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Time for Israel to Use the Secret Weapon!

Friends, comrades, Inciters, lend me your Zionist ears! For many years we have been naively striving to rescue the Jewish state and its soul using conventional means: military defense, economic development, construction, education. But it seems we have missed out on recruiting the most important tool of all needed to rescue Israel. 

Friends, because the Israeli government has decided to appease the Islamists and prevent Jews from praying on the Temple Mount, any Jew whose lips move while visiting the Temple Mount is arrested. MK Moshe Feiglin has been arrested on numerous occasions. This is a particularly onerous challenge for lawyers visiting the Mount, because - as you know - lawyers cannot lie unless their lips are moving.

So I say the time has come to roll out the great secret weapon of Jewry. Comrades, we have no choice. To rescue the Third Jewish Commonwealth, to save the soul of Israel, we must utilize at once the Jewish Ventriloquists. Only Jewish Ventriloquists can restore dignity and self-respect to the State of Israel. The entire Temple Mount must be filled to the brim with Jewish ventriloquists reciting the Shma and other prayers.   Let us see the Left complaining about rising Charlie McCarthyism in Israel!   

Let us see the police come and arrest these warriors for NOT moving their lips!  Let the Islamists launch a jihad against Howdy Doody!

Emergency conditions require emergency measures! The time has come at last! Unleash the Ventriloquists and let the new Nakba begin!

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Ventriloquist/Dummy (Left) 2.25" Button (100 pack),208373430

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Israeli Left Rallies and Pursues the Treason Vote



   The Israeli Left Rallies and Pursues the Treason Vote


By Steven Plaut


       It has long been Israel's answer to merging Orwell with Chelm, the mythical town of amusing stupidity in Jewish folklore.  For years, the Israeli government has made social security and other social welfare payments to convicted Arab terrorists and murderers.  If an Arab otherwise entitled to unemployment insurance, welfare payments, pensions, or other "social" payments happens to engage in terrorism and happens to be imprisoned, he and his family continue to receive the welfare payments.  If the terrorist dies, his dependents collect survivor benefits, like orphans in the US whose parent has passed away but was covered by social security.  Terrorists disabled while planting bombs or attacking Jews could collect disability insurance stipends.


   In 2012, an initiative was begun in the Knesset led by David Rotem (from the Yisrael Beitenu party), to cut the stipends and pensions paid to convicted murderers and terrorists will be cut by 50%.  That is correct – the Knesset was only one-half working against welfare support for terrorists, by preserving only half of the stupidest idea in human history.  Rotem wanted to eliminate the Paychecks for Terrorists Program altogether but there was too much opposition from the rest of the Knesset and the government's pin-headed lawyers.  Israel's Ministry of Justice bureaucrats opposed any reduction in the welfare benefits for the mass murderers.  It would be unjust, you see.  Insensitive to the needs of the families of the terrorists.  The Israeli Left denounced the initiative as "anti-democratic."


   This past week a related initiative in the Knesset sought to deny pensions to convicted terrorists freed from prison, such as in any of those mind-numbingly stupid "prisoner exchanges" in which Israel sets the mass murderers free to wonder the avenues and byways.  The bill does not really strip them of welfare perqs altogether, just says they cannot start collecting benefits until the full prison term to which they had been sentenced is finished.  That way they cannot collect early if they are released before the end of the sentence.


   What is amazing is that the Israeli Left voted AGAINST the bill!   How dare anyone deny terrorists and their families the benefits of Israeli welfare payments!   The Menshevik Israeli Labor Party voted AGAINST the bill, showing that its  electoral strategy seems to be to challenge the ultra-leftist Meretz party over which party will attract the most votes from the treason constituency.  But even within the Netanyahu coalition, there were dissidents who voted against the bill and in favor of the terrorists.


    In particular, Amram Mitzna voted for the terrorists.  Mitzna is now a member of Tzipi Livni's party, which is part of the Netanyahu coalition.  This is the same Mitzna who once was a contender for Prime Minister from Labor, and before that served as the Third-Worldish mayor of Haifa. 


      Meanwhile the Israeli Left continues to endorse boycotts and more boycotts against Israel.  In some cases it claims it "only" wants boycotts directed against settlements, and in other cases it supports world-wide boycotts against all of Israel.  Since all of Israel built and maintains the "settlements," there really is not much of a difference.    Ex-Meretz Kommissar Yossi "Call Me Ishmael" Sarid is the latest to endorse boycotts, writing in Haaretz this week.


    It needs to be emphasized that these endorsements of anti-Israel boycotts show how fundamentally anti-democratic the Israeli Left is.   The Israeli Left has failed miserably over decades to persuade the Israeli electorate and public of the correctness of its "ideas."  Since the vast majority of Israelis REJECT the platform of the Left, the Leftists stoop to anti-democratic means - by attempting to get their anti-Israel friends all over the world to subvert Israeli sovereignty and impose the will of the tiny Israeli Leftist minority on the country through extortion and economic warfare. 


     There is no difference between boycotts of settlements and boycotts of all of Israel.   A democratic Left would attempt to peddle its opinions in the Israeli marketplace of ideas and try to persuade the Israeli public of the correctness of its positions.  If successful, the voters would elect governments who would force the "settlers" to leave the "occupied territories."    The "settlers" are where they are because the Israeli government and the bulk of the electorate want them to be there, in "settlements."   The economic warfare against "settlements" is in fact a program of aggression against the electorate who decided to have "settlements" constructed and maintained in the first place, and who continue to wish these "settlements" to thrive and grow.   The settlements are the will of the Israeli people and the voting public.


    The boycotters, including their amen chorus within the radical Left in Israel, are opposed to democratic rule.  They want to strip the Israeli electorate of its rights of sovereignty.  They want to coerce the country into accepting a program endorsed by perhaps two or three percent of Israelis and opposed by the rest.  The Left insists that removal of "settlements" is the path to peace.  But the rest of Israelis think that removal of settlements simply eliminates all obstacles to the erection of a new Islamofascist terrorist entity in the suburbs of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, one that will be used by the terrorists to launch endless massive rocket and missile attacks against the Jews.  


     Israelis who are NOT part of the tiny Leftist fringe see the settlements as mine canaries that measure the true intentions of "Palestinians."   They also believe that Israelis have at least as much of a right to live in "settlements" in Judea and Samaria (the "West Bank") as Arabs have to live inside Israel.   The Jews are the true indigenous population of the Land of Israel and they are no more "occupiers" when they live in the West Bank than Native Americans are when they live in North America.



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PS. Not just Suskin and Rushdie

Following my earlier posting, the Tatiana Suskin case is not the ONLY case in which Israel's government suppressed freedom of speech as part of its quest for dhimmitude.  Daniel Pipes provides quite a few other such cases at

When Israel Arrested Salman Rushdie for Incitement




    As you know, Israel in recent days has been filled with the posturings of Israel's anti-democratic radical leftists, pretending to favor freedom of speech.  In reality, the radical Left in Israel only favors freedom of speech for communists and other radical leftists.  Haaretz has never once defended the freedom of speech for any non-leftist when it is under assault.  The group of cheerleaders for the communist teacher in Tivon, who was in fact never fired or silenced even though he used his classroom for political indoctrination and calls for law breaking, has yet to defend a single non-leftist whose freedom of speech has been attacked.   Such as the youth counselor who was just fired for telling a student outside of class what she thought of the Gush Katif appeasement.  Such as the many rabbis harassed and persecuted by the leftist Attorney General for expressing "racist" opinions and "incitement."


    One of the earliest assaults against freedom of speech in Israel involved the rather hapless Tatiana Suskin.   She was arrested for drawing a cartoon showing the Prophet Mohammed as a pig.  The cartoon may have been in poor taste, but poor taste is not a felony in any real democracy.  She was convicted in 1997 of "incitement" and did two years hard jail time.  Haaretz has never had a word of criticism about this suppression.  Not a single tenured law professor in Israel has ever denounced the conviction.  The Association for Civil Rights in Israel has never defended Suskin's rights.


     A few years back, I published one of the few protests against the suppression of Suskind's freedom of speech.  It was a spoof piece, in which I reported that Israel had arrested Salman Rushdie for the crime of offending Islam, and I reported that he was sharing a cell with Tatiana Suskin.  Most people understood that it was a spoof.  But I got dozens of e-notes from Moslem countries congratulating Israel for having arrested Rushdie, from people who failed to detect my sarcasm.


Here is the original item I posted:


Israel Police Arrest Salman Rushdie to Defend Democracy

By Steven Plaut

In a surprise development, it has just been learned that Israeli police, tipped off by the Mossad, have arrested controversial author Salman Rushdie. The exiled Iranian writer had been on a private visit to Israel, shortly after being knighted in Britain. 

Rushdie was apprehended while visiting the Middle East Studies department at the Hebrew University. He had originally been scheduled to address the political science department at Ben Gurion University, but the professors there all announced that they had decided to boycott Rushdie's talk, since Rushdie was offensive to Moslem sensitivities and politically incorrect. 

Upon commencement of his talk at the University, Israeli police suddenly broke into the lecture hall and dragged a handcuffed Rushdie away. He is being held in isolation in an unspecified Israeli prison while his fate is being decided. Rushdie's arrest came as part of Israel's new campaign to imprison those whose expression and speech is offensive to Moslems. It will be recalled that a fanatical woman named Tatiana Suskin was sentenced to two years in Israeli prison for distributing posters in Hebron that show the Prophet Mohammed as a pig. Unnamed sources have been quoted as saying that Rushdie and Suskin will be sharing the same cell. 

The Knesset immediately went into emergency session to debate the Rushdie Affair. The government's recommendation is that Rushdie be handed over to Iran as a goodwill gesture. Iran has an outstanding warrant for the arrest of the author, and it is believed he would be immediately executed if extradited to Iran. 

The Hadash Communist Party has initiated a Knesset resolution that would create an exemption to Israel's criminal code, which generally bans capital punishment, and would allow Rushdie to be executed within Israel itself, or at least turned over to the Palestinian Authority for execution. The Likud and Labor Party are expected to vote in favor of the Hadash proposal, while other parties are still undecided. Newly appointed President Shimon Peres insisted that both arrests were part of the breaking out of good relations in the New Middle East. 

Congratulations to Israel have been coming in from all over the world. The heads of the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Congress in the United States have issued statements supporting the arrest. "After all," explained ADL chief Abraham Foxman, "Rushdie's Satanic Verses is at least as objectionable as Suskin's pig poster. Israel is to be congratulated for its defense of freedom of expression." 

Reactions in the Moslem world have been mixed. While congratulating Israel for the arrests of Suskin and Rushdie, the Prime Minister of Malaysia added that this still did not excuse the international Jewish conspiracy to control the world. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, backed by singer Cat Stevens, is quoted as saying that while both Rushdie and Suskin deserve the death penalty for offensive statements, Judaism is still a gutter religion. Jesse Jackson expressed satisfaction that Rushdie and "that Hymie-girl Suskin" got what they had coming to them for making offensive statements. 

Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen expressed satisfaction that the Oslo peace process was at last producing some progress and forward momentum.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Israel's Chatterers suffering from Sudden Silence Syndrome






You know doubt recall the recent ruckus in Israel with regard to the communist high school teacher Adam Verete.   He used his classroom in the Tivon ORT school to propagandize and indoctrinate and to call on students to break the law and  refuse to serve in the IDF.  After being threatened with dismissal, the head of ORT did a pusillanimous show and allowed Verete to stay, in part because the Minister of Education opposed the canning of Verete.


All a lovely illustration of the devotion of the Israeli chattering classes to free speech absolutism, right?


Wrong, grasshopper.


Just consider the total silence of chatterers and the angry leftist hordes over a DIFFERENT incident that happened a few days ago.  A young woman serving in the "National Service," where religious women, Arabs, and others can do national service as a substitute for regular army duty, was speaking to students in the Yuvalim school in Samaria outside regular class time.  She serves as a youth counselor in the school.  She was wearing an orange shirt, symbol of the "National Religious" movement (think Naftali Bennett) and in a conversation with a pupil she strongly criticized the national decision to evict the Jews living in Gush Katif in Gaza when the Gaza "disengagement" appeasement took place.  She did so not in a class lecture but in answer to one of the students asking her what her orange shirt was all about. 


The school's principle fired her on the spot.  How dare she tell her students what she thought of the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of Gush Katif!


No, the same Minister of Education who defended the "right" of the communist Adam Verete to indoctrinate students IN THE CLASSROOM, did not rush out to defend the fired counselor here.  No, Haaretz did not devote the entire newspaper for a month to defending her freedom of speech, as it did with regard to Verete.  In fact, it did not report the story at all (at least not so far).  No, leftist professors did NOT sign petitions and demand she be reinstated.  No editorials in the leftist media about the sacred right of teachers to criticize.  Gosh, I wonder why!




Full story in Hebrew is here:


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The Denouement of Netanyahu's Cowardice regarding Turkey




1.  For those who are skeptical of my characterization of "Haaretz" as the newspaper of choice read by Israeli traitors and Jews seeking the annihilation of Israel, along comes Amira Hass, the second-worst columnist in Haaretz (after Gideon Levy) and proclaims in her column today:


The successes of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement are impressive, but they’re not enough. Israel needs braver, more stringent messages from friendly countries in order to understand just how much its ordinary life is based in obscene and perverted policies. Jewish Israelis need more than just symbols like Scarlett Johansson’s recent entanglement in order to realize that there are much more important things at stake than the settlements’ villas and their boutique wineries. One such thing, for example, is their children’s and grandchildren’s future in this region.

Therefore, European states must cease automatically giving Israelis tourist visas upon arrival at their borders. Instead, they should require us − as they do Palestinians − to request visas at their consulates ahead of time. Disruption of our freedom of movement and the chances of being refused visas would be a well-placed warning sign, telling us that our normality is nothing more than an illusion.


2.  Well, Netanyahu's idiotic idea of buying friendship from Turkey by "apologizing" for Israel allowing its soldiers to be beaten and maimed by Turkish Islamist terrorists in the Gaza flotilla incident is reaping what it sowed.   Just when there were media reports that a normalization deal was about to be struck, along comes the Turkish PM and proclaims that Turkey's relations with Israel will only be "normalized" if Israel abandons its blockade of Gaza.   So to translate this into English, what he is saying is that the price of "normalization" is not just Israel groveling and "apologizing" for the crimes of Turkey, but Israel must end all attempts to prevent the Hamas in Gaza from importing weapons, rockets and possibly weapons of mass destruction.  Which makes perfect sense if you believe that the residents of Tel Aviv will one day be looking out their windows as thousands of Gazan rockets land in Tel Aviv and be thinking to themselves, ""Well at least the Turks have forgiven us fro the flotilla affair."


As usual, I have a slightly different way of looking at the normalization question.  I think Israel should condition any normalization of relations with Turkey on Turkey's ending its illegal occupation of Famagusta.


I re-post an older item about that:


Turkey’s Human Rights Hypocrisy

Posted By Steven Plaut On July 15, 2010

The ghost town lies near the very center of the city, just outside the Venetian walls.  But it is home only to snakes, scorpions, and rats of a hundred varieties.  Signs on the fences around the ghost town show armed Turkish soldiers threatening those who dare to take photographs with arrest or worse.  The crumbling buildings inside the perimeter are frozen in 1974, as if they were in an episode of the Twilight Zone.  Nothing has changed since central Famagusta was converted into the ghost town by the military invaders.

It is said that the car distributorships in the ghost town even today are stocked with vintage 1974 models.  For years after the rape of Famagusta, people told of seeing light bulbs still burning in the windows of the abandoned buildings.  The few who have been allowed to enter the ghost town (called Varosha) tell of homes with uneaten breakfasts still on the tables and unmade beds.  Books are opened to the exact pages where they were being read when the barbarous invasion commenced.  Hollywood studios could clothe whole movie sets with the 1974 fashions still in the closets of the homes.  Three years after the invasion, the scene was described by Swedish journalist Jan-Olof Bengtsson. In the newspaper Kvallsposten, about his visit to the Swedish UN battalion in the port of Famagusta in 1977, he wrote: “The asphalt on the roads has cracked in the warm sun and along the sidewalks bushes are growing. Today – September 1977 – the breakfast tables are still set, the laundry still hanging and the lamps still burning. Varosha is a ghost town.”

The Turks, although they currently place themselves at the forefront of the assault against Israel for its “illegal occupation” of its own Jewish homelands, and for supposedly mistreating Palestinians, are the very same people who continue the massive crime against humanity in the form of the Famagusta ghost town. Born in ethnic cleansing, it is the enduring testimony to the illegal land grab on Cyprus by Turkey, the mass expulsion of the ethnic Greek Cypriots from the northern 40% of the island, the theft of their property, and an unknown number of murders.  The illegal “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” is recognized by absolutely no one, not a single country besides Turkey itself.  Since its brutal invasion, Turkey has moved countless thousands of its own citizens and regular troops onto northern Cyprus.  This is the very same Turkey that venomously denounces Israel when it builds “settlements” in the suburbs of Jerusalem for Jewish civilians on lands they have purchased legally.

Famagusta was first erected in the 13th century BC.  During the Iron Age, it was known as Salamis, and its kings traced their ancestry to the Teucer, brother of Ajax, a hero of the Trojan War.  Phoenicians came and went, as did the Assyrians and Persians.  Greek settlers came to dominate its population. The Romans turned Famagusta-Salamis into a port of significance and major administration center.  Some Jews migrated in from their homeland, producing the wine used in the Jerusalem Temple described in the Talmud, and later, manufacturing silk.

The Byzantines strengthened the town’s defenses after it became a target for raids from Arab Moslems.  In one of these, the mother of the Prophet Mohammed accompanied the troops and died during the raid.  She is buried near the Cyprus airport, and the site has become a shrine of pilgrimage for Moslem believers.  Crusaders from northern Europe took the island in the Middle Ages, but positioned their capital to the west of Famagusta.  The town remained the main port for the entire island.

Crusader knights took refuge in Famagusta after being expelled from the Holy Land by the Saracens.  In time, the island was taken over by Venice, in part to prevent her Italian rivals in Genoa from grabbing control of the strategic island.  The Venetians gave the center of Famagusta its defining character, with its massive defensive bulwarks, gates, and towers.  The winged lion of St. Mark, the patron of Venice, still looks down from the walls.  Shakespeare’s mythical Othello served as ruler of Famagusta, and the largest Venetian fortress in the wall is obligingly called Othello’s Tower even today.

In 1571, the Ottoman Turks lost patience with their Venetian allies and seized the island, taking Famagusta only after a nine month siege.  It was the last Christian stronghold to fall.  The majority ethnic Greeks of the island maintained their cultural identity, speaking their own language, and stubbornly preserving their Christian Orthodox faith in spite of attempts by the Latins and Ottomans to expunge it from their midst.  The impressive main cathedral of Famagusta was converted into a mosque, and remains so to this day.

The Turkish colonialists turned the island over to the British colonialists in 1878 as part of a deal to get Great Britain to back the Ottomans in their fight against subjugation by the Russian Czar.  Britain wanted Cyprus to serve as a naval base to guard access to the Suez Canal, and they governed the island with a policy of benign neglect.  In the 1940s, the British grabbed ships filled with Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler and seeking refuge in the Land of Israel.  They imprisoned the Jewish refugees on the island in camps around Famagusta.

After an armed campaign by Cypriots to drive the Britain from the island, the Brits left in 1958 and Cyprus became a republic.  Things were not well, however, in the inter-communal relations between Cypriot Greeks and Cypriot Turks, with growing incidents of atrocities and violence taking place.  Crimes were committed by both sides.  After a particularly horrific set of attacks, and partly in response to attempts by some radical Greek nationalists on the island to seek amalgamation with Greece, the Turks invaded the island militarily in the summer of 1974.

Turkish tanks landed on the northern shore west of Kyrenia and quickly drove out the weak Cypriot armed forces from the northern part of the island.  Within two days they had taken Famagusta.  The Turkish air force bombed the helpless town.  The entire Greek population, fearing massacres at the hands of the invaders, fled south to the areas beyond the reach of the Turkish army.  Evidently to show the Greek Cypriots who was the new boss in town, the Turks sealed off the wealthy tourist area of Famagusta altogether, denying civilians access.  The new ghost town was filled with valuable Greek property, including homes and luxury hotels.  It had been the capital of the Cyprus tourist industry, thereafter forced to relocate to the south.  The artifacts and museum of the ghost town were looted.

Meanwhile, Turkish tanks rolled onward until Turkey had conquered exactly half of the Cyprus capital of Nicosia.  There it erected a wall running through the center of the city, a wall still standing — many years after the similar wall in Berlin fell.  To cow the Greek Cypriots of southern Nicosia, the Turks created the world’s largest flag on a mountainside facing the city.  Other Turkish flags fly over the northern half of the city, and Nicosia mosque minarets are said to have their volume dials turned to the maximum just to antagonize the ethnic Greeks beyond the wall.

The wall of occupation running through central Nicosia does not attract “solidarity” protesters or leftist professors from the West.  They are too busy denouncing and attacking Israel for building a security fence around Jerusalem to keep Palestinian suicide bombers from mass murdering Jewish children.  No Rachel Corries come to Nicosia to defy the Turkish occupation army.  They know they would be jailed without hesitation in a nice Turkish Midnight Express, or worse.

Countless UN resolutions since 1974 have demanded that Turkey leave the island and restore property stolen by Turkey to Greek Cypriots.  The same Turkish government that regularly denounces Israel for daring to defend its own civilians from Arab terrorists and for otherwise disregarding anti-Israel world opinion, has never paid those UN resolutions any mind.

The Turkish pillagers of Famagusta, the Turkish occupiers of northern Cyprus, are angry at occupation.  But only by Israel.  They send “peace flotillas” filled with armed terrorists to challenge the closure of Gaza by Israel, but never question the closure of Famagusta’s ghost town.  Turkey demands a right of return to Israel for “refugees” claiming to be “1948 Palestinians” (never mind the twenty-two Arab states in which the same “Palestinians” can live comfortably), but refuse to even take under consideration a right of return for Greek Cypriots to their own property lost in 1974.

Turkey insists that “Palestinians” be granted statehood and “self-determination,” while refusing to allow Turkish Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Azeris and others to exercise any of it, even in the form of limited language autonomy.   While Arabs living in Israel enjoy levels of freedom a hundred times better than Turks living in Turkey, the Turkish government continues to denounce Israel for its oppression of Arab “human rights.”  Recently, on the very day when Turkey murdered 120 Kurds, it denounced Israel for “war crimes,” supposedly committed when the Israeli army invaded Gaza in response to the thousands of rockets fired at Israeli civilians.

The respect for human rights in Turkey is only notable for its absence. Kurdish, Armenian, and other ethnic minorities have been forcibly Turkified. Religious minorities, such as the Alevi, are persecuted. Censorship is commonplace. Kurdish areas have been subjected to martial rule.

The operations of the Turkish military against the Kurds make Israel’s recent incursion into the Gaza Strip (in operation “Cast Lead”) look like a May Day picnic. Until 2003, it was forbidden to speak Kurdish on the radio or television; the Kurdish alphabet still cannot be used. The state of human rights in Turkey, according to numerous human rights NGOs, continues to be atrocious. Women in Turkey are mistreated; until very recently women students applying to universities had to pass a virginity test.  The Turkish military police routinely kill civilians. Journalists have been assassinated. Islamofascism is growing stronger and local Islamic fundamentalist terrorists filled the Gaza “peace flotilla” sponsored by Turkey.  Those are the terrorists whose suppression by Israel has now become the focus of Turkey’s demand for an Israeli apology.

When Israel invaded Gaza to put a stop to massive rocket attacks against its civilians by Hamas terrorists, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounced Israel for supposedly “massacring innocent women and children.”   He repeatedly accused Israel of “mass murder” in Gaza. Erdogan ranted at length about how Israel had turned the Gaza Strip into an “open-air prison.”

But, in fact, the largest ongoing “open air” human rights violation and crime against humanity is on display for all today, behind the barbed wire and fences of the ghost town of Famagusta.


3.  Bad Hairdo for Jihad:



4.  Slime:



5.  A math thought about aging:   The multiplication product of the metric volumes of one's brain and one's prostate appears to be a constant.



6.  The Israeli Left, still screaming its defense of the "right" of a communist high school teacher to utilize his classroom for political indoctrination, has discovered yet another Israeli who is NOT entitled to freedom of speech.  This time it is the Deputy Minister of Education, Avi Wortzman, from Bennett's Jewish Home party.  He was speaking at a conference about child welfare at Ben Gurion "University" and he committed the unpardonable offense of stating that a family is a unit consisting of a father, mother, and children.   Well, you can imagine the horror and rage that THIS triggered!   So now Wortzman has been added to the growing list of Israelis whom the Left insists should be denied freedom of speech.  That list of course already includes Nobel Prize winner Robert Aumann, singer Ariel Zilber, teacher Yisrael Shiran, Ben Gurion "University" professor Yeruham Leavitt, Prof. Nahum Rakover, and countless others who hold incorrect non-leftist opinions.



7.  The Eurotrash has been attacking Israel because it is unwilling to open the country to unlimited migration of Eritrean and Sudanese infiltrators.  This is "racism," you see.  Not a single country in Africa allows unlimited or even large numbers of migrants from Eritrea and Sudan to enter their borders.  Then this past week Switzerland announced it is restricting the magnitude of migration into Switzerland of people from the rest of Europe (and guess how many Eritreans are allowed into Switzerland).  None of that of course is racism.


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Poor poor Norman Finkelstein



   AH poor little Norman Finkelstein.   You may recall that the Jewish-born Neo-Nazi was fired a few years back (in 2007) by DePaul University, a Catholic school in Chicago.  Previous to that, Finkelstein had been fired by every other school where he had worked.   Finkelstein made a career out of mocking Holocaust survivors and claiming the scale of the Holocaust was grossly exaggerated by the Zionists as a political tactic.   He invented the obscenity term, "Holocaust Industry."  He insisted that most people claiming to be Holocaust survivors, starting with Elie Wiesel, were frauds.  His "work" was picked up by every Holocaust Denial web site on earth.  He met openly with the Hezb'Allah terrorists and acted as their lobbyist.   As a result the BBC loved to broadcast interviews with him once a month as the true voice of Jewish morality.  When he tried to enter Israel, he was prohibited from doing so by the Israeli government in a highly uncharacteristic show of a vertebrate.


    Well, Finkelstein has been unemployed ever since getting canned by DePaul.  He likes to complain that it was a Zionist conspiracy to get him canned but in reality he was fired because he had never published a single bona fide academic publication.  Instead he churns out anti-Semitic hate propaganda in "books."   When his case was up for tenure at DePaul, a number of tenured anti-Semites, led by Ian Lustick from Penn, crawled out of their holes to promote and defend Finkelstein.  (See )   Neve Gordon, the Israel-hating pseudo-academic from Ben Gurion "University," proclaimed Finkelstein the moral equivalent of the Prophets of the Bible and insisted that Finkelstein could get tenure at Ben Gurion.  I am sure that Gordon is correct about his latter claim.  Unlike Ben Gurion "University," DePaul has standards.


    Well, a fascinating interview with the Fink can be read on the Israellycool blog, which is a must-read blog if you have interest in the goings on in Israel.   There Finkie whines that he has become "unemployable."   You can see the entire interview here.


   Meanwhile, I thought the timing appropriate to re-post my own set of career proposals for Finkelstein right after he got fired by DePaul.  Here is it:


From 2007


Some Career Advice for Norman Finkelstein


Norman Finkelstein is arguably the most openly anti-Semitic "Jew" on the planet, and the competition for that title is tough. 

He has made a career out of defaming Holocaust Survivors, painting them as thieves and liars, mocking the Holocaust and its victims, and cheering anti-Jewish terrorism and violence.  He spent last summer cheering the Hezbollah attacks on Israel.  He has defamed Elie Wiesel for years.  He trivializes the Holocaust and denies that Six Million Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany (although does not claim that no Jews at all were killed).   He works closely with Neo-Nazi groups and Holocaust Deniers, and is widely proclaimed to be the "Jewish David Irving".  Finkelstein claims Germany is the victim of Jewish extortion.  He has publicly praised David Irving (who claims no Jews were killed at Auschwitz) as a great historian.  He is considered to be a Holocaust Denier by the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  He has been strongly denounced by Prof. Alan Dershowitz as an anti-Semite and fraud.  In Israel, Finkelstein has been widely praised by anti-Israel Ben Gurion University extremist lecturer Neve Gordon.

Finkelstein had been employed in the past few years by DePaul University, a large Catholic college in Chicago.  Before that he had been fired from every academic post he ever held.  His entire "academic record" consists of anti-Semitic "books". 

This past weekend, DePaul University officially gave Finkelstein the boot, denying him tenure, and in effect firing him (effective some time this coming academic year).  It is doubtful he will ever be able to hold any sort of academic post again in the civilized world.

That being the case, the question arises of what Normie will now be doing for a second career.  Being helpful sorts, we have given the matter some thought and have come up with a list of possible career moves for him, once DePaul requires that he remove his carcass off campus in a few weeks:

1.  He can be the new Dean of History at the University of Teheran.

2.  He can grew side curls and join the Neturei Karta.

3.  He can open a fast food stand that serves fish and chips to the British Association of University Professors and the University and College Union.

4.  He can be Avrum Burg's butler in France.

5.  He can become official Baathist mascot at soccer games in Damascus.

6.  He can write a Master's thesis under Ilan Pappe about how the Jews murdered all the Arabs in Atlantis.

7.  He can get a job tearing squares of toilet paper on Friday afternoons for Chicago area synagogues, before the sabbath.

8.  He can become a make-pretend cowboy and then chase make-pretend Indian Ward Churchill.

9.  He can paint circles on his rear end and then pose next to the security fence around the Gaza Strip.

10.  He can learn ebonics, change his name to Norman X, and go to work for Louis Farrakhan.

11.   He can be adopted legally as the son of Ernst Zundel, Neo-Nazi deported from Canada to Germany.

12.   He can be David Irving's prison honey.

13.   He can join Gush Shalom.

14.   He can serve as designated driver for when Mel Gibson gets drunk.

15.   He can be the chief pimp for the "Women in Black".

16.   He can test explosives belts for the Hamas.

17.   He can write some more anti-Semitic garbage with Alexander Cockburn.

18.   He can work as a shabbas goy at the Ramat Hovav garbage dump.

19.   He can serve as pothole filler.

20.   He can get tenured at Ben Gurion University.  


Friday, February 07, 2014

This will get you in the Adar mood:

Saturday, February 01, 2014

The McCarthyism that Israel's Radical Left wants us to Forget


   The McCarthyism that Israel's Radical Left wants us to Forget

By Steven Plaut



     For the past couple of weeks the Radical Left in Israel has been screaming about the "right" of communist teacher Adam Verete, employed as a civics teacher in a northern Israeli high school, to turn his classroom into an anti-Israel indoctrination center.  He used his classroom time to urge his students to refuse to serve in the Israeli military.  In other words, the Left insists the communist teacher has the "right" to advocate law breaking in his classroom, all in the name of freedom of speech.  After launching an investigation of the teacher, the ORT school system, to which his school belongs, at the insistence of the Minister of Eductaion, merely slapped Verete's wrist and did nothing.  Had Verete been a "Kahanist" using his classroom to advocate his agenda, he would have been dismissed faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket, and probably also jailed. 


    The leading far Leftists defending the right of Verete to indoctrinate in the classroom include Yuli Tamir, who once led the campaign to fire a different teacher (and rabbi), Yisrael Shiran, because Shiran wrote a letter OUTSIDE HIS CLASSROOM with which Tamir disagreed.  Shiran in that letter claimed that the school curriculum was improperly teaching the controversial ideas of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin as unchallengeable dogma.  He was dismissed for this "crime" at the initiative of Tamir, but later sued the Ministry of Education for unrightful dismissal and won a large damages award.


      Other defenders of the communist teacher include those Israeli "intellectuals"  and "academics" who insisted that the Nobel Prize-holding Prof. Yisrael Aumann be proclaimed a pariah undeserving of an honorary PhD because he holds opinions disliked by the Left.  Many of the same leftists defending the "right" of Verete also lead the campaign to indict and prosecute rabbis who wrote a controversial book; they insist these rabbis are guilty of the thought crime of expressing opinions that the Left considers to be "intolerant."   And a great many of these leftists were among those who demanded that the freedom of speech of non-leftists be suppressed after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin based on their "theory" holding that non-leftists exercising freedom of speech produce murder.  It goes without saying that not a single leftist in Israel has ever protested the selective denial of free speech rights to "Kahanists." 


     While the radical Left in Israel has a very long record of demanding that the freedom of speech of non-leftists be suppressed, one of the most outrageous examples of the anti-democratic assault by the Left has been ignored in recent years and overlooked in the debate over freedom of speech in recent days.  It involves the case of Prof. Nahum Rakover.


     Rakover is retired professor of law from Bar Ilan and Tel Aviv Universities and now serves as president of a small college in Israel.  In the past he served also as deputy attorney general.  He is an expert in Jewish law.  In the early 1990s he held a side position as deputy legal advisor for the government of Israel, this in the days of the Rabin-Peres government and the initiation of Oslo appeasement.


     It was at this time that Israel’s Supreme Court made a controversial ruling recognizing homosexual "marriages," when it ordered El Al to allow a gay steward to receive a spousal ticket for his partner.  The judges in that learned opinion cited Michel Foucault, gay Marxist deconstructionist and pseudo-philosopher, as a legal basis for the decision. The Court's decision was written by leftist Justice Dalia Dorner.  (She later prevented the defamation suit proceeding against Arab propagandist and film maker Mohammed Bakri for falsely claiming that Israeli soldiers carried out atrocities in the Battle of Jenin.)


    The Knesset (parliament) then held hearings on the Dorner decision about the stewards.   In these hearings, Rakover was invited in to say what Jewish Law and the Torah think of gay marriage. Rakover answered truthfully that the Torah considers it an abomination and that granting a spouse ticket to a gay partner is no different from giving it to someone practicing bestiality with his dog. 


    That sent the PC camp into ionospheric orbit.  The Left launched a merciless venomous ad hominem assault against Rakover, demanding his dismissal from his civil service post.  It should be noted that Rakover did not even state his OWN opinion about "gay marriage," only the Torah’s, a task for which he was getting paid as part of his job.  The real issue of course is not whether you agree with the opinion described by Rakover.  The real issue is whether Rakover or the Torah have the right to hold an unfashionable opinion about anything.  The Israeli Left unanimously said no!


     Within days, Professor Itzhak Galnoor, a Hebrew university leftist from political science, who had earlier been a Peace Now leader, attacked Rakover.   Galnoor, today part of the semi-Marxist Van Leer Institute, has long advocated the position that any criticism of the Radical anti-Israel Left or questioning of its motives amounts to "McCarthyism" and should be suppressed.  See this.   Galnoor was at the time serving as the Labor Party-appointed head of the civil service, a position from which he introduced affirmative action quotas and dumbed-down standards.   Galnoor opened up internal persecution of Rakover in the civil service and led the campaign to get him dismissed from his position.  Demands for the dismissal of Rakover also filled the leftist press.  Among those demanding that Rakover be prevented from exercising his freedom of speech were the far-leftist Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), whose current president is a Stalinist,  and Tel Aviv University Prof. Asa Kasher, who claims to be an expert on ethics. 


    Rakover’s reputation and name were dragged through the mud by the anti-democratic McCarthyist Left.  Never mind that he is one of Israel’s greatest legal minds and was only stating what appears in black and white in the Torah.  Citing the Torah became in effect a hate crime in PC Israel.


    In 2002 the Israel Prize in Jewish Law was given to Prof. Nahum Rakover.  This was newsworthy because Rakover had been the victim of the McCarthyist assault against freedom of speech launched by the Israeli Labor Party and the rest of the Left in the 1990s.  It is also noteworthy because in recent years the Israel Prize has so often been granted to radical anti-Israel leftists!


    But the radical Left's selective devotion to freedom of speech, where everyone has the right to agree with the radical Left but no one has the right to disagree with it, continues to run amok.




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