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EDITORIAL: Another Facet Of Global Jihad: Create A Palestinian State To Destroy Israel

Linkages to Obama's Cairo Speech

What Obama Taught Me by Ralph Peters
Platitudes And Naivete: Obama's Cairo Speech by Robert Spencer
How Obama's Cairo Speech Threw Israel Under The Bus by Yid with Lid
A Self-Destructive Iran-Palestinian Linkage by Yoram Ettinger
Israel Betrayed by James Kirchick
Obama The Rookie by Mordechai Kedar

The Settlements

Are Settlements Illegal? by Jerold Auerbach
Obama, Israel And The Settlements by Sultan Knish
The Settlements Myth by Charles Krauthammer
Tear Down? Naw...Now, More Than Ever, Is The Time To Build! by Arlene Peck
Outposts: Rule Of Law, Or Law Without Rules? by Moshe Dann
Why Do People Condemn Hindu Nationalism? The Answer May Be Connected To A Disdain For Zionism by Seth J. Frantzman

The Other Refugees

Myth Of The Mizrahim by Lyn Julius
The Jewish Nakba: Expulsions, Massacres And Forced Conversions by Ben-Dror Yemini
Brendel; Misery Hates Company by Moshe Saperstein

Palestinians And Palestine

The Arabs In The Holy Land — Natives Or Aliens? by Dr. Harry Mandelbaum
The Myth Of "Occupied" Territories by Boris Shusteff
Jew-Hatred Or Stupidity Or Both? by Professor Paul Eidelberg

Peace Complete With Terror

The Three Types Of Jihadists by Ryan Mauro
Forgotten Covenants by Alex Rose
Hamas: The Terror Elite by Steven Plaut
Lawrence Of Palestine by Marc Prowisor
Negotiating With Terrorists by Andrew C. McCarthy
The Jew, As Seen In Islamic Religious Literature by Harold B. Reisman
A Recession In Terrorism Finance? by Rachel Ehrenfeld

Problems With Another Palestinian State Created By Carving Up Israel And Its Unilateral Withdrawal

Israel's Strategy Of Unilateral Withdrawal by Shmuel Even
So What's Your Solution? by Moshe Arens
Palestinian Arabs Readiness For Statehood: Follow The Eu Benchmark by Eli E. Hertz
Land For Peace, American Style by Rob Miller

Solving The Palestinian Problem

Lament In Oslo by Elena Bonner
Driving Our Own Destiny by Howard Teich
The Blind Israel by Ari Bussel
A Two State Solution — On Both Sides Of The River Jordan by Victor Sharpe
The Sun Orbits The Palestinian State by Arieh Eldad
A Multi-State Solution: An Alternative To Failure by Moshe Dann

How Islam Is Impacting The USA

The "Ethics" Of Off-Shoring Our Colleges Overseas: Sovereign Wealth Funds, And The Lessons Of Shariah-Compliant Investments by Marion DS Dreyfus
The Muslim Brotherhood In America Jamie Glazov interviews Dave Gaubatz
Perilous Euphemisms by Susanne M. Reyto

Islam in Europe

A Dhimmi, Joanie De Rijke, Exhibits Pre-Captivity Stockholm Syndrome by Thomas Landen
Israel Today, The West Tomorrow by Mark Steyn
Why Muslims Like Hitler, But Not Mozart by Fjordman
Islamization Of Europe And Policies To Prevent It, Part 11 by No Sharia

Jew Hate

National Geographic Stoops To Jew-Hate by Mike Finch
Prejudice And Demonization In The Swedish Middle East Debate During The 2006 Lebanon War by Mathan Ravid
Islamic Speakers Bureau Backed By Radical Profs by Jonathan Schanzer
Clarity For The Deniers by Michael Gerson
The "Facts-Don't-Matter" Camp by Petra Marquardt-Bigman
From Amos Elon To Uri Avnery: Odyssey Of Self-Hate by Seth J. Frantzman

History Section

Eri Jabotinsky's Race Against Death by Rafael Medoff
When Egypt Was In Gaza by Eliezer Whartman
A Burning Ship On Jerusalem Beach by Meir Zamir

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Bernice Lipkin
Editor, Think-Israel

The Jihad Comes to Canadian "Universities"

1. Canadian University promoting Suicide Bombings:

2. Second Canadian University rehires terrorist:

From: B'Nai Brith Communications []
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 12:11 PM
Subject: B'nai Brith Canada raises the alarm over Carleton's reinstatement
of alleged synagogue bomber


B'nai Brith Canada raises the alarm over Carleton's reinstatement of
alleged synagogue bomber

TORONTO, July 28, 2009 - B'nai Brith Canada is deeply disturbed by the news
that Hassan Diab, the alleged bomber of the Rue Copernic synagogue in Paris
in 1980, will be teaching an upcoming sociology course at Carleton
University. That terrorist attack, blamed on the Popular Front for the
Liberation of Palestine-Special Operations, resulted in the murders of four
Jews, with scores more injured.

"Canadians should be extremely concerned that an alleged terrorist, accused
of committing such heinous acts, will be teaching our youth at a leading
Canadian university," said Frank Dimant, B'nai Brith Canada's Executive
Vice President. "This man, who is wanted in France and currently out on
bail while the investigation continues, is accused of murdering four people
in cold blood just because they were Jewish and decided to worship in a

"We find it deplorable that university officials believe that there is
nothing wrong with employing Diab. The safety and security of the
community as a whole, and of the Carleton University campus in particular,
are of great concern to us.

"The conditions of Diab's bail do not even allow him to leave his home
alone or to own a cell phone, but Carleton officials believe that it is
fine for them to make him a member of their faculty? The last place in the
world where this man belongs is in a university classroom, in front of
impressionable students."

(Diab could probably get tenure teaching political science at Ben Gurion University!)

For more information, please contact, Dan Rabkin, Communications Officer:
416-633-6224 X 140 / cell: 416-312-9173

B'nai Brith Canada has been active in Canada since 1875
as the Jewish community's foremost human rights agency

3. Stop the Rachel Corrie Cult:

Rachel Corrie: Endless Martyr for Anti-Israel Hatred
By: Ronald Radosh / Pajamas Media
Thursday, July 30, 2009


A Jewish film festival features Hamas propaganda as art.

Visit Pajamas Media

It is one thing to voice criticism of Israeli policy in Israel. All one has to do is read Haaretz on a regular basis and one will see many examples of this. But when Jews in America feature what is essentially Hamas propaganda as art, and show it at a yearly Jewish film festival, it is an altogether different thing. As writer Jamie Glazov asked: "Why is a Jewish film festival giving a platform to a documentary and to an individual that serve the cause of anti-Jewish hate?"

The latest example recently took place at San Francisco's annual Jewish Film Festival, which featured a screening of the new anti-Israeli documentary, "Rachel," a documentary that seems to be a film version of the three year old play "My Name is Rachel Corrie," written by Katharine Viner and Alan Rickman, and based on editing of the late activist's diaries. The film was directed by Simone Bitton, and featured interviews with activists from The International Solidarity Movement that Corrie had joined. As with the play, The Forward correspondent wrote, "what really moved the story forward was the narration courtesy of Corrie's idealistic and heartfelt journal entries and correspondence read by her fellow ISM activists." To make it simple: the film reflects Corrie's point of view, and was meant to depict her as a martyr to Israeli oppression of the Palestinians.

The festival director asked Corrie's mother to attend the screening, and to speak afterwards. Because of protests, the festival director brought in a pro-Israel speaker, Dr. Michael Harris, who was given a brief five minutes before the screening. Press reports indicate he could not be heard, and was booed continually. This kind of ploy is often done—a face-saving maneuver that hardly speaks to the issue, and is not sufficient to answer any of the falsehoods and slanders in the film.

No wonder the festival board's president, Shana Penn, resigned from her office in protest at the screening. In her comments after the film was over, Corrie's mother Cindy, whose point of view is the same as that of the filmmaker, only revealed the festival's real intent—-to provide ammunition for Hamas and the opponents of Israel. As the pro-Israeli guest speaker Michael Harris noted after watching it, "Now that I've seen the film, I can certainly say it was appalling for its near complete lack of context." Spoken words, he added, were hardly sufficient to counter "the power of images on the screen." Even a left-wing Jew who watched the film named Rachel Masters, who is a member of the Tikkun community in Berkeley and the New Israel Fund, commented: "I never expected such an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel atmosphere" from those in attendance.

The film has not as yet come to the East Coast, although most certainly it will. Since its theme is similar in content and purpose to the play that was based on Corrie's diary entries, I am following this with an Open Letter I wrote during the summer of 2007, when the play came to Shepherdstown, West Virginia, along with a similar appearance by Corrie's parents. The points I made in this letter are obviously as relevant to the film. Here is the letter, addressed to the producer of the production, Ed Herendeen, director of the annual Contemporary American Theater Festival:

Dear Mr. Herendeen:

I have read the article in the May issue of the Shepherdstown Observer, as well as the announcement on the CATF website about the play, My Name is Rachel Corrie. I wish to tell you why I am not only attending, but am boycotting the Festival in its entirety. My wife and I moved to this area last year. Not only did we purchase tickets for the entire series in 2006, we invited friends from the metropolitan DC area to come here for the Festival.

Your comments as quoted in the newspaper article are, first of all, rather disingenuous. You say you connected to this play "because of Rachel's idealistic voice," and that it connected you to your "youth and [your] idealism." On the website, the blurb refers to Corrie's "eye-opening Middle East reports," which are said to be "powerfully direct." It refers to her would-be "passionate commitment" and her quest to understand "one of the most turbulent conflicts on earth."

All the above, I must say, is utter nonsense. I have read the script, which as you know, was published by the Theatre Communications Group. The one thing this play will not do is promote dialogue about the Middle East… If it does anything, the only thing it will promote is hatred of Israel, and sympathy for the terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah that are seeking to destroy the beleaguered nation….

I write this letter as Hamas, a group pledged to destroy Israel, has resumed its barrage of Quassam missiles from Gaza into the town of Sderot. They have sent over 160 missiles this past week alone, and are threatening to use longer range missiles which could hit the next nearby town, which has a few hundred thousand people living in it. One of its leaders, Osama al-Muzaini, said yesterday that "it's only a matter of time" before Hamas resumes suicide bombings within Israel. Rachel Corrie went to the area not to seek understanding, but as a committed militant of a front group of these Palestinian terrorists, The International Solidarity Movement. It proudly proclaims on its website that the victimized Palestinians have a right to resort to violence against their oppressors, while Israel, of course, has no right to defend itself. One of its leaders, interviewed on Al-Jazeera, put it this way: "We recognize that violence is necessary and it is permissible for oppressed and occupied people to use armed resistance and we recognize their right to do so." One of the activities those would-be noble ISM militants do is organize riots at Israel's security fence, built to deter infiltration from suicide bombers. Yet Corrie has the nerve to write "I'm really new to talking about Israel-Palestine, so I don't always know the political implications of my words," written at a time she was in fact a complicit enthusiast of and supporter of an American group that backs Hamas …and which also protects and cooperates with Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa fighters.

Corrie claimed to be engaging in action by ISM militants meant to prevent "Israeli demolition of civilian homes," as she says in the play. Actually, her Hamas and Fatah recruiters used her and her innocent and gullible comrades as human shields to deter attacks on arms caches and hidden shooters, and on homes that in reality are depots for weapons. The Palestinian terrorists, as we know, have no compunction on using civilian homes as repositories for guns and missiles, hoping that this realization will prevent Israel from acting to stop them. Corrie knew her role. She wrote that she imagines "the difficulties the Israeli army would face if they shot an unarmed US citizen." In other words, she saw herself as a potential propaganda figure for the terrorists.

When she is tragically killed by an Israeli bulldozer operator, she was participating in a demonstration in front of one of the homes they thought was scheduled to be targeted by Israel. As it turns out, what Israel was trying to do was to cover up one of the tunnels they found dug by the terrorists used to smuggle guns, rocket launchers and other explosives, meant to be used to kill innocent Israeli citizens. She was knowingly demonstrating in a war zone, hoping that her presence would work to enable the Hamas and Fatah soldiers to get away with their actions.

Corrie is no innocent. As the play itself reveals, she was fully aware of her militant role. I enclose with this article a copy of the photo of her that appeared in USA Today. It is not the smiling cheery American girl theatergoers will see photos of. Instead, it shows Corrie smirking and obviously screaming, as she burns an American flag in front of Hamas-Fatah militants. She leaves a message on the voice mail telling her parents to understand that the conflict is not a balanced one, but that of "a largely unarmed people against the fourth most powerful military in the world." These are the words of a propagandist for Hamas, not a girl seeking the truth. Corrie knows nothing of the background or of Middle East history, of how, as the late Abba Eban once said, that "the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity," turning down offers that would have led to peace and a two state solution.

She probably does not even know of how when Israeli statehood was proclaimed, Arab armies waged aggressive war meant to defeat it at the beginning. These are not, as she claims, "unarmed people." Where does she think they get the rockets and launchers whose use she is supporting? She even has the nerve to say that the "vast majority of Palestinians…are engaging in Ghandian non-violent resistance." Poor Ghandi would turn over in his grave if he saw this play and heard these words.

Let us return to her death. Corrie was at the site of a bulldozer that was clearing bush to prevent covers for a tunnel that would hold heavy weaponry. We have all seen the famous photo: Corrie standing on a mound of earth, well below the bulldozer, yelling on a bullhorn for the Israeli driver to stop. Next are the photos of Corrie lying near death, as her fellow militants surround her in horror. The play…includes the words of Tom Dale, one of her comrades who was there, who says the Israeli driver "knew absolutely that she was there;" in effect, he is charging Israel and the driver with purposeful intentional murder. And this death is then to be used by the ISM as a tool for gaining further recruits, and for establishing greater hatred of Israel and support for the Hamas-Fatah terrorists. As the late Yassir Arafat put it, Corrie "is a martyr."

What is the truth about her death? The play leaves audiences with the impression that she was murdered by Israel, which could not permit peaceful protest in Gaza. But Corrie was anything but a martyr. And to make her into one, they lie about how she died. I suggest you read the article in the very left-wing Mother Jones by Joshua Hammer. (Sept.-Oct.2003). Hammer, a man sympathetic to the Palestinians, went to investigate on his own. He noted first that the intention of her ISM team a day before her death was "to engage the Israeli military." When they got word the bulldozers were coming, they moved to the house it was heading towards, megaphones in hand. Corrie put herself between the wall and the Israeli D-9 bulldozer. Her death, according to ISM militant Tom Dale, took place in six or seven seconds.

The ISM, as the play asserts, says her death was murder. Eyewitness Joe "Smith," signed an affidavit asserting that it was the "intentional crushing of a human being," Five other ISM activists said the same thing. They released the photo taken by Reuters of her standing before the bulldozer seconds before being crushed. As it turns out, journalist Hammer revealed that the "infamous photo series" and the "megaphone photo was taken hours before Corrie's death." She had given it to a fellow militant and was kneeling, not standing in front of the bulldozer when she was killed.

The IDF (Israeli army) carried out its own investigation. The operator of the machine said he had a limited field of vision, and saw no one in front of the bulldozer. "You can't hear, you can't see well. You can go over something and you'll never know." The IDF had videos taken from the cockpit when she was killed. Hammer saw them. He writes: "It makes a credible case that the operators, peering out through the narrow, double-glazed, bulletproof windows, their view obscured behind pistons and the giant scooper, might not have seen Corrie kneeling behind them." Is this going to be added to the end of the play, instead of Tom Dale's charge of intentional murder?

As for the ISM, they are acting as accomplices of terrorist groups that refuse negotiation with Israel, desiring only to destroy it, as their own charter says. In March of 2003, Israeli soldiers arrested an Islamic Jihad guerrilla who was hiding with two ISM activists, who were protecting him. In April of 2003, two Pakistani born British citizens stopped for tea at the ISM's Gaza office. Five days later one of them set off the bomb at Mike's Place, the popular Tel Aviv bar. Ironically, an American documentary filmmaker was there making a film about the possibilities of Arab and Israeli cooperation. He was critically injured and almost died. As Hammer writes, she is an iconic figure "to foolish idealism…to the bittersweet conviction of youth," involved in a cause that "appears to be one of futility."

You talk, Mr.Herendeen, of the tribute to "youthful idealism." Do you not realize that all those who have made evil acts- Stalin's cadre, Pol Pot's associates, Hitler's SS—claim idealism as their motive? Idealism, as in Corrie's case, led her to engage in evil ends and bad acts. She was acting to protect cadres who goals were to annihilate and destroy Israel. She was defending militants who urge children and now women to become suicide martyrs, and who honor them as martyrs after a successful mission. She was anything but a heroic peace activist portrayed by her defenders. She died for a political group that supports by its own words "armed struggle" against Israel. As a Wall Street Journal editorial put it one day after her death: "It's a shame that Rachel Corrie died the way she did. It's shameful that she lived the way she did."

The play you are putting on in Shepherdstown is nothing but an agit-prop vehicle meant to perpetrate a big lie. As the play ends and the audience hears Tom Dale's lies about her "murder," it ends with a home video of a ten year old Corrie talking about the horror of world hunger. How sweet. How manipulative. How phony. One wonders, did Rachel Corrie ever consider how the jihad she supported was viewed by young women her own age, who were Israeli Jews? Did she ever see the effects of the suicide bombings and rockets that her ISM comrades helped promote?

Let me end this letter quoting the powerful words of the noted Jewish author, Cynthia Ozick. Writing in The New Republic (Dec.11, 2006) she concludes: "In view of the play's manifestly political intent, and particularly in the lurid light of the editors' (Alan Rickman and Katherine Viner) having concluded with an accusation of deliberate murder, the …audiences who jubilantly welcomed My Name is Rachel Corrie, (and I add the Shepherdstown audiences) who weepily do the same, should know at least this much: they have been spectators at a show trial. And there are Jews in the dock."

Ronald Radosh, Prof. Emeritus of History at the City University of New York, is an Adjunct Fellow at the Hudson Institute.

4. The Malicious Anat Matar from the Tel Aviv University department of philosophy, smears a woman army colonel as a war criminal:

5. Hebrew U professor – apologist for Iranian Nukes:

Bullying Israel:

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Worst Stalinist at the Hebrew University

From Isracampus:

Hebrew University - Yuri Pines (East Asia Studies) - the Worst Stalinist at the Hebrew University, Smears an Army Hero
The Fanatic Bolshevik On Mount Scopus

By Alon ben Shaul

Yuri Pines is a Hebrew University professor, who wishes all settlers' homes would be destroyed, including that of Lebanon's IDF hero Major Roi Klein, is a self-confessed anti-Zionist. He is disgusted by "Israeli propaganda" that portrayed Palestinians as terrorists. He justifies the Intifada violence and dreams of its success. He is also a supporter of traitor-spy Azmi Bishara. As a soldier he refused to serve in the territories and called students and lecturers to do the same. "An Israeli soldier in the West Bank is a criminal…" he once said. The Ukraine-born lecturer of Early Imperial Chinese History is a member of the Communist Party and even defends China's record of human rights.

Many Israelis may still recall Major Roi Klein who saved his soldiers' life by shielding them from a hand-grenade lobbed at them during the second Lebanon war. Many of them were also shocked when they learned that the High Court ruled that his home in the Settlement of Eli, where his widow and two children live, would be demolished, alongside 11 other homes deemed to be built illegally.

But when Yuri Pines (his last name is pronounced like the male sex organ), a Jerusalem associate professor of imperial Chinese History, received an email it which he was asked to add his name to a petition against the demolition, he went ballistic. "I hope that not only his house would be destroyed, but also the entire settlement!" And for a good measure he added, "And that the terrorist-settlers will be dispersed into the four corners of the world." He was using the Hebrew term "mitnahablim," which is a coined word that rhymes with "settlers" but means terrorists.

One of the students at his department, who distributed the petition but preferred to maintain his anonymity, was outraged. "He is entitled to his views and could erase the email, but we were shocked by a reaction of an academic whose salary is paid by a public institution." Pines himself was unrepentant. He told Ma'ariv: "This is my position. I replied not as a lecturer, but as a person who holds a political opinion. I am in favor of a complete annihilation of the settlements' project and a return to the Green Line. The Hills Youth are my enemies."

Pines is proud of his ideological convictions. When he lived in Kiev, the town of his birth, he did not at first believe Soviet propaganda about Israel. But he was quick to change his mind and "adopted anti-Zionist stands" upon his arrival to his parents' adopted new country. In the early 1970's, at the age of 15, he realized that "much of the Soviet criticism was not based on lies, but had a solid background," as he once claimed on a website called "G21."

On the other hand, he claims he was "wise enough" not to be brainwashed by Israeli propaganda. "I was – and remained heretofore – disgusted with official propaganda which portrayed Palestinians as a backward nation incapable of producing anything but coward terrorists." And he went on: "I was even disgusted and astonished by the belief in Jews being the 'chosen people', in the 'eternal Jewish rights' and the need of all Jews to gather in Palestine."

In his disgust, the Hebrew University senior lecturer concluded that he must be a member of the worst anti-nationalistic organization in the country and joined the Stalinist Israeli Communist Party. Before he started his military duty he had informed the IDF that he would never serve beyond the Green Line or 1967 border. Pines elaborated: "A French soldier in Algeria, a US soldier in Vietnam, an Israeli soldier in the West Bank or Lebanon may claim that he is serving the country, but in fact he is a criminal, and serves criminal ends." He added that he "would never join forces that shoot demonstrators, and would never perform any other kind of dirty job, such as serving at the checkpoints aimed to prevent Palestinians from moving on to their land…" He obviously does not see any other use for the checkpoints that have foiled so many suicide bombing attempts.

"The future of Israel is evidently post-Zionist"

As a conscript Pines served six months in military jails and then two more prison terms when he was a reservist. He also refused to participate in the 1982 Lebanon war. He confessed to have demanded longer jail sentences as part of a public opinion stunt, but the IDF avoided the trick and eventually sent him to serve in the Negev, before dropping him from the service role altogether.

Pines was a "trouble maker" not only as a soldier, but also as a student. In the 1980's he was twice put on disciplinary probation following his participation in "massive violet protests" and "assaults on security guards," which he organized on Mount Scopus.

As a lecturer, he did not miss any opportunity to urge his colleagues and students to follow in his footsteps. He was one of 287 Israeli academics who signed a petition in which they expressed "admiration and support of those of our students and lecturers who refuse to serve as soldiers in the occupied territories." Army service was described by them as "carrying out orders that have no place in a democratic society founded on the sanctity of human life." In other words, the army has nothing to do with preventing Arabs from massacring Jews.

In June 2001 he signed a petition in support of arch-traitor Azmi Bishara's infamous speech in Damascus, the same Bishara that expressed his loyalty to the Hizbullah and fled the country following his support of the terror organization during the second Lebanon war. Bishara fed the Hizbullah intelligence information to assist it in shooting rockets at Israeli targets.

As a true believer in Bolshevism, Pines accepted unchallenged not only Soviet propaganda, but also the Chinese disinformation. The oppression of Tibet? The persecution of the Falun Gong sect? Human right abuses? Those are all "pure fiction," insists the learned Hebrew University scholar! During the Olympic Games in Beijing last year he wrote an article in Haaretz in which he accused the West of envy. And why? Because China is different, yellow and threatening, above all successful. The critics of China are nothing more but "cynical racists" and "ignoramuses" that spread "half truths" and "unexamined clich?s." He even rebuked those who condemn China's assistance of Sudan's actions in Darfur. The real villains are of course the Americans in Iraq and the Israelis in the territories.

He adds: "The Americans are white, and therefore are entitled to speak in the name of democracy and Christian compassion. It can not be helped that the Chinese are too different and therefore always guilty." And as for Israel, he has no doubt that its future "is evidently post-Zionist." He believes that it is about time to dismantle the settlements that threaten to cut economic ties with her. All for the "long-term interest of the country."

And this is a university professor, promoting Stalinist anti-Zionism, at an Israeli university funded by the Israeli taxpayer…

Want to tell the heads of the Hebrew U what you think of all that?

Write to:

Hebrew University:

President of the Hebrew University

Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905

Tel. 02-6584143, 02-5881905

Fax. 02-5811023

Rector of the Hebrew University
Prof. Sarah Stroumsa
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Telephone: 02-6719698, 02-5883676

Hebrew University "Friends of" Offices:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

University of Haifa promotes the Supervisor of the "Thesis" that Fabricated the Tantora "Massacre"


Hebrew University Prof. Wants Homes of Maj. Klein and 'Terrorist Settlers' Razed
Av 3, 5769, 24 July 09 10:34

by Gil Ronen

( Professor Yuri Pines, Head of the Department of East Asia Studies at Hebrew University, caused a stir among his students Thursday when he wrote in an e-mail message that he hopes the home of fallen IDF hero Maj. Roi Klein is razed.

Replying to an e-mail petition against the planned demolition of Klein's home, Pines wrote: "I hope that not only the Major's home will be destroyed, but the entire settlement, and that the mitnachablim will all be gone with the wind."

Mitnachablim is a word invented by Israeli leftists as a slur against Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria. It is a combination of the words mitnachalim (settlers) and mechablim (terrorists).

"This is a completely un-academic response," said a student in the East Asia Department, who was one of those who spread the petition. "Pines has the right to think whatever he wants and to delete the mail he received, but we were shocked by the harsh reaction from an academic whose salary is paid by a public institution."

Pines told a Maariv reporter that he stood by what he wrote. "This is my position," he said. "I did not reply as a lecturer but as a person with a political view. I favor a complete annihilation of the settlement enterprise and a return to the Green Line borders. The hilltop youth are my enemy."

In an email interview for an online magazine nine years ago, Pines, who was born in the Soviet Union, is quoted as saying of himself:

I was... disgusted and astonished by the belief in Jews being the "chosen people", in the "eternal Jewish rights" and in the need of all Jews to gather in Palestine.

My refusal to accept all this brought me to the only political organization which was strongly anti-nationalistic, namely, the Communist Party of Israel. Even my anti-Communist background in the USSR could not prevent me from joining the party which rallied under the slogan of "Jewish-Arab brotherhood" and "two states for two peoples."

He also expressed implicit support for refusal of orders:

More philosophically speaking, I believe that the real loyalty is due neither to the country nor to the government, nor to any kind of imagined community, but primarily to one's own moral and ethical principles. One must do whatever is just, and not whatever is demanded by some government, even if this government is democratically elected.

A French soldier in Algeria, a US soldier in Vietnam, an Israeli soldier in the West Bank or in Lebanon may claim that he is serving his country, but in fact he is a criminal, and serves criminal ends. Wearing a uniform does not absolve you from thinking and considering what is appropriate to do, and does not absolve you from the highest sort of responsibility. In some cases it is better to "betray" one's country, and not one's self. Of course, you must be prepared to pay the price of your decision.

2. "Affirmative Action" at the University of Haifa: Supervisor of the Thesis Fabricating Tantora Massacre promoted to Full Professor

The University of Haifa just decided to promote Prof. Kais Firro to the rank of full professor, despite the fact that Firro has very few academic publications to his record. Firro is best known for having been the formal thesis advisor to the anti-Israel extremist Teddy Katz, in which the thesis fabricated an imaginary "massacre" of Arabs in the village of Tantora by the Alexandroni battalion of the Palmach during Israel's War of Independence. Katz later admitted in court that the allegation was a fabrication. For details, see this: While the malicious Ilan Pappe, back then on the faculty of the University of Haifa in political science, has generally been assumed to be the driving force behind the fabrication, Kais Firro officially supervised and approved the thesis and gave it a grade of 97. The University later revoked Katz' degree and refused to recognize the thesis.

Firro is a radical anti-Israel Druse, who has published anti-Israel propaganda in the Journal of Palestine Studies, a PLO-run journal, including an article entitled "Druse and the Nakba." His "academic" publication record consists of two books about the Druse and two books about Lebanon. He has a very small number of articles appearing in academic journals, although has quite a few that appear in anti-Israel propaganda magazines like the Journal of Palestine Studies.

For more on University of Haifa anti-Zionism, see this:

For the latest on sedition at Tel Aviv University, see this

For more on Israel's academic fifth column, see this:

3. British politicians urge that peace talks be held with Hitler in his moderate ear:

Government Urged to Talk To Hamas Moderates
8:27am UK, Sunday July 26, 2009

The Government should urgently look at ways to communicate with the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, a group of politicians has said.

4. The whole world is talking about the set of scandals in Northern New Jersey, and the media are naming heads of the Syrian (Haleb) Sephardic Jewish community as supposedly being involved. I do not have any special information or insight in this matter, but just wanted to say that I am highly skeptical that the Rabbis who head the Syrian Jewish communities in Brooklyn and Deal, New Jersey, are really guilty of what the media are charging. I could readily believe Madoff was a crook but would want convincing evidence before believing that the Deal Jews are really involved. I remind everyone that they are innocent until proven guilty.

My only mental association with all this is an old Townes Van Zandt folk song entitled, "Oh, No, Deal"

Lyrics here:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Francisco's anti-Semitic Leftist Jews

1. Jewish anti-Semites running the San Francisco "Jewish" Film Festival

Jew-Hate at Jewish Film Festival
By: Jamie Glazov
Thursday, July 23, 2009


Organizers of San Francisco Jewish Film Festival plan screening of
anti-Israeli propaganda film and speech by anti-Israeli activist.

Why is a Jewish film festival giving a platform to a documentary and to an
individual that serve the cause of anti-Jewish hate?


This Saturday, July 25, organizers of the San Francisco Jewish Film
Festival plan to show .Rachel,. an anti-Israel propaganda film. The
documentary is based on the life and death of Rachel Corrie, an
anti-Israel activist who was killed in Gaza in 2003 when she deliberately
ran in front of an Israeli bulldozer to protect a home that was sheltering
terrorists. And not just content with showing the propaganda film, the
organizers have invited Rachel.s mother, Cindy Corrie, also a strident
critic of Israel, to speak at the screening and to participate in a
question-and-answer session after the viewing.

A closer look at who Rachel Corrie was . and what she represented .
demonstrates why this event is such an outrage:

A native of Olympia, Washington, Corrie was a member of the International
Solidarity Movement (ISM), a viciously anti-Israel organization that calls
and works for the destruction of the Jewish state. The radical
organization recruits activists to travel to the Palestinian territories
to obstruct Israeli security operations. The activists intentionally put
themselves in harm.s way to hamper Israeli soldiers in their efforts to
fight Palestinian terrorists.

That is precisely how Corrie met her death. The twenty-three year old
activist was fatally crushed in March 2003 when she tried to obstruct the
path of an Israeli bulldozer that was preparing to demolish the house in
Rafah where she was lodging.

Like her ISM colleagues, Corrie was knowingly abetting terrorists. A few
months earlier, for instance, when Palestinian militants seized the Church
of the Nativity in Bethlehem, it was ISMers who smuggled food to them.

Many of the homes in Rafah rested atop a network of ninety tunnels that
were used by terrorists for smuggling rockets and other weapons from the
Egyptian border to Rafah. It was impossible for Corrie and her ISM
comrades to have lived in Rafah and not witness the activity connected
with these tunnels.

That is why the bulldozer was in operation: The Israelis were trying to
interrupt this tunnel activity. The rockets that have been, and are, fired
into Israeli towns from Gaza are smuggled in this process. They are
tunnelled into places like Rafah, under houses just like the one Corrie
was defending.

Like so many fellow travellers of totalitarian death cults, Corrie was
ever ready to give her life for .the cause.. She deliberately stood in
front of the Israeli bulldozer and made herself a poster child for the
leftist pursuit of martyrdom. She sacrificed her life to keep open tunnels
that supplied terrorists with the means to kill Israeli civilians. And
that is why Israeli professor and journalist Steven Plaut has legitimately
called Corrie.s death a suicide.

One would know little of this from the film that will be shown in San
Francisco this weekend. .Rachel,. directed by Simone Bitton, gives a
sympathetic portrait of this terror-abettor and of her anti-Israel cause.

That portrait will be further embellished by Rachel.s mom Cindy Corrie,
who will be speaking and fielding questions in the post-viewing session.
Cindy Corrie is the founder of the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and
Justice, a pro-Palestinian group that promotes the world-view of her
daughter. Given her own background, it.s unlikely that Corrie will provide
an objective presentation of her daughter.s life.

It is no surprise, however, that the Jewish Film Festival is giving a
platform to those who hate Israel and who make every effort to help the
forces who seek to destroy it. After all, two stridently anti-Israel
groups, The Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and the American Friends Service
Committee (AFSC) are listed as co-presenters on the website of the
Festival.s Board of Directors. They support boycotts, divestment and
sanctions against the Jewish State and they are closely associated with
the ISM and other terror-allied organizations.

The JVP's Advisory Board, for instance, includes Noam Chomsky and Naomi
Klein. Chomsky is an infamous Israel-hater and has distinguished himself
best by his travels to Lebanon to personally embrace the leaders of
Hezbollah. Klein, meanwhile, put herself on the map in her 2004 column in
The Nation, .Bring Najaf to New York,. in which she reached her hand out
in solidarity to Muqtada al-Sadr and his Islamofascist Mahdi Army in the
Iraqi Shi.ite stronghold of Najaf.

What.s next for the Jewish Film Festival? Screenings of Nazi and Islamist
propaganda films? Holocaust Denial documentaries? Speeches and
question-and-answer sessions by Hamas, Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood
representatives? It.s impossible to rule it out.

A Jewish film festival worth its name might be expected to feature films
that show the suffering of innocent Israelis at the hands of their
tormentors and killers. At a minimum, it would expose the Rachel Corries
of the world for the terrorist abettors they are. Directly complicit in
the brutal deaths of Jewish civilians killed by Palestinian terror, Rachel
Corrie will always have blood on her hands. Now, in a dark irony, Jewish
civilians will be showing a film in her honor.

<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->[Editors' note: Jamie Glazov dissects
the phenomenon of leftist Jews. dalliance with Islamic terror in his new
book, United in Hate: The Left.s Romance With Tyranny and Terror.]

Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor. He holds a Ph.D. in History
with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the
author of Canadian Policy Toward Khrushchev.s Soviet Union and is the
co-editor (with David Horowitz) of The Hate America Left. He edited and
wrote the introduction to David Horowitz.s Left Illusions. His new book is
United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror. To see his
previous symposiums, interviews and articles Click Here. Email him at

2. From the Wall St Journal:

Israel on their Minds
Never mind Iran.s crackdown on peaceful protestors, China.s killings of
ethnic Uighurs or the epidemic murders of Kremlin critics. When it comes
to Europe.s bien pensants, the only country that really seems to engage
their moral indignation is Israel.

Calling for Israel to be sanctioned may be the one cause that unites
British university lecturers and Scandinavian union activists with radical
Islamists and neo-Nazis. Now, however, the European Court of Human Rights
has called this fixation with the Jewish state what it is: discrimination.

Last week, the Strasbourg-based court upheld a 2003 French court
conviction against Jean-Claude Fernand Willem for advocating a boycott of
Israel. French prosecutors had charged Mr. the time the
Communist mayor of the northern French town of Seclin.with provoking
discrimination on national, racial and religious grounds. Mr. Willem was
first acquitted but an appeal court fined him .1,000, a decision confirmed
by France.s highest appeal court in 2004 and now also by Europe.s human
rights court.

In a 6-1 decision, judges from seven European countries said Mr. Willem.s
punishment did not violate his freedom of expression. He was not found
guilty for his political views or for anti-Semitism. Instead, the judges
agreed with their French colleagues that he was .inciting the commission
of a discriminatory, and therefore punishable, act.. The former mayor
wanted to infringe on .the normal exercise of economic activity of the
manufacturers based solely on the fact that they belong to a certain

Laws against discrimination have their uses and abuses, and we would
rather have seen Mr. Willem voted out of office than sanctioned by a
court. But to the extent that the judges. ruling exposes the atavistic
fixations of some Europeans with the Jewish state, it does the Continent a

3. Dersh says he was misquoted:

4. Property Rights in Judaism:

5. New Minister of Education undoes the Nakba text fiasco perpetrated by
Yuli Tamir:

6. More Pepe:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Help the Palestinians with Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions!

1. There is a new masterminded plan for saving Israel that consists of boycotting anti-Israel musical personalities. The plan is being implemented by the Palestinian Authority.

No, that was not a misprint. The Palestinian Authority has gone to war and is operating a jihad against anti-Israel musical Jews.

It began with Leonard Cohen. As you recall, Lenny was planning to show his support for two states for two peoples in late September and do performances in Israel and in PLO-occupied Israel (meaning Ramallah). But then the Palestinians decided they could not possibly host a pro-Palestinian performer who was also performing for the Zionists. So they dis-invited Cohen.

Now Cohen is a milquetoast pacifist in comparison with arch-jihadi Daniel Barenboim, the anti-Israel anti-Jewish orchestra conductor who divides his time between conducting Wagner for the Germans in Germany and entertaining the suicide bomber wannabes in Ramallah. Danny Boy Barenboim has never hidden his desire to see the PLO achieve victory over the Jews.

Well, now the terrorists have decided to pull a Cohen in a bit of deja vu
all over again, and have decided they are also boycotting Barenboim. See this:

Barenboim has never committed the same sin as Leonard Cohen of insisting
that the Jewish state has the right to exist, but he still managed to
upset the
terrorhoids anyway by not calling for Israel's annihilation in tones sufficiently to their liking.

Now, I think this is the beginning of a great friendship, Louie. I think we should not only support these efforts by the Palestinians to boycott anti-Israel Jews but we should launch a whole movement of support. I suggest we call it the BDS movement, where BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, and the idea is to apply BDS against leftist Jews who pander to Palestinians barbarians.

Since the PLO is now also boycotting al-Jazeera (see, the prospects for our collaborating with it seem endless!

2. I think I have found a cure not only for the Middle East conflict but also for half the problems inside the United States. The solution? Send Hillary Clinton for a state visit to Sudan? Why? Because in Sudan they now whip women who wear pants suits. Really!

The news story about this is here:,7340,L-3747451,00.html Sudan has taken a fashion stand against pants suits on women. Violators are being publicly flogged.

And while we are at it, how about send in the same plane to Sudan Tzipi Livni, Oprah Winfrey, the President of Ben Gurion University, Sherri Blair, Shelly Yachimovich, etc etc etc

3. Four cheers for Noam Bedein:

4. What settlers?,7340,L-3746681,00.html

5. Those public figures from the Left and Right inside Israel who are having hysterics against Netanyahu's proposal to privatize land in Israel should read this:

The Zimbabwe-ification of South Africa?
A change in land policy would wreak havoc on the economy.
By MARIAN L. TUPY and MICHAEL KRANSDORFF From today's Wall Street Journal Europe.
"The road ends here," reads a makeshift sign in the middle of the highway connecting Bulawayo with South Africa. For many miles, the once busy commercial artery between Zimbabwe's second largest town and its main market has simply ceased to exist. Motorists have to wind their way on an improvised gravel path through the open bush. All along the route, they can observe once productive farms lying abandoned and once productive farm workers scavenging for food.

The dilapidated state of infrastructure and widespread poverty are the results of the destruction of property rights and the rule of law by the government of Zimbabwe. Yet South Africa's new Minister of Land Reform and Rural Development, Gugile Nkwinti, clearly has not been to Zimbabwe in recent years. Speaking in parliament late last month, he announced that the ANC government would scrap its current "willing buyer willing seller" land redistribution policy, which allows the government to acquire land only at a market price and only with the consent of the land owner, and replace it with "less costly, alternative methods of land acquisition." The new policy will almost certainly include some form of land expropriation that could spell disaster for the South African economy.

South Africa's current land problems hark back to colonial times, when native lands were expropriated from their rightful owners, usually without compensation. The 1913 Natives Land Act preserved some 87% of the country's land for the exclusive use of the white minority. Since coming to power in 1994, the ANC government has made land restitution and redistribution its priorities. The government aims to transfer 30% of commercial agricultural land to black South Africans by 2014. As of today, only 5% of the land has actually been distributed.

The ANC has blamed the failure of the current land distribution policy on high prices and obstinate farmers. Some land has appreciated in value because of foreign investment in game reserves and real estate. Such price appreciation should be seen as a sign of investor confidence as well as a source of much needed foreign capital.

According to Mr. Nkwinti, however, "It shouldn't be a situation where we can't get land because it's too expensive because it's owned by Americans, by Germans, by other Europeans and people outside this country, and not Africans. . . ." "To redress [the] imbalances of the past," Mr. Nkwinti continued, "the government must have enabling laws that can allow the pace and the price of land acquisition to be in the hands of the state, rather than in the hands of the seller."

But land redistribution has failed not because of a faulty policy, but because of the ANC's own incompetence. The land reform bureaucracy has a reputation for inefficiency and lack of delivery. Since 2005, it has not been able to spend its own budget. In 2006, there were 1,000 vacancies in the Department of Agriculture and Land Affairs. It is well-known that the lack of skills and capacity in government are partly a result of the politicization of the civil service and affirmative action.

Even when the government has succeeded in distributing land, much of it has ceased to be economically viable. According to the government's own statistics, some 50% of land reform projects have failed. A once thriving potato farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is now a makeshift soccer field. A former tea estate in Magoebaskloof in Limpopo has become an overgrown forest. The list goes on.

Many of the new land owners have no farming or management skills. They have nothing invested in the land because the government gave them their farms for free after buying the land from the original owners. Furthermore, the uncertainty over the future of farmland has led to a fall in agricultural production. There was, for example, a 7.3% fall in maize plantings in the 2008-09 season. And that was at a time when food prices were soaring.

A policy of expropriation and restriction on private land use will only aggravate the decline of South African agriculture. The weakening of property rights in the agricultural sector will raise questions over the government's commitment to defend property rights in other parts of the economy. That will discourage new investment and thwart the much needed economic growth.

A new approach to land reform in South Africa requires privatization, not expropriation. Some 25% of South African land is owned by the government. Some of it belongs to nature reserves or is of a low agricultural quality. But no serious attempt has been made to determine the viability of the government land for redistribution. Fifteen years after the ANC took over, only one-third of state land has been audited.

Land expropriation does not lead to justice or prosperity. As the case of Zimbabwe shows, it is a road to economic destruction. South Africa must turn back now before it is too late.

Mr. Tupy is a policy analyst at the Cato Institute's Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity. Mr. Kransdorff studies at the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Mass.

6. The KGB-Terrorism Axis of Evil:

7. Ben Gurion University's Neve Gordon continues his battle against Israel's existence:

He is joined by Tel Aviv University's Anat Matar, who will not rest until the Jews are in the sea:

8. What Palestinian moderates?

9. Fighting Islamofascism:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two States For Two Peoples: A Futuristic Guest Lecture

Two States For Two Peoples: A Futuristic Guest Lecture

By: Steven Plaut

Date: Wednesday, July 15 2009

Date: November 2, 2068

Place: Edward Said University, Paris, Islamic Republic of Northern Gaul.
Subject: Notes from the Special Guest Lecture today in the course "History of the Middle East," by visiting professor Osama bin Levy.

I would like to thank all of you - men, women, cyborgs - for attending my lecture this evening, despite the leak in the metrodome over the city that is allowing in some rain. I hope you did not have too much trouble finding parking for your personal commuter rocket devices in the university guest space station.

I have been asked to sum up for you an era of Middle East history that took place before most of you were born, though it is fully documented in the standard knowledge chips you all have dangling from your rocket ignition keychains.

It is truly difficult for those of us alive today to understand the depth of foolishness that led to the demise of the state of Israel earlier in the 21st century. But I wish to remind you that the events took place back when humans still lived in the most primitive conditions, operating mechanical computers with screens rather than bio-thinking supplementals; when humans drove those suicidal machines called automobiles and crashed into one another.

Israeli political leaders, journalists and academics had for years infected the nation with a bizarre disease called Acute Settlerphobia, or AS. The plague of AS was inculcated with such massive determination that few in the country were able to immunize themselves against its mind-freezing symptoms. Those infected became mentally paralyzed, incapable of contemplating any solution to life's problems which did not include the idea that the settlers were responsible for all terrestrial problems.

So you see, the temptation to adopt the "Two States for Two Peoples" solution was based not only on overwhelming international pressure but on the insistence of Israel's own political and intellectual elites that this formula would put an end to the Middle East conflict once and for all.

There were, of course, plenty of reasons for skepticism. Israel had just a few years before abandoned the Gaza Strip, removing all of its soldiers and civilians. The result was the launching of thousands of rockets and countless other terror attacks against Israel by the Gaza Palestinians.

Clearly an intelligent being or even an average cyborg should have understood that Gaza was serving as an illustration of what Israel could expect from any further territorial capitulation.

But the leaders of Israel kept repeating what the Americans, Europeans, and others were chanting in global unison. They kept saying that no one could really knew what the Palestinians would do with their new state under the "Two States for Two Peoples" formulation until they got it.

By repeating endlessly the hope that maybe the Palestinians would morph into civilized neighbors once they had their own state, and that anyway there was no alternative but to give the idea a try, Israel's opinion shapers eventually snookered the masses into into agreeing to "Two States for Two Peoples."

Exactly 14 minutes after "Two States for Two Peoples" was implemented, the state of Palestine opened up a barrage with tens of thousands of rocket launchers, mortars and other low-tech means of warfare still being used by armies back in the early 21st century. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were nearly obliterated.

Following the massive rocket attacks on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - attacks that (naturally) were completely unexpected by Israel's political establishment and chattering classes - came the final blow from Palestine.

Masses of troops and volunteers from other Muslim states, especially Iran and Pakistan, who'd flooded into Palestine to defend it from the Israeli aggressors, were on the march. Large groups of Palestinian infiltrators attacked what was left of Israel near Netanya, cutting all north-south highways and dividing the country in half.

Thousands of Jews living in isolated towns and communities in the Galilee were lynched by members of the Galilee Liberation Front, their beheaded corpses left alongside the roads.

Palestinian rocket crews had earlier shut down Israeli airports, and missile barrages had made Israeli sea ports too dangerous for any ships to enter. So there was no escape for the Jews. Remaining pockets of Jewish resistance were placed under siege, their residents starved into submission. (Kibbutz members under siege were so desperate, they were actually reduced to eating kosher food.)

To the very last, nearly all Israeli politicians insisted that the turn of events was completely unexpected and could not have been foreseen by anyone.

Shortly after Israel was completely overrun, U.S. President Al Franken and French Prime Minister Abu Jihad announced that Two States had at last been achieved for Two Peoples - the Palestinian and Jordanian peoples.

They appealed to countries around the world to allow the surviving Jewish refugees from the dead Zionist entity to enter their countries, but only Micronesia acquiesced.

Next week's guest lecture will be on the history of the now extinct Christian community of Europe.

2. Meet "Z Street" - the answer to the anti-Zionist traitors at "J Street":

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pepe Le Pew Makes Aliyah and Protects Jews from the Terrorhoids!!

1. This has got to be the funniest inversion since Haman got himself
hanged on his own gallows being prepared for Mordecai.

You no doubt
recall that Leonard Cohen, the 1960s songwriter/poet, was planning to
perform in Israel and "Palestine" (Ramallah) in order to show his support
for two states for two peoples, and to earn himself some wampum now that
his nest egg dissipated in the bear stock market. We bashed Lenny in these
postings for his allowing himself to be co-opted by the terrorhoids.

Well, now it turns out that Lenny upset the Pestilinians because he refused
to cancel his Israeli performance and to perform ONLY in "Palestine," as
they demanded, to show his opposition to the continued existence of Israel.
The main Palestinian group that promotes boycotts of Israel and whose
leader is now a PhD student in "ethics" at Tel Aviv University demanded
that Lenny join their boycott. He refused, whether out of principle or
cause he needs the shekels. So the Palestinian boycotters started
threatening the Palestinians who were serving to host Lenny's peace concert
in Ramallah. Haaretz today reports that the Palestinian hosts have now
dis-invited Cohen and the Ramallah concert is OFF!


And Jesus
was a sailor, while Moses was a tailor…..


Them tricky Jews. Seems they have recruited Pepe Le Pew to help them
control the violent hooligans and anarcho-fascist thugs who meet weekly in
the West Bank town of Bil'in and try to sabotage Israel's security fence.
They violently attack Israeli police and soldiers there to show their
support for Palestinian suicide bombers and mass murderers. They are
opposed to the security fence because it makes it harder for the terrorists
to get in and mass murder Jews. Israel has decided to give them two scents

While the "anarchists" clearly are in desperate need of a
spanking, Israel has decided to keep them in line by using "skunk bombs."
These "bombs," actually just a canister spray, apparently are so smelly
that even an anarchist who has not bathed in 18 months is capable of being
offended and repulsed by the odor. See this story:">
"The skunk bomb is a foul-smelling liquid which is sprayed on the rioters.
"The smell is so strong that people flee immediately," explained an IDF
source, noting that the demonstration on Friday was dispersed within
minutes of firing the bomb into the crowd. " See also this report on
"Zionist Death Dung": [3] Some news
reports are claiming that the spray smells remarkably like a mixture of,
er, Number One and Number Two (see'skunk'+on+protestors-a01611609441

While I personally would recommend use of live ammo on the
"anarchists," I am amused by the idea of these guys smelling so bad that
they cannot get into their favorite café to order a latte.

Meanwhile, let
me be the first to welcome Pepe Le Pew on his making aliyah to the Land of

See this update for illustrations:

3. When Haaretz runs an Op-Ed warning Israelis to beware of leftist
McCarthyism ( [5] ) can the
Messiah be far away?

4. The Mosleyization of the UK continues, as Britain
announces a partial arms embargo of Israel. What is Israel's sin in the
eyes of Albion? That it misused arms during "Cast Lead" in Gaza. Never mind
that the British embargo is of arms to Israel's navy! And what was wrong
with how it used arms? It used them to prevent the murder of Jews rather
than to carry out murder of Jews. So of course the Brits have no problem
selling arms to the Islamofascists and terrorists. [6]

5. [7]

When confronted with a political protest,
it's useful to look carefully at who exactly the protesters are. Sometimes
people are not what they seem.

Anti-Israel campaigns are most notorious
for using bait-and-switch tactics. Protests that are supposed to be about
the legitimate rights of Palestinians are often, in reality, vehicles to
attack Jews and promote Islamic extremism. Earlier this year, for example,
"anti-Israel" demonstrations in several Canadian cities featured people
giving the Nazi salute and circulating the medieval anti-Semitic libel that
Jews drink blood.

Of course, not all critics of Israel have sinister and
radical agendas. But you really have to wonder why those who advocate on
behalf of Palestinians don't work harder to keep their cause from being
hijacked by people of ill will.

So it's important to cast a skeptical eye
on the strange campaign now underway in Toronto to disrupt an exhibition of
the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scrolls are mostly ancient Hebrew manuscripts and
are Israel's greatest treasure. The Israel Antiquities Authority is
allowing them to be shown at the Royal Ontario Museum.

An odd assortment
of groups are protesting the exhibit on the grounds that the scrolls are
stolen artifacts and really belong to Arabs, not Jews. Yes, you read that
correctly: Hebrew manuscripts of the Jewish Bible that were written
centuries before Muhammad was born are, apparently, Muslim property.

easy to see what's going on here. Just as Holocaust denial circulates in
some corners of the anti-Israel movement, there is a parallel effort to
deny the Jewish people's ancestral connection to the Holy Land. The idea is
to de-legitimize Israel by denying the indigenous rights of Jews. Some
Israel-haters have even taken to arguing that Palestinian Arabs are the
real descendants of "ancient Hebrews."

It was interesting, for example,
to see an online magazine called the Canadian Charger go after the Royal
Ontario Museum for declining an "interview" with one of its correspondents.
The Canadian Charger just a few days earlier published a strong defence of
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, praising his "social justice

So the point remains: When you see a campaign like the one
against the Dead Sea Scrolls, take a look at who -- and what -- is behind

6. Tel Aviv University anti-Israel faculty member faces police
investigation for her false and libelous accusation that an IDF soldier
committed murder:


Saturday, July 11, 2009

SafeSky and the Peace Patch

1. Remember how in summer camp all the kids would
pick on some sucker and tell him to go to the
director and ask him for a left-handed sky
hook? Well, meet the cardiology patch and its sister, the peace patch.

The biggest domestic story in Israel in recent
days involves the growing evolving "SafeSky" scandal.

In a sense, the SafeSky story is the Oslo story in miniature.

The scandal hit the headlines when it was
announced that an esoteric Israeli company had
developed a remarkable medical diagnostic, a skin
patch capable of recording body signs and giving
a warning of an impending heart attack half an
hour before it took place. The company,
according to the hype, was being bought up by a
foreign biotech multinational at a market
capitalization valuation of a cool billion
dollars. While similar Israeli high-tech
startups have been sold for high amounts, this
seemed to be a tech and financial miracle.

Except that very quickly a bad smell starting
coming up. The company was the initiative of a
third-rate dentist, best known for having set up
a network of dental clinics staffed with cheap
immigrant dentists from eastern Europe. The
inventor of the gadget was a computer techie who
knew nothing about cardiology. The techie
inventor had twice done time in prison for scams
and fraud and claimed to have invented the device
during one of his episodes of being hosted by the
state. The duo then recruited as CEO a personal
buddy of Bibi Netanyahu, mainly for the media
hype, and also the fellow who is supposed to be
overseeing the negotiations with the savages to
get Gilad Shalit released. Neither had actually seen the device work.

Then it turns out that cardiologists are split
between those who say that no such patch could
possibly work and those who say it would be very
difficult to make one that works, and no
cardiologist works for the SafeSky company or has
seen the patch. Then the overseas multinational
supposedly buying out the company for the billion
buckaroos insists it has never heard of
them. And no one besides the company's dentist
and the criminal inventor claim to have seen the
gadget work. The only "evidence" that it works
is that the duo hired a Cyprus computer graphics
guy to design a "promo" ad that claims that the
gadget works, except the Cypriot has never seen it either.

The press is still trying to figure out what the
pair were REALLY up to, and the word on the
street is that it was all an elaborate scam to
launder money on behalf of some underworld
characters. The only money that has come into
the company coffers so far turns out to be from
some sketchy Africans, possibly the same people
who write you spam each morning about being a
prince who wants to send you some treasure in
exchange for your bank PIN numbers.

Everyone is comparing it with the similar
Chelm-like scam from almost 30 years ago where
Likud geezer and ex-Irgun fighter Yaakov Meridor
announced he had found a remarkable energy
breakthrough that would make petroleum obsolete
and would disprove the theories of
Einstein. That turned out to be about as
credible as the weekly conspiracy spam sent out
by UFO-nut Barry Chamish to his few remaining followers.

But what I find remarkable is how the inventors
of the scam had people going so long, just from
repeating over and over absurd claims, and
attacking and threatening to sue anyone who questioned their claims.

The claims of the Oslo architects were just as
idiotic and just as big a scam, and Oslo was
marketed in exactly the same way as SafeSky, at
least until the media started asking the right
questions. The problem with Oslo is that the
Israeli media, still largely the occupied
territories of the Left, are still mouthing the
"Two State for Two People" mantra about some
imaginary peace patch. Like SafeSky, it is all a
scam by con men, based on loud repetition of hype.

2. Speaking of near-uniform leftist solidarity
in Israel's media, the other amusing story this
past week was the scandal involving Yossi Sarid,
erstwhile commissar of far-leftist Meretz, an
early guru of national suicide via Oslo, and
currently head of a panel that decides to whom to
award the "Sapir Prize," paid for by Israel's
state lottery agency. The problem was that Sarid
wanted to grant the prize to a relative of himself.

When word got out, the media went into
near-unanimous indignity, insisting that Sarid is
such a decent honest bloke that any suggestion of
dubious ethical considerations in his nepotism
are intolerable abuses of his good name.

Well, almost the whole media. The valiant
Ben-Dror Yemini from Maariv breaks once again
with Israel's journalistic Kremlin. Sarid,
points out Yemini, has a rich track record of
being involved in sleaze. In Sarid's early
career, he worked as button man for the MAPAI
Party (later's renamed the Labor Party) bolshie
economic commissar Pinhas Sapir. As such, he
literally bribed a newspaperman on behalf of
Sapir to squash a story about a scandal involving
MAPAI mayor of Tel Aviv Mordecai Namir, and then
bribed other newspapermen who learned about the first bribe to dummy up.

3. Netanyahu has backed off from most of the
economic reforms he was touting and at this point
it looks like he will change just about
nothing. But one area in which he is still
talking change has to do with privatizing lands
owned by the Israel Lands
Authority. Interestingly, much of the Israeli
"Right" is up in arms against the idea of private
ownership of land, joining some of the worst
far-leftists in Israel in working themselves up
into a fit over the idea. Privately owned land
is the bulwark of democracy elsewhere, but only
bolshevik nationalization of land could work in Israel, they seem to believe.
While I do not always see eye to eye with
Moshe Feiglin, the perpetual gadfly challenging
Netanyahu within the Likud in a series of
quixotic efforts, to Moshe's credit he parts with
the Bolshevik Right in this weekend's Makor
Rishon newspaper and comes out squarely in favor of land privatization.

3. The Iconoclast New English Review

Saturday, 11 July 2009

French Justice Goes Easy on the Gang of Barbarians

Nidra Poller writes from Paris:

The verdict in the trial of the Gang of Barbarians, accused of the

atrocious anti-Semitic murder of 23 year-old Ilan Halimi, held hostage

and tortured for 24 days, was pronounced after 10 PM on Friday, at the

start of the July 14th holiday weekend. Youssouf Fofana, self-named

"Brain of the Barbarians," sentenced to what the French call life in

prison, will be eligible for parole in 22 years. Sentences for his

accomplices ranged from 6 months suspended to 18 years. Emma, the young

lady who lured Ilan Halimi into the well-prepared death trap, received a

lenient nine years; she could be released for good behavior two years

from now.

The victim's mother and sisters, who are observant Jews, were not

present to hear the verdict pronounced after the beginning of the

Sabbath. Their counsel, Maître Francis Szpiner, adamantly urged the

Ministry of Justice to appeal the sentences, which fell short of the

already modest recommendations of the Avocat Général.

Was the timing accidental? Three
years of investigation, two months of

hearings, and a verdict that falls when the media are glued to the Tour

de France and holiday goers stuck in traffic jams? State-owned France 3

TV unashamedly admitted that the verdict was announced during Shabbat in

order to avoid incidents.

Meanwhile, in the small town of
Firminy, enraged Muslims rioted for

three nights, torching cars and buildings after a 22 year-old arrested

for extortion hung himself while in police custody.

The press began to gather in the Palais de Justice late Friday

afternoon. The buzz was that the verdict would be pronounced before

nightfall. By 8:15 most of the Jewish people who had hoped to attend

gave up. Around 9:15, journalists were herded through several

checkpoints and crowded into the cramped courtroom. Another long wait.

The defendants are barely visible inside a rectangular glassed

enclosure, with a row of policemen at their backs. Their lawyers,

pressed up against the opening, seem to be whispering sweet nothings to

their nonchalant defendants. The atmosphere is more cocktail party than

courtroom. Around 10 PM the jury and judges enter.

Absolutely nothing in that courtroom
corresponded to the crime that had

been judged. Nothing audible, nothing visible, nothing in the procedure

conveyed the meaning of the crime and the reason for the punishment. The

particular pain of the Jewish community, target of endless attacks by

the likes of these barbarians, was deliberately muzzled.

The presiding judge reads off the verdict like a railroad official

announcing the stops on a New York to Los Angeles train.but with less

emotion. From where we are seated we can hardly see the defendants,

hardly hear the judge, and barely understand the verdict. She intones:

"To questions 1 to 137 the answer is yes except for questions 98 and 99

considered non applicable." She goes down the list of stair-step

sentences from life in prison to acquittal (18, 15, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7,

6, 5, 3, 2.). It sounds more like grades for the baccalauréat than

punishment for a heinous crime.

Ideally blind justice is held to
distinguish truth from falsehood and

right from wrong. In this case, justice was apparently moved by the

accomplices' human interest stories. Responsibility for the horrible

ordeal inflicted on Ilan Halimi was diluted in their consternation and

sideswiped by their hopes and plans for the future. They said they never

thought it would end this way, they aren't anti-Semitic and didn't even

know he was Jewish, they tried to alleviate the punishments meted out by

Fofana. The truth is, they worked as a team. None of that would have

been possible without their loyal cooperation.

We are pushed out of the courtroom
as family members move toward the

enclosure. Downstairs in the main hall cameramen rush from lawyer to

lawyer. Most of their footage will sleep forever in the archives. All is

calm outside the courtroom. The riot policemen have left. Revelers come

and go from Left Bank to Right Bank unaware of the ominous decision that

has been made in the Palais de Justice.

Choosing a Jew because he is Jewish,
torturing a Jew day and night for

24 days while purportedly negotiating for ransom, seeing a young man

reduced to nothing, beating him, starving him, tormenting him--or

knowing about it and not tipping off the police--letting the whole mess

degenerate, preparing the creature to be finished off by Fofana.well, in

the eyes of the court, it's no big thing.

The accomplices were at home in
their banlieue, at home as the verdict

was pronounced, and it looks like they will be at home in jail. Youssouf

Fofana, who shouted Allahu Akhbar at the first hearing, repeatedly

insulted the victim's family, and proudly admitted he stabbed Ilan five

times, poured flammable liquid over him, and set him on fire, will have

endless opportunities in prison to exercise his charismatic charm and

train new barbarians.

Various Jewish organizations have
called for a gathering in front of the

Ministry of Justice on Monday evening. The plaintiffs cannot appeal.

Their last hope lies in the new Justice Minister, Michèle Alliot-Marie.

Two men who played a decisive role in the kidnapping are still on the

loose. In three years of investigation, the police have not been able to

get their names from Fofana or his accomplices. Alliot-Marie was their

boss, as Minister of the Interior, until the recent cabinet shuffle.

4. Neo-Stalinist Counterpunch now running
Holocaust Denier Neo-Nazi Gilad

Monday, July 06, 2009

More 'Academic' Atrocities from the Holy Land

1. NGO run by Tel Aviv University Profs funded by Terrorists and

Tel Aviv University - The Terrorist-Financed NGO Gisha run by Tel Aviv U.
Law Professors Kenneth Mann and Sari Bashi
Lee Kaplan,

.It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for law, so much as a respect
for right.. - Henry David Thoreau

If you want to get to know Tel Aviv University Law Professors Kenneth Mann
and Sari Bashi, you need also to discuss the NGO, Gisha, which they
founded and for which they list themselves as legal counsels. As leaders
of Gisha, Mann and Bashi are two of the many lawyers in Israel who are
working diligently to death and hasten realization of the goals and
political agenda of the Palestinian Arabs. In particular, this is
manifested in their latest work opposing the Jewish states security
procedures in Gaza, better known as Hamastan.

Until very recently on leave from Tel Aviv Universitys Law School in order
to serve as Israel's first Chief Public Defender, Professor Kenneth Mann
has also held the positions of distinguished visiting professor at Rutgers
Law School and was a senior research associate at Yale Law School. At TAU
he has taught criminal procedure, evidence, trial practice, and supervised
a legal-aid clinic in criminal law. Part of Manns ideological commitment
to aid the .Palestinians. may have been gleaned at the University of
California at Berkeley, where he earned his BA and, then an M.A. from the
Center for the Study of Law and Society at UC Berkeley. He earned his J.D.
from Berkeleys Boalt Law School which includes quite a few radical and
anti-Israel faculty members. Sari Bashi is an American-Israeli attorney
who teaches currently at TAUs law school and graduated from Yale Law
School in 2006. She co-founded Gisha with Mann shortly after her

Gishas mission, according to Mann and Bashi, is as a legal NGO whose
purpose is "litigation and advocacy that aim to help individuals exercise
their right to freedom of movement while working for systemic change in
military practices and abuses at Israeli border-crossings and
checkpoints.exploiting "untapped potential for law reform effectuated
through intensive engagement with the military bureaucracy." It has an
emphasis on "the Gaza Strip, a severely underserved area whose viability
depends on the ability of people and goods to move in and out of its
borders." Prior to founding Gisha, while in Israel under a Fellowship
grant, Sari Bashi worked at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, a
leftist anti-Israel NGO masquerading as a .human rights organization..
ACRI has even programs to encourage IDF soldiers to desert or refuse to
serve. Mann now serves as Gishas Legal Adviser and Chairperson of its
Advisory Committee.

Gisha uses the Israeli courts to sue the Jewish state for taking security
measures. Mann and Bashi feel that the same 1.5 million Arabs who elected
and cheer on Hamas and Fatah terrorism are victims of .collective
punishment. by the Israeli government, and suffer under .restricted

The alternative to such .collective punishment. is to sit back passively
while thousands of rockets are fired at Israeli civilians. Israel needs to
control the Gaza borders and entry points and has a right to do so under
international law. Israel deported 8,000 Jews before it left Gaza as a
price paid for peace, and what it received in return was Islamofascist
terror. Mann and Bashi evidently blame Israel for all that and have filed
suit against the Israeli government over security micro-procedures. In
other words, people with expertise in law think they have the right to
second-guess the militarys own leadership on questions of how to fight

Gisha receives the majority of its funding from Echoing Green, another NGO
that also funds such openly pro-terror groups as the International
Solidarity Movement. As an indication of their bias, Echoing Green named
ISM co-founders and leaders Adam Shapiro and Huwaida Arraf (both of whom
have admitted they consider suicide bombings .legitimate resistance. and
the latter has openly admitted she works with Hamas, PFLP and Palestinian
Islamic Jihad) as among the ten best .social entrepreneurs of the year,.
and awarded them a $90,000 grant. Arraf only yesterday was arrested at sea
by the IDF Navy while trying to smuggle goods into Gaza for Hamas and to
open up a sea-borne weapons smuggling route for Iran. This was Arrafs
seventh voyage and she even received a medal from Hamas for her efforts.
Gisha and Sari Bashi received over one million dollars from Echoing Green
for Gishas project to ease the .movement. of Palestinians, .movement. that
so often facilitates terrorist atrocities. Meanwhile. Echoing Green, the
source for Gishas funding, gets money from Saudi Arabia.

Kenneth Mann gave a law lecture on .Israeli apartheid. for the venomously
anti-Israel Alternative Information Center, itself with close ties to the
ISM and .anarchist. groups. Bashi obsessively uses the words .apartheid.
and .collective punishment. in describing Israeli security procedures.
Gisha makes little attempt to hide its political agenda and bias. In an
interview with the Jerusalem Post ("One on One: 'Control Creates
Responsibility'", Feb. 6, 2008), Gisha Director Bashi, called Israels Gaza
policy "illegal, dangerous and stupid." Bashi was sharply challenged by
Avraham Bell's January 2008 article (International Law and Gaza: The
Assault on Israel's Right to Self-Defense, Jan. 2008). In response, Bashi
simply repeated standard one-sided claims without providing a serious
legal analysis regarding the historical status of Gaza.

Gisha has a highly selective interest in applying international law to the
Middle East conflict. On March 2, Gisha issued a statement that called on
.both sides of the conflict. to .remove civilians from the cycle of
combat.. How nice, except there is no .cycle of conflict. and only the
Palestinians cynically use civilians as political pawns to get media
points. While noting that .the Hamas organization and militants in Gaza
must immediately stop the firing of rockets on towns in southern Israel.,
Gisha drew a parallel between these attacks and Israels response,
condemning Israel's .undifferentiated firing into crowded population
centers.. Gisha did not condemn Hamas practice of launching rockets from
within civilians areas (behind human shields), a practice that is clearly
a violation of international law.

Mann frequently drifts into anti-Israel ranting. According to Mann,
.The Israeli government's definition of a humanitarian crisis would
require human deaths. Now, there have been deaths -- among the chronically
ill, who were not permitted to leave the Gaza Strip for medical care that
is not available (or no longer available) there, due to the closure. There
have been deaths among those who are trying to bring the necessities of
daily life in through the tunnels. And, of course, there were many deaths
during Operation Cast Lead -- including an unusual spike in maternal and
neo-natal deaths due to lack of care, as the UN has reported. It is not as
if nobody knew. Many experts have stated that this policy of collective
punishment against an entire civilian population under a belligerent
military occupation is illegal under international law..

A humanitarian crisis among the Palestinians actually consists of a
situation in which the terrorists do not having any foreign aid money to
steal. Meanwhile Mann laments as part of his .humanitarian crisis. the
deaths among those .who are trying to bring the necessities of daily life
through the tunnels.. The necessities of life these people bring in are
explosives and rocket components. If Mann wants his Palestinians to have
easy access to civilian supplies, maybe he should get them to stop
shooting rockets and release Gilad Shalit.

For Gisha and its lawyers a one million dollar grant must help alleviate
any potential guilt pangs about their serving as apologists for the
misbehavior of Palestinians. Sari Bashi mentions that her family in Israel
used to yell at her over for what she does, but now they just avoid the
subject and invite her over for family gatherings. It would be interesting
to learn what they will say about her funding coming indirectly from Saudi
Arabia and from groups that want the end of the Jewish state and to excuse
the murder of Israelis as .legitimate resistance..

Its troubling to think that the next generation of Israeli lawyers
responsible for litigating in arenas of international law are being taught
by such radicals.

PsychoActive conference at Tel Aviv University - Yet another TAU
"academic" exercise in one-sided Israel-Bashing
Eyewitness report by Judith Nusbaum


College of Management Academic Studies . Law Professor Orna Bar-Naftali
uses .Law. to Bludgeon Israel
Lee Kaplan,
College of Management Academic Studies . Law Professor Orna Bar-Naftali
uses .Law. to Bludgeon Israel
Lee Kaplan,

.There's no better way of exercising the imagination than the study of
law. No poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the
truth..-Jean Giraudoux

The pursuit of personal political agendas has reached into even the law
schools in Israel and America, where international and humanitarian law is
supposedly debated and taught. A case in point is law professor Orna
Bar-Naftali, the head of the law school at the College of Management and
Academic Studies in Israel, one of the Jewish states larger institutes of
higher education. Bar-Naftali earned her law degree at Tel Aviv
University, then went on to earn other graduate degrees in America,
including a PhD in Law. She is now the Dean at the College of Management,
which boasts exchange programs with Fordham University in the US.

Orna Bar-Naftali has been working assiduously with leftist lawyers in
Israel and abroad to suggest that Israel routinely violates .international
law. and .human rights.. An examination of the womans background and legal
discourse becomes quite revealing of an agenda to smear Israel and drown
the Jewish state in a malaise of her legal .interpretations,. as well as
to provide propaganda against the Jewish state by certain NGOs that have
an anti-Zionist and even anti-Israel agenda.

We learn that Bar-Naftali is on the executive board of directors for
BTselem, an anti-Israel far-leftist NGO which pretends to be a human
rights watchdog agency, and one that accepts Arab rumors and statistics as
fact to damn the Jewish state. For example, BTselem in the past has
reported Arabs who were killed in suicide bomb attacks or armed terrorists
fighting the IDF as .civilian casualties.. The problem is that BTselem
sees no human rights violations when Arab terrorists murder Jews, only
when Jews try to defend themselves from such murderers. It has repeatedly
shown itself to be less than honest in reporting alleged .humanitarian
violations. by the IDF or by .settlers,. and is hardly a credible or
reliable neutral source of information.

Bar-Naftali worked between 1993-1996 as a legal United Nations Staff
Member of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York. Working
for the UN might have helped her develop her anti-Israel biases and legal
interpretations. The United Nations is anything but impartial toward
Israel and its peacekeeping mission was even responsible for aiding the
abduction and killing of Israeli soldiers, one an American, by Syria in
October of 2000. In Lebanon, most recently, the UN did all but nothing to
prevent the rearming of Hizballah.

Of particular interest is how Bar-Naftali, the lawyer, has declared the
.occupation. as being against international law and humanitarian law. The
word .Occupation. itself, according to anti-Israel radical leftists, is a
loaded word with dual meanings. Depending on the audience, it can mean
just Gaza, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) but increasingly what it
really means is all of Israel. To which .occupation. does Naftali refer
when she opines that Israels occupation is .illegal. per international

It is this selective one-sided interpretation of .law. always against
Israel by Bar-Naftali that is particularly troubling. If one reads or
listens only to Bar-Naftalis .interpretations. of law, one might subscribe
to the notion that Israel does indeed violate international law and human
rights. However, it is the reverse that is true. A lawyer like Bar-Naftali
who leaves out historical or current facts to promote a cause or person in
court has an agenda, not a goal of participating in using law to uncover
truth and justice. Bar-Naftali may be a law professor at an Israeli
university, but she functions as an advocate for those who want to destroy
Israel, especially through disinformation. She has an impressive
curriculum vitae (she holds several advanced degrees from US
universities). Nevertheless, one has to scratch ones head about someone
who spent a life in academia studying law on two continents, yet uses that
training to support the goals of the most vile and anti-law groups
imaginable, the terrorist organizations and leadership of the PLO and
Hamas. At every turn Orna Bar-Naftali finds fault with Israel and some of
Israels Jews to aid a society that still practices honor killings and
promotes anti-Jewish blood libels.the Palestinian Arabs.

Most recently, Bar-Naftali lent her .expert. opinion to a lawsuit filed in
Canadian courts against a Canadian company for doing business with and
helping to build a Jewish community in the West Bank. Being an .expert. in
.international law,. Bar-Naftali provided support for the weekly rioters
in Biilin by advising the Canadian Supreme Court that Israel (a country
whose future lawyers she is teaching) has no jurisdiction over the
occupied territories.

Mind you, it is .International Law. that helped create the Oslo Accords in
the first place. In fact, Israel has conceded a .legal entitlement. to the
Palestinian Authority to create a Palestinian state if it would just stop
terrorism against Israelis. Israels Supreme Court has been used by PA
Arabs to sue Israel and in many cases the Arabs have won. But that isnt
good enough for Bar-Naftali. She thinks Israels Supreme Court is
illegitimate (no doubt because Israel itself is also) and she wrote the
Canadian court that:

.I have been advised that in the case of Biilin vs. Green Park Intl Inc.
et al., the defendants have filed two motions

with the Quebec Superior Court on issues res judicata, justiciability, and
forum non-convenience. I have been asked to

provide an opinion on the issue of justiciablity and to answer the
following question:

Is the issue alleged by the plaintiffs of violation of International
Humanitarian Law and Canadian Domestic Law

justiciable before the Israeli courts, and are those courts willing to
adjudicate on the question of the legality of settlements in the Occupied
Palestinian Territories in this case?

In my opinion, the answer is negative. The core question of the legality
of the establishments of settlements is non-justiciable before the Israeli

Naftali goes on to state, The Plaintiffs (hereafter Biilin) have brought
suit against the corporate defendants and their registered director
(Hereafter Green Park Companies) under the provisions of the Geneva
Convention Act, R.S. 1985,

C G3, and the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act S.C. 2000 c. 24.I
understand those statutes have been incorporated into Canadian Domestic
Law and that they incorporate principles of International Humanitarian Law
as found at article (49) (6) of the Fourth Geneva Convention dated August
12, 1949...

The .Plaintiffs,. as Bar-Naftali refers to hooligans, thugs, and rioters
in Biilin, should be redefined for what they really are: weekly
international anarchists rioters from the International Solidarity
Movement and their Arab irredentist friends. The Geneva Conventions apply
to established nations who signed an agreement to be followed in the event
of war. This does not apply to violent rioters and vandals.

Bar-Naftali is .fishing. for international condemnation and isolation for
the Jewish state abroad, using, or rather misusing, law to justify her
actions. A recent ruling in a US court requires the PA to pay damages to
American families whose children were killed in PA sponsored terrorist
attacks. The PA .defense. that this was in time of war and not subject to
legal action fell on deaf ears when the judge pointed out that there is a
peace process, not a war. This might also come as news to Bar Naftali. And
why does Bar-Naftali have nothing at all to say about the Palestinian
refusal to release Gilad Shalit? On the one hand, Bar-Naftali erroneously
cites the Geneva Conventions (a frequent ruse of the PLO) to bludgeon
Israel, while on the other has nothing to say about the treatment of
Shalit under the same Geneva Conventions and Red Cross guarantees.

In the legal mind of Orna Bar-Naftali, Israel has no jurisdiction over
Judea and Samaria, no matter what international law says (see the writings
of Prof. Louis Rene Beres on this matter). What a pity this woman hasnt
the time to use international law and the courts to tackle the issue of
honor killings in the PA, or the land law on the books there that
condemned an Arab to death for selling land to a Jew.

But wait, there is more:

Quoting Bar-Naftali and a co-author in another article in the Berkeley
Journal of International Law:

.The intrinsic legality of an occupation is to be measured in relation to
three interrelated fundamental legal principles: (a) Sovereignty and title
in an occupied territory is not vested in the occupying power; under
contemporary international law, and in view of the principle of
self-determination, said sovereignty is vested in the population under
occupation; (b) The occupying power is entrusted with the management of
public order and civil life in the territory under control. In view of the
principle of self-determination, the people under occupation are the
beneficiaries of this trust. The dispossession and subjugation of these
people is thus a violation of this trust, and (c) The occupation is
temporary, as distinct from indefinite. The violation of each of these
principles, as distinct from the violation of a specific norm which
reflects an aspect of these principles, renders an occupation illegal.
Further, these principles are interrelated: the substantive constraints on
the managerial discretion of the occupant elucidated in principle (a) and
(b) respectively, generate the conclusion that it must necessarily be
temporary, and the violation of the temporal constraints expressed in
principle (c) cannot but violate principles (a) and (b), thereby
corrupting the normative regime of occupation. This occupation is illegal.
This is the nature of the Israeli occupation. The extrinsic legality of an
occupation is to be measured by its exceptionality. Once the boundaries
between the exception and the rule are blurred, the occupation becomes

Note that what is missing here is a discussion of .occupation. when the
enemy forces are still trying to annihilate the .occupier. or where the
.occupied lands. actually rightfully belong to the .occupier.. In the case
of Israel, the .occupied. territories are its historic heartland. Also
missing are territories owned by victors and taken away from aggressors in
wars the latter started.[1]

And as usual, Bar-Naftali leaves out the important information to damn the
Jewish state when it suits her. In a bit of irony the above by Bar-Naftali
unintentionally makes a case for Israels control of its .occupied. lands:

Point of fact: there were 25 Jewish communities in Gaza, Judea and Samaria
prior to the Arab attacks on the new Jewish state in 1948. Overrun by
armies of the Arab Nation at that time, Egypt and Jordan, the land these
were based on was legally purchased. Despite this, the Arab armies took
the land (and even murdered the occupants after the Armistice as in Kfar
Etzion). Using Bar-Naftalis own arguments, the land was thus occupied by
Arabs against international law and certainly the murder of 35 Jews in a
pit in Gush Etzion was a .humanitarian. crime.

But the fact that Israel regained this property in 1967 in a defensive war
means nothing to Bar-Naftali, because she is only interested in Israel
being decreed guilty of violating .international law. and .humanitarian
rights.. Going a step further, settlements established by Israel in Gaza,
Judea and Samaria after 1967 are at worst disputed territories, since they
are in areas illegally held by Jordan or held in trust by Egypt and not
owned by those countries. In most cases they are on lands purchased
legitimately by their .occupants.. In other cases they were built on
ownerless sand dunes or desolate empty areas.

Even worse, she does not even support Israel in having a right to defend
its own people from terrorism. It should come as no surprise that
Bar-Naftali also found fault with Israels Operation Cast Lead that she
also declares as supposedly being in violation of Humanitarian Law (unlike
the firing of missiles at schoolchildren in Sderot). When Israel used
International law to justify Operation Cast Lead into Gaza after the
southern part of the country endured over 7,000 missiles attacks by Hamas,
Bar-Naftali took strong exception to this.

In discussing Israeli operations in Gaza, Bar-Naftali complains that
international law, her field, is bankrupt, and the results of the IDF
operation in Gaza only reinforces her opinion. .Today, this discipline is
utilized only to justify the use of force,. she said. .It has ceased to
exist, because there is a clear inconsistency between the rules and the
reality to which they are applied. Distinctions between types of conflicts
or between civilians and combatants no longer exist in the field, and one
can put forward weighty and serious reasons that will justify almost any
action. The implication is to validate the use of almost unlimited force
in a manner that is totally at odds with the basic goal of humanitarian
law. Instead of legal advice and international humanitarian law minimizing
suffering, they legitimize the use of force..

If one uses the logic of Orna Bar-Naftali, the use of force is always a
violation of Humanitarian Law; accordingly the allies in World War II were
in violation of Humanitarian Law for using force to end Hitlers reign.
Arab terrorism never seems to interest her. The early Oslo Accords
stipulated there would be an independent Palestinian state by 1998 only if
the Arabs would stop terror against the Jews. Instead, they escalated the
terror. In Bar Naftalis opinion, evidently there is no lesson to be drawn
from that

The joking definition of chutzpah is said to be a man who murders his
parents then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an
orphan. That seems to be a good parable for the type of legality promoted
by Orna Bar-Naftali. It involves using the law to indict Israel for being
the victim of the most brutal and lawless groups of Islamofascist
criminals on the planet, and for daring to defend its own population.


[1] Something of note that few readers would know, the law school at UC
Berkeley actually encourages lawbreaking when it comes to Israel and even
provides office space at California taxpayer expense to the Arab boycott
and divestment movement on campus. The office of the Law Students for
Justice in Palestine devotes all its time to proving that Israel, founded
by the UN in 1948 under international law is, in fact, an .illegal. state.


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