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BGU Would-be Murderer not to be Prosecuted - Political Corruption in Israel's Attorney General's Office

1. Leftist Attorney General Circles the Wagons to defend Leftist who
Incited to Murder

For those who think I am exaggerating when I say that Israel has a
corrupt politicized dual justice system, one for leftists and the
other for everyone else, then just consider the following news item:

You may recall the reports here about one Eyal Nir, a far-leftist
anti-Israel lecturer in chemistry at Ben Gurion "University," the Bir
Zeit of the Negev. Nir posted calls and threats to murder
non-leftists on his Facebook page. The same Attorney General's Office
that rounds up and arrests Rabbis by the bushel if they dare to
recommend that people read a book of which the Leftists disapprove was
petitioned to prosecute Nir. Today it was announced that Nir will not
be prosecuted.

And don't hold your breath waiting for Rivka Carmi, the Cabbagehead
president of Ben Gurion "University," to do anything about Nir either.

Case Closed Against Inciting Lecturer

The State Attorney's Office announced, Thursday, that it was closing
the file of a Ben Gurion University lecturer who had called, on his
Facebook page, to "break the necks" of right wing participants in last
year's Jerusalem Day Flag Dance parade. The announcement cited lack of
The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, which filed the complaint has
announced that it will appeal the "surprising" decision. "Law
enforcement cannot ignore such a blatant incitement to murder, said
Forum Director, Nachi Eyal.
Here is the earlier story about Nir's incitement to murder:
Leftist Professor: 'Break the Necks' of Right-wing 'Scoundrels'
A senior Ben Gurion U. professor urges people "break the necks of
right-wing scoundrels," but the university blocked protests on its
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
First Publish: 6/12/2011, 12:46 PM / Last Update: 6/12/2011, 1:04 PM

A senior Ben Gurion U. professor urges people to "break the necks of
right-wing scoundrels," but the university blocked protests on its


Ben Gvir: Protest 'Victim' Was Really a Leftist Radical

Reports that right wing activists beat an 'alleged' African illegal
alien later revealed the 'victim' was a radical Israeli leftist.
David Lev
Media reports in Israel on Thursday morning said that protesters at a
rally Wednesday night demanding the government do something about
illegal African migrants had attacked a passerby from among the
illegal aliens.
Several reports said that right-wing protesters beat the African,
while others said that they just cursed and insulted him.
But as it turned out, the "passerby" was not an an African migrant.
Actually, said right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, the "victim" is an
Israeli, an Ethiopian Jew. He apparently went to the protest in order
to create an incident for the cameras so it would appear that
right-wing activists were harassing and attacking Africans.
The leftist "victim," Hanania Vanda, is an archaeology student at Ben
Gurion University and a self-declared radical leftist, Ben Gvir said.
Vanda has allegedly written that he envisions "radical" solutions to
several of the burning issues in Israeli society, including the
illegal alien issue. Ben Gvir said Vanda presented himself as a
Sudanese refugee on Wednesday night, and joined a group of illegal
Africans congregating near the protest by residents of south Tel Aviv
against the ongoing crime by the Africans and lack of enforcement by
He then moved towards the body of the protest and began shouting out
epithets and curses, apparently in an attempt to incite the
protesters. While some of the protesters responded in kind, no one hit
Vanda, Ben Gvir said, and none of the footage taken by television and
other media showed that Vanda had been struck.
"Vanda tried to pull a fast one, and unfortunately some media outfits
allowed themselves to be suckered into believing his story, failing to
check the facts," Ben Gvir said. "While the easy story for the media
is the one they tried to portray of 'right wing activists attack
Africans,' the fact is that the photos and video do not back this up.
Actually, when Vanda finally admitted that he was an Ethiopian Jew, he
was welcomed by the protesters."
Ben Gvir also protested the fact that many of the news outlets that
reported the "attack" did not seek to get a response from him or other
right-wing activists who actually participated in the demonstration.
"I cannot remember an incident in which right-wing activists
complained that they were attacked by leftists that the media did not
follow through and seek the other side of the story, as they reported
what they said were the 'claims' of the right wing victims. When it
comes to claims against the right though, anything goes – there is no
investigation by the media, and they don't even bother looking at the
materials that they themselves filmed."

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The Atrocity committed by Israel that Tikkun Magazine will never Forgive

1. You know the name Shlomo Sand, the anti-Semitic pseudo-historian
from Tel Aviv University who has a "book" out consisting largely of
recycled myths taken from Neo-Nazi web sites and claims that the Jews
were never a people. You know, unlike the Palestinian people, which
has been a people since antiquity. Comrade Sand has a new "book" out
now about how Jews have no ties to the Land of Israel either. Unlike

Sand was in the news a few days back for claiming he received "death
threats" (in my opinion these claims being fabrications). Sand is an
expert on the French cinema who woke up one morning a few years back
and decided that he is actually an expert in Jewish history. He has
no academic publications in Jewish history.

Well, Sand is now back. It seems he is now claiming to have suffered
from suppressed memory syndrome regarding a vicious murder of a
Palestinian by them Zionists. Sand claims to have suddenly remembered
this 45 years after the "fact." In an interview with a jihadist web
site in Australia, here is the latest discovery by Tel Aviv
University's leading "historian":

Shlomo Sand, the pseudo-historian Stalinist from Tel Aviv University,
claims he witnessed murder of a Palestinian and did nothing about it.
Also admits being a Stalinist. (see web page for full interview)


One night in September 1967 he witnessed soldiers abusing an elderly
Palestinian man who had been arrested with a large amount of dollars
in his possession. "I climbed onto a crate and watched a harrowing
scene through the window," he writes. "The detainee was sitting tied
to a chair, and my good buddies were beating him all over and
occasionally pressing burning cigarettes into his arms. I climbed down
from the crate, threw up and returned to my post shaking and
frightened. A little later, a pickup left carrying the body ... My
friends shouted to me that they were going to the Jordan River to dump
the body."

You were armed - why didn't you intervene? You could have fired in the
air, summoned help.

"I lost my senses completely. I was afraid to intervene. The fact that
I did not try to do anything to stop them depressed me for years and
resonates within me to this day. That is why I write about in the
book, because I still have guilt feelings. I am ashamed that I did not
do anything. When I got back from reserve duty in Jericho, I went to
see MK Meir Wilner [head of the Israel Communist Party]* and told him
about it. I also consulted with [the writer] Dan Omer, whom I had met
during the fighting, when we both shook as we shot in Abu Tor. Omer,
who was five years older than I, adopted me. He and Wilner said there
were too many cases like that and there was nothing to be done. That
night I felt that I had lost my homeland, namely my childhood
neighborhood in Jaffa, along with my parents, the neighbors and the
school. A concrete homeland that I lost at that time."

Why are you invoking this now?

"In the book I do a national reckoning. You know, I am not anti-national. ...
Did you go back to the murder of the Palestinian man in order to say ,
"Look, I am one of you and once I was even made to be a bit of a war

"Like everyone, I too am a bit of a war criminal. That is part of my
life. Some time after that reserve service in Jericho I became a daily
activist in Matzpen (the Maoist organization - SP) and distributed
leaflets and sprayed slogans on walls at night and got beaten up. I
was a member of the political fringe. I am not a victim, but my
psychological distress started then, at the age of 20. The years in
Matzpen** gave me a great deal, and the political activity was a type
of healing. I later left the organization heartbroken, and in despair
sank into drugs. My partner and my best friend got into heroin. Maybe
because I am Polish I did not follow them, and instead of heroin I
took matriculation exams and entered university. The best friend
committed suicide. Others left the country."

* Vilner was a hard-core Stalinist who ran Israel's communist party.
Note how Sand's first instinct is to report the "story" to his party

** Matzpen was a treasonous Maoist group whose members formed an
espionage and terror cell led by Udi Adiv in the 1970s. Adiv is out
of prison and teaches at Israel's taxpayer supported "Open University"

2. Lost in Translation: CAMERA Report on Haaretz' English edition's
habit of treason and lying through mis-translation:

Meanwhile, Haaretz' ace traitor-reporter is about to be indicted for
Journalist Uri Blau to be indicted
Journalist implicated in Anat Kam affair to be charged with
unauthorized possession of confidential information.
Blau has been running special features in recent weeks in the Haaretz
weekend magazine attempting to smear anti-Left watchdog groups and web

3. Occupying Palestinians is one thing but now LSD-touting Rabbi
Moonbeam, Mikey Lerner, the pseudo-rabbi editor of Tikkun Magazine,
and Rabbi Woodstock Waskow, his sidekick from the "Renewal" pagan
movement, have found a crime that Israel has perpetrated that simply
cannot be forgiven. This atrocity is the worst crime Israel has ever
carried out, said Lerner:
Israelis develop 'cannabis without the high'
May 30th, 2012 in Biology / Biotechnology

Israeli scientists have cultivated a cannabis plant that doesn't get
people stoned in a development that may help those smoking marijuana
for medical purposes, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

According to the Maariv daily, the new cannabis looks, smells and even
tastes the same, but does not induce any of the feelings normally
associated with smoking marijuanathat are brought on by the substance
THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

"It has the same scent, shape and taste as the original plant -- it's
all the same -- but the numbing sensation that users are accustomed to
has disappeared," said Tzahi Klein, head of development at Tikkun
Olam, the firm that developed the species.

"Many of our patients who tried the new plant come back to us and say:
'You tricked me,'" because they assumed they had been given a placebo,
he said.

According to Maariv, Tikkun Olam sought to neutralise the effect of
the THC and to increase the effect of another substance called CBD, or
cannabidiol, which has been shown to help diabetics and to ease
various psychiatric disorders.

Not only does it leave users stone-cold sober, it also doesn't induce
the munchies, the hunger pangs that the drug's smokers generally

Despite the innovation, it is unlikely to have any impact on Israeli
law, which outlaws the use of marijuana as illegal except for medical

According to figures published earlier this year by Sheba Medical
Centre and the Israel Cancer Association, medical marijuana has been
approved for use by about 6,000 Israelis suffering from various

(c) 2012 AFP

"Israelis develop 'cannabis without the high'." May 30th, 2012.

4. Israel is currently debating four different proposals designed to
criminalize the use of Holocaust imagery and rhetoric by
ultra-Orthodox "chareidim." The black suited anti-modern folk and
their children have conducted some rowdy protests in Israel in which
they bedeck the kids in yellow Jewish stars reminiscent of those of
the Holocaust.

Some of Israel's radical leftists are suddenly free speech absolutists
regarding this. In reality, Israel's leftists are generally fascists
who oppose democracy and freedom of speech. But they are afraid that
the new bills, if passed, could be used to prosecute leftists who
proclaim each morning with their lattes that Israel is a Nazi regime.

In any case, today two leftist law professors write an Op-Ed (Hebrew
only) in Maariv denouncing the new bills. The two are Mordechai
Kremnitzer, from the Hebrew University law school and a stalwart of
the Leftists Israeli Democracy Institute (IDI)
He has a long track record of worrying about the "rights" of
terrorists but not of their victims. He is joined by Amir Paz-Fuchs,
one of the most anti-Israel radical leftists
teaching law in Israel. Fuchs teaches, or rather preaches, his
extremist ideology at the Kiryat Ono community college. Both have
been active in demanding that the government crack down on the freedom
of speech of rabbis and settlers and Im Tirtzu students
). Fuchs is also associated with the IDI.

The two are suddenly great believers in free speech absolutism. It
must be protected speech to call people Nazis and call Israel a Nazi
regime, claim the great democrats.

One itsy bitsy problem with this. Neither of these two great
defenders of freedom of speech ever had a single word to say about the
fascist SLAPP suit against me by anti-Semite Neve Gordon nor about the
anti-democratic decisions by anti-democratic judges in Israel, when
they chose to close ranks with Gordon and find in his favor.

Just to remind you, Neve Gordon illegally entered Ramallah in 2001
to interfere with Israeli military anti-terror operations and to act
as a human shield to express solidarity with wanted Palestinian
murderers and protect them from the Israeli military. On an internet
site I described his "human shield" solidarity group as a group of
"Judenrat wannabes." After all, they were self-appointed
Judenrat-like representatives "negotiating" with the world's worst
mass murderer of Jews. Gordon filed a frivolous SLAPP suit against me
for "libel" for use of that expression. He filed in Nazareth court in
order to get an Arab judge. The Arab woman judge in Nazareth court
issued a verdict agreeing with and endorsing Gordon in all things, a
verdict in which she also proclaimed support for Holocaust
"revisionism" and proclaimed Israel a country sitting entirely on
lands stolen from another people.

Then, in the first round of appeal, the Nazareth Appeals court
overturned most of the verdict but left standing the judgment that use
of the word "Judenrat" in a sentence about someone engaged in illegal
treasonous activities is not protected speech. It allowed Gordon to
retain 10,000 NIS in damages. Later a panel of three justices at
Israel's Supreme Court refused to overturn this residual part of the
judgment and agreed that use of the word "Judenrat" in a sentence
about someone's illegal treasonous activities, in which he was
protecting wanted murderers, is NOT protected speech. The writer of
that anti-democratic ruling was Eliezer Rivkin, the Deputy Chief
Justice, who retired this week from the bench.

So use of the word "Judenrat" is libel, ruled the gaggle of
anti-democratic judges. Of course, leftists and Arabs calling people
Nazis is always protected speech in Israel and not a single Leftist
has ever been convicted of libel for doing so.

Suddenly the leftist duo from the Israel Democracy Institute think
prohibiting use of "Holocaust era rhetoric of symbols" is undemocratic
and that use of these should be protected speech. Yet neither has
ever had a single word to say about the judicial atrocity committed by
those anti-democratic judges in the Gordon-Plaut suit. And it is
obviously NOT because they have never heard about the suit. Tel Aviv
University's law journal ran an article (albeit biased and distorted)
about the court case last year.
In short, as usual leftist "academics" in Israel only believe in
freedom of speech for leftists. Anti-democratic infringements on the
freedom of speech of non-leftists are never matters deserving of
comment or condemnation.

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The Africanization of Tel Aviv

1. Israel's Left is having a field day in attacking the Israeli
public for its "racism" against African infiltrators. The Left always
thinks that attacking and demonizing other Israelis will make them
want to vote for the Left. Haaretz is including such denunciations as
part of its daily morning doses of treason. And the foreign press and
its anti-Semitic fellow travelers are chortling in delight.

So just what is going on?

First, let's shine some light of accuracy upon the usual media
horse manure about Israel. Israel has for many years been an
attractive employment base for foreign "guest workers," who have been
welcomed into the country by the many tens of thousands and come to
Israel in the first place because of employment opportunity and
attractive wages. Almost all of the home care workers for elderly
Israelis are foreign guest workers. These usually enter the country
legally, although there are often problems when their visas run out
because they do not want to leave. They prefer to remain in Israel
and be "exploited," the nonsense term universally used by the Left to
refer to their employment by Israelis.

Second, until recently the bulk of guest workers were from the Far
East. Filipino day care workers became so common that the Hebrew word
"Filipino" is used as a synonym for day care workers, such as "Where
is your Filipino from? Mine is from Sri Lanka!" For years the bulk
of guest workers (including in the construction industry and in
agriculture) were Thai, Filipino, and Chinese, with a handful from Sri
Lanka and Romania and Central/South America. They were accepted with
affection and approval by almost all Israelis and were never regarded
as much of a social problem, even when they stayed on too long beyond
their visas. They were hard working and well behaved, almost never
involved in crime. The East Asians of course were not "white" and so
their welcome and acceptance shows the lie in the claim that Israelis
are protesting against the Africans because the Africans are not
"white" like Israelis.

Things began to change a few years ago when masses of African
infiltrators started entering the country. In most cases they simply
walked in from the Sinai Peninsula, where even today the border with
Egypt is wide open. Successive Israeli governments refused to erect a
security fence along much of the border, to preserve the pretense that
Israel is at peace and in harmony with Egypt, even after repeated
terrorist infiltrations and atrocities carried out along this
unsecured border. The gap in the border controls was also used to
smuggle in the bulk of the prostitution "manpower" in Israel, largely
women from Eastern Europe. It is how all the drugs enter Israel.

And it is how the masses of African infiltrators came in.

At first, the media tried to paint the Africans as desperate
"refugees" fleeing the massacres in the Sudan, and indeed a handful
were from the Darfur. The media hectored Israelis about how "we too
were desperate refugees" and with "remember the stranger among you"
quotes from the Bible, almost the only quote the Leftist journalists
know from the Bible. (Never mind that the Bible is referring to
righteous converts to Judaism.) Never mind that to enter Israel the
Africans had to enter Egypt first where no one was murdering them or
preventing them from seeking work THEREt. But the wages in Israel
for such "refugees" were at least ten times higher than in Egypt. And
they did the math.

Meanwhile, the business about the infiltrators coming from the
Sudan is literally an urban myth. At least two thirds of the
infiltrators now in Israel are from Eritrea, an impoverished despotic
Moslem country on the Red Sea crawling with Islamofascist terrorist
groups. They come to Israel for the wages. It is widely believed
that al-Qaeda terrorists are among them.

And unlike the Thais and Filipinos, they are decidedly NOT hard
working and well behaved. Many carry diseases and many more take to
crime. There have been repeated attacks on Israelis, especially
women, by the Eritreans, and the crime stats in South Tel Aviv are in
the stratosphere.

The Israeli Left is overjoyed by the flooding of Tel Aviv by the
Eritreans. That is because the Left supports ANYTHING that makes
Israel a less Jewish country or undermines the existence of the
country demographically. The Lefties would prefer an unlimited
Palestinian "right of return," but are willing to make do with south
Tel Aviv being converted into an African slum. The Africans live
eight to a room and seek work illegally, getting paid under the table.
Until now the government turned a blind eye to the problem.

The Left loves seeing Tel Aviv Africanized just as long as no
Africans move into any buildings in which leftist yuppies live.
Instead, the Eritreans crowd into the neighborhoods of low-income
blue-collar Israelis who do not have the capital to flee the
neighborhoods for safer, better ones. Curiously, the Leftists have
never proposed that maybe the Moslem Eritreans should all seek work
and move to nice homes in the Gaza Strip or in the territories now
under the control of the Palestinian Authority, their fellow Moslems.
I have not heard of a single Eritrean moving there.

South Tel Aviv residents are enraged and are increasingly holding
rowdy street protests demanding a solution. In some of these, the
protesters let of steam and throw curses and even a few rocks. No
African has been killed by the hotheads and as far as I know none has
even been injured. This has not stopped the anti-Semites from
painting the protesters as the moral equivalents of Nazis on

Far too little and far too late, the Israeli government is
reluctantly looking for "solutions," including putting illegals into
holding prisons in the Negev for up to three years. A smarter move
would be to pay Eritrea some cash and then ship them all back home
from out of Eilat. And of course the Netanyahu people are STILL not
seriously trying to close the border. I would also suggest that,
until the Eritreans are deported, they be sent to live in Hashomer
Hatzair (Marxist) kibbutzim and in the buildings in which anti-Zionist
leftist faculty members at Tel Aviv University and Ben Gurion
"University" live. I am sure at least 60 could be fit into Neve
Gordon's apartment.


Always a pleasure and a duty to read Melanie Phillips:

28 May 2012
Zionism and bigotry

Published in: Daily Mail

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In the wake of the festival of Shavuot, when Jews have been
celebrating the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai
from where he presented them to the Jewish people camped at its foot,
I have been brooding over the fact that Zionism has become a dirty
word in Britain and the west.

For many in these societies, Zionism has now become equated with
racism. This group libel, once regarded with revulsion by decent
people when the Soviet-Arab axis got the UN to endorse it in 1975, has
now become the prism through which the BBC, academia, the artistic and
theatrical world and much of the rest of the cultural establishment
now frame all references to Israel.

This helps explain the attempted boycott of the Israeli theatre
company Habima, playing Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice at London's
Globe theatre this evening in conditions of the tightest security
(apparently the expected interruptions by bigots have so far been
relatively minor). The profound malice and ignorance behind such
reflexive demonisation of Israel are rendered all the more
hallucinatory by the sanctimonious and unchallenged assumption of the
moral high ground which these idiots believe they occupy.

This is as grotesque as it is terrifying. Zionism is no more nor less
than the self-determination of the Jewish people -- as a people, and
not just as adherents of the Jewish religion. Jews are in fact the
only people – as a people -- for whom Israel (ancient Judea and
Samaria) was ever their national homeland. Those who deny Zionism thus
deny Jewish peoplehood and the fundamental right of Jews to live as a
people in their own ancestral homeland, Israel.

Unique in the world, Jews are both a people and adherents of a
religion. Intrinsic to and inseparable from the religion of Judaism is
the land of Israel; more specifically, the centrality of and longing
for Jerusalem and its Temple. Deny that centrality and you rip the
heart and soul out of Judaism. Those who deny the right of the Jews to
Israel and Jerusalem deny the right of the Jews to their own religion.

Judaism is like a stool supported on three legs – the nation, the
religion and the land. Saw off any of these legs and the stool
collapses. Does this mean that all Jews are Zionists? Of course not,
no more than it means that all Jews are religious. But just as the
hatred of Jews on theological grounds has always threatened the lives
and safety of all Jews including those who are not religious, so the
anti-Zionist hatred of Jewish self-determination is a form of bigotry
which threatens the lives and safety of all Jews, whether or not they
are Zionists. And the fact that there are some anti-Zionist Jews who
themselves hate the expression of Jewish self-determination in the
form of the State of Israel is a manifestation of that same self-same
bigotry no less for being such a tragically twisted example.

The anti-Zionist madness of our time is thus far more pernicious even
than hatred of Israel, pathologically obsessive and malevolent as that
is in itself. Bad enough that for so many people in Britain and the
west, Israel has been successfully demonised as a pariah state on the
basis of a unique systematic campaign of falsehoods, distortions and
libels about its history and behaviour, untruths which have
nevertheless become the unchallenged basis for public discussion.

But far worse even than this is the assumption underlying this lazy
defamation, that Zionism is a creed that is itself a particularly
aggressive kind of racism or colonialism. This vicious prejudice has
turned truth, reason and decency inside out. The right of the Jews to
their own historic national homeland has been recast, entirely
falsely, as a usurpation of the 'right' to that land of 'Palestinians'
– who never actually existed as a discrete people in the first place.
Those Jews who are Zionists now find themselves as a result cast as
racists and social pariahs – merely for asserting the right of the
Jewish people to self-determination in their own historic homeland.

Those who are driven by a vicious and bigoted hatred have thus been
allowed to cast the victims of their hatred as themselves hateful
people. Zionist Jews are thus defamed and victimised many times over –
and by those who have the gall to claim the moral high ground in doing
so, from luvvies Emma Thompson and Ken Loach to the boycotters and
thugs who harass and bully Zionist Jews on campus.

This is a truly chilling situation, reminiscent of the mass
brainwashing and hijacking of thought that took place in the Soviet
Union – not surprising when you consider the Soviet-Arab axis that
back in the seventies set out to destroy Israel by capturing and
subverting the western mind. In practical terms, it means that by
definition it is not possible to persuade people what has actually
occurred and what the true facts are, since such propositions will be
dismissed out of hand -- on the basis that everyone knows that the
lies about Israel are actually the unchallengeable truth.

But just as in the former Soviet Union, there are plenty of decent,
rational people who do understand very well what is happening here,
and its broader and lethal implications for the safety of the entire
western world. For those people and others who have yet to be
persuaded -- not to mention the duty to record this infamy into the
memory of the world -- the truth behind this terrible departure from
reason and decency over Israel and Zionism must continue to be
publicly told.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

More on Israel's Duel Judicial System

1. Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University, Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Calls on Israeli Left to Undermine Israeli Democracy and Have its
Agenda Forced Upon Israel by Foreign Powers

A few days ago an assembly of all the groups and movements of
Israel's radical Left took place in Tel Aviv. Among the key speakers
there was Prof. Amiram Goldblum, a founder of "Peace Now," and a
faculty member at the Hebrew University in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Goldblum is a radical Leftist with a long track record of political
extremism (see this:

The assembly and Goldblum's speech there are reported in detail in
the May 18, 2012 issue of Makor Rishon. There Goldblum is quoted as
calling on Israel's Left to stop wasting its time attempting to
persuade the general public to embrace its political agenda, evidently
because it is clear that the public will never do so. Goldblum said
he has no interest in the Israeli electorate and general public and
called upon the radical Left to go directly to political groups
abroad, outside of Israel, and recruit them as pressure groups to
coerce Israel into accepting the agenda of the Israeli Left. In other
words, Goldblum is openly contemptuous of democracy and Israeli

Goldblum is cited there as saying, "Israel's future regarding
elections and demography has already been predetermined first and
foremost, and excuse me for the express, in the bedroom with the
settlers and of the ultra-Orthodox living in Israel." He went on to
warn that the fact that religious people were having so many children
would ultimately result in the Right gaining strength in elections.
Since the Left was losing its ability from year to year to get
elected, the solution was to have the Left's agenda coerced and
imposed upon Israel by non-Israeli foreign political entities. He
also denounced the residents of the suburbs of Jerusalem, those living
in suburbs that happen to be across the Green Line, as evil "settlers"
who should be evicted.

2. I have argued for years that there operates in Israel a dual
judicial system, one for leftists and one for everyone else. Well,
now it turns out that there is someone who holds the same opinion –
(retired) Judge Uri Struzman, who has taken the Supreme Court to task
in the past for its political biases (see ) . Struzman now
denounces the courts for treating settlers as non-humans. His words.

He writes this in Haaretz, of all places (Hebrew only, at It has to do with how
the courts deal with orders for evicting people from property they do
not clearly own. In general for humans, the judge writes, those being
evicted have the automatic right to a hearing before a court before
the writ is executed, so that they can state their own case. Even
for the myriad Besouins and their fictional claims to ownership of the
entire Negev. Indeed this is so even in the case of convicted Arab
terrorists and murderers. The court grants them a hearing before any
eviction or demolition order is executed so that they can have their
day in court. But in the case of settlers, the courts are insisting
that they are NOT entitled to such due process and to a court hearing
in which they can state their cases. The conclusion being that in
contrast with Arab murderers, the court does not regard settlers as

3. The process of jihadization and radicalization of Israeli Arabs
continues and is spreading even to the most moderate of Israeli Arab
population subgroups. Take Haifa Arabs, mainly Christian, solidly
middle class and yuppies, thoroughly integrated. Haifa Arabs are
increasingly displaying political extremism. On Israeli Independence
Day I observed PLO flags on a number of buildings in which Haifa Arabs
reside in the downtown area. Naturally, the municipality of "Red
Haifa" had nothing to say about that. Freedom of speech, you see. In
the past the municipality under Mitzna allowed PLO flags to fly on
buildings owned by the municipality like the Beit Hagefen "Arab-Jewish
Cultural Center."

Well, this year every single Arab school in Haifa shut down on
"Nakba Day" in order to mourn Israel's creation and existence. This
is illegal under Israel's Nakba Law, which says that no group getting
any public funding may "commemorate" Nakba Day. It turns out that the
principals and teachers in all these schools instructed the students
NOT to come to school on Nakba Day (May 15). The same Haifa
Municipality and the Israeli Minister of Education however continue to
pump public funds into these schools. Do you think an American
municipality would pump money into a school shutting down to mourn the
loss of the war by Nazi Germany? (News Source: Zman Haifa, May 18,

4. More on Tel Aviv University's "Nakba Day":

5. Among the most malicious anti-Israel groups these days are radical
homosexual groups. These also are invariably anti-American and
anti-capitalism. Basically these are Double Pink groups, homosexuals
dreaming of the bliss of life under communism.

Well, I was a bit curious about the history of the treatment of
homosexuals under communist regimes. To tell you the truth, I did not
know much about it. So I did a fast search. And while I would never
suggest that "Wikipedia" is much of a valid source for anything, you
can get a pretty good picture of the rough outline of the answer to my
question here:

With all the caution one must exercise whenever looking up anything
on Wikipedia (its entries on Israel and Jews have largely been
hijacked and sabotaged by anti-Semites), you see the general picture.
Treatment of homosexuals has always been enormously worse under
communism than under capitalism, much like it has always been
infinitely worse in Moslem countries than it has been in Israel. And
that is why the radical homosexual groups are so anti-capitalist and
For non-wikipedia sources that make the same point, see
, and .

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chief Justice Beinisch's Ultimate Assault against Israeli Democracy and Rule of Law

Dorit Beinisch was the Chief Justice of Israel's Supreme Court
until retiring recently. While already retired, she is still writing
verdicts for some cases that began while she was on the bench.
Beinisch was the worst Israeli practitioner of the anti-democratic
doctrine of "judicial activism," which holds that court judges can
just make up laws and "right" as they go along and that unelected
judges should have the right to veto and dictate laws against the will
of the elected representatives of the people. In other words,
judicial activism is judicial tyranny.

Yesterday Beinisch and two other judges issued what is without a
doubt one of the very WORST court rulings in Israeli history, and for
that matter one of the worst in the history of the democratic world.

The ruling is based on illiteracy and ignorance. But even worse,
for all intents and purposes it overrides the fundamental principle of
all democracies that one is innocent until proven guilty. Beinisch's
latest venture into judicial activism is to reverse that principle
when it comes to women claiming to be victims of discrimination.
Henceforth in Israel employers will be presumed guilty unless they can
prove that they are innocent whenever any woman can be found who drew
a salary less than any man.

This act of sabotage of Israeli democracy was triggered by a suit
in which a woman claimed she was underpaid due to the fact that she
was a woman. Under Beinisch's new "law," employers will be presumed
guilty of discrimination whenever a woman employee claims she was paid
less than a male employee. It does not matter WHY she was paid less.
And the woman does not even have to prove she suffered any damages
from the discrimination she alleges took place.

So a panel of three judges who have probably never taken an
economics course in their entire lives presume to pontificate about
what the causes and sources of pay disparities are in the labor
marketplace. Their position is clearly that each and every wage
disparity must be presumed to be a reflection of discrimination unless
it can be proven otherwise. And proving otherwise is an extremely
complicated and burdensome affair.

Consider the following: it has been established statistically
that fat people on average earn less than thin people. Under the
Beinisch rules the simple fact of such a disparity must be presumed to
be a reflection of discrimination against fat people. But there is no
reason at all to think this is the case, and at least a thousand
alternative explanations for why such a gap in wages exists, having
nothing at all to do with discrimination. Fat people may be less
healthy on average than thin people, may suffer more injuries, may be
unable to perform certain job functions (such as climbing telephone
polls). In addition fat people may be characterized more often by
certain personality characteristics than are thin people. They may
have less self-discipline, less ability to delay gratification, less
perseverance. Certainly less energy. They also may have less
interest in certain types of education or jobs compared with what
appeals to thin people. If ANY of these many reasons explains the gap
in wages, discrimination has been ruled out.

But notice the difficulty. It is not a trivial matter to prove
in a statistical or legal way which of the reasons explains the
fat-thin pay gap. Ordinarily, the burden of proof for any fat person
claiming that the reason for a lower pay is discrimination against fat
folk would be on the plaintiff, who would have to provide persuasive
evidence that the other 1000 conceivable factors and reasons are not
the actual cause.

And the exact same problem exists for pay disparities between
the tall and the short (which also exist), or male-female, or
Jewish-Arab, or Ashkenazi-Sephardi, or young-old pay disparities. The
truth is that in many cases it is not clear at all what precisely
produces a specific pay disparity. My wife is a university faculty
member like me and makes more money than I do. Under the Beinisch
rule this proves I am a victim of discrimination and I can sue the
university. (She would insist that the REAL reason is that she is
simply smarter than me, which is why it is just and proper that I have
to do all the hoovering in the house.) I have not done sued – I
prefer the legal redress solution of helping my Missus spend all the
extra wampum.

I have never in my life met a student who believes he got the
grade he deserved, and I have never met a person who gets the salary
he thinks he deserves. Since everyone thinks they have been cheated
and shortchanged by the universe in some way, everyone has a
grievance. Courts that operate based on common sense do not make
judgments based on complaints and feelings of people. Plaintiffs have
to prove their claims with hard evidence.

But not in the post-Beinisch version of Israel's Brave New World.
Every feeling of resentment and sense of having been shortchanged will
be presumed to be objectively valid and reflecting discrimination.
Equality patrols and a Soviet-like wage boards of bureaucrats will
intervene and dictate to every single employer in the country what
wage should be paid to which employee. Employers will have to spend
the bulk of their resources fighting off the Equality Patrols and
producing proof that they have NOT discriminated, leaving them with
little time to do things like produce goods and services.

Israel's feminists are beside themselves with glee at all this.
Part of the irony here is that the immediate defense tactic of many
employers will be to desist from hiring women altogether, to avoid
comparisons of male and female pay, in order to save themselves from
being harassed by the Equality Terrorists.

But the more serious and long-lasting damage is that in her last
gasps as a judge, Madame Beinisch is underlying the basic principles
of judicial democracy in Israel. Here is a dangerous precedent that
regards you and me as guilty unless we can provide overwhelming
econometric evidence and scientific analysis showing that we are

2. Stop Funding Tel Aviv University
by Michael Freund
The Jewish Press
May 16, 2012

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One of Israel's leading universities seems to have lost its way.
In a move that is as incomprehensible as it is shameful, Tel Aviv
University (TAU) agreed to allow a student group to hold a ceremony
commemorating "Nakba Day," when Palestinians bemoan the establishment
of the state of Israel.
The event included the reading of Palestinian poetry, a moment of
silence and the recitation of an alternative version of the Yizkor
prayer Jews traditionally say in memory of their loved ones.
In case their intent was unclear, the organizers of this anti-Israel
hatefest went out of their way to elucidate the reasons behind it,
with one telling Haaretz in no uncertain terms that Israelis need to
realize that, "We're talking about a disaster that must be known on a
human level."
Another student involved in planning the event said she saw it as a
way "to remember the tragedy and great loss that befell the people who
were here before '48."
Have these people lost their minds? What on earth would prompt Jewish
students at an Israeli institution of higher education to lament the
founding of their own country?
Clearly, something is very wrong at Tel Aviv University. Though
ostensibly a Zionist institution, its administration ignored the pleas
of various public figures and permitted this outrage to go forward.
Indeed, for an institution whose website states that it has "a deep
commitment to Israeli society and the Jewish people," it is hard to
fathom what would prompt university officials to sign off on such
After all, this has nothing to do with the boundaries of free speech
or the fundamental right to criticize one's government. It is about
delegitimizing Israel and attempting to undermine its very existence.
Promoting Nakba Day is a crucial political goal of the Palestinians.
Giving it a platform not only fosters a false narrative of history,
but it also plays directly into the hands of those who wish to
dismantle the Jewish state.
At a time when Israel is facing existential threats from its
neighbors, there can be no excuse for allowing the publicly funded
grounds of an Israeli university campus to serve as a staging area for
assaults on its continued survival.
Clearly, university administrators have lost sight of one of the
essential purposes of education. As the 18th-century political
philosopher Baron de Montesquieu pointed out, the promotion of love
for one's country "ought to be the principal business of education."
This is so patently obvious that it should not even need to be stated.
Then again, given some of the radical faculty that populates various
departments at Tel Aviv University, it should hardly come as a
surprise that this basic idea has been all but overlooked.
As Dr. Steven Plaut and the IsraCampus organization have been
documenting for years, various TAU departments have become hothouses
for anti-Israel hotheads.
These range from a professor who denies that the Jews are a nation to
another who has referred to the residents of Judea and Samaria as
"Jewish Cossacks."
Yet another TAU instructor justified a Palestinian grenade attack on
Israeli soldiers as a legitimate act of resistance while others have
affirmed their support for efforts to boycott the Jewish state.
If you find this hard to believe, just go to the IsraCampus website
( and see for yourself how various anti-Zionist
and Marxist loons have been indoctrinating Israel's younger generation
at TAU with toxic views. Anyone concerned for the future of Israel
should be concerned by what is happening on campuses such as Tel Aviv
A growing cadre of Israeli academics are preaching extremist far-left
views and turning the hallowed halls of higher education into profane
pillars of puerile Palestinian propaganda.
There is no reason why the Israeli taxpayer, or pro-Israel Diaspora
Jews, should continue to generously fund TAU even as it serves to
undercut the values they hold dear.
For all their talk of principle, college administrators can be swayed
if enough pressure is applied. And that is what needs to be done in
order to restore some sanity, and Zionist commitment, to Israeli
So the next time you reach for your checkbook and consider making a
donation to Tel Aviv University, do yourself and the Jewish people a
favor: stop and think whether your money is truly going to a good
cause. In the current environment, chances are it isn't.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A brief (non-political) musical intermission

Occasionally when I am convinced that everyone is sick of hearing
about current events and news atrocities, I comment on what I think
are interesting non-political aspects of life in Israel.

On more than one occasion I have noted that I regard Israeli music
to be the greatest cultural achievement of modern Israel. Israeli
theater is mediocre. Israeli television is a human rights atrocity.
Israeli literature is sometimes okay, but you need to ignore the fact
that almost all the writers are far-leftist moonbats. Israeli cinema
invariably reeks, except the recent "Footnote" movie was pretty good.
But Israeli song is delightful and incomparable. There are a dozen
different kinds of Israeli music, from Oriental to religious to pop,
to old desert/camel music, to Russian revival, to folksy. And it
captures and incorporates musical themes from all over the world, from
Greece to Russia to Brazil to Italy to Bukhara, and also Arab music.

A particularly excellent strand of Israeli music involves
Yemenite performers, my own all-time favorites being the incredible
(late) Zohar Argov, and the much-alive Daklon.

And I want to tell you the story of one particular Yemenite song,
which I think exemplifies so much of what is fascinating and
enchanting about Israel. The song captures the complex richness of
Israeli society.

The song is named The Boat Song (Shir Ha-oniya), although is more
familiar as "I am Gedalia." Its melody is a striking one based on
traditional Yemenite musical themes. But the words are the most
fascinating part of it.

Yemenite Jews in Israel have by now been largely gentrified and the
bulk are middle class or yuppies today. But when they first arrived
in the 1950s (with some waves of immigrants who came earlier), they
were at the bottom of the "social ladder," like Ethiopians are today.
Yemen was and still is one of the most primitive places on earth. And
its Jews were very much a product of conditions there. They
nevertheless developed their own strong and unique set of religious
traditions (for example, often Yemenites read Haftara portions that
are different from BOTH those of Ashkenazim and Sephardim). And
Yemenite Jewish education was so deeply devoted to the works of
Maimonides (the RAMBAM) that even today I suspect the average Yemenite
blue collar worker knows more Maimonides than most professors of

In any case, the song I want to introduce to you describes the
adventures of one such working-class uneducated Yemenite youth living
in the 1950s. The working class life of the naive and innocent youth
is described in beautiful and flowery Hebrew, containing Biblical
expressions and images and literary language. Basically, it is a
monologue of the young working class Gedalia, who decides to give up
his life dragging heavy sacks about and go to sea as a seaman. He
travels the world while writing letters to his father. He describes
his journey as searching for the lost 10 tribes and the messiah. One
sentence that touches me personally whenever I hear it is where he
describes his life as traveling the seas eating pita and tomato
together with his small siddur or prayerbook. I kind of like to think
of myself as having a bit of Gedalia in me, wandering the world with a
small siddur, although in my case it is more with hotel room service,
a laptop, and Boeing jets..

The song of the life of the Yemenite youth and the powerful
Yemenite melody however contain a surprise. Both were composed by
Ashkenazim, having not so much of a drop of Yemenite blood in them.
The author of the words was the great Israeli poet Natan Alterman (see while the melody was
composed by the great composer Moshe Wilensky

I would like to invite you to listen to the song, which can be heard
on youtube at (also at You will not be sorry
you listened.

If you read Hebrew, then you can read along with the lyrics appearing

You can also see the Hebrew transliterated into English letters here:

There seems to be no English translation of the lyrics, so here is my
own translation, although this really does not do justice to the
lovely Hebrew lyrics:

The Boat Song

I am Gedalia, but a quarter of a man
But I am growing,
If I have no home, at least I have the road
And above the road the moon shining.

I have one side curl and another one
Together Payot (payos)
I have dragged enough sacks already
And run hither and thither
Now I want the distant horizon
I want to go to sea

For the world is so very large
And one has to see it all,
The cities and the market places
And the Ten Tribes
To see the wild ox of the Messiah (tradition that this will be food
eaten when Messiah comes – SP)
The whale (leviathan) and the slivering snake (images and terms from
books of Job and Isaiah -- SP)
I will glance at it once or twice
And then Sail on, Sail on, my boat.

I shall take with me some tomato,
A small prayerbook, and some pita
While from the deck of the boat I look out.

The captain comes by to ask me
Where are traveling to, Gedalia?
America is over here to the left,
And to the right is Australia.

And I respond: Sir,
All places are beautiful,
The entire world belongs to the Almighty God,
While all men are brothers.

For the world is so very large
And one has to see it all,
How everything in it is arranged,
Where it is hot and where it is cold.

And what is evil and what is beautiful in it,
And who is doing the floor mopping,
And I will see it once or twice,
Then Sail on, Sail on, my boat.

Then when the day arrives, I tell the captain,
Get prepared,
It is here that the ocean ends,
And time that we return to the Yarkon (creek in Tel Aviv)

Then in the port, the crowds are cheering,
And the wind instruments thunder,
My father is singing thanks to God,
Gedalia, sit and rest.

And he weeps and then he laughs,
And asks me, where have you been?
Oh how far away I have been, father,
Lift your eyes and see.

I was in the world so large,
And saw everything in it,
On my life I swear to you that
It was worthwhile

For the world is beautiful, Ya Father (oh father),
And there is room in it for everyone, Ya Father,
I will glance at it once or twice,
And that is the song of the boat.

And a Happy Nakba Day to You!

1. Today is "Nakba Day," the day in which the Jews for a Second
Holocaust join their Islamofascist friends in mourning Israel's
creation and existence.

Being a fella with a good sense of commercial potential, I wanted to
suggest that we all print up Nakba Day greeting cards and send them to
tenured traitors and other aficionados of the Palestinian "right of

Here are some card slogans I have thought up – Halmark are you listening?:

One, two, three, MANY Nakbas!
Nakba-ize unto Victory!
A little Nakba never hurt anyone!
My professor went to Nakba Day and all I got was this lousy tee shirt.
Remove the illegal Palestinian settlements sitting on Jewish land!
Two-state solution: One for the Jews and One for the Kurd, but none
for the Arabs who live down the Lane
Bulldoze an anarcho-fascist today!
Help the Palestinian prisoners maintain their hunger strike!
End the Illegal Syrian Occupation of the Gilad
Don't wall them out – Fence them In!
I love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning!
When this drone is a rockin', we'll come a-knockin'!!
Rachel Corrie Pancake Syrup for Sale!
We switched your 72 virgins with a 72 year old virgin!

While we are on this, you probably know the Dolly Parton classic song
"Jolene." It is on youtube and you can see the lyrics here:

Well, I thought Nakba Day is deserving of its own song, set to the
same melody. It is to be called, Jenin. Not to be confused with the
anti-Semitic lying smear movie "Jenin Jenin" by terrorist Mohammed
Bakri, which my song can neutralize!

Here goes:

Jenin, Jenin, Jenin, Jenin
I'm begging of you please desist from sham
Jenin, Jenin, Jenin, Jenin
Let's attack it just because we can

Your terror is beyond compare
With flaming bursts of jihad flare
With choppers from the IDF so keen

The choppers fire and all is cool
Their Gatling guns with ammo full
And we know just what to do, Jenin

Let's round up terrorists in their sleep
There's nothing they can do to keep
Our agents from denazifying, Jenin

And I can easily understand
How we could snatch Their Terrorist Man
Cause you don't know what he means to me, Jenin

Jenin, Jenin, Jenin, Jenin
I'm begging of you please desist from sham
Jenin, Jenin, Jenin, Jenin
Let's attack it just because we can

You can have your choice of men
And we'll assassinate again
You''re the number one for me, Jenin

I had to have this talk with you
Our happiness depends on you
Cause termination's what we do, Jenin

Jenin, Jenin, Jenin, Jenin
I'm begging of you please desist from sham
Jenin, Jenin, Jenin, Jenin
Let's attack it just because we can

2. How 'Nakba' Proves There's No Palestinian Nation

By: Steven Plaut
Over the past few years, the term nakba has become the favorite
nonsense word of the Anti-Israel Lobby. Meaning "catastrophe" in
Arabic, it has been embraced by anti-Semites all over the planet to
refer to Israel's creation, which supposedly imposed a "catastrophe"
upon the "disenfranchised Palestinian Arabs."

Of course, the real catastrophe that befell the Arabs in 1948-49
was that they failed in their attempt to annihilate Israel and
exterminate its population, and for that they paid a price.

Meanwhile, Nakba Nonsense has been spreading. Google finds over
85,000 web pages referring to Israel's creation as a "nakba," and a
Yahoo search finds even more than that. The anti-Israel web magazine
Counterpunch cannot mention Israel without using the term. Even
Israel's leftist minister of education, Yuli Tamir, has ordered that
the nakba be taught as part of the curriculum in Israeli schools,
where Israel's schoolchildren can be taught to mourn their own
country's existence.

(Tamir, who was previously a professor of education at Tel Aviv
University, is so bizarre that in the summer of 1996 she published an
article in the Boston Review defending female circumcision in the
Third World and denouncing those who expressed disgust at the practice
– see

Nakba ceremonies are now held each year by leftist professors at
Israeli universities who mourn the very creation and existence of
their country.

The nakba of the late 1940's and 1950's that befell large
numbers of Jews living in Arab countries who were suddenly expelled,
persecuted, and stripped of their property does not interest such
people. Those Jewish refugees made new homes in Israel and actually
outnumbered the Palestinians who fled.

Meanwhile, an urban legend has been fabricated about the origin
of the term "nakba" – a fairy tale that claims the word was a banner
waved by Palestinians starting in 1948, and that its very use shows
how deep the roots of "Palestinian nationality" go.

So here is a little current events quiz: What is the real origin
of the term "nakba" and what is its original meaning?

If you get the answer to the quiz wrong – in other words, if you
say it refers to the events of 1948 – you are in very good company. I
myself would have flunked the quiz up until a few days ago, when I
stumbled on the correct answer. Not only does the bandying about of
the "nakba" nonsense word not point to any "depths of roots of
Palestinian nationality," it proves the very opposite: namely, that
there is no such thing as a Palestinian nation or nationality at all.

The authoritative source on the origin of "nakba" is none other
than George Antonius, supposedly the first "official historian of
Palestinian nationalism." Like so many "Palestinians," he actually
wasn't – Palestinian, that is. He was a Christian Lebanese-Egyptian
who lived for a while in Jerusalem, where he composed his official
advocacy/history of Arab nationalism. The Arab Awakening, a highly
biased book, was published in 1938 and for years afterward was the
official text used at British universities.

Antonius was an "official Palestinian representative" to
Britain, trying to argue the cause for creating an Arab state in place
of any prospective homeland promised the Jews under the Balfour
Declaration of 1917. By the 1930's Antonius was an active anti-Zionist
propagandist, and as such was offered a job at Columbia University
(where some things don't seem to change much).

He served as an academic fig leaf for xenophobic Arab
nationalists seeking to deny Jews any right to self-determination in
or migration to the Land of Israel. And he was closely associated with
the Grand Mufti, Hitler's main Islamic ally, and also with the
pro-German regime in Iraq in the early 1940's.

Antonius was so passionately anti-Zionist that he continues to
serve as the hero and mentor of Jewish leftist anti-Zionists
everywhere. For example, the late Hebrew University sociology
professor Baruch Kimmerling relied on Antonius at length in his own
pseudo-history, Palestinians: The Making of a People (Free Press,

So how does Antonius provide us with the answer to the
current-events quiz concerning the origin of "nakba"? The term was not
invented in 1948 but rather in 1920. And it was coined not because of
Palestinians suddenly getting nationalistic but because Arabs living
in Palestine regarded themselves as Syrian and were enraged at being
cut off from their Syrian homeland.

Before World War I, the entire Levant – including what is now
Israel, the "occupied territories," Jordan, Lebanon and Syria – was
comprised of Ottoman Turkish colonies. When Allied forces drove the
Turks out of the Levant, the two main powers, Britain and France,
divided the spoils between them. Britain got Palestine, including what
is now Jordan, while France got Lebanon and Syria.

The problem was that the Palestinian Arabs saw themselves as
Syrians and were seen as such by other Syrians. The Palestinian Arabs
were enraged that an artificial barrier was being erected within their
Syrian homeland by the infidel colonial powers – one that would divide
northern Syrian Arabs from southern Syrian Arabs, the latter being
those who were later misnamed "Palestinians."

The bulk of the Palestinian Arabs had in fact migrated to
Palestine from Syria and Lebanon during the previous two generations,
largely to benefit from the improving conditions and job opportunities
afforded by Zionist immigration and capital flowing into the area. In
1920, both sets of Syrian Arabs, those in Syria and those in
Palestine, rioted violently and murderously.

On page 312 of The Arab Awakening, Antonius writes, "The year
1920 has an evil name in Arab annals: it is referred to as the Year of
the Catastrophe (Am al-Nakba). It saw the first armed risings that
occurred in protest against the post-War settlement imposed by the
Allies on the Arab countries. In that year, serious outbreaks took
place in Syria, Palestine, and Iraq."

Yes, the answer to our little quiz is 1920, not 1948. That's
1920 – when there was no Zionist state, no Jewish sovereignty, no
"settlements" in "occupied territories," no Israel Defense Forces, no
Israeli missiles and choppers targeting terror leaders, and no Jewish
control over Jerusalem (which had a Jewish demographic majority going
back at least to 1850).

The original "nakba" had nothing to do with Jews, and nothing to
do with demands by Palestinian Arabs for self-determination,
independence and statehood. To the contrary, it had everything to do
with the fact that the Palestinian Arabs saw themselves as Syrians.
They rioted at this nakba – at this catastrophe– because they found
deeply offensive the very idea that they should be independent from
Syria and Syrians.

In the 1920's, the very suggestion that Palestinian Arabs
constituted a separate ethnic nationality was enough to send those
same Arabs out into the streets to murder and plunder violently in
outrage. If they themselves insisted they were simply Syrians who had
migrated to the Land of Israel, by what logic are the Palestinian
Arabs deemed entitled to their own state today?

Palestinian Arabs are no more a nation and no more entitled to
their own state than are the Arabs of Detroit or of Paris. They
certainly are not entitled to four different states: Jordan, Hamastan
in Gaza, a PLO state in the West Bank, and Israel converted into yet
another Arab state via the granting of a "right of return" to Arab

Speaking of Palestinians as Syrians, it is worth noting what one
of the early Syrian nationalists had to say. The following quote comes
from the great-grandfather of the current Syrian dictator, Bashar

"Those good Jews brought civilization and peace to the Arab
Muslims, and they dispersed gold and prosperity over Palestine without
damage to anyone or taking anything by force. Despite this, the
Muslims declared holy war against them and did not hesitate to
massacre their children and women…. Thus a black fate awaits the Jews
and other minorities in case the Mandates are cancelled and Muslim
Syria is united with Muslim Palestine."

That statement is from a letter sent to the French prime
minister in June 1936 by six Syrian Alawi notables (the Alawis are the
ruling class in Syria today) in support of Zionism. Bashar's
great-grandfather was one of them.

3. The 'Nakba' Debunked
Posted By Steven Plaut On June 2, 2011

The world media are filled with Goebbels-style Big Lies about the
"Nakba," the supposed "catastrophe" and "ethnic cleansing" of Arabs
when Israel was created in 1948.
But now an interesting source has come along to debunk this massive
campaign of lies and disinformation.
Consider the following citation (emphasis added):
The Arab armies seemingly entered Palestine [in 1948] to protect the
Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny but, instead, they abandoned
them, forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland, imposed
upon them a political and ideological blockade and threw them into
prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live in
Eastern Europe, as if we were condemned to change places with them.
The Arab States succeeded in scattering the Palestinian people and in
destroying their unity.
Ok, current events students, name the source for that quote.
The answer is … (drumroll) … Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas), the
"president" of the Palestinian Authority, who wrote this in an article
in the Beirut magazine Falastin el-Thawra, in March 1976. (Item cited
in the weekly column by Ben-Dror Yemini in Maariv, May 27, 2011.)
And that is not the only useful citation from Abu Mazen, also cited in
the same column by Yemini. It turns out that last week the very same
Abu Mazen had an article in The New York Times in which he claimed to
tell his own personal "Nakba" family story. There he asserted that
the Jews expelled the Arabs right after the UN's partition resolution
of 1947 (which called for creating two new countries, a Jewish and an
Arab state, in the area of the British Mandate). Abu Mazen also wrote
that he and his family were expelled (from Safed) to Syria and forced
to live there in an old canvass tent.
Well, Ben-Dror Yemini did some homework. The UN resolution, first of
all, was in November 1947. The battle for Safed took place in May
1948. Second, Abu Mazen's family in Safed was very wealthy, with more
than enough ready capital to coast along comfortably for quite some
time. But most significantly, Abu Mazen's family went to Jordan, not
to Syria. Only much later did they move to Damascus. In addition,
Safed Arabs fled in large part in 1948 because they were expecting
retaliation for the pogroms they themselves had launched against the
Jews of the city in 1929.
And just who is the source for claiming that Abu Mazen was lying
through his fangs in that Times piece?
Why, none other than Anu Mazen himself, again. In 2009, he gave an
interview to the Palestinian Authority TV channel, telling about his
family's wealth and their move to Jordan.
Furthermore, that same week, left-wing Haaretz quoted one Ismail Fahr
a-Din from the Golan Druse village of Majdal Shams claiming he
remembered very clearly the Palestinian refugees arriving in that town
(back then still under Syrian occupation). Only one itsy bitsy
problem, though. Turns out, the "witness" is 57 years old and so, was
born 6 years after Israel's war of Independence.
More generally, I think that any time anyone suggests that we need to
empathize with the "Nakba" of the "Palestinians" they should be
directed to contemplating East Prussia.
East Prussia, where, in many ways, World War II began (in Hitler's
campaign for Danzig), was emptied out near the end of the war, with
hundreds of thousands of Germans fleeing the approaching Red Army and
the impending battles, and with hundreds of thousands more evicted
after the Soviets pushed through East Prussia into Berlin. In all,
1.8 to 2.2 million East Prussians were driven out or fled. That is 4
times the number of "Palestinian refugees" from 1948-49. Parts of
East Prussia were annexed by Russia, the rest being incorporated into
And what about mourning for their "catastrophe?" No one, not even the
worst bleeding-heart in the West, has ever believed East Prussians
deserve any sympathy or support or compensation for their "plight."
They were part of the German monstrosity that had launched the war,
and they became refugees as a direct result of the crimes and
aggressions of the German people, crimes they most enthusiastically
endorsed and in which they participated. Exactly like the
circumstances under which "Palestinian Arabs" became refugees as a
result of launching a genocidal war of aggression and then losing.
Think the "Palestinians" deserve compassion? Not until the East
Prussians are granted a "Right of Return."

See also

Jordan bans Nakba celebrations

Monday, May 14, 2012

Threats or Threat Fabrications?

1. It seems that Israel's radical anti-Israel "academics" have a new
tactic. A series of them pretend to be "victims" of threats. (A
different series, including an "academic" at Ben Gurion University,
keep issuing death threats to murder non-leftists!) You may recall
that anti-Semite Neve Gordon ran to the police a couple of years ago
with the claim that he had received a "death threat." What he then
showed was a note in a child's hand – which you can see here
It says "I will tell Ben Gurion to kill you, signed Im Tirtzu." Not
clear if it means Ben Gurion University, since Ben Gurion himself is

Some death threat! In any case, there was reason to believe that
Gordon himself invented it or asked a 10 year old to scribble it out
for him so he could clame Im Tirtzu. Why do I say that? Because
during Gordon's fascist SLAPP suit harassment against me he also filed
a false police complaint against me that I was supposedly threatening
him, this after he got an email letter from Italy insulting him. The
police dismissed it with mirth. So there is precedent for believing
that Gordon invented this "threat" as well.

Well, now the latest academic anti-Semite to report a "death
threat" is Shlomo Sand, the Stalinist pseudo-historian who took his
expertise on the French cinema and decided to use it to write a "book"
claiming that modern Jews are simply converted Turks and other pagans
and that all real Jews became Palestinian Arabs. He also claims the
Jews were never a "people," you know – unlike the ancient Palestinian
Arab nationality. Much of Sand's "thesis" consists of myths taken
from Neo-Nazi web sites and recycled. Ronen Shoval, head of Im
Tirtzu, writing in Haaretz (Hebrew accuses Sand of being an
accomplice of Holocaust Deniers. He says that Sand uses the same
"methodologies' as Holocaust Deniers and seeks to adopt the ideas of
Holocaust Deniers in order to delegitimize Israel and bring about its

And then all of a sudden Sand claims to have gotten a "death
threat." The evidence is that he says he got one. He claims he got
a note with some talcum powder in it sent to him and threatening him.
The news report on this from Haaretz appears below.

Well, I personally do not believe a word of it. Sand, who has a
book called "The Invention of the Jewish People" could plausibly
himself be "The Inventor of the Talcum Powder Threat." There is also
the possibility that a critic sent Sand talcum powder as a sort of
editorial comment of Sand's diaper rash.

Here is the Haaretz report:

Police investigating death threat, white powder sent to Tel Aviv University

Prof. Shlomo Sand, author of 'The Invention of the Land of Israel'
says letter calls him 'anti-Semite, Nazi'.
By Talila Nesher | May.13, 2012 | 9:50 PM

Prof. Shlomo Sand, a Tel Aviv University history professor, said
Sunday that he had received an envelope containing white powder and a
letter that included death threats.
In the letter, which was received by the secretary of the university's
Department of History, the professor was accused of being an
"anti-Semitic," among other things. The letter also threatened Sand
that he would "not live much longer."
In a conversation with Haaretz, Sand said, "I opened a series of
letters as usual, and then all of a sudden a white cloud jumped out. I
was shocked that the powder got on to my hands and threw down the
letter. It's been brought to the attention of the security officer and
the police sent a squad car to the site and the substance was taken
for a test."
Sand, who intends on filing a complaint with Israel Police on Monday,
said he was concerned after having received the letter. "They wrote
that I'm an anti-Semite, Nazi, that my time will come. It's a very
unpleasant feeling," he said.
The history professor said it was possible that his new book, " The
Invention of the Land of Israel: From Holy Land to Homeland," might
have been what caused someone to send him the letter. "Four years ago,
when I published my previous book, 'The Invention of the Jewish
People,' there were fewer crazy people than there are today," Sand
told Haaretz.
Throughout the day, the police examined the substance and discovered
it was not of a chemical nature. The police also opened an
investigation into the case.
In Sand's book on the Jewish people, the author attempts to prove that
the Jews now living in Israel and other places in the world are not at
all descendants of the ancient people who inhabited the Kingdom of
Judea during the First and Second Temple period. Their origins,
according to him, are in varied peoples that converted to Judaism
during the course of history, in different corners of the
Mediterranean Basin and the adjacent regions. Not only are the North
African Jews for the most part descendants of pagans who converted to
Judaism, but so are the Jews of
Yemen and the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe.

2. The Soros team vs. kosher food:

3. Suggestion for Tel Aviv University, from Steven Plaut

Gents: Since you have decided to approve a Nakba Day event on campus
property to mourn the creation and existence of Israel and to demand
the recognition of the "Palestinian Right of Return," I would like to
suggest that you show us the courage of your convictions. After all,
this week is also the exact date of another tragic event in history,
the defeat of another national struggle for self-determination and
human rights.

That is right, this week is the anniversary of the Tragischer Tag,
the Tragic Day, the date in which the great tragedy of the German
people took place, in which Hitler was defeated and the Reich was
overrun and its independence lost. The British and American
aggressors and their allies and accomplices won their imperialist war
and carried out a terrible ethnic cleansing of the Volkdeutsch, just
as the Jews carried out ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Nakba
that Tel Aviv University is about to commemorate. Moreover, the
Germans evicted en masse by the millions from their homes in Central
and Eastern Europe have never been granted their inalienable "Right of
Return" to their homelands.

SO why should not Tel Aviv University ALSO approve the holding of
a Tragischer Day mourning event in Antine Square, smack on campus
property (even though Tel Aviv University spin PR people have been
trying to lie to people and claim it is not campus property!).
Indeed, since most of the same people who will be holding Nakba Day
will also want to participate in Tragischer Day, maybe the two events
can be held together, together with PLO flags and swastikas. I am
sure the communist atheists and the Islamofascists who plan to say a
special "alternative Yizkor Prayer" at the Nakda Day event can also
say one for the German victims of ethnic cleansing and aggression.
Can there be any doubt that many faculty members from Tel Aviv
University, including most of the departments of history, psychology
department, linguistics, political science, sociology, and law will be
interested in attending both events.

4. David Newman (AKA Neve Gordon Lite), the anti-Israel leftist
McCarthyist from Ben Gurion University who produced an anti-Semitic
"documentary" for British television, a notorious enemy of freedom of
speech, has a hysterical McCarthyist article in the Jerusalem Post for
a change,,
in which he writes:

"In recent years, spurred on by extremist right-wing groups, members
of the Boards of Governors have also become increasingly involved in
the political debate surrounding Israeli universities and their
academic staff. Many of them have blindly supported the false
assertions of well-oiled and funded groups, such as Im Tirtzu, NGO
Monitor, IsraCampus and Academic Monitor, that the universities have
become hotbeds of 'anti-Zionism' without ever bothering to check the
facts on the ground."

Well oiled and funded, he said? Once again Newman proves what sort
of "scholar" he is and what sort of academic standards exist at Ben
Gurion "University." Newman by the way is on the board of Tikkun
magazine, which I guess passes for a learned academic journal these
days at Ben Gurion "University."

5. Here is a thought. Obama's sudden endorsement of "gay marriage"
is likely to alienate many of Obama's key constituencies. Hispanics,
blacks, and Moslems are notoriously anti-homosexual. If Obama's
posturing loses him significant support, this could be pink lace
curtains for him! Indeed, the only solid Obama constituency that
will approve of his endorsement of "gay marriage" will be the
non-Orthodox Jews, you know – the same people who claim they practice
the ethics of the religion that

Friday, May 11, 2012

Officials of Tel Aviv University get Caught Lying!

1. Commenting on Obama's sudden endorsement of "gay marriage," which
is actually so unpopular among the general population that it could
cost Obama the election (witness – every state that has voted on
ballot propositions has voted AGAINST it, including three socially
liberal ones -California, Maine and Oregon - and North Carolina, which
Obama carried in 2008, did so just this week by a vote of 61% to 39%),
James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal writes:

Victory has a thousand fathers, as John F. Kennedy observed, but
defeat has two mommies.


2. Eureka. Friends, I think I have found a cure for Islamofascism!
All we need to do is find 71 more exactly like this:

3. Israel's Left is aghast. Netanyahu managed to snooker them and
wangled for himself a new national unity coalition, which will last
another 18 months or so. By announcing elections in September, he
stampeded what is left of the Kadima Party into joining his coalition
because Kadima faces obliteration in any new election. The Left is
soiling itself in rage. How dare Netanyahu and Mofaz (chief of Kadima
now) dare do such a "dirty trick." Mofaz had sworn on his grandmother
just 3 days before joining the coalition that he would not do so!

Dirty tricks say you? Well, these are the very same leftists he
orchestrated and celebrated the most infamous "dirty trick" in Israeli
history when Shimon Peres undercut a national unity coalition
involving the Likud and Labor in 1990, much to the chagrin of Yitzhak
Rabin by the way, to set up his own Labor-led government with some
religious parties. Rabin dubbed the attempt by Peres, which failed,
the "Stinky Trick." Of course, Rabin and Peres later had their own
stinky trick when they passed one of the Oslo accords with the Arab
fascist parties only thanks to bribing two members of Raful's
rightwing party to cross ideological lines in exchange for payoffs.

4. Freedom of speech in Israel? Not for non-leftists.

In recent days the rightwing Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari
(National Union Party - produced and
distributed leaflets protesting the rulings of Israel's
anti-democratic Supreme Court judges, who ordered the government to
evict some settlers from their homes while refusing to order similar
evictions of Negev Bedouins form land son which they are illegally
squatting and do not own. Ban-Ari's leaflets show the justices
involved wearing Arab kaffiya head-scarves.
The director general of Israel's court administration then
petitioned the Attorney General to prosecute Ben-Ari for "incitement."
In Israel the word "incitement" refers to any opinion with which the
radical Left disagrees. The McCarthyist director general claims one
may not express criticism of the politics or rulings of any judge in
Israel, kind of like in Stalin's Soviet Union.

Ben-Ari has parliamentary immunity in any case. But the very fact
that a head of the judiciary initiates prosecution of someone for
expressing a political opinion about the political opinion of some
other public figures, in this case judges, illustrates wonderfully how
anti-democratic is the Israeli Left and how poorly protected is
freedom of speech in Israel.

5. Worth reading: Sam Sokol on the "Nakba":

6. The heads of Tel Aviv University have been nailing for lying to
the public. They were trying to defuse the worldwide wave of rage at
them over the decision to hold "Nakba Day" events on the TAU campus,
mourning the creation and existence of Israel. Hey, we have no say
over this, the PR Spin doctors for TAU are now saying, because the
Nakba Day "protest" is to be held outside the campus, where we have no

Except that the Nakba Day event is to be held ON THE CAMPUS, in
Antin Square, which is campus property, right next to the main entry
gate. It lies outside the main TAU campus fence on Haim Levanon
Street but it is unambiguously campus property, where no one can even
hand out leaflets or sell Pepsi without campus permission. That is
why the Dean of Students was asked and had to approve this Nakba
atrocity, which he did approve, and that is why the university asked
the organizers of it to pony up cash to pay for the presence of campus
security personnel there. If it were really in a public space, none
of that would be required.

So in short the PR people and officials of Tel Aviv University
have been caught with their pants on fire!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Undermining Affirmative Apartheid

May 10, 2012
Learn from Elizabeth Warren
By Steven Plaut
I think the attacks against Elizabeth Warren, who pretended to be an
American Indian to advance her career, are wrong. To the contrary,
she simply did what we all should be doing! She sabotaged America's
racist affirmative action regime, or -- the term I prefer to call it
-- America's affirmative apartheid.
She should be our role model. We should all do the same thing she did
and proclaim ourselves members of whichever fashionable list of
preferred "minorities" the racists administering affirmative apartheid
happen to be promoting this week.
There are lots of ways we can do so. First, anthropologists believe
that the human species originated on the African continent. So, by my
reckoning, that makes us all African-Americans. Why can't we proclaim
ourselves such on the "race identification forms" used for hiring and
college admissions?
In addition, I have always had a special sense of repulsion at the Ivy
League institutions implementing affirmative apartheid. Just consider
this: until the 1960s, American Ivy League universities openly and
unabashedly had quotas designed to keep out Jews. Until the 1960s
they did not hide this and proudly admitted to the quotas. And then,
a few years later, the very same institutions were again
discriminating against Jews because Jews had been defined as part of
the "white" ethnicity against which their affirmative apartheid
programs were discriminating. Remember when the liberuhs used to
pretend that affirmative action preferences were needed to compensate
members of groups who had in the past been victims of discrimination?
Well, Harvard and its sisters today proudly discriminate against the
very same Jews against whom they proudly discriminated in the past and
for which discriminative affirmative action is supposed to be the
Got all that?
Of course, for the Jewish victims of affirmative apartheid there are a
few additional Warren-like alternatives. Since all Jews originate in
Asia, or more specifically the Middle East, which is in Asia, all Jews
can claim to be Asian Americans. True, the affirmative apartheid
Klansters arbitrarily define Asia as the territory east of the
Himalayas in order to deny Indians, Arabs, Kurds, Persians, Armenians,
Azeris and Turks the benefits of affirmative apartheid preferences,
but let us watch them try to defend this geographic definition of
"Asia" before a courtroom!
That's not all: most Jews can claim to be Hispanics. Why? Because so
many Jews have ancestors who lived in Spain and its colonies or on the
Iberian peninsula. Take me, for example (and I hear my wife in the
background saying, "Take him, please!") Despite my Germanic Ashkenazi
surname, we Plauts originated in medieval Spain. So ever since I was
a freshman in college in Philadelphia, I have proclaimed myself a
Hispanic. True, I do not speak Spanish, but since when is that
relevant? Lots of other Hispanics do not speak Spanish. How many
African-Americans speak African languages? Let's watch the
affirmative Klansters drag out some tape measures to measure skull
shapes and noses and utilize other Nazi anthropological methods for
establishing race to keep us out!
And if all that fails, we can all claim to be Native Americans -- at
least all of us who were born in the United States and so are natives
and have bona fide birth certificates.
Oh, and none of us have to be "pure blooded" members of the preferred
minority group in question. True, the affirmative Klansters want us
to have a certain minimum portion of "blood" from the preferred racial
group to "count," a bit like the way Adolf Hitler's people defined
race. Let's see them try to defend that in court!
If every single one of us is a member of a favored minority, then the
apartheid system of affirmative action cannot function.
And since affirmative action is supposed to be a form of compensation
for those who have suffered past discrimination, isn't it about time
that we introduce reverse affirmative action? This would be a system
of preferences and special benefits for those people who have been
discriminated against by 45 years of affirmative action programs. The
prime beneficiary group should be Asian-Americans, whose numbers are
kept down at the most competitive universities in America (except at
Berkeley and UCLA, where the voters forced the state to stop
discriminating, and Asians rapidly became the majority of
undergraduates). But plain-vanilla Caucasians also deserve to be
There is one other thing worth bearing in mind. And that is that the
affirmative action lobby, and this includes just about all feminists
and liberals, is strongly opposed to racial equality and equal
opportunity on principle.
The problem has to do with the most common error in social science:
the superstitious belief in "natural homogeneity." This is the
ridiculous belief in the axiom holding that, in the absence of
discrimination, every single demographic and ethnic group in society
should have numerical representation in all things, in all professions
and all salary classes, proportionate to their numbers in the
population. Thus, according to this superstition, any departure from
perfect numerical homogeneity in "representation" must be due to
discrimination. Never any need actually to document or prove
discrimination. The statistical disparity is all the proof needed.
Of course, the economic and social reality is that equal opportunity
never produces homogeneity, and heterogeneity in numerical
"representation" almost never has anything at all to do with
"discrimination." Thomas Sowell's books are overflowing with proofs
and illustrations. Indeed, the only way to achieve numerical
homogeneity is to suppress equal opportunity and competition and
merit-based hiring and to impose quotas and outright discrimination
upon society.
And that is exactly what the feminists, the race-hucksters, and the
liberals really want!
So take it from this African-American Asian Hispanic Native American!
The best way to end racism and discrimination in America is for all of
us to follow Elizabeth Warren's lead and sabotage affirmative
apartheid once and for all!


Elizabeth Warren Dances with Lies
Posted By Ann Coulter On May 10, 2012
Elizabeth Warren, who also goes by her Indian name, "Lies on Race
Box," is in big heap-um trouble. The earnest, reform-minded liberal
running for Senate against Scott Brown, R-Mass., lied about being
part-Cherokee to get a job at Harvard.
Harvard took full advantage of Warren's lie, bragging to The Harvard
Crimson about her minority status during one of the near-constant
student protests over insufficient "diversity" in the faculty. Warren
also listed herself as an Indian in law school faculty directories
and, just last month, said, "I am very proud of my Native American
Except, oops, she has no more evidence that she's an Indian than that
buffoon out of Colorado, Ward Churchill.
The Boston Globe immediately leapt to Warren's defense, quoting a
genealogist who found a marriage license on which Warren's
great-great-uncle scribbled that his mother, Warren's
great-great-great grandmother, was a Cherokee. This is not part of the
official marriage license. (If I scribble "Kenyan" on Obama's birth
certificate, does that make it true?)
But let's say it's true. That would make Warren a dotriacontaroon —
1/32nd Cherokee. That's her claim to affirmative action bonus points?
You don't know what it's like to be 1/32nd Cherokee, to never have
anyone to talk to, spending so many evenings home alone, wondering if
there was some other 1/32nd Cherokee out there, perhaps looking at the
same star I was.
Soon, however, the preponderance of the evidence suggested she wasn't
even 1/32nd Cherokee. The census records for 1860 list the allegedly
Cherokee great-great-great-grandmother, O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, as
"white." Also, Warren's family isn't listed in the Cherokee registry.
(Unlike Democrat voter rolls, to be on the Cherokee list, proof is
On the other hand, we have what her son scribbled on his marriage
license — something, by the way, that none of his siblings claimed
about their mother.
So now we're down to Warren's reminiscence that her great-aunt used to
point to a portrait of her great-great-grandfather and call him an
Indian, noting his high cheekbones.
Family lore is not proof. Proof is contemporary documentation,
produced under penalty of perjury, such as a census record. My mother
told me she found me under a rock, but I don't put that on job
The universities that employed Warren rushed to claim that her fake
Indian ancestry had nothing to do with it. They speak with forked
tongue, causing heap-um laughter. (Harvard was so desperate for
diversity, it made a half-black dilettante president of the Harvard
Law Review!)
To grasp what a sin against political correctness this is, consider
the Jesuitical debates about blackness regularly engaged in at our
universities. About the time Lies on Race Box was getting a job with
Harvard as a fake Indian — valued for her fake hunting and tracking
skills — a debate broke out at Northwestern University law school
about whether a potential faculty hire was black enough.
One professor wrote a heated three-page letter to the hiring committee
complaining that the recruit "should not be considered a black
candidate," explaining, "(n)ot all with dark skins are black," nor
should they be considered "black in the U.S. context." (Flash to: My
exact position on Obama.)
Warren has defended herself, claiming she did it only so she would be
invited to powwows, or what the great white father calls "meetings,"
saying she hoped "I would be invited to a luncheon, a group something
that might happen with people who are like I am."
What on earth does "people who are like I am" mean? Let's invite
Elizabeth because she's 1/32nd Cherokee. We really need the 1/32nd
Cherokee perspective around here. Maybe she has some old recipes that
are 1/32nd Cherokee!
Then, the Warren campaign claimed it was sexist to question Warren
about her bald-faced lie: "Once again, the qualifications and ability
of a woman are being called into question by Scott Brown … It's
First, Scott Brown has barely mentioned Warren's stinking lie.
But, second, the only people who consider it a "qualification" to be
1/32nd Cherokee are university hiring committees. Possible Warren
campaign speech:
"I am a dotriacontaroon American. I want to be a voice for those who
are 1/32nd Cherokee, but also 1/32nd Pequot, 1/32nd Mohawk — basically
the senator for all dotriacontaroons. Isn't it time we had a senator
who was 1/32nd Cherokee?"
Now it's beginning to look like her ancestors not only did not suffer,
but caused the suffering she's getting the benefit of. The
great-great-great-grandfather married to the not-Cherokee O.C. Sarah
Smith Crawford turns out to have been one of the white enforcers on
the brutal Trail of Tears, helping round up Indians from their homes
in order to march them to a less desirable part of the country.
What's next?
"Yes, and my other grandfather, Theophilus Connor …"
"Yes, but I swear, James Earl Ray is not a BLOOD uncle. We're related
only by marriage. At least that's what my cousin John Wayne Gacy used
to always tell me."
Warren's lie is outrageous enough to someone like me, who isn't a fan
of race-based affirmative action programs. Still, she is a liar, and
she stole the credit of someone else's suffering.
For liberals, it should be a mortal sin: Elizabeth Warren cheated on
affirmative action.

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