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BDS Now!! – We Demand a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions to end the Illegal Occupation!!

1. BDS Now!! – We Demand a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions to end
the Illegal Occupation!!

We, Israeli professors for justice and peace, do hereby appeal to
researchers, academics, scholars and teachers, in Israel and
throughout the world, to take a firm and clear stand against the
continuing occupation and denial of rights.
We are, of course, referring to the continuing British occupation of
territories in which Britain clearly has no right to be. We demand
that all British universities, and all academics at those
universities, be boycotted until these same institutions and
individuals come out clearly and openly in favor of immediate
unconditional removal of all British occupation from these
territories. We demand a moratorium on all funding of academic
research in Britain and divestment from Britain in all its forms.
Unlike Israel's "occupation" of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (the
latter of which is not occupied any longer in any way), which has
lasted a mere 45 years, Britain's occupations of territories has
lasted centuries.
Take, for example, the clearly illegal British occupation of
Gibraltar. There, Britain maintains an illegal settlement in open
defiance of all internationally accepted standards of legitimacy and
concepts of national rights. Moreover, Britain has placed there an
illegal security fence that prevents non-British nationals from
entering Gibraltar. This "apartheid fence" is a human rights atrocity
and must be torn down at once. And until it is, the entire world
should divest from Britain and boycott British universities.
Then there are those clearly illegal British settlements constructed
on occupied Argentinian territory in the Falkland Islands. What
clearer example is there of the continuing colonial aggression of
white European imperialism against the Third World?
But Britain's illegal settlements have also been constructed
elsewhere. Britain continues to maintain settlements on the Channel
Islands that obviously belong to France. While it is true that Britain
earlier ended its occupations of Hong Kong and India, that is no
excuse for its settlements elsewhere. After all, Israel ended its
occupation of Sinai, but that has not stopped the British University
and College Union, representing more than 120,000 college-level
educators, from voting on May 30 to pass a resolution calling for a
boycott of Israeli academics and universities, as well as a moratorium
on European Union funding of Israeli research.
And what about Britain's occupation forces in Afghanistan and Iraq?
True, Afghanistan and Iraq were terrorist enclaves, but since when
does that serve to legitimize the dispatch of occupation forces?
British professors clearly do not think that Israel has any right to
use force against terrorists attacking its population, so why should
British forces do so?
Of course, the very worst cases of illegal English occupation are in
Wales, Scotland and Ireland. These are occupations imposed upon those
oppressed populations by force of arms. And in Ireland, the occupation
produced genocidal levels of mortality. These occupations have lasted
for centuries.
The moral indifference by British academics to these continued
barbarous occupations and to the denial of self-determination for
Scots, Welsh and the Northern Irish is clearly as unforgivable as the
failure of some academics in apartheid South Africa to speak out
against abuses there.
Moreover, England itself is a racist apartheid society. Not only the
Welsh, but Muslims, Blacks, and Asians suffer from discrimination and
disadvantage inside Britain, as do people with normal senses of humor
or human tastes in food. The wages of these minorities are lower than
those of white Englishmen and they face discrimination in housing.
British universities have failed to redress these inequalities.
If divestment from South Africa was justified, it is all the more so
in this case. In fact, 27 British professors have endorsed our calls
for imposing an international boycott of their own universities. These
courageous, heroic souls must be supported.
We have sat in silence for much too long. The time has come. Please
join us in calling for an open-ended boycott of British academics and
universities until all these cases of occupation are ended.

Israeli Professors for Justice and Peace Steven Plaut, Chairperson

For more information, go to


Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz denounces BGU's Neve Gordon (Dept of
Political Science) as a Fifth-Rate Pseudo-Academic and Traitor,
Compares him with Holocaust Denier
Special Isracampus Report
On April 27, 2012 the Right-leaning daily Makor Rishon ran an
extensive in-depth interview with the legendary professor of law Alan
Dershowitz. The interview covers two full newspaper pages in the "law
supplement" of the weekend edition of the paper. In the interview,
Dershowitz is asked about and speaks freely about a wide number of
subjects, from Israel's own Supreme Court, to the Obama Presidency, to
the Goldstone Commission, to the so-called "BDS or
Boycott-Divest–Sanctions movement, which he considers to be
anti-Semitic. He denounces J Street as an anti-Israel propaganda
But Dershowitz fires his most devastating ammunition in the interview
against three anti-Semitic Israelis. They are Neve Gordon from Ben
Gurion "University," Ilan Pappe, once at the University of Haifa but
today a full-time Israel Basher in Britain at the University of
Exeter, and the demented Holocaust Denier, ex-Israeli sax player Gilad
In the interview, Dershowitz is asked about a comment of his cited
last year in Globes in which he said that some of the worst enemies of
Israel are themselves Israelis. Dershowitz responds by saying that not
only are these anti-Israel Israelis among Israel's worst enemies, but
also they are among Israel's most dangerous enemies. He then says that
he has in mind (in this order) Neve Gordon, Ilan Pappe and Gilad
Atzmon. In spite of the fact that the last two have emigrated from
Israel, Dershowitz says that these three and people like them are
"People who wrap themselves in the Israeli flag only for the purpose
of burning it. The only time these people claim to be Israelis at all
is when they wish to wave this as a certificate to legitimize their
own malicious and unreasonable attacks against Israel." While
insisting that criticism in and of itself is something positive,
Dershowitz says that these people are not "critics" but rather are
seeking the demonization and delegitimization of all of Israel in the
most hypocritical manner.
Dershowitz is then asked about the ulterior motive of these people. He
replies: "Most anti-Israel Israelis are fifth rate academics incapable
of finding themselves professionally or academically in Israel. Hence
they try to find themselves positions in Europe, even though they
generally are also too inferior to get work there. But they believe if
they market themselves as anti-Israel Israelis, the novelty will boost
their standing and they just might find jobs. I realize this may sound
like I have a personal grudge against them, but in fact this is the
simple truth."
It is notable that Dershowitz lumps Neve Gordon (and Pappe) together
with Gilad Azmon, an open Holocaust Denier as well as someone who has
called for burning down synagogues (see
Neve Gordon of course cannot play the saxophone.

To complain, contact:
Ben Gurion University:
Rivka Carmi, President
P.O. Box 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105, Israel,
Tel: 972-8-6461211/9
Fax: 972-8-6472991

Zvi HaCohen, Rector
P.O. Box 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105, Israel
Tel: 972-8-6596801
Fax: 972-8-6596802

Other officers listed here:
University "Friends of" Offices outside Israel are listed here:

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Speaking of Long-Term "Occupations" ....

1. The news services are reporting that the US is about to remove a
part of its forces in Okinawa, sending about 7000 troops elsewhere.

That is correct and not a misprint. 67 years after liberating Okinawa
during World War II, it is still "occupied" by the heroic American

Of course, the American people was not first born and developed in
Okinawa, and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were
not handed down to the American people from a mountain on that island.

But the same Bash-Israel lobby and the Boycott-Divest Hitlerjugend
have never had much to say about occupation of Okinawa, which has
lasted far, far longer than Israel's occupation of its own Judean and
Samarian heartland.

Speaking of which, you can see me occupying the Judean heartland in
the "occupied" West Bank in the accompanying photo.

2. You can always count on Haaretz to try to turn Israeli
Independence Day into Nakba Day and Let's all Escalate the Treason

First, Haaretz ran a special long anti-Israel diatribe by its most
openly treasonous columnist, Gideon Levy, smack on the front page in a
special color overleaf.

Then as its main feature article it ran a longwinded diatribe by
Avraham Burg, the far-leftist anti-Israel ex-politician who has been
calling for Israel's elimination for several years.

Shortly before Independence Day Haaretz ran a long piece by Akiva
Eldar openly endorsing Palestinian violence and terror against Jews.
It was so openly pro-violence that Maariv editor devoted much of his
own column today bashing Eldar and Haaretz for running it. Akiva
Eldar is one of the worst haters of Israel at Haaretz and is so
anti-Semitic that lately he has taken to publishing some of his
screeds in the Neo-Stalinist Magazine for Holocaust Deniers and
jihadists, Counterpunch, run by the Cockburn Stalinists, people I
prefer to call the Burncocks..

You can see the English version of Eldar's screed here:

3. Two Lone Still Voices of Sanity:

4. Peter Beinert's anti-Israel screed has attracted a lot of
attention in recent weeks (see
and )

Well, now the full time professional liberal Paul Krugman has
joined in and tossed his very small weight behind Beinert.

Just who is Krugman? Paul Krugman and I have something in
common. He and I are both economists (with Princeton connections) who
are completely undeserving of getting a Nobel Prize. Yet Krugman got
one, thanks to his many years of service to the Left wing of the
Democrat Party in trashing Bush and the Republicans and helping get
Obama elected. The Nobel committee picked him out and decided to
reward his political loyalty to the Cause. Kind of like Shimon Peres
and Yassir Arafat getting theirs. I have never met an economist who
thinks Krugman did anything academic deserving of a Nobel Prize and
most cannot even point to anything particularly original in Krugman's
academic work. Krugman was badly tarnished for his involvement in the
Enron scandal. ("Enron Follies", Rich Karlgaard, Forbes magazine,
02-13-2002. )

In fact, Krugman long ago gave up pretenses of being an academic
and is simply a full time point-man and Basher of anything non-liberal
for the NYTimes and the rest of the NFM (NFM stands for the Non-Fox
media). Krugman's knowledge of Israel is that he has spent a few days
here a number of times years ago (and in fact I met with him during
several of these). His wife was badly hurt in a car crash in Israel
during one of these, perhaps explaining his animus. He is a
completely assimilated Jewish liberuh who knows little about Israel
and even less about Judaism. You can see his screed against Zionism
in the NY Times here:

Even Tikkun is willing to overlook Krugman's otherwise devotion to
liberal capitalism in order to salute his bashing Israel:

Here are some other commentators on the Krugman shande:

5. Remember when J Street used to be pro-Israel? Well see this:
J Street: In Event of War We Won't Necessarily Support Israel
J Street said that in the event that war broke out involving Israel,
it would not necessarily support the Jewish state.

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The True Adventures of Two-Gun Cohen

(article in attachement with photos - pasting the article without photos below)

Shorter articles about Two-Gun can be read Here:

Two-Gun Cohen; Chinese
Spy Master and a second Moishe!
Morris "Two-Gun" Cohen was the one and only Jewish Chinese General and,
for a time, was head of the Chinese Secret Service! One of his colleagues was
Dr. Moses Schwarzberg, a Russian Jew who helped save China, for a time,
from the Communists.
The official languages (in order of importance) in the Chinese Secret Service,
during the time of the Two Moishes, were Chinese, Yiddish and English.
Born in Poland to a large (eight children) observant Jewish family, Abraham
Morris Cohen was a handful almost from the time he could walk. His father beat
him when he was three years old for wandering away from his East London home.
A sturdy lad, he responded to Christian boys' bantering by – at age eight –
knocking out a 12-year-old. A boxing promoter signed him to fight
He called himself "Fat Moisha" or "Cockney Cohen," but would never enter the
ring on a Friday – the Jewish Sabbath. He feared his father's wrath.
1890's London with widespread poverty
at a time when Jack the Ripper spread terror.
He was often hungry; his family was poor – so he earned pocket change by picking
pockets. Ultimately, he was recruited by a man known as "Harry the Gonof"
(the Yiddish word for "thief" – a Fagen-like creature right out of a
Charles Dickens
novel. ) Arrested, he was sent, at age 12, to a variety of reform
schools. His angry
parents borrowed the money and sent him, aged 16, to a friend farming
in Wappala,
then in the Assiniboia territory – later part of Saskatchewan.
Cohen's life changed drastically one evening in Saskatoon. He delighted, on
Sunday evenings, to dig into a large Chinese dinner and then gamble in the back
of the café. But, when he turned up one night at one of his favorite haunts, he
found the aged Chinese restaurant owner, Mah Sam, being held up by a hoodlum.
Cohen wasn't going to have his plans for the evening interrupted – so
he sidled up
to the thug, whacked him in the head – disarmed him – and then threw him bodily
out of the restaurant.
To the Chinese, he became a hero at a time when anti-Asiatic feeling in Canada
was even greater than its anti-Semitism. Cohen became the only white man
admitted to the ranks of the secret Chinese Tong.
Ultimately, Morris Cohen journeyed to China – now being led into modernity by
Dr. Sun Yat Sen, and he became commander of the President's 250-man bodyguard.
Morris Cohen in a Canadian regiment during World War One
Several attempts were made to assassinate the President. On one occasion, Cohen
fought off three assailants attacking Sun on a train. He was nicked in
his left hand.
The wound made him think. "Supposing it had been my right arm. As soon as we
got back to Canton, I got me a second gun, another Smith and Wesson revolver."
Journalists dubbed him "Two-Gun" Cohen.
Two-Gun was of great service to the Chinese. A veteran of World War I, he taught
his new friends boxing and the use of weapons. He became a military adviser, and
an arms dealer. In 1922, he was named Director of the Chinese secret service.
Morris Cohen had a very limited knowledge of Chinese, but in his new post, he
was able to use Yiddish quite a bit. One of his confreres was interpreter Moishe
Schwarzberg, and the two would chat in Yiddish!
The Schwarzberg story is stunning in itself.
Morris Cohen, at the right in the white suit, with Chinese President Sun Yat-Sen
and future President Chiang Kai-Shek.
At the beginning of the 1920s, Moses Schwartzberg was fleeing the newly-born
Soviet Union. He had been a member of a revolutionary group at the University
of Moscow, whose members, were marked for death after they tried to kill Soviet
Union founder Lenin in 1918 (a plot devised by yet another Jew, Shlomo ben
Hirsch Rozenblum – known to the British Secret Service as Sidney Reilly –
and whose career was fictionalized as James Bond. But that's another story.)
Schwartzberg's flight took him to Siberia, then a lawless region. As he crossed
over the border into China, then locked into a Civil War between a democratic
party headed by Sun Yat-Sen and a swath of powerful war lords, he stumbled
across the near-frozen body of an elderly Chinese man. The man still had a faint
pulse, and Schwartzberg dragged him to a nearby Russian Cossack village, and
brought him back to consciousness. To the Jewish doctor's surprise, the Chinese
man spoke Russian and after a time, feeling that he was dying, he turned over
to Schwartzberg a message from the Soviet Union's leaders to Dr. Sun (plus
gold coins to bribe his way).
The people of the border area between Siberia and China
The doctor made his way to Shanghai but found his way to the President barred by
a highly-protective bodyguard. Schwartzberg gathered that the "huge man with a
shaved head and two pistols in his belt" was in charge but when he
tried pleading
his case, in Chinese and Russian, the chief bodyguard responded, in English,
"Who the hell are you and what the hell do you want?"
When he learned who he was, Cohen switched to Yiddish. A collaboration of the
two Moishes was born. When Schartzberg made his presentation to Doctor Sun,
it became apparent that the Chinese President couldn't read Russian. The
multilingual Jewish doctor was immediately offered a job as an interpreter.
Two-Gun put it this way: "Listen, kid, how would you like to stay on
as Dr. Sun's
confidential secretary. He likes you." And so Chinese spies worked in Chinese,
Yiddish and English!
(Dr. Schwartzberg completed his medical degree in Berlin, practiced medicine in
Hong Kong and Peking, but fled with his wife and daughter to Chungking when
the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941. After the war, he organized the
Shanghai Regiment with 1,200 Jewish volunteers to fight for newborn Israel.)
This picture of the "upper echelon" showing Two-Gun Cohen, in the white suit,
seated with President Chiang Kai-Shek on his right, verifies his importance
in Chinese leadership.
Two-Gun becomes a General
Two-Gun was named to command the Chinese 19th field army. Time Magazine,
in 1931, reported that Cohen "was gazetted by the Canton government a
Brigadier General." He led Nationalist troops in fighting against both the
Japanese and communist Chinese.
When the Japanese entered World War II, in 1941, Cohen was captured in
Hong Kong. The Japanese now had a great enemy – but they didn't know it.
By identifying himself as a Canadian businessman, he fooled the Japanese.
Ultimately, Morris Cohen was among a small number of prisoners released in
exchange for important Japanese officials held in the US. He returned to Canada.
"When we pulled into Montreal," he said. " I picked up my parcels and stepped
down on the platform – a free man."
On Friday, Dec. 3rd, 1943, the Montreal Gazette reported "A few dozen men and
women met early yesterday at Bonaventure station for the sole purpose of meeting
the fairytale Chinese general, a Jew by birth a Canadian Citizen, Gen. Morrice
Cohen a former aide-de-camp to the famous rebuilder of China, Dr. Sun Yat sen."
Hong Kong – seized by the Japanese in December, 1941.
Cohen married a Montreal woman but the affair didn't last. He planned to return
to England – but he had one great service to offer to the Jewish people.
In 1945, the United Nations was being formed in San Francisco. And a resolution
proposing the partitioning of Palestine into two states – one Jewish
and the other
Arabic – was to be submitted to the new organization. The international Jewish
community was on hand to do what it could to see that the Resolution was passed.
Two-Gun flew to San Francisco and convinced the head of the Chinese delegation
to abstain from voting when he learned they planned to oppose partition. That
abstention ultimately helped ensure passage of the measure
partitioning Palestine –
and allowing the creation of Israel.
Two Gun's gravestone in Manchester.
He died in Manchester and was buried there with a trilingual headstone – in
English, traditional Hebrew and in Chinese (a tribute from the people he served
so well.) The tribute identified him as "Mah Sam" – as close as the
Chinese could
get to Morris Cohen. It means "clenched fist."

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1. Afterword on the Passover Peacock: There are some famous
Chassidic stories about turkeys, I guess the most famous being the one
by Rabbi Nachman of Uman (and before that Bratslov) about the prince
who thinks he is a hindik (turkey). It can be read here:
(reprinted below)
. But I prefer the story of the Jewish merchant who takes his
turkey to the market town to sell and there he sees someone selling
rare tropical parakeets for 500 rubles each. "I tell you what," says
the Jewish merchant, "I will sell you my turkey for 5000 rubles."
"Are you nuts," responds the parakeet seller, "Turkeys go in the
market for two and a half rubles each." "Yes, but mine weighs at
least 50 times more than the parakeets you are selling for 500
rubles." "True," responds the parakeet seller, "But my birds know how
to sing such sweet songs." "So what," says the Jewish merchant, "My
turkey thinks such wonderful thoughts." It is a story I tell to any
student who complains to me that he really knew the correct answers
but just did not express them properly in the exam.

The Turkey Prince Rises From Under The Table
Rabbi Nahman said: once a king's son went crazy [in his madness he
thought] that he was a bird that is called Hindik, that is a turkey.
And [therefore the king's son thought that he] should settle naked
under the table and drag (peck) pieces of bread and bones like a
Hindik. All the doctors despaired of helping him and healing him. The
King was very pained, until a wise man came and said: I accept upon
myself to heal him.

[What did the wise man do?] He also stripped naked and sat under the
table with the king's son, and also dragged (pecked) crumbs and bones.

The king's son asked him: Who are you and what are you doing here?

He replied: And what are you doing here?

He (the king's son) said : I am a Hindik.

He (the wise man) said: I am also a Hindik.

So they both sat together like that for some time, until they got
accustomed to each other.

Then the wise man motioned and they threw them shirts, and the wise
man the Hindik said to the king's son: You think that a Hinkik can't
go with a shirt? It is possible to wear a shirt and still be a Hindik.
And they both put on shirts.

And a little while later (the wise man) motioned and they threw them
pants, and he (the wise man) told him (the king's son): You think that
with pants it isn't possible to be a Hindik? So they put on the pants,
and so with all the other clothing.

Afterwords (the wise man) motioned and they threw them regular food
from the table, and he (the wise man) said to him (the king's son):
You think that by eating good food one stops being a Hindik? It is
possible to eat and also be a Hindik. So they ate.

Afterwords he (the wise man) said to him (the king's son): You think
that a Hindik has to be specifically under the table? It is possible
to be a Hindik and be (sit) next to the table.

And so (the wise man) dealt with him (the king's son) until he healed
him completely.

(I have long wondered if everyone in Israel is not an insane prince
behaving outwardly like a sane person but secretly believing he is a
hindik!! -- SP)

2. Among the Hitlerjugend:,7340,L-4219636,00.html and,7340,L-4219511,00.html

3. BGU's Dynamic Duo of Deconstruction collaborate in Fraud and Pseudo-History

The lies of Oren Yiftachel are true because liar Neve Gordon agrees
with them, or is it the reverse?


It seems that the defense ministers acted according to a premeditated
plan whose practical purpose was to annex the whole area to Israel,
"clean" of Arabs, to create a corridor from Be'er Sheva to the Jewish
settlement Kiryat Arba, the same area that appears on maps the Israeli
delegation presented to Palestinians during the Camp David peace

4. LA area residents - you may want to attend this:

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The Passover Peacock

The Passover Peacock
By Steven Plaut

It was a few days before Passover when I first heard the horrific
cackling. What the hell is that, I ask the family members, it sounds
just like Shulamit Aloni! But it wasn't.

Soon thereafter, my wife comes running into the house. "There is a
peacock downstairs in the yard," she proclaims. Hmmm, just in time
for Passover, thinketh I?

Down I go to investigate. And there standing in our yard is a
giant turkey, like something out of a Thanksgiving poster in a Walmart
store. We live not far from the Haifa zoo, and various critters,
especially those in possession of wings, tend to escape the place and
go seeking friendlier quieter surroundings. The zoo, you see, is
rather noisy. Late at night throughout our neighborhood one can hear
the elephants in the zoo making loud noises. And, how shall I put
this delicately, the noises they are making are NOT from their mouths,
and resemble the noises I myself make when I eat too much chulent or
read Tikkun magazine.

Zoology is not my wife's strong point, so you will have to forgive
her classification error in ornithology. Her Passover peacock was in
fact a turkey. She had some good reasons though for the confusion.
Years back we actually had a male peacock refugee from the same zoo
take refuge in our yard, long peacock feathers with the bluish "eye"
looking decorations and all. The kids were young back then and
nicknamed the peacock "Notsi" from the Hebrew word for feather, Notz.
The yard guest then lost a feather, which we saved, and use to this
day in the late night search for any crumbs of leavened bread the
night before the Passover seder. The kids discovered that peacocks
really like "Bamba," a peanut-butter tasting Israeli puffy snack.
Bamba by the way is kosher for Sephardim during Passover, containing
kitniyot, and it seems that peacocks are Sephardic because they love
gobbling up Bamba even during Passover. We know, we fed it.

The newest "Notsi" was however an obnoxious aggressive male
turkey. The various cats on the street found themselves intimidated
and chased down the block by the monster whenever they came too close
to investigate. No one quite knew what to do with the turkey. Being
the only American around, I of course proposed fattening it up and
trying to keep it around until the last week of November, when all
Americans know just what the proper use for such yard guests should
be. The neighbors however cringed at the thought of the noisy
gobbling lasting that long.

Meanwhile, the children all along the street were carrying out to
the garbage containers plastic bags full of chametz, leavened
products. I invited them over to feed our Passover turkey the scraps,
instead of dumping or burning them. I am sure it was the highlight of
Passover for many of them, and for years they will remember feeding
the beast far better than they recall reading about Pharaoh in the
Haggada. I am not sure of Levy's rye bread still exists, but I bet it
could use the turkey from our yard in its famous ads about how you do
not have to be Jewish to love Levy's rye bread.

The Passover turkey did have some problems during Passover itself
though. It was not crazy about matzot, not even egg matza or
French-toast-style matza.

Anyhow, the parking near the zoo was horrendous during Passover,
with some cars parking as far away as the spaces in front of our
building just to get to the zoo. But the lazier families stopped the
climb up the hill when they got to our yard and let the kids chase and
photograph the Passover turkey.

Alas, the turkey did not last very far into the counting of the
Omer. One morning it was just gone, and I suspect one of the other
critters that lives in the Haifa wadis or gorges came out one night
and had its own snack. There are wild boars down there and huge
porcupines. There went my plans for Thanksgiving!

But all is not lost. I went for a climb up the Carmel today to
get some serious coffee, and a few buildings up the hill from my own I
hear a new, but different, cackle. This time it was not Shulamit
Aloni either. (She has never quite recovered, by the way, from Hansel
and Gretel escaping!)

This time it really was a peacock, the newest refugee from the
zoo, although a female this time, meaning she did not have any of
those glorious blue feathers. If she hangs around until Shavuos, I
will let you know if she eats cheesecake.

In the Matter of Oren Yiftachel and the further death of standards at Ben Gurion "University"


Oren Yiftachel: Legacy of Fraud, Incompetence, and Struggle against
the Existence of Israel
So How Exactly do you say "Pseudo-Academic Fraud" in Bedouin?
Special Isracampus Report
Oren Yiftachel is one of the worst anti-Israel "academic" extremists
in Israel. After being turned down for an academic position in urban
planning at the Technion due to his poor academic credentials, he was
made a professor of geography at Ben Gurion University, a university
where academic credentials are not always a necessary nor a sufficient
condition for a person to serve on its faculty.
There Yiftachel has built an entire career upon churning out
Bash-Israel propaganda. He specializes in trying to paint Israel as a
racist apartheid entity, or – to use his own favorite nonsense word –
an intolerant "ethnocracy." He justified the firing of Hamas rockets
into Israel, even when some landed near his own campus, on grounds
that Israel had "jailed" the entire Palestinian population of Gaza.
This "jailing" consisted of refusing to allow the Gazan terrorists to
import advanced weapons systems. (See this anti-Semitic smear by him,
still carried on the BGU official web site:
and see also
Yiftachel churns out anti-Israel hate propaganda for some of the most
anti-Semitic groups and magazines on the planet. Along with BGU's Neve
Gordon and Lev Grinberg, he is part of the core BGU group of tenured
extremists who make no secret of their endorsement of Arab mass murder
of Jews.
Yiftachel is also basically the Ilan Pappe of the Negev, meaning
someone who never hesitates to lie and defraud when it comes to the
holy task of annihilating Israel. And he was recently nailed for this
by an Israeli judge.
For the past few years, Yiftachel has spent much of his time
attempting to demonize Israel for supposedly mistreating its Bedouin
citizens. This "mistreatment" consists of Israel's refusal to accept
at face value the fictional and imaginary "legal" claims of the Negev
Bedouins to huge portions of the entire Negev. The Bedouins and their
lobby have simply fabricated "claims" for this extremely expensive and
valuable land in land-poor Israel. Yiftachel, who has no training in
law or history or economics, has served as their lobbyist in demanding
that these fictional claims be accepted by the state, in essence
transferring much of the Negev to Bedouins having no legal claim to
the land there whatsoever.
Yiftachel also has a long track record of denouncing Israel for
allowing Jews to move to the Negev and the Galilee, or what he calls
"Judaizing" these territories. The term "judaization" has been used by
anti-Semites as a nonsense term to denounce Jews since the Middle
In recent weeks, Yiftachel testified in a Beer Sheba Court about those
Bedouin claims in a suit against the state of Israel brought by the
Bedouin lobby. Yiftachel's fraudulent testimony has now become the
matter of public record and of a growing number of media reports.
Yiftachel gave false testimony to the court. A second geography
professor from Jerusalem, Prof. Ruth Kark, gave non-fictional and
factually correct testimony on behalf of the state, challenging the
fraudulent claims of Yiftachel and the Bedouin lobby. Kark has
published a serious academic book about the Negev Bedouins, along with
her PhD student, Seth Frantzman, currently an editor at the Jerusalem
Post and someone who often writes for Isracampus.
The court ruled against Yiftachel and his lobby. The judge in
question, Sarah Dovrat, went out of her way to denounce Yiftachel for
fabrication and fraudulent misrepresentation of the contents of a
number of historic documents during his testimony, denouncing him
explicitly for testifying about the contents of documents he had never
even bothered to read!
The denunciation of Yiftachel and his fraud has now appeared in
several news venues. Citations from the judge's verdict in which
Yiftachel was denounced were posted on an Israeli chat list by the
distinguished Israeli professor of Geography from Tel Aviv University,
Gideon Biger.
On April 20, 2012, a particularly good expose of Yiftachel's fraud was
carried in Hebrew by the Makor Rishon daily newspaper. It filled a
full newspaper page and is too long to be translated in full here. But
we will paraphrase in English the more important segments of the
It cites Judge Dovrat in describing Oren's testimony before her court
as a disgrace and embarrassment. It describes the court case in
question as one concerning an illegal encampment of Bedouins on Negev
land they do not own, where the illegal buildings (really shanties)
erected there have been repeatedly demolished by the government of
Israel. The lands on which these were erected are state-owned public
lands. The judge is cited as saying, "I felt terribly ill at easy in
listening to Yiftachel's testimony when it became apparent that he was
citing sources he had never even bothered to read."
Yiftachel was called to testify by the Far-Leftist lawyer representing
the Bedouins, Michael Sfard, in order to grant academic credibility to
their false claims. The judge adds in her verdict: "Yiftachel twisted
and squirmed on the witness stand in a manner that caused me to feel
completely uneasy, in fact completely embarrassed." She adds that
Yiftachel clearly never bothered to read the documents he was
attempting to cite into evidence. Yiftachel was not the only fraud
brought by Sfard and his clients to the court. A surveyor who was
asked to testify about the lands in question had never surveyed them,
merely looking them up on an internet web site. The judge tossed out
the entire suit by Sfard and his Bedouin would-be land thieves.
A particularly acrimonious letter was then published by the University
of Haifa's geography professor Arnon Soffer, blasting Yiftachel. In
that letter, Soffer writes that he has followed Yiftachel's "work" for
years and has always found it to be shallow political propaganda and
not academic scholarship. He expresses satisfaction that Judge Dovrat
essentially confirms officially everything he already knew about
Yiftachel. When interviewed for the Makor Rishon piece, Prof. Soffer
adds that Yiftachel is basically a traitor to the state of Israel,
someone attempting to turn the Negev over to Bedouin squatters. Anyone
proposing such an idea, says Soffer, is a rotten villain as well as a
Soffer is also quoted there as calling Yiftachel a serial liar. For
example, Yiftachel likes to pretend that he "ONLY" endorses Bedouin
claims to a "mere" 5% of the Negev. It is 5% if one counts all the
Arava wastelands going all the way down to Eilat as included in the
Negev. But in the fertile Negev land north of Beer Sheba, Yiftachel
and his clients are demanding 100% of those lands for the Bedouins,
says Soffer. He also accuses Yiftachel of intentionally lying about
the number of "unrecognized" – meaning illegal – Bedouin squatter
villages in the Negev. Soffer claims that in reality 10% of the land
in Israel is being illegally held by the two and a half percent of the
population who are Negev Bedouins. Soffer's characterization of
Yiftachel was also backed by Prof. Gideon Biger from the geography
department at Tel Aviv University, also interviewed for the piece in
Makor Rishon. Biger says that Yiftachel's political agenda and biases
govern everything he does and writes, and Biger accuses him of
producing pseudo-scientific pseudo-research.
The newspaper editorializes that the entire court case in which
Yiftachel testified was in fact not at all about legal rights to land
but rather about the legitimacy of Israel as a state and its right to
enforce its own laws. Things Yiftachel opposes.
The Israeli anti-Zionist Left has been denouncing the judge in shrill
tones for her decision. The judge has been defended, however, by many
of Israel's serious legal academics, including the left-leaning
eminent Prof. Ruth Gavison. She insists that if dubious Bedouin claims
from the 1920s are to be taken at face value by the courts, then so
must all Jewish claims to lands across the Green Line in the
"Palestinian" territories. Yiftachel and his buddies of course
consider such statements to be fascist racism. The case is expected to
be appealed to the Supreme Court.
A second somewhat similar article appears this week on the internet at (in Hebrew). It accuses Yiftachel of
forgery and perjury, when he submitted to the court a corrected later
affidavit carrying the false date of an earlier affidavit he had
It should be noted that Yiftachel is not the only anti-Israel
"geographer" on the faculty of BGU. Geographer David Newman, currently
the Dean of Social Sciences and the Humanities at BGU, shares most of
Yiftachel's political biases and passions for anti-Israel
propagandizing. Dean Newman can be counted upon to stand by his man
and prevent any sanctions against Yiftachel for his misbehavior! BGU
president Rivka Carmi can also be counted upon to forget all about
Yiftachel whenever she insist there is only one single anti-Israel
lunatic in the entire faculty of BGU.
Neve Gordon and Lev Grinberg are probably better known as the global
symbols of the absence of serious academic standards at Ben Gurion
University. They are notorious realizations of the long track record
of BGU in hiring faculty with near empty "academic" records, promoting
them and granting them tenure. There are dozens of others at BGU!
But the lesser known Yiftachel is just as much of a full-time
pro-terror anti-Israel hate propagandist, hired and promoted in spite
of his absence of serious academic credentials - all thanks entirely
to his hatred of Israel. Hating Israel is a far weightier factor in
getting hired and promoted at Ben Gurion University than is scholarly

2. From Munich unto Munich: The Anti-Israel "Boycott, Divest,
Sanctions" Hitlerjugend, also known as the BDS-holes, are taking their
campaign for economic aggression against Israel to Munich, where it
was born, and where they will be holding their own little Beer Hall
Putsch: Munich Conference, The International Movement for One
Democratic State in Israel/Palestine June 30- July 1, 2012
By "one democratic state" they mean a Hamastan erected on the ashes of
the extermination of Israel and its Jews. Among the speakers at this
new Munich who will be calling for annihilation of Israel are two
Israeli "academics": the Arab Dr. Ghada Karmi and Dr. Oren Ben-Dor,
both living in the UK. The latter, Ben Dor, is a Jewish anti-Semite
who writes for the Neo-Nazi "Counterpunch" rag and who has been
warring against the Jews for many years:

3. Neo-Nazism comes to Florida university:
and to Temple University, my alma mater:

4. Two really delightful web sites: , on the BDS-holes,
and on one of them in particular.

5. Latest cause of the Israeli Left:,7340,L-4219709,00.html and

6. The Danish Hitler youth who assaulted the Israeli colonel:
The colonel has now been suspended from duties by Israel's
post-survivalist leaders.
Meanwhile, it turns out the ISM terrorists who attacked him were
carrying knives. The terrorist struck in the face by the colonel's
rifle who said he needed two stitches was filmed the day after the
attack. No stitches and no bruises, except to his pride. I think we
need an official commission of investigation into why not.

7. Am I the only one around he thinks that the French are such
disgusting people that they would DESERVE an era of serious socialism,
with all the poverty and corruption and retardation it would produce?
And the rapid Islamofization of the country? (I secretly cheered
when half of Germany was subjected to communist rule! Because the
Germans deserved it.)

Friday, April 20, 2012


Quick, what is the difference between Haaretz and the National Enquirer?

If you were going to point to smut, forget it, because Haaretz is
increasingly the newspaper of smut and yellow scandal sheet
"journalism" in Israel. If you were going to say that the National
Enquirer is not an openly treasonous newspaper, then I think you could
be on to something.

Two days ago Haaretz devoted almost its entire front page to a
sensationalist story about rape and "group sex" on a Tel Aviv beach.
The story in its electronic form can be read here:

As you can see, "gang rape" features in the story and the headline.
The story is based upon a single complaint made a few weeks earlier to
the police by a woman who claimed to see a man and woman, er, ah,
"pillowing" in the surf in the broad light of day on a Tel Aviv beach.
That was enough for Haaretz to run the story as a banner page-one
headline. When the police sent a police car to check out the story,
they did not see anything at all going on. Haaretz suggests of course
that the police were not INTERESTED in arresting the perps. The
witness claims she tried to persuade the woman supposedly in the
center of the beach activity to leave, but the woman "victim" cursed
at the busybody. It did not occur to Haaretz that this pretty much
meant the story was NOT about "group rape."

Meanwhile, the story became the talk of the town, and dozens of
radical feminists took advantage of the opportunity to lecture the
patriarchal male chauvinists amongst us of how badly women are
oppressed in Israel and what Neanderthals we all are.

A facebook group at
was set up in Hebrew for enraged feminists and other to demand that
action be taken. For an hour or so after press time, Haaretz was
riding high on the crest of the wave of journalistic heroism.

Until the truth came out.

The next day stories in Israel Hayom, Maariv, and other newspapers
filled in the facts that Haaretz had conveniently overlooked.

First of all, the "gang rape" was not a rape at all and did not
involve any gang. The woman involved in the beach "incident" is a
professional prostitute who had the day off. She evidently decided to
give away some samples of her services as a publicity gimmick, a bit
like how supermarkets and department stores sometimes give away
merchandise as "teaser" marketing tactics.

Second, when the lass in question was interviewed by the press, after
being tracked down, she insisted there was no "group" at all involved
in her marketing campaign but merely her own boyfriend who was
sampling the delicacies in the surf, this being her day off from her
usual gainful employment as a hooker. Hebrew readers can see an
actual piece of journalism, as opposed to Haaretz smut, here at Israel
There the young streetwalker claims the entire incident lasted 15
minutes, which does not really speak too well about the woman's
professional skills in her chosen line of industry, and was with her
own boyfriend.

The other great irony is that Israel's leftists and feminists have
long been campaigning to legalize prostitution because they see
prostitutes as "sex workers," and they want to impose fines and
penalties on the male customers of those "workers." They want the
hookers to be recognized as "professionals" in the "sex industry,"
complete with health benefits and a pension plan At the same time,
they claim that Israel is involved in "human trafficking," because
those same "sex workers" are equivalent to slaves, bough and sold in
the market. I guess I must have been out of the room when it was
decided that prostitution is "trafficking in humans."

Now I cannot testify in the first person as to the nature of this
market, in which I do not participate. But I do not believe there is
a single hooker in Israel who is a "slave" or who was turned into a
hooker by "human trafficking." Prostitution in this corner of the
world goes back to the Bible and every single prostitute in Israel is
a woman (or in same cases a man) who is attracted to the "profession"
by easy money or by the need to feed their drug habits. Few civilized
people are happy with the operation of this "industry," although I for
one regard the "working girls" as considerably more ethical and
productive than leftwing professors are.

Some of you older geezers may recall the Tom Lehrer song from the 60s
about "Smut." You can see the lyrics here:
A true classic.

I do not know about you, but these days I think it is far more
educational and satisfactory to read smut, such as in the National
Enquirer, than to read the daily doses of treason and unprofessional
pseudo-journalism in Haaretz.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The REAL Lesson from the Holocaust

It began as a supposed struggle to defend the human rights of an
oppressed minority group. It began as an innocent demand for
self-determination. All Hitler wanted was to achieve
self-determination for the Sudeten Germans, to free them from the
oppression and mistreatment at the hands of democratic Czechoslovakia.
Never mind that the ethnic Germans living under Czechoslovak rule
were being treated infinitely better than were Germans living under
German rule. In fact, the Sudetens were arguably th ebest treated
minority in all of Europe. Never mind that Germans already had
achieved self-determination in the form of nation states – Germany and
Austria, to which Sudeten Germans could freely move. Never mind that
the ONLY reason Germany was demanding self-determination and
independence for the Sudetens was as a ploy to destroy all of
Czechoslovakia and then to carry out genocide.

The world wants us to learn the lessons from World War II? The
world sees parallels between the "suffering" of the Palestinians and
the sufferings of civilians in World War II?

Every single act of aggression in the past 100 years was carried out
in the name of human rights and the need for self-determination for
oppressed minorities.

Here is the REAL parallel, the REAL lesson:
(Published in 1999 – 13 years ago):
Palestinian Irredentism: A Warning from History
by Steven Plaut
Middle East Quarterly
June 1999, pp. 49-56
Steven Plaut teaches at the University of Haifa.

In August 1998, according to press reports, official Israeli analysts
met with Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet ministers to discuss what was
termed the "potential strategic threat" stemming from the Arab
population resident in Israel. Among other things, the report
discussed a "worst case scenario" whereby these Israeli Arabs would
launch a separatist campaign.1 The report went on to draw explicit
comparisons between this threat and the role of Sudeten Germans in
Czechoslovakia in the 1930s.2
The report caused a minor uproar, forcing the government to apologize
later and back down from this characterization of Israel's Arab
citizens as a potential fifth column. Yet the comparison is an
intriguing one, for Israeli Arabs and Sudeten Germans do have much in
common, as recent research has established.3 The historic analogy with
the Sudetens arises with respect to debate over the real motivations
behind demands for Palestinian self-determination, demands sometimes
extended to include Israeli Arabs. Does the Sudeten story of six
decades back in fact have lessons for today?

The modern Czechoslovakian state came into existence in 19184; in the
first of many parallels with modern Israel, it was a country recreated
after centuries, having been destroyed and absorbed by others over the
years. In the Middle Ages, Bohemia and Moravia had been separate Czech
kingdoms, enjoying varying degrees of independence, generally within
the framework of the Holy Roman Empire. During the Hussite rebellion
of the fifteenth century, the Czechs regained their full independence
in a heroic armed struggle that pitted the few against the many. Their
independence was then to be crushed with finality in 1620, and the
Czech lands were absorbed by the Habsburg Empire, while much of the
Czech population was dispersed.

Modern Czech nationalism emerged in the second half of the nineteenth
century. During World War I, Czechs participated in resistance and
espionage against the Axis powers, and their leaders lobbied in
European capitals for independence. After centuries of persecution,
the Czechs reestablished their sovereignty following World War I and
linked up with their Slovakian cousins in the new state of
Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia occupied a strategically central
location; indeed, Bismarck once observed that whoever was master of
Bohemia was master of Europe.

Czechoslovakia contained a diverse and heterogeneous population, like
the Habsburg Empire from which it emerged. In particular, about 23
percent of its citizens were ethnic Germans, concentrated in the
Western section known as the Sudetenland. Most Sudeten Germans were
violently opposed to incorporation within the Czechoslovakian state.
Instead, they identified openly with larger neighboring countries and
fundamentally opposed the very existence of the new state. On October
21, 1918, German deputies from all parts of the former Austrian Empire
convened and issued a call for national "self-determination" for the
Germans of Czechoslovakia, using the term President Woodrow Wilson had
recently added to the international lexicon. In the following year,
Sudeten Germans launched a wave of violent demonstrations and
terrorism in opposition to the inclusion of their lands in the Czech
state. In addition, thousands of Sudeten Germans fled from the new
state to the neighboring countries of Germany and Austria.
In the campaign for Sudeten self-determination, its advocates ignored
the fact that the vast majority of Germanic peoples already enjoyed
self-determination in the form of Germany and Austria, two states
contiguous to the area of Czechoslovakia in dispute. Rather, the
advocates accused the Czechs of being "outsiders" who did not belong
in the region. As Slavs, the Czechs were portrayed as invaders of
Germanic Lebensraum.

The new Czechoslovakia thus included a large element with questionable
loyalty to the state. Czechoslovakia was ruled by social democrats
committed to social reform and egalitarianism; they made attempts to
resolve this problem by winning over the hostile minority through
economic integration, tolerance, freedom, and liberal social reform.
The first Czechoslovakian president, Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, a
powerful, strong-willed, charismatic, and progressive politician,
proposed a comprehensive program of equality for all national groups
in the new state. Indeed, he promoted the integration of the German
minority as an ultimate test of his progressive principles.

Accordingly, Czechoslovakia quickly developed in the 1920s into a
stable parliamentary democracy with protection for all the freedoms
found in modern Western states. A large number of political parties
contested elections and gained representation in the parliament.
Government coalitions of parties were formed after a great deal of
partisan horse-trading. The country passed legislative programs that
were among the most progressive in the world. Trade union activism and
power bloomed, and widespread experimentation with cooperative
agriculture took place.

A pattern of decentralization evolved, where the German minority was
permitted to operate its own schools in its own languages and control
its own local affairs. German was an official national language in the
German areas of Czechoslovakia. Sudeten Germans voted and were elected
to parliament.

Still, Sudeten Germans did have some legitimate complaints. They were
under-represented in the civil service and armed forces, partly
because of security fears. They also experienced some security-related
restrictions, particularly during periods of exterior threats and
tensions. The issue of land ownership was one of extremist political
passion for them. Land owned by Sudeten Germans was expropriated for
defense fortifications, as the Sudeten lands were alongside
Germany—whence any future military threats would come. (The Third
Reich later used these land expropriations as a justification for its
military aggression in 1938.) On the whole, the Sudeten Germans
probably enjoyed better treatment than any other national minority in

However, by 1937 the Sudeten Germans found themselves at the center of
escalating tensions. The radicalization of nationalist movements in
neighboring countries, where power was seized by revolutionary and
xenophobic leaders, led to growing international conflict.
Specifically, the pan-German ideology and imperialist ambitions of the
Third Reich inflamed the Sudeten conflict. Adolf Hitler saw
Czechoslovakia as an integral part of the German national homeland, an
area to be absorbed and integrated into the Reich. He allowed no room
at all for Czechoslovakian self-determination. On March 30, 1938,
Hitler wrote in his diary, "It is my irrevocable decision to destroy
Czechoslovakia by military means in the near future."5

As international tensions grew, Berlin complained more and more about
discrimination and mistreatment of the Sudetens. In response, Sudeten
Germans moved away from peaceful coexistence in favor of polarization
and extremism. Their patterns shifted as frustration peaked, from the
more moderate parties in the 1920s to nationalist parties with
totalitarian ideologies in the 1930s. Their growing nationalist
movement was anti-liberal, anti-democratic, and authoritarian. The
Nazi Party was formally banned in Czechoslovakia but support for the
Sudeten German Party (SdP), the Nazi surrogate party, soared; in 1935
it received 63 percent of the German vote in Czechoslovakia (a higher
percentage than what the Nazis received in Germany in 1933), and 78
percent in 1938.6 The SdP never outlined a political or social program
of nation-building beyond demanding "self-determination."

The SdP used violence to suppress other competing nationalist parties
and asserted its own position as sole spokesman for the Sudeten
Germans. It organized Sudeten refugees who had fled to Germany when
Czechoslovakia became independent and recruited them into the
Heimatbund, a paramilitary organization. This group later formed the
basis of the Sudeten German Freikorps, a terrorist organization to
which 34,000 Sudetens living in Germany were recruited. These
terrorists raided Czech border areas and carried out atrocities until
late 1938. The SdP and other Sudeten political organizations openly
identified with the Nazi Party in Germany. Even in the face of
escalating violence and provocations by the Sudeten Germans, the
Czechoslovak authorities scrupulously maintained freedom of the press.

After coming to power, but especially beginning in 1937, Hitler turned
the issue of Sudeten national rights into his main instrument for
aggression against Czechoslovakia. Self-determination served him as a
means to destroy and annex the country. Funds from Germany flowed into
the SdP coffers and Berlin conjured up imaginary Soviet airfields in
Czechoslovakia and labeled Czechoslovakia "a puppet of Soviet
imperialism." But the most important Nazi assault on Czechoslovakia
was its propaganda machine's denunciation of the supposed torture and
physical abuse of Sudeten Germans at the hands of Czechoslovakia—this
from the regime that had already built concentration camps.

By mid-1937, Hitler simultaneously pressured Prague to make
concessions on the Sudeten issue and completed a military plan for the
conquest of Czechoslovakia. The head of the SdP, Konrad Henlein, went
on a diplomatic offensive, touring western European capitals and
demanding that Sudeten rights be acknowledged. Henlein at first
attempted to convince the European governments that his ambitions were
limited to autonomy for Sudeten Germans. With time, his statements
became increasingly belligerent. On January 1, 1938, he announced that
"The Czechoslovak people must recognize that no settlement will ever
be reached with our great neighbor, Germany, until the Sudeten Germans
are satisfied." In 1938 the SdP adopted the Carlsbad Eight Points, a
manifesto that essentially called for the partitioning of
Czechoslovakia and the secession of the Sudetenland to Germany.

The internal problem of minority "rights" quickly assumed
international dimensions. Responding to Nazi protests, the Western
powers received Henlein with an official welcome of a kind usually
reserved for a head of state. In contrast, as Czech historian Radomir
Luza notes, Czechoslovakia's president Benes was treated "more
cavalierly than if he had been the chief of a tribe in Africa."
This symbolism revealed a deeper outlook as the Western states
pressured Prague to accede to Sudeten demands. In July 1936, Britain's
Foreign Minister Anthony Eden urged Czechoslovakia to grant the
Sudeten Germans full autonomy. Responding to these pressures,
Czechoslovak leaders agreed to negotiate with the SdP and proposed a
program for limited Sudeten autonomy. The SdP, acting under orders
from Hitler, peremptorily rejected the plan. (Nazi foreign minister
Joachim von Ribbentrop advised the Sudeten Nazis: "Always negotiate
and do not let the thread break; but always demand more than the
opposing side can offer.")7 London pressured Prague to sweeten the
plan and agree to a Sudeten plebiscite, though it was obvious that
such a plebiscite would lead to the partition of Czechoslovakia.

Following the Austrian Anschluss (annexation) in March 1938, Sudeten
German violence and mass demonstrations against Czechoslovakia grew,
along with support for the SdP. Henlein escalated his rhetoric,
denouncing the Prague regime as "Hussite-Bolshevik criminals," even as
threats from the Third Reich assumed a more ominous tone. Reports
arrived of German troop concentrations near the Czechoslovak frontier.
At the same time that Berlin prepared for war, it denounced the Czechs
as "the real disturbers of peace in Europe."

Prague from the beginning argued that the issue of Sudeten
self-determination was a red herring, that the real cause of crisis
was the Third Reich's aggressive intentions. The few Western voices
that agreed with this analysis were generally ignored. William Srang,
head of the Central European Department of the British Foreign Office,
warned that the German government is "using the Sudeten German
question as an instrument of policy to strengthen [its] political and
military position." The democracies insisted on seeing the Sudeten
conflict as a question of minority rights and self-determination.
Britain and Germany held talks in September 1938 and issued a joint
statement affirming the rights of the Sudeten Germans, with no mention
at all of the security needs of Czechoslovakia.
Although Czechoslovakia had always maintained that the Sudeten problem
was an internal affair and no business of the world community, in
August 1938, London demanded and Prague had to accept a British
mediator. Lord Runciman, known for his strong Nazi sympathies,
recommended to Britain's Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain that all
agitation against the Nazis be forbidden inside Czechoslovakia.
Runciman then added: "Czechoslovakian rule in the Sudeten areas for
the last twenty years, though not actively oppressive ... has been
marked by tactlessness, lack of understanding, petty intolerance, and
discrimination, to a point where the resentment of the German
population was inevitably moving in the direction of revolt."
Chamberlain and French prime minister Edouard Daladier accused Prague
of ill-treating the Sudeten minority and so being responsible for
conflict. The European press routinely painted Czechoslovakia prime
minister Benes as a warmonger.

During the negotiations over the mounting crisis, Prague had to accede
under Western pressure to one German demand after another. It agreed
on making the Carlsbad Eight Points the basis for negotiations. The
SdP, under orders from Berlin not to reach a real agreement, met each
new unilateral concession by Prague with new demands. Hitler told Karl
Hermann Frank on August 6 that he had decided to go to war with the
Czechs, even while continuing to negotiate "peace."8 German strategy
called for the negotiations to fail, so that the Reich would have an
excuse to intervene militarily. Henlein was instructed that, in the
unlikely event of Prague's complete capitulation to the Carlsbad
program, to add new demands that would infringe on Czechoslovakia's
ability to formulate its own foreign policy—thereby compromising its
own sovereignty.

As tensions mounted along the borders in the summer of 1938,
Czechoslovakia went on military alert. The Czechoslovak military being
based mainly on a system of emergency reserve mobilization, the
Western states exerted pressure on Prague not to mobilize, so as not
to provoke Berlin. Prague persisted anyway and was denounced by some
in the West for war-mongering.
In late summer 1938, Prague agreed essentially to the whole of the
Carlsbad program. On September 13, before the SdP could formally
respond to this capitulation, an intifada-like revolt broke out in the
Sudetenland. Organized by the SdP, the rioters attacked Jews, Czechs,
and democrats, and fired on many Czechoslovak policemen. As the SdP
leadership fled to Germany, the Czechoslovak army restored order and
established martial law. But London and Paris then increased pressure
on Prague. On September 19, they proposed to transfer to Germany all
parts of Czechoslovakia in which the population was more than half
German; in exchange, they offered Czechoslovakia an international
guarantee for its new boundaries after partition. In fact, no such
formal guarantee was ever received. Earlier, the same two powers had
pledged to defend Czechoslovakia sovereignty over its entire

On September 29-30, 1938, the leaders of Europe met in Munich and
sealed the fate of Czechoslovakia by agreeing to transfer the
Sudetenland to Germany. No Czechoslovak representatives were present.
They apportioned parts of Czechoslovakia to Germany and other parts of
the country were awarded to Poland and Hungary. (See Map 1 above for
the areas given to Germany.) On October 1, the German Wehrmacht
entered the Sudetenland, where most Czechoslovak fortifications
happened to be located with almost no opposition. They then rapidly
expanded the areas under their control. (See Map 2 above.)

The Germans immediately instituted their program of Gleichschaltung,
suppressing the Czech and Slovak languages, confiscating Czechoslovak
property, and forcing at bayonet point the three quarters of a million
Czechoslovaks remaining in the ceded territories to emigrate. At the
same time, German propaganda clamored about the alleged denial of
national and human rights of those Germans still living within the
rump Czechoslovakian state, demanding recognition of their rights to
self-determination. On March 12, 1939, German demonstrations took
place in all the remaining Czechoslovak cities with a German
population. On March 15, the German army completed the destruction of
Czechoslovakia by seizing military control of all the remaining parts
of the country. On March 16, 1939, the German army occupied Prague,
and the rump Czech state ceased to exist. In October 1939 Hitler
arranged for Slovak and Ruthene minorities within Czechoslovakia to
declare themselves autonomous zones, independent of Prague, and then
in November had Prague cede 4,600 square miles of territory to
Hungary. Thus were the Sudeten people at last liberated and granted
their national rights of self-determination. In all these events, not
a single country had lifted a finger to save Czechoslovakia.

In 1938, in the midst of negotiations over the settlement of the
Sudeten conflict, Czechoslovakia's president, Eduard Benes had warned
the West: "Do not believe it [is] a question of self-determination.
From the beginning, it has been a battle for the existence of the
state." Several years later, after Sudeten self-determination had been
granted and Czechoslovakia had ceased to exist as a country,
Benes—then in exile—observed that "such a concept of
self-determination is a priori a denial of the right of
self-determination of ten million Czechoslovakians and precludes the
very existence of a Czechoslovakian state."

The Czech historian Luza observes that "The Sudeten German problem was
not a cause of the conflict but its pretext. The true reason,
according to the Germans themselves, was a refusal of the
Czechoslovakian state to become a German vassal" (emphasis in
original). Years later in January 1942, Hitler confirmed this
observation: "To put it briefly, the Czechoslovakians are a foreign
body in the midst of the German community. There is no room both for
them and for us. One of us must give way."

There are, of course, many differences between the Sudeten story and
the Middle East conflict, the most important being the absence of a
Hitler in the latter. This said, a large number of parallels between
Sudeten and Palestinian self-determination are worth noting.

We know that the ultimate goal of Sudeten "self-determination" was not
some corner of the country but the whole of it, including its capital
Prague; likewise, Arafat announces several times each day that his
goal is Jerusalem. In both cases, the campaign against the
"oppression" of a minority group in fact served as an instrument for
aggression against the state in which they lived. Since 1948, those
who would destroy Israel have steadily insisted that they were acting
out of moral high-mindedness and compassion for their Palestinian
brethren, simply trying to help the latter achieve self-determination,
though their goal is far more aggressive than that.
The campaign for Palestinian self-determination, like its Sudeten
forerunner, has not the slightest connection with concern over the
human rights and civic treatment of Palestinians. Those who
exaggerated discrimination and oppression against the minority showed
little interest in their plight in neighboring German and Arab
countries. The Arabs' assault on Israel has been based on a
determination to drive Israel out of their Lebensraum. As such, theirs
is another example of the twentieth-century tendency to disguise naked
aggression in the self-righteous cloak of promoting

"Palestinian self-determination" serves as the banner for Arab
aggression against Israel. In both cases, the minority group whose
"oppression" formed the rationalization for aggression in fact enjoyed
toleration and democratic rights that were completely absent in the
neighboring countries where its ethnic brethren formed majorities.
Refusal of the neighboring states to accept the presence of an "alien
population and state" within their Lebensraum led to war. Both the
victims of aggression were social democracies and states with
extensive "progressive socialist" structures and high standards of

And the future? If the Oslo process results in Palestinian statehood,
will this end the Middle East conflict or mark an intermediate stage
of transition to a new form? Will the Palestinian state discover the
plight of oppressed and mistreated Arabs remaining in the rump Israel,
much as Germany demanded further concessions for Czech Germans in the
rump partitioned Czechoslovakia? That seems likely, as such demands
have long been heard by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
and Arab states. Will Arabs of the Galilee, the Negev, the Triangle,
and then those in Ramla, Haifa, and Jaffa demand their
self-determination? Is a Galilee Liberation Organization yet to be
heard from?

The world chose to ignore the evidence that demands for Sudeten
self-determination were a Nazi device to disguise military aggression
aimed at destroying the self-determination of another nation; might
something similar happen in the Middle East? It remains to be seen
whether Palestinians will be permitted to fulfill their role, assigned
to them by the Arab states, of the Sudetens of the Middle East.

Western powers have chosen to blind themselves to the misuse of the
campaign for self-determination, and to the ambition by aggressor
states to use "self-determination" to liquidate the target state. The
powers bewail the sufferings of the minority group while ignoring the
fact that the campaign on behalf of their "rights" are serving to
delegitimize and weaken the democratic states being targeted for

Looking to the future, will Great Britain (with its Ulster, Scotch,
and Welsh problems), France (with the Corsicans and Bretons), Belgium
(with the Flemish and Walloons), Spain (with the Basques and
Catalonians), and Canada (with the Quebecois) have any doubts? No,
they are all likely to agree on one thing: the Palestinians are
morally and politically entitled to "self-determination," no matter
how this jeopardizes Israel's security or even, as in the Czechoslovak
case, its very existence. Self-determination for the "oppressed"
minority is assumed to provide an instant, just, and sublime solution
to a conflict. Westerners (and the rest of the world, too) dismiss
challenges to Palestinian self-determination with the same unthinking
and indignant self-righteousness as their grandfathers did in the
1930s with regard to Sudeten self-determination.

But what moral basis is there for such self-determination?
Palestinians always identify themselves as Arabs. That being the case,
why are over twenty sovereign Arab states, in a territory larger than
that of the United States, not sufficient? And if Palestinians are not
Arabs, why do Arab leaders never demand, at least not audibly,
self-determination for those Palestinians not under Israeli
control—such as in Jordan and Lebanon, or in the pre-1967 West Bank?

It has become a matter of near-universal consensus in recent years
that Palestinian self-determination stands at the heart of the
Arab-Israeli conflict. In this view, the lack of such Palestinian
self-determination drives the conflicts and the realization of such
self-determination is the only formula that will lead to Middle
Eastern harmony.

But this outlook ignores the fact that for a century nearly every form
of aggression, irredentism, and xenophobia has wrapped itself in the
banner of self-determination. Twentieth-century aggressors feel a need
to present themselves as defenders of the downtrodden and friends of
those souls seeking self-determination. Other examples of aggressors
claiming to be fighting for self-determination for minorities or for
oppressed peoples include Spain's invasion of Mexico (to protect
tribes from the Aztecs); Japan's invasion of Manchuria, China,
Indochina, and Burma; and Russia's occupation of Eastern Europe. More
recent examples include Vietnam's occupation of Cambodia; Russia in
Afghanistan; Iraq's aggression against Iran and against Kuwait; and
the Serb invasions of its several neighbors, including Bosnia and
Kosovo. If Iran invades Afghanistan, it, too, will rely on
self-determination as a fig leaf for aggression. This historic pattern
should give pause to anyone hearing appeals about the rights to

For decades, Palestinian self-determination has being utilized to
threaten Israeli self-determination. The PLO has often repeated that
Oslo is part of the "plan of stages" by which all of Palestine,
including all of Israel, will be liberated in stages. The Arab states
have been even less reticent about promoting the ultimate goal of
dismantling Israel.

Westerners seem unable to imagine that any form of self-determination
is morally or politically objectionable or ethically deniable;
therefore, they tend to receive the self-determination argument with
understanding and approval. Ever since Woodrow Wilson devised the
term, Westerners have tended to give "self-determination" the benefit
of every doubt, even though many of the most horrific conflicts on the
planet have been fought in the name of just this "self-determination."

The West must recognize that any form of Palestinian self-governance
and "self-determination" must be preconditioned on the complete
preservation and protection of Israeli self-determination.

1 A Gallup poll (Ma'ariv, Oct. 4, 1998), shows 62 percent of Israelis
think it likely that Israeli Arabs (within the Green Line) could
launch their own intifada; 31 percent think it not likely.
2 Ma'ariv, Aug. 16, 1998.
3 Most notably by Arie Stav, Czechoslovakia 1938—Israel Today (Ariel,
West Bank: Ariel Center for Policy Research, 1997).
4 General references include Rudamir Luza, The Transfer of the Sudeten
Germans: A Study of Czech-German Relations (New York: New York
University Press, 1964); Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, The Meaning of Czech
History (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1974);
Robert M. Smelser, The Sudeten Problem, 1933-1938 (Middleton, Conn.:
Wesleyan University Press, 1975).
5 Quoted in Josef Korbel, Twentieth Century Czechoslovakia, (New York:
Columbia University Press, 1977), p. 123.
6 Ibid., p. 119.
7 Quoted in Smelser, The Sudeten Problem, p. 233.
8 Smelser, The Sudeten Problem, pp. 233-34.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The International "Solidarity" Terrorists

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ISM Exposed: How the ISM Sucker-Punched the IDF Again
By: Lee Kaplan
Published: April 18th, 2012

ISM activists pose with AK47s in Jericho alongside Al Aksa Martyrs
Brigade terrorists.
I've spent the last eight years of my life as a journalist under cover
and reporting on the inner workings of the International Solidarity
Movement (ISM), in the United States and abroad. I've been through
their training orientations and I have their training manuals. I
operate a website where it lists the history, tactics, and media
manipulations of the ISM and their leadership. I've also been
responsible for the deportation of over 200 ISM activists from Israel,
including some of their North American leadership.

At their orientation sessions in the US and UK in which I posed as an
ISM volunteer, we were instructed that our purpose was to harass the
IDF in any way possible in order to frustrate their anti-terror
operations. We were informed that the ISM coordinates with Hamas,
Islamic Jihad, and the PFLP, which were constantly apprised of our
locations in the villages. If we encountered armed terrorists while in
the West Bank or Gaza, we were told, simply say hello to them and move
on, as they were keenly aware that we were there to assist them.

In a recorded interview at the Ohio State national conference, Adam
Shapiro, a co-founder of the ISM, personally told me there are
plain-clothed Palestinian handlers at every ISM demonstration that
direct the activities. I was also told about how ISM activists serve
to draw sniper fire down on IDF soldiers when desired. Lisa Nessan,
one of those ISM trainers, told me at an ISM Georgetown conference
that standing as a human shield in front of an armed terrorist as he
threw rocks or shot at an Israeli soldier was indeed considered
"nonviolent." Joseph Carr, a.k.a. Joseph Smith, another ISM trainer,
told me in a recorded phone interview how he and Rachel Corrie
retrieved the dead body of a Hamas terrorist in Gaza from a combat
zone only weeks before she was killed by an IDF bulldozer. When asked
whether he feared arrest by the IDF back then he blithely replied 'no'
because he knew that Arab snipers would be there to fire at them.
Rachel Corrie, who was trained by the ISM and had read their manual,
also knew that Arab snipers would shoot at the IDF soldiers driving
that bulldozer had they exited it to remove her.

The ISM uses a motto coined by the late Malcolm X – "By any means
necessary" – in implementing what they consider to be revolutionary
tactics in bringing down the Jewish state, which they see as a first
step in bringing down Western democracy. Lying and media manipulation
are encouraged and elevated to an art form. Talk of 'nonviolent
resistance' is solely for media consumption, since the ISM promotes
armed revolutionary 'resistance' against Israel by serving as human
shields for terrorists.

And so, it is in this context that for two hours leading up to the two
minute video of Colonel Shalom Eisner striking Danish ISM activist
Andreas Ayas, the ISM used their bicycles, bodies, and even physical
assaults to obstruct the IDF in a closed military zone and prevent
anti-terror operations. Earlier in the day, Colonel Eisner was struck
by a stick-wielding ISM activist, leaving him with a couple of broken

11 seconds into the video Colonel Eisner can be seen ordering the
ISMers to disperse, one of them to his right with a baseball cap. The
Colonel is holding his weapon like a stick to create a line that
should not be crossed. He holds the weapon in a way that suggests his
hand is injured. Ayas has his back to the camera, and is facing the
Colonel in the foreground.

The film is then manipulated by editing. The ISMer with the baseball
cap walks behind Colonel Eisner to break up the dispersal line the
Colonel set up with his weapon. ISM activists routinely mingle among
the soldiers and police in attempts to separate and free their
comrades that have been arrested, as this video in Hebron shows. The
ISM activists are trained to scream bloody murder, tug on the
soldiers, and create mayhem before the cameras. Most of all, they do
not allow the police or soldiers to create a line. They faithfully
followed the script in this episode.

At 13 seconds, the film has been edited to show Ayas defiantly facing
down the Colonel instead of dispersing as the other ISMers are seen
doing. A casual viewer might think Ayas was just standing there. The
Colonel's eyes widen as Ayas challenges him verbally and refuses to
move. This fits the ISM playbook, as the activists are told the
soldiers cannot and will not hurt them for fear of punishment; and in
the unlikely event that they do, cameras will be there to grab an
edited Kodak moment for their weekly propaganda videos on YouTube. The
Colonel, faced with an unrelenting and unmoved agitator and trying to
hold the line with a couple of broken fingers, struck Ayas. The Danish
consul may be demanding an explanation, but Colonel Eisner did nothing
more than the Danish police do to unruly anarchists, as this video
At 26 seconds we see Ayas in the foreground of the shot sporting only
a cut lip with no serious injuries and fleeing toward the camera.
However, in the same frame we can also discern Colonel Eisner trying
to restrain the man with the baseball cap, who moved to where Ayas had
been standing and refused to disperse. The Colonel attempts to arrest
him but due to his hand injury cannot hold him, and another ISM
activist grabs the man in the baseball cap and helps him escape. The
interloper is arrested by other soldiers, while Colonel Eisner is
relegated to a spectator's role as he clearly cannot use one of his
hands. The rest of the video shows female ISMers breaking the line and
interfering with the soldiers again; another anarchist tactic is to
send women in so it can be claimed the soldiers abuse the fairer sex.
Be that as it may, anyone caught interfering with an arrest or even
touching a police officer elicits an uncompromising response in any
Western country. The end of the film shows a woman that had been
arrested sitting next to the male ISM activist who had run
interference on Colonel Eisen's arrest, and the Colonel chatting with

As mentioned, ISM activists like Ayas are told during training not to
fear or even respect IDF soldiers. They are told that the soldiers
really have no authority over them and are under orders not to hurt
them, and the activists are thus encouraged to challenge the soldiers
at every turn. If instructed by soldiers to back up ten feet, we were
trained to back up only five feet, in order to maintain a consistent
and intense level of interference. In training we were told that the
soldiers are allowed to detain us but not arrest us, and that the
soldiers must call and wait for police, a wait that facilitates a
getaway. We were told to photocopy our passports so that if detained,
we could slip away. Our training emphasized that when in closed
military zones, such as the one in which Ayas was struck, and if
ordered to disperse or leave the area, that we must refuse and demand
to see the soldier's orders in writing.

This elaborate tutelage has essentially turned interference with the
IDF into a titillating game for college anarchists in America and
Europe, who are recruited for "summer vacations in Palestine" to mess
with the IDF soldiers. In a perverse type of package deal, they can
get that "revolutionary" experience and raise hell without the risk of
being shot – as in Tiananmen Square or Tehran – or even endure the
rough handling of an American police officer. Interfering with the IDF
and aiding Arabs in attacking them has bestowed upon ISMers cult
status within American universities, and now one university even has
an ISM chapter dedicated to prepare students for such missions.
Andreas Ayas wannabes are recruited every week on US and UK campuses,
and Colonel Eisner was merely another pawn – and victim - in the
ISM's game plan.

These ISM activists from the US and Europe do more than just abuse
free speech to interfere with the IDF, nor are they starry-eyed
pacifists. They represent a definite security risk to Israel and are
documented terrorist confederates. In the photo below are ISM
activists, one from Denmark like Ayas, who gleefully pose with AK47s
in Jericho alongside Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorists.

ISM activists posing with AK47s in Jericho alongside Al Aksa Martyrs
Brigade terrorists
Note that the woman is dressed to look like a female Jewish settler,
even though she is not Jewish. ISM activists routinely work to smuggle
Arabs or parcels that may contain weapons or explosives past
checkpoints into Israel. The ISM even organized an event called the
Tel Rumeida Circus, which performed juggling and fire tricks at
checkpoints to distract the IDF soldiers and facilitate the smuggling

A Rogue's Gallery

Paul LaRudee
Paul LaRudee, one of ISM's major organizers in the US, was caught and
deported from Israel after I tipped off the Israeli government to the
fact that he was traveling to Israel under an assumed name, Paul
Wilder. Until that point, he had been slipping in and out of the
country, regularly meeting with members of Hamas. After exhausting the
appeals process in Israeli courts, he went on to Lebanon to assist
Hezbollah during the 2006 war.
Paul LaRudee meeting with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh
LaRudee continues to hobnob with Hamas, having recently visited Hamas
in Gaza to receive a medal the group had awarded him. He was among
those arrested on the Mavi Marmara, where he was justifiably struck by
Israeli personnel who were struggling to subdue him. Because their
actions were justified, these personnel were not vilified in the media
nor reprimanded by the government. But the only difference between
them and Colonel Eisner is that their actions weren't depicted in a
grossly-manipulated video.

Here are a few more ISM activists I succeeded in getting deported from Israel.

Brian Malovany
Brian Malovany trains new ISM recruits on how to harass IDF soldiers.
His father told me ISM is a cult. Brian managed to reenter Israel by
obtaining an Irish passport. ISM encourages obtaining multiple
passports and identities so as to be able to reenter Israel and
continue the harassment of the IDF and support for the terrorist
groups in their 'resistance'.

Joseph Carr a.k.a Joseph Smith
Joseph Carr has boasted about entering Israel four separate times from
four different entry points to continue his "revolution" against the
Jewish state after being banned from the country. Carr has been linked
to the deaths of members of ISM, as he suspiciously managed to capture
their deaths with photographs, and has dubbed the deaths as "worth the
price of the revolution."

Deppen Webber disguised as a settler wearing a kippah
Deppen Webber was Paul LaRudee's replacement until I got him deported
from Israel only a few months ago. The above photo shows him wearing a
kippah and disguised as a Jew in the West Bank; he is not Jewish.
Webber turned up in Beirut just weeks ago, where he was helping
Hezbollah organize the Global March to Jerusalem. ISM's support for
Hezbollah is patent, and in the US it works with Hezbollah-linked
groups, especially in Shiite mosques.

Jeff Pickert a.k.a. Max Suchan
Jeff Pickert was deported after my last visit to Israel because he was
tasked with fomenting riots in a new Arab village in the West Bank
that was intended to be the next Bi'ilin. Pickert was linked to a PFLP
safe house in Chicago and was involved in the flotillas enterprise. He
is now touring American campuses and churches on behalf of the ISM,
recruiting for more ISM recruits.

Jonas Moffat a.k.a. Joe Skillet
I got Jonas Moffat, a professional ISM agitator, deported for security
violations. He is the founder of the Tel Rumeida Circus and now has a
sinecure, touring the globe to try and destroy Israel since he can no
longer do so from within. Like other ISM activists, he assumed an
alias so that he could reenter Israel, harass the IDF, and foment
riots even after banishment and deportation.

ISM activities are not just limited to harassment of Israel's security
forces: they are behind boycotts of Israel; they are allied with
neo-Nazis in the US, with Arab irredentist groups that are fronts for
terrorists – particularly Hamas – in the US, and with Iranian
interests. The ISM's purpose is to destroy Israel's sovereignty as a
nation "by any means necessary" – by flooding the country with
international anarchists who can create scenes such as those depicting
Colonel Eisner.

Colonel Eisner, a hero of the 2006 war with Hebozllah in Lebanon, was
set up by the ISM through video manipulation, and the Israeli
government is once again falling all over itself just to fall into the
trap. It appears that Israel's leaders have short memories, as it was
not so long ago that an IDF Navy SEAL, armed with a paintball gun, was
literally disemboweled on an ISM flotilla ship and thrown overboard
into the sea by ISM-affiliated activists on the Mavi Marmara. Colonel
Eisner did nothing less than that Navy SEAL in protecting the People
of Israel. And this disrespect of our soldiers and police must stop.

Colonel Eisner says he overreacted? The real overreaction was by the
politicians and the media, who do not seem to fully apprehend ISM's
tactics and training and the context in which the episode took place,
and who fear indiscriminate and sweeping condemnation by other
nations. But Colonel Eisner's contrition is understandable considering
the unnecessary reprobation he received from Prime Minister Netanyahu
and the IDF brass, who shot from the hip. But the fact is, it is the
government that owes him an apology, as much as they owe an apology to
that Israeli Navy SEAL for sending him on his mission with a paintball
Colonel Eisner's actions should not be considered a punishable
offense, as they are an inevitable consequence of the monstrous
worldwide campaign and solidarity network designed to defame Israel
and the IDF. His actions should be understood as nothing less than the
sensible application of self-defense in the course of maintaining
order and preserving security, while under constant threat and stress.
And it is the Israeli Foreign Ministry that should be asking for an
explanation from the Danish Foreign Ministry: Why are you sending us
your anarchists and subversives when you won't even tolerate them on
the streets of Copenhagen?

The opinions and facts in this article are presented solely by the
author, and the Jewish Press assumes no responsibility for them.

About the Author: Lee Kaplan is an investigative journalist who has
been published internationally and interviewed on over 200 radio
programs and on television as an expert on the ISM. He is currently
working on a book about the ISM and how it is part of the global war
on terror. He can be reached at


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University's anti-Semitic Stalinist Shlomo Sand bashes the Zionist
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Hebrew University - Israel Project web site claims Amiram Goldblum
(Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Peace Now Founder) justified the
firing of SCUD missiles by Saddam Hussein against Israel
He is an outspoken leftist figure who has been repudiated by his
dovish Peace Movement after he excused Saddam Hussein's Scud attacks
and threats of annihilation as due only to Israel's alleged failure to
make concessions to the Palestinians.

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