed into magnificent
gardens and green farm lands. Zionism means oppressed downtrodden Jews
becoming uplifted and able to affirm their continuity from Biblical times.
Zionism means Jews living proudly once again in their ancient homeland.
Zionism means the collective creativity of Jews of every ethnicity coming
together to build a free civilization.

Zionism means the opportunity to enact an ancient dream that will not die.
Zionism means establishing a modern civilization that shares a messianic
vision of making earth a little more like Heaven. Zionism means sharing
Israeli.s blessings with the world.

Zionism is not Racism. Jews come in every race and ethnicity. Zionism is
not an apartheid State: While Jews are the Majority in Israel, Arabs vote
and are represented in the Israeli government. Zionism is not Colonialism:
Jews won the war of Independence against the British colonists and lay
claim to only Israel.

Furthermore, Israel is no more a racist state for creating a haven for
Jews then Saudi Arabia is a racist state for creating a haven for Arabs.
Whosoever points an accusing finger toward Israel in this regard will find
four fingers pointing back at them, because Israel is a democratic state
where freedom of religion is enjoyed by a multitude of ethnic groups.
Charges of racism are empty and inflammatory.

Jews are willing to share their land with the Palestinians. But peace also
depends upon the willingness of Palestinians to share their land with the
Jews. Please ask yourself a basic question: If Israel laid down her
weapons and retired her army, navy and air force, how long do you think it
would take for Israel to be conquered by Muslims? Days? Weeks? Or Months?

Now, ask yourself the question in reverse. If all of Israel.s neighbors
laid down their weapons in the same manner, is it likely Israel would
attempt to conquer Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon
and Saudi Arabia? I believe honest answers to these questions clarify the
essence of the conflict. Namely that only one party seeks the destruction
of the other.

Israel has suffered many horrible terrorist attacks in restaurants,
hotels, city buses, trains, beaches, streets, universities, school buses,
highways, banks, grocery stores, private homes, kibbutzim, parks, caves
and fields. And if, God forbid, these same attacks occurred in the United
States, our military would respond with decisive force and alacrity.
Losing such a war on terrorism would be tantamount to losing one.s country
and losing one.s very civilization; it is not an option.

For half a century, Palestinians have professed an interest in acquiring a
state of their own. Several attempts to grant Palestinians their wish were
made, starting with the 1948 U.N.
Partition Plan and concluding with the offer made by former Israeli Prime
Minister Barak in 2001 at Taba, 98% of the requested land - including east
Jerusalem, as per Yassir Arafat.s request - was offered. But, even that
offer was answered with war. For many, it would seem that Barak called
Arafat.s bluff; revealing the peace process to be a process of war.

Due to these harsh realities, the Sharon administration has pursued the
building of a security fence and has just completed the disengagement of
all the Jewish communities from Gaza. Yet, a million Arabs live in Israel
and enjoy democratic rights and freedoms. Is this fair? Why can.t Jews
live under the Palestinian flag just as Arabs live under the Israeli flag?
The Sharon administration say it.s a practical matter; Israel no longer
wishes to deploy its Army to defend a small number of Gaza Jews. But wait!
Stop! Think! Is there a need for a Palestinian Army to protect Israeli
Arabs? No! Israeli Arabs need no protection; they are safe as citizens of

Israelis simply want peace and would much prefer spending their time,
tending their gardens, doing art, finding a cure for cancer, composing and
performing world class music, and inventing more incredible
bio-pharmaceuticals and computer technology. Real time internet
applications, cellular telephones, color printing are just a few examples
of the technology developed in Israel. There is so much brainpower and
creative energy emanating from Israels diverse ethnic
population that benefits every person on the planet. Yet even at a time
that Israel pursues territorial concessions for the sake of peace, many
people lack the ability to say even a few kind words.

I will say to them then, .Zionism is Beautiful!.

Rabbi Shaul Praver
Congregation Adath Israel, Newtown, CT

4. Obama down to 57% support among US Jews says far-leftist Jewish
anti-Israel web site J Street:
Imagine what the TRUE numbers are!

5. Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom, October 5, 2008 ISRAELI

Irrespective of the severe leadership crisis (draught), which has plagued
Israel since the departure of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, the People of
the Jewish State have displayed systematic resilience and optimism, in
defiance of Palestinian terrorism, political uncertainly and occasional
economic downturns. According to the 2008 Survey of Patriotism - among
Israeli Jews - published by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the
Herzliya Inter-disciplinary Center:

1. 92% are proud to be Jewish (70% - very much, 22% - substantially).
2. 2. 90% consider themselves patriotic (36% - very, 32% - substantially,
22% - somewhat).
3. 3. According to Israeli Jews, patriotism is: Jewish legacy (93%), Love
of the Homeland (92%), Hebrew language (89%), Jerusalem (88%), Jewish
Ingathering (82%), Zionism (81%), etc.
4. 4. 85% oppose the repartitioning of Jerusalem in return for peace. 4.
92% would actively engage in a military battle for the country (69% -
absolutely, 23% - probably).
5. 5. 90% are enraged when people act contemptuously during the Memorial
Day nationwide siren, which commemorates Israel's fallen soldiers (78% -
very, 12% - enraged).
6. 6. 83% support the hoisting of the flag on Independence Day (62% - very
much, 21% substantially).
7. 7. 87% prefer being citizens of Israel (61% - very, 26% - prefer).
8. 8. 86% prefer living in Israel, even if Iran becomes nuclear (52% -
very, 34% - prefer). As evidenced by the 2008 Survey of Patriotism, the
state-of-mind of the People of Israel has been its "secret weapon,"
overcoming military and economic adversity, as well as periods of
slackened leadership.

6. Canada's Liberals sack candidate over anti-Semitic remarks

Canadian Liberal parliamentary candidate Lesley Hughes was asked to
forfeit her place on the party's election roster last week, after being
accused of making anti-Semitic remarks, the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation has reported.
Hughes, who was a candidate for the party's Winnipeg roster in the central
Canadian province of Manitoba, was admonished by Liberal Leader Sthphane
Dion for an article she wrote six years ago, in which she suggested that
the Israeli intelligence services warned the US administration of the
coming September 11 attack on the World Trade
Center, and that Israeli businesses were told to vacate the towers before
the attack.
Hughes has defended her article, saying the article is "very clearly
innocent of any kind of anti-Semitic feelings."
The recent news of Hughes' past article caused an uproar within the Jewish
community in Canada, as many, including the Canadian branch of the Bnei
Brith association, have demanded she be replaced with a different
Canada's Liberal Party cannot risk alienating its Jewish voters, prompting
party head Dion to release the following statement on Friday: "The Liberal
party's commitment to tolerance and multiculturalism is paramount. "I have
reviewed the past comments of Lesley Hughes and it is clear they do not
meet this standard. While I appreciate her apology, I cannot condone those
sentiments in any way. I have therefore asked Ms. Hughes to step down as
the Liberal party candidate in Kildonan-St. Paul," said his statement.
Hughes said in response that she would be running as an independent
candidate: "I'm not a willing victim... the democratic process is a factor
here. We need to consider how this is playing out in the community," she
Hughes later described herself as a "lifelong friend and supporter of the
Jewish community in Winnipeg" and apologized for the "perception" that she
is anti-Semitic.

The Canadian parliamentary elections are scheduled for October 14.

7. Order yours now:

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