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Suing Yuli Tamir for Defamation



    Yael "Tuli" Tamir may not be the very worst leftwing fascist in all of Israel but she is certainly among the wackiest leftists around.   She is a professor in the school of education at Tel Aviv University (where she teaches "political philosophy"), at least when she is not holding cabinet posts in the government.   She is a longtime Labor Party leader and agitator and has held several cabinet posts in various governments, including Minister of Education.  Some of you may remember me mocking her for her defense of "female circumcision," which means what you think it means.  You can see her defense of "clitoridectomies" here: .   That article pretty much turned Tel Aviv University into a global laughingstock.  When Tamir was Minister of Education she initiated the adoption of textbooks for Arab schools in which Israel's existence was described as a Nakba or catastrophe.


    Aside from mutilation of females, perhaps the thing old Yuli is best known for is her political persecution of Israel Shiran.  He is a rabbi and was a teacher.  He wrote a letter to the Ministry of Education in 2000 - outside the classroom and not involving his students - objecting to how the "Rabin Legacy" was being taught in schools.  While expressing in the same letter deep shock and horror at the murder of Rabin, Shiran wrote that Rabin's ideas, especially about Oslo, were matters of controversy and so should not be represented as consensus dogma.


     Yuli at the time was in the Israeli cabinet (she was not Minister of Education at that time, in contrast with what I earlier posted - apologies for error; she later was Minister of Education).   She led the campaign of persecution against Shiran and the demand that he be fired for his "incitement."  As you know, in post-democratic Israel the word "incitement" is used by the Left to describe any sentence with which the Left disagrees.


     Rabbi Shiran was indeed fired.  He filed suit against the government and this past year won a very large damages award (400,000 NIS, although some web sites are saying it was 450,000 NIS).  The judge in that case proclaimed that there was nothing at all wrong with the letter that Shiran had written


     All this is by way of background to help understand the newest developments regarding the Adam Verete case.  As you recall, Adam Verete is a communist party member and a teacher of civics at a high school in Tivon.  In his class he would denounce Israeli soldiers as criminals and tell his students they should refuse to serve in the IDF.  He is now being threatened with dismissal for imposing his ideology on his students in the classroom.


     At the same time he is suddenly the darling of the Fascist Left.  Haaretz all week has been amusing to read.  While devoting five or six items a day to defending Verete, the rest of the paper is devoted to explaining why the Rabbi of Safed should not be entitled to exercise freedom of speech because he once called for Safed Jews not to lease apartments to Arabs.  And in other articles the Palestinian  newspaper printed in Hebrew continues to defend the investigation and persecution of rabbis who wrote a book that contains opinions Haaretz regards as "racist."    So Haaretz splits its time between advocating book burning and advocating free speech absolutism for communist teachers. 


    Among those chiming in their support for the right of Verete to convert his classroom into a communist indoctrination camp has been none other than Yuli Tamir!   She crayoned an article in support of Verete in Haaretz this week.  ( )


       One would be hard pressed to find a clearer illustration of uber-leftist hypocrisy.  The same "professor" who initiated the campaign to get Shiran fired for expressing an opinion OUTSIDE of the classroom is also leading the campaign to defend the right of a communist to indoctrinate his students IN the classroom.  All in the name of academic freedom.


      Yuli was called to task for all this in a radio show this week, where she was interviewed by Yoaz Handel, a right of center journalist.   Sister Yuli tried to explain the difference in her behavior in the two cases.  In the case of Shiran, she explained, Shiran was clearly involved in "borderline incitement" when he wrote his letter to the Ministry of Government, the exact same sort of incitement that caused Yigal Amir to murder Yitzhak Rabin.  (Yes, leftist theology in Israel continues to claim that freedom of speech being exercised by non-leftists produced the Rabin murder!) 


     In Yuli's words, Shiran crossed the delicate line between expressing an opinion and engaging in incitement that carries a clear and present danger of violence.  Yuli:  "When there is a clear and present danger of violence, the right of freedom of speech must be halted."  She also accused Shiran of being a follower of Meir Kahane.  He is not.  I suspect however that Yuli is a follower of Stalin.


    Shiran responded by having his lawyer send Yuli Tamir a letter threatening to file against her an immediate defamation suit.  Given his successful track record in court, I certainly hope Rabbi Shiran will follow through with it.  The story in Hebrew is here

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Yuli Tamir finds some Suppression of Freedom of Speech

1.   Long lost Pete Seeger song discovered shortly after his death, goes like this:  If I had a hammer, I'd also have a sickle.....



  Leftwing Fascist in Action:   Yuli Tamir (Tel Aviv University, Philosophy), who as Labor Party Minister of Education fired a teacher for expressing an opinion she disliked (Yisrael Shiran), joins the campaign to defend the right of a communist teacher to indoctrinate his students in the classroom.   In Haaretz, she demands that teachers promote what she considers to be “liberal and critical views.”  And Those Only!   She made more sense back when she was defending clitoridectomies ( ).
 The controversy surrounding the remarks by Kiryat Tivon high-school teacher Adam Verete attests to the changes that have occurred in Israeli society over the last few years, and just how far the line that marks what one can and cannot say has shifted.
In recent decades public discourse has moved far beyond the right’s positions. In other words, those same public stances that fluctuate on the spectrum between the critical, democratic and humane camp to the nationalistic camp where harming another, whether “the enemy,” foreigner or refugee, is fair game and criticism is what’s forbidden.
…I am ashamed over the persecution going on against teachers who express liberal or critical views, not because I feel estranged from the Israeli education system and its values but because I feel a great sense of belonging to that system and want to see it, as well as Israeli society as a whole, preserve freedom of expression.

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Toilet Economics

Arik Sharon died recently and I suppose manners prevents the indictment of him at this point for all the political errors and misdeeds he did when he morphed into Israel's appeaser of the barbarians.  We can settle that score some other time.  Instead, I thought I would re-post a 30 year old item of my own poking fun at Sharon back when Sharon was serving as Minister of Commerce in the Israeli government of 1984 (interesting year that!)
To raise the national spirits, I am here posting sections from my very 
first newspaper article about Ariel Sharon, printed in the Jerusalem Post 
on Oct 16 1984. Sharon at the time was the Minister of Industry and Trade 
in the Shamir Incompetocracy: 

Toilet Economics 
By Steven Plaut 
Readers with a highly developed sense of delicacy are warned not to read 
this commentary. We will be dealing with a HIGHLY indelicate subject. We 
will be discussing a central concern of the latest version of the 
government's economic policy. 

It seems the major issue for that policy is the matter of those large 
round ceramic household fixtures through which water passes intermittently 
and which back in kindergarten days we used to call Happy Johnnies. There, 
I have said it. Yes, the government of Israel has decided to fight the 
continuing deterioration of our economy by crusading against imported 
Happy Johnnies. 

In recent days Ariel Sharon on behalf of the government announced that he 
was totally banning all imports of Happy Johnnies and 54 other items for a 
period of six months. These items were enumerated in what was called a 
"list of luxury goods". Now THINK about that for a moment. Happy Johnnies 
are LUXURY goods? 

The fact that Ariel Sharon so regards them says volumes about his own 
lifestyle and perhaps his early toilet training. It is one thing to fight 
foreign reserve losses by prohibiting shaving cream imports, ALSO on the 
list of prohibited items. After all, what is wrong with Jews growing 
beards? But Happy Johnnies? That is really hitting the public below the 

In fairness, one should point out that it was only imports of CERAMIC 
Johnnies that were prohibited. No one said anything about, say, wooden 
ones. But I, for one, am opposed to those. After all, how would it be if 
Israel became known as the Birch John Society? Ariel Sharon gets a grade 
for his polices of 00!! 

History has tended to attach labels to the economic programs of various 
administrations. Roosevelt had his "New Deal". Johnson had the "Great 
Society". Aridor had "Correct Economics". Well, Ariel Sharon will go down 
in the history books as the father of Toilet Economics. 

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The Tenured Ultra-Left gets Clobbered in Court


1.   There is no joy in tenured Mudville



    In November of 2012 in the middle of the Pillar of Clouds anti-terror incursion by the Israeli Defense Forces into Gaza, a group of Arab and radical-leftist Jewish students at the University of Haifa sought permission to hold a pro-Hamas rally on the campus.  The protesters demanded the right to hold events showing solidarity with the terrorists and the enemies of their own country, all this smack in the middle of the battle.   To do so would be equivalent to the holding of pro-Nazi rallies in London and New York in the middle of the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.


     The University of Haifa authorities, led by the president (who was in power only for a few weeks at that time), issued a temporary order prohibiting holding political demonstrations on campus.  The idea was to prevent the inevitable violent clashes between the pro-Hamas demonstrators and the rest of the student body.


    The prohibition on holding campus protests enraged some members of the Ultra-Left.  Three radical faculty members at the University of Haifa joined  six students (five of them Arabs) and the far-leftist Association on Civil Rights in Israel, and together submitted a petition to the Haifa District Court against the University.  They demanded that the court proclaim the University regulations that allow the President and Administration to regulate and even prohibit campus political rallies to be unreasonably disproportional, unconstitutional, and a violation of freedom of speech. 


   The three members of the faculty were led by Dr. Ilan Saban, an ultra-Leftist instructor in the University's School of Law.  This is the same school of law that is so often in the news for things like coercing its students into providing free legal counsel to convicted terrorists, and for prohibiting the singing of the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva.   Saban is one of the people who led the campaign to DEFEND the decision to proclaim Prof. Robert Aumann unworthy of getting an honorary degree because Aumann holds non-leftist views.  To illustrate Saban's devotion to freedom of speech and pluralism, a couple of years back Saban was serving as editor of a law journal published by the University of Haifa and he ran a biased article there on the Plaut-Gordon court case.  I had previously contributed an academic article to the same journal and so, as a contributor,  asked Saban, as the editor, for half a page in the next issue of the journal to correct some factual errors in the article it had published about my case.  Saban refused.


     In the law suit against the University, this same Saban was joined by Asad Ghanem, a radical anti-Israel Arab nationalist instructor in political scientist, and by Yuval Yonay, a Marxist anti-Israel sociologist with expertise on "Queer Studies," which is what he himself calls it.


   On January 19, 2014, the Haifa District Court issued its verdict in the case (verdict 51057-11-12, available only in Hebrew).  The judge tossed out the entire petition with obvious disdain.  She argued that there was nothing anti-democratic in the University's regulations about campus protests and there was no violation of freedom of speech.  There was no infringement of student rights.  There was nothing unreasonable or disproportionate.    In other words, the petitioners are full of baloney.


     The court also rejected the claims by the petitioners that the prohibition had been improperly approved under campus governance rules.  The court pointed out that the three faculty members in the petition had themselves sat in the University Senate when the guidelines for protests had originally been passed and had never raised any objections to it at that time.   Finally, the court hit the petitioners with about $2000 in legal costs payable to the University, which in Israel is pretty high for such petitions.



2.  You probably heard that the ultra-leftist foul-mouthed anti-Orthodox bigot Shulamit Aloni met her Maker on Friday and I certainly hope that her Maker is dressed up in a robe like Ovadia Yosef when she meets him.  I did not catch exactly what was the cause of death but I suspect it had something to do with Dorothy's house landing  on her during the cyclone….



3.  Enjoy:



4.  These are making the rounds and are quite funny:



Now that he's a short timer, Jay does not feel constrained to stay within the network guidelines of "no Obama criticism and staying politically correct" - -

"I was going to start off tonight with an Obama joke, but I don't want to get audited by the IRS."

On NSA surveillance: "We wanted a president who listens to all Americans - now we have one."

On a new IRS commissioner: "He's called 'acting commissioner' because he has to act like the scandal doesn't involve the White House."

On closing the Guantanamo prison for terrorists: "If he really wants to close it, turn it into a government-funded solar power company. The doors will be shut in a month."

Concerning the Benghazi , Associated Press, and IRS scandals: "Remember in the old days when President Obama's biggest embarrassment was Joe Biden?"


On Obama saying he didn't know about the IRS scandal: "He was too busy not knowing anything about Benghazi to not know anything about the IRS."

"The White House has a new slogan about Benghazi : Hope and change the subject."

"It's casual Friday, which means that at the White House, they're casually going through everybody's phone calls and records."

"It is not looking good for President Obama. Today his teleprompter took the fifth."

"Fox News has changed its slogan from 'Fair and Balanced' to 'See, I told you so!'"

On Obama's commencement address: "He told the young graduates their future is bright unless, of course, they want jobs."

On a Chicago man who set a record for riding a Ferris wheel: "The only other way to go around and around in a circle that many times is to read the official report on Benghazi ."

On White House claims of ignorance on the scandals: "They took 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' out of the Pentagon and moved it into the White House."


now the last, and I think best! - -


"These White House scandals are not going away anytime soon. It's gotten so bad that People in Kenya are now saying he's 100 percent American."



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The ZIonist Armed Fiddler and (gulp) Tu B'shvat Porn

1.  Hat tip to Winkie (Yisrael Medad):  The Zionist Patriot Fiddler on the Roof with his automatic rifle: 

The Israeli Left continues to Jihad against Freedom of Speech

1.  The Israeli Left continues to Jihad against Freedom of Speech

Israeli Prof. Denied Honorary Degree for Being too 'Right-Wing'

Posted By Steven Plaut On January 22, 2014

Dimitry Shumsky is a young anti-Israel far Leftist whose diatribes litter the far Leftist fringe media in Israel, especially the leftist daily Haaretz.  Since 2009, according to his own published resume, he has held a tenure-track appointment at the Department of the History of the Jewish People at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Shumsky in Haaretz on January 20, 2014 joins the cat fight of the far Left in Israel over the decision by the University of Haifa to veto an honorary PhD to Prof. Robert Aumann.

The Nobel-Prize winning economist Aumann was denied an honorary PhD by the University of Haifa on grounds that he holds conservative political opinions.  It was a great victory for the campaign of the Far Left in Israel against freedom of thought and freedom of speech.  Prof. Ariel Rubinstein, a distinguished economist in Israel, denounced the decision and denounced speakers at a conference at Tel Aviv University who defended the operation of a thought police in the Aumann affair.

Rubinstein is himself quite far off to the Left.  However his Op-Ed in Haaretz a couple of weeks back criticizing those who insist on a political thought police in Israeli academia triggered indignation in the caverns of the Ultra-Left.  Among those chiming in was Tel Aviv University Professor Rivka Feldhay.  You may recall Feldhay as the Tel Aviv University leftist that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted  NOT be invited to participate in a state reception in Germany.  The reason is that Feldhay had signed petitions demanding that Israeli soldiers engage in mutiny and insurrection to force the government to accept diktats from the Left about the "occupation." After decades of the Left insisting that everyone should have the "right" to boycott anyone, including settlements, Israeli universities, and all of Israel, the same Left suddenly was aghast that Netanyahu had decided to "boycott" Feldhay.  (Actually he did not boycott her, he just chose not to invite her.)  Feldhay responded with shrill hysteria in a number of Op-Ed articles.

Well the same Feldhay led the purge against poor Prof. Rubinstein for his incorrect thinking.  She pronounced him a "radical right-winger" — this entirely on the grounds that he teaches economics and so understands why communism does not work.   She was followed by other leftist sheep bleating their agreement with her.

Finally Shumsky chimes in his own two cents in Haaretz.  His is an intriguing argument.  According to Shumsky (no relation to Chomsky), people like Ariel Rubinstein are part of the mechanism of "occupation oppression" when they criticize the "occupation."   Really!   He writes there: "One of the most efficient ways to perpetuate the occupation and in so doing endanger the existence of Israel and Zionism altogether is to convert internal Israeli opposition to the occupation into an integral part of the occupation itself." Huh?

His evidence is that Rubinstein opposes the operation of Ariel University in the West Bank but also supports the freedom of speech for Prof. Aumann.   As you can see, Shumsky's contorted argument is reminiscent of the "pinkwashing" charges against Israel, which hold that tolerance towards homosexuals in Israel is all part of a Zionist conspiracy to oppress "Palestinians." The logic of Shumsky's piece exceeds anything since that notorious MA thesis at the Hebrew University supervised by Eyal Ben-Ari (yes, the convicted sexual predator professor), which found that the fact that Israeli troops never rape Arab women is proof that the Jews are so racist. Shumsky, by the way, has a long track record of supporting the bi-national Rwanda-style "one state solution," in which Israel will cease to exist altogether. His presence on the faculty of the Hebrew University is quite instructive about the academic standards in effect there.

In a related matter, you may recall the heroic struggle of Yisrael Shiran.  He was a high school teacher in Israel fired by Labor Party Minister of Education Yuli Tamir from his teaching job because he wrote a letter requesting that the political ideas of Yitzhak Rabin not be taught as unchallenged dogma in the schools.  Rabin's ideas are controversial, especially regarding Oslo, and opposition to those ideas was just as legitimate as endorsement of them.  Tamir would hear nothing of that.  In her bolshevik response, she had Shiran fired.  McCarthyist censorship by the Left at its best!  Shiran later sued the Ministry of Education for his being fired and was awarded 400,000 NIS in damages.

I mention this because it sheds light on the newest cause célèbre of the Far Left in Israel.  Led by Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, which has devoted much of its pages to the story in recent days, the Far Left is suddenly all upset about the "suppression of the free speech rights" of a high school teacher in Tivon, near Haifa.  It seems that Adam Verete made a habit of using his bully pulpit in his classroom at the high school to attempt to indoctrinate his students into his far-leftist anti-Israel ideology.  A female student in his class filed a formal complaint, his case is under investigation by the authorities, and there are rumors of threats that he be fired.

Haaretz and its satellites have been having a field day. "Suppression!" they scream.  "Fascism!" Hmmm.

Let us first note that any threats or investigations regarding Verete are because he was misusing the classroom to indoctrinate and preach ideology, not because he was preaching LEFTIST ideology.  He would have been just as out of line if he were misusing his position in the classroom to preach any other ideology.  Educators are not supposed to use the classroom for ideological indoctrination.  The difference of course is that, if he had been fired for preaching, say, Kahanist ideology, Haaretz would be the first on the block to cheer and congratulate the authorities for the firing.

Haaretz only has a problem when far-leftists are prevented from converting their classrooms into indoctrination camps. When Ram Cohen, a high school principle in Tel Aviv, was practicing on-the-job indoctrination in communism and endorsement of the communist party, Haaretz defended him. When the Council on Higher Education attempted to shut down the Department of Politics at Ben Gurion University on grounds that it was a totalitarian substandard center for anti-Israel propaganda and indoctrination, Haaretz was out front defending the department.  So was Rivka Feldhay.  Not a single tenured leftist in Israel has spoken out against SLAPP suit harassments by leftists in Israel to suppress the freedom of speech of critics of leftists.

But guess which educator Haaretz and the leftist herd never uttered a single word to defend.  You are correct; the answer is Yisrael Shiran.  Not only Haaretz maintained a studied silence.  When I posted a challenge on the "Israel Social Science" chat list of academics, calling on Israeli law professors to speak out in defense of Shiran and to condemn his firing, not a single one did.  The position by the Radical Left supporting the decision by Haifa University to make Prof. Aumann a political pariah is no less instructive.

The radical Left in Israel, including the tenured fifth column, continues to promote the idea that freedom of speech should be restricted to those who agree with the radical Left. And them alone.


Afterword:   Adam Verete is a member of the communist party in Israel and endorsed that party in his classroom.  Haaretz this morning has a new spin.   It claims that the director of the ORT school system in Israel, which operates the school in question, used to be a member of Naftali Bennett's party, the Jewish Home.  In the "mind" of Haaretz editors, this proves that Verete was the "victim" of a school director who once belonged to a party disliked by Haaretz editors.  

    Why shouldn't teachers be permitted to raise ethical questions in the classroom and challenge accepted opinions, asks Haaretz today.  You can see the editorial at

    There is only one itsy bitsy problem with the Haaretz demand that diversity of opinion and challenges to accepted ideas be promoted by having communist teachers indoctrinate students in their classrooms in Israel.  The one place where NO diversity of opinion is ever permitted, and where NO challenges to the correct thinking of the Far Left may be tolerated, is in Haaretz.

2.   JNS News Service

Was Walt Disney anti-Semitic?
By Rafael Medoff
Actress Meryl Streep has reignited a debate that has simmered below the surface in Hollywood for decades: Was Walt Disney anti-Semitic?
The occasion was the annual awards event of the National Board of Review, an organization of filmmakers, students, and movie scholars. Streep presented an award to Emma Thompson (the anti-Semitic Harry Potter witch -- SP) , for her role in the new movie ג€œSaving Mr. Banks,ג€ about the making of Mary Poppins. Thompson co-stars as Poppins author P.L. Travers, alongside Tom Hanks as Walt Disney.
Streep took the opportunity to blast Mr. Disney as racist and misogynist who also ג€œsupported an anti-Semitic industry lobbying group.ג€
She did not actually call Disney an anti-Semite, but many people took it that way. The Hollywood Reporter declared that Streep accused Disney of being ג€œsexist, racist and anti-Semitic.ג€ Film professor David Hajdu said Disney was ג€œa deeply flawed human being. A misogynist? You bet. An anti-Semite? That, too.ג€ An unnamed ג€œfemale Academy memberג€ interviewed by the Reporter referred to him as ג€œthat old anti-Semite, himself, Mr. Disney.ג€
Hollywood historian Neal Gabler examined the antisemitism charge in his 2006 biography of Disney. ג€œOf the Jews who worked [with Disney], it was hard to find any who thought Walt was an anti-Semite,ג€ Gabler reported. ג€œJoe Grant, who had been an artist, the head of the model department, and the storyman responsible for Dumbo... declared emphatically that Walt was not an anti-Semite. ג€˜Some of the most influential people at the studio were Jewish,ג€™ Grant recalled, thinking no doubt of himself, production manager Harry Tytle, and Kay Kamen [head of Disneyג€™s merchandising arm], who once quipped that Disney's New York office had more Jews than the Book of Leviticus. Maurice Rapf concurred that Walt was not anti-Semitic; he was just a ג€˜very conservative guy.ג€™ג€
On the other hand, one former Disney animator, David Swift, has claimed he heard Walt make an anti-Semitic remark, and another ex-staffer, David Hilberman, has alleged that one employee was fired because he was Jewish. (However, according to Gabler, Disney himself was rarely involved in firing anyone except the top brass). In addition, the original animated version of the ג€œThree Little Pigsג€ portrayed the Big Bad Wolf as a stereotypically Jewish peddler, although after complaints, the segment was altered.
When it comes to explicit proof that Disney was anti-Semitic, the criticsג€™ case weakens. ג€œThere is zero hard evidence that Disney ever wrote or said anything anti-Semitic in private or public,ג€ according to Douglas Brode, author of Multiculturalism and the Mouse: Race and Sex in Disney Entertainment. Brode told The Hollywood Reporter that Disney used more Jewish actors ג€œthan any other studio of Hollywoodג€™s golden age, including those run by Jewish movie moguls.ג€
Gabler also revealed that Disney ג€œfrequentlyג€ made unpublicized donations to a variety of Jewish charities, including a Jewish orphanage, a Jewish old age home, Yeshiva College (precursor to Yeshiva University), and the American League for a Free Palestine. The League, better known as the Bergson Group, publicly supported the armed revolt against the British in Palestine by Menachem Beginג€™s Irgun Zvai Leumi. Disney was embracing not just Zionism, but its most militant wing.
How, then, did the rumors of Disney's alleged anti-Semitism spread so far and wide?
Thatג€™s where Meryl Streep comes in. The ג€œanti-Semitic industry lobbying groupג€ with which Disney was associated was the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. The groupג€™s statement of principles said nothing about Jews; its declared purpose was to prevent ג€œCommunist, Fascist, and other totalitarian-minded groupsג€ from gaining a foothold in Hollywood. Among its members were politically conservative actors such as John Wayne, Clark Gable, and Ginger Rogers. But some of its other members were accused of being privately anti-Semitic, and in general it had a reputation as being reactionary.
Gabler believes that ג€œthe most plausible explanationג€ for the rumors about Disney were a kind of guilt by association: ג€œWalt, in joining forces with the MPA and its band of professional reactionaries and red-baiters, also got tarred with their anti-Semitism. Walt Disney certainly was aware of the MPAג€™s purported anti-Semitism, but he chose to ignore itג€¦ The price he paid was that he would always be lumped not only with anti-Communists but also with anti-Semites.ג€
The irony is that while Meryl Streep was condemning Walt Disney for associating with extremists, she herself was doing the very same thing. The actress to whom she gave that award when she made her anti-Disney speech, her close friend Emma Thompson, is active in the anti-Israel boycott movement. 
Streep hailed Thompson as ג€œsplendid, beautiful, practically a saint… a living, actinng conscience.ג€ Yet this ג€˜saint,ג€™ together with other British actors, publicly urged a boycott of Israelג€™s Habimah theater troupe when it participated in a festival in England. Habimah, of course, has nothing to do with Israeli government policies or any political issues. Its only ג€œcrimeג€ is that itג€™s Israeli. 
By contrast, Thompson had no problem with the National Theater of China taking part in that festival, even though it really does represent the Chinese regime—a rregime guilty of the most heinous human rights violations, aid to terrorists around the world, and support for the genocidal government of Sudan. But of course, hypocrisy is the hallmark of the ג€˜saintsג€™ of the anti-Israel boycott crusade.

Dr. Rafael Medoff is director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, in Washington, D.C. The Wyman Institute worked with Disney Educational Productions on its new DVD, ג€œThey Spoke Out: American Voices Against the Holocaust.ג€

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Two Empirical Proofs that God Really Exists:


Two Empirical Proofs that God Really Exists: 






Anti Zionist Neturei Karta leader beaten by Muslim men in Holland

A leader of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Neturei Karta group, which is a fierce anti-Zionist organization, was beaten by a group of Muslim men in Holland.

Dutch police said that Joseph Antebi, 50, was attacked yesterday by Muslim men in Amsterdam. According to information obtained by the police, several Muslim men came over to his stopped car, pulled him out from his vehicle, beat him and spit on him. The suspects then fled from the scene.

The rabbi begged passersby for help, but his pleas were ignored.

According to the police report, Antebi called the police and was able to provide cell phone images of the suspects to the police. "Rabbi Antebi is in the hospital and in stable condition. Antebi is suffering from severe pain, nausea and vomiting. He is also suffering from internal bleeding," according to a statement released by Neturei Karta.

However, the group remained defiant in defending radical Islamic militants. "This incident just shows how the Zionist are fanning the flames of anti-Semitism throughout the world," the group said in a statement.

In the video below you can hear Antebi give a speech during an anti Israeli protest in the Palestinian Territory.



And 2:


Supporter of Muslim Terrorists in Israel Blown Away by Taliban in Afghanistan


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A Message sent to the University of Haifa faculty

From me.

As you know, a third of the entire faculty at the University of Haifa signed a statement denouncing their own university for denying an honorary PhD to Nobelist Prof. Robert Aumann because the University officials dislike his personal political opinions, which tend towards the non-PC.  Aside from those signing, a minority of Haifa University faculty members from the Ultra-Left have been swamping the chat lists and the media with their own explanations of why Aumann was undeserving of the honor.  After all, he holds opinions that they regard as unenlightened and bigoted.  They have also been making mega noise inside the University.

You humble curmudgeon posted the following message to the entire University today to shut these varmints up:

Anyone who really think that they understand American culture will be familiar with the great commentator Jeff Foxworthy.  He is from the Deep South, and has built a career on making clever one-liners poking fun at those from his world.  He is best known for his comedy shticks based on the refrain, "Then you just might be a redneck."  For
example, if you have 24 pickup trucks and none of them work, then you just might be a redneck. That sort of thing.

Well, I think Jeff Foxworthy should be officially invited to and hosted by the University of Haifa.  In fact, he should be granted an honorary PhD.  And while he receives it, he could do a performance based on a slight alteration of his best-known shtick.   It would be a commentary on those people "who just might be Israeli leftwing fascists."
Here are some samples from his upcoming performance:

1.  If you think that Prof. Robert Aumann is insufficiently enlightened or ethical to get an honorary PhD at the University of of Haifa but Shulamit Aloni was decidedly entitled to one, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

 2.  If you think that it is the purpose of institutions of higher learning to indoctrinate students into correct radical leftist ideology, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

3.  If Haaretz represents your idea of balanced pluralism and diversity of ides, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

4.  If you think that non-leftists should be denied freedom of expression because they hold incorrect opinions, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.  If you signed that petition against allowing Colonel Pnina Sharbit Baruch to teach at Tel Aviv University, there is no doubt left.

5.  If you think books containing opinions you consider to be bigoted or ignorant should be burned, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

6.  If you think everyone who disagrees with the radical Left is a fascist, then it is pretty clear that you are an Israeli leftwing fascist.

7.  If you consider Im Tirtzu to be a fascist organization, then there is no doubt that you are an Israeli leftwing fascist.

8.  If you consider Zeev Sternhell, Shlomo Sand, Rivka Feldhay, and Oren Yiftachel to be serious scholars and academics, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

9.  If you claim that Ariella Azoulay was turned down for tenure at Bar Ilan because of her political opinions, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

10.  If you claim that Yitzhak Rabin was murdered because of the exercise of freedom of speech by non-leftists, and so it must be suppressed as a clear and present danger, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

11. If you think it is racist when some rabbis call for people not to rent property to Arabs, but it is a progressive gesture for peace and tolerance to demand that property not be rented or sold to Jews in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan because Jews do not belong there, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

12. If you think Israel is an apartheid regime, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

13.  If you think that rabbis calling for people not to rent property to Arabs is racist, but Sheikh Salah's rant at the University of Haifa calling for Arab students to become suicide bombers was not, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

14.  If you think that international pressure on Israel to make peace by accepting terms rejected by the majority of Israelis is necessary and valuable, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

15. If you think that students displaying posters and tee shirts with images of Abdul Nasser, Che Guevara, and bin Laden is legitimate protest but Im Tirtzu students wearing tee shirts with images of Herzl is fascism, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

16. If you think that faculty members should have the right to cheer on terrorism against Jews, to call for Israel's obliteration, to support lawbreaking, to call for international boycotts against Israel, and to call for Israelis to refuse to serve in the military, while at the same time you consider anyone who CRITICIZES those same faculty members for doing those things to be "McCarthyists," then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

17.  If you think Ami Ayalon is a centrist and should have the power to decide what is an acceptable opinion for an academic to hold, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

18.  If you deny that Noam Chomsky's endorsements of Holocaust Deniers are anti-Semitism, or claim that Chomsky never served as the apologist for the Khmer Rouge, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

19.  If you think it is fascist to criticize the New Israel Fund and its officers, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

20.  If you think Israel owes Turkey an "apology" for its takeover of the Gaza flotilla ships, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

21.  If you see nothing wrong with the Department of Politics at Ben Gurion University serving as a monolithic anti-Israel propaganda and indoctrination center, and if you believe that the international panel of experts calling for shutting it down altogether were fascists, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

22.  If you think shooting terrorists constitutes "war crimes," then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

23.  If you believe that the only legitimate way for Israel to defend its citizens against terrorism is to capitulate to the demands of the terrorists, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

24.  If you find it perfectly reasonable when the heads of the Palestinian Authority insist that no Jews be allowed to live in any future Palestinian state but consider it racism when Lieberman proposes transferring control of Umm al-Fahm to the PA, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

25.  If you insist that there are no lessons to be learned from the 10,000 rockets fired at Israel after Israel abandoned the Gaza Strip, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

26.  If you see nothing objectionable when people in Ramat Aviv demand that Chabadniks and other Orthodox be kept out, but are horrified when residents of Shchunat Hatikva object to the presence of illegal Africans, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

27.  If you claim that Israel conducts ethnic cleansing or genocide, then it is certain that are an Israeli leftwing fascist

28.  If you think the University of Haifa should have a Christmas tree, but that Jews should be prevented from praying on the Temple Mount, then you just might be an Israeli leftwing fascist.

29.  If you endorse the international BDS warfare aggression against Israel and its institutions,  then we all know what you are.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tu B'Shvat has Nothing to do with Environmentalist Agendas

[Repost] The Un-Greening of Tu B'Shvat


Almost everything that most people "know" about Tu B'Shvat is totally wrong and completely false. Tu B'Shvat, the 15th day of the month of Shvat in the Jewish calendar, has been deconstructed in recent years and converted into a holiday of ecology and environmentalist political agitprop.

From Steven Plaut

Almost everything that most people "know" about Tu B'Shvat is totally wrong and completely false. Tu B'Shvat, the 15th day of the month of Shvat in the Jewish calendar, has been deconstructed in recent years and converted into a holiday of ecology and environmentalist political agitprop. 

It is waved about by the Tikkun Olam Pagans as a political banner to demand that all Jews support the Green political agenda. The wacko pagan "Eco-Judaism" movement, including its Tikkun dervishes, has made it their holiest of all holidays, a day to hug bushes and worship tree spirits and nature. And Jewish assimilationist liberals in the United States use it as theological ammunition to disarm anyone criticizing environmentalist fanatics.

Tu B'Shvat is not a holiday of ecology, and has nothing to do with environmentalism. It also is not a day on which Jews celebrate pristine forests, national parks and wilderness areas. It is, if anything, the very opposite. It is the celebration of agri-business and the exploitation of nature for human consumption. 

Tu B'Shvat is nominally the "New Year of the Trees" (called this in the Talmud), but I doubt if one in 100 liberal, politically-active Jews can correctly explain in what sense it is, or what this means; and I doubt that any follower of Arthur Waskow or reader of Tikkun magazine on the planet could explain these things correctly. 

Tu B'Shvat is decidedly not the time when Jews celebrate the blossoming of trees. It is the middle of winter, when, even in Israel, almost no trees are blossoming. (The almond tree is an exception.) The custom of going out and planting trees on Tu B'shvat is a modern deconstruction of the meaning of the day and is, in fact, rather silly. Tu B'Shvat is the worst part of the year in which to try to plant trees and get them to grow. I have no doubt that 80% of the famous saplings planted on Tu B'Shvat by Israeli school children never really take root and grow.

If anything, Tu B'Shvat is the "New Year of Trees" precisely because it is when trees are not blossoming and when it is the very worst time to be planting saplings. Tu B'Shvat is the time when the agricultural year for produce begins, for religious counting purposes. 

For example, religious laws having to do with farm produce, such as the sabbatical of the land every seventh year, or the tithes on annual produce donated to the Levites or the Temple, or the counting of growth years to determine when fruit becomes edible, all require a chronological basis for counting. The logical time to start counting is exactly when nothing in nature is happening or growing, in exactly the same way that the time to start counting a New Moon (for the New Month) is when it is not there at all. It makes the division into annual cycles easier and more logical for counting and taxation purposes.

Tu B'Shvat is a happy time simply because farmers are about to begin a new agri-cycle. This is so in exactly the same sense as the "New Year for Farm Animals", also discussed in the Talmud although completely forgotten by almost all Jews, which starts on the first day of Elul in late summer. 

Tu B'Shvat is a fiscal-tax New Year, more like April 15 in the US (the day you pay your taxes) than a Save the Earth and the Whales Day. Not only is it not a harvest day, it is a day when most trees are bare, and where dry fruits are eaten because there are so few fresh fruits in season, even in Israel. (Never mind that in Israel these days, almost all the dry Tu B'Shvat fruits come from Turkey.)

Because it is a day in which the annual business cycle in agri-business begins, there is not the slightest smidgen of an environmentalist political agenda in the real meaning of the day. Because it is a celebration of farming, it certainly cannot be used as religious artillery ammunition by those who demand that pristine rain forests and wilderness areas be preserved and their conversion into farms be prevented. In fact, Tu B'Shvat is really no holiday at all in any sense, and does not have any liturgy or prayers of its own, other than the routine blessings over foods one says every day. People who want to preserve national parks and natural areas are free to lobby for these, but they will find no theological support for their position in the real Tu B'Shvat.

So why do so many people think Tu B'Shvat has something to do with preventing greenhouse gasses or promoting animal rights or preserving rain forests? Because the Tikkun Olam Pagans, the assimilationist Leftism-as-Judaism proponents of pseudo-Judaism in the Diaspora and in Israel, have intentionally hijacked and distorted its meaning altogether.

Want to celebrate Tu B'Shvat in the real manner it was intended? Chop down a tree for lumber, slaughter some farm animals for dinner, build a farm in the forest, and fish to your heart's content.



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Avshalom, Avshalom, Beware the Moonbats



    Israel's brain-dead Left has a new cause célèbre.


    It involves Dr. Avshalom Kor.  He is one of the most popular Israelis in Israel ( ).  Kor is a populizer of Hebrew linguistics.  He conducts a five minute radio show each day about Hebrew grammar and etymology entitled "Literally" (name sounds better in Hebrew than English, where it means "wordiness").  It is without a doubt the most interesting thing to be aired on Israeli radio.  I catch it whenever I can.  I will give you only one small example of a Kor show.   When discussing last names he explained why all Jews with last name Schiff are Cohens, descendent from the priests in the Temple.   In German speaking countries, Cohens sometimes wrote their names Kahan, which means small ship in German.  SO more successful families of Cohen Jews changed it to Schiff which means a larger ship.  Cool, huh?


     Kor has a sense of humor and takes what sounds like a dry and boring topic and turns it into one of the most fascinating and delightful programs one could imagine.  He explains where terms and idioms come from.  He describes how Hebrew grammar and word use changed over the millennia.   He mixes in humor and pop music to explain word use.  He achieves what few professors of linguistics can achieve - he makes linguistics fascinating.  I think his popularity among Israelis in general is just slightly behind that of Arik Einstein.  


    But alas poor Avshalom, Avshalom.  He trespassed the iron rules of political correctness established by the entrenched fascist Left in Israel.  Kor is conservative politically and Orthodox.   And he dared to mock things the Left does not allow to be mocked.   Haaretz, whose entire Op-Ed page today is dominated by members of the communist party, has been leading the jihad against poor Dr. Kor. 


    On his show this week Kor commented on the bomb that exploded in the safe of the PLO's ambassador to Prague.   We all keep things we value dearly in safes, joked Kor.  He went on to compare the celebrations by the Palestinian savages when they greeted the murderers released by Israel to cannibals eating different parts of a person.  He then cited a proverb about donkeys when talking about PLO "president" Abu Mazan.   He commented that when Palestinians say that a young woman is a "bomb" (Hebrew slang for a knockout), they do not mean she is blond.  That upset the feminizts as well.


   Haaretz was not amused.  It screamed that Kor was misusing his spot on the radio for "ideology," this coming from the newspaper that inserts its communist anti-Israel ideology into every single page of the newspaper down to the weather forecast.  Haaretz has never raised any objections to the endless leftist indoctrination on OTHER radio and TV programs carried by state-run and taxpayer-financed media in Israel.

  Here is an earlier expression of rage in English by Haaretz when Kor made some non-PC statements:



Sunday, January 12, 2014

Carmi Gillon Plays Hamlet for the Jihad


1.   Generations from now, when historians are trying to make sense of the enormous stupidity of Israel in the Oslo era, no doubt much attention will be focused on the role of leftists in the Israeli intelligence services.   The simple fact of the matter is that Israel has stupendous capabilities in the technical side of intelligence collection, but this is often neutralized by the incredible stupidity at the top of the intelligence services.   All the technical information in the world is useless if the person interpreting it is an idiot with a political agenda to advance blindly.  (Those who think US intelligence is any better should read the works of Angelo Codevilla - .) 


    Time after time the most senior intelligence officers come from the Israeli Left and so insist on forcing the information they are fed into the ideological mould and framework of the Left.   When Peres and Beilin began the Oslo debacle, not a single warning came out of the intelligence services that Arafat and the PLO were simply playing Israel, that they would use any plot of land over which they would be granted control for terrorist aggression against Israel.  Not a single intelligence warning came out that showed that the PLO's intentions were war, that the PLO would never recognize Israel or seek peace with Israel, that the PLO was still devoted to genocidal aggression against Jews.  The irony was that every commentator in Israel with eyes in his head and who did NOT have access to any special intelligence information understood perfectly well what the intelligence "experts" had blinded themselves from seeing.


    And so, more than two decades after the Oslo debacle began, the PLO leadership is still insisting that it will never recognize or accept Israel as a Jewish state (see, even while the Israeli politicians, the journalists, and the erstwhile intelligence chiefs lecture the country about how the PLO are true partners for making peace.  Abu Mazen gave a speech last week singing the praises of the suicide bombers.  The perpetual response of the Left is that the Arabs are being xenophobic and malevolent because the Jews have just not made ENOUGH concessions! 


     Nothing so perfectly illustrates the dominance of Leftist "thinking" over Israeli intelligence services than the horrific propaganda movie "The Gatekeepers."  (See  We have commented on this before and I will not belabor the discussion.  But the film is essentially a series of interviews with four past chiefs of Israeli intelligence.  All four are McClellanist defeatists.  All four are leftists and all four continue to promote the delusions of the Left and insist that Israel must continue down the Oslo road.  The producer of the film is an anti-Israel leftist Israeli who does not attempt to hide his contempt for his own country (see ).   One of the four "stars" of the film is Ami Ayalon.  He is the anti-democratic villain who just prevented Prof. Robert Aumann from receiving an honorary PhD at the University of Haifa because Aumann does not comply with the thought police that Ami Ayalon wants to control Israeli academia.   (Ayalon is chair of the steering committee of the University.)


      Watching the film and listening to the delusions and political biases of these intelligence officials teaches us everything we need to know about the failures of Israeli statecraft in the past two decades.


      One of the other "stars" of that propaganda film was Carmi Gillon.  Another past intelligence official, Gillon is most infamously remembered for having set up a partisan "Surveillance Team for Spying on Jews," for spying on "settlers" and "rightists" and other politically incorrect groups of Jews.  To harass and persecute them for partisan reasons. 


     All of which makes the story of Gillon פךשטןמע Hשצךקא שמג scrambling frantically to escape being arrested by Danish leftists all the more delicious.


     The anti-democratic Gillon was in Denmark to help promote the screening there of The Gatekeepers.  A local branch of the axis of evil, that which links leftists with jihadis, had filed a petition in Denmark to have Gillon apprehended and arrested there on charges of "torture."   Basically the groups of people who seek to have Israeli military personnel and politicians arrested in Europe are inspired and mentored by the very same Israeli leftists that Gillon and his Gatekeeper comrades serve.  Anti-Israel leftist propaganda by Israelis leads directly to lawfare assaults by jihadis, leftists and Hitlerjugend groups in Europe seeking to harass and arrest Israelis. 


    Gillon had to scramble to get out of Denmark a few steps ahead of the arrest warrant.   Pseudo-Hamlet style, he then growled about how baseless the charges against him were, this coming from the very same person who has spent so much of his career promoting baseless charges against Israel and against Israeli non-leftists.   The story about Gillon's adventures in Denmark is here and .


   So it really is not much of an exaggeration to claim that the real cause of the attempt to have Gillon arrested was the very same propaganda film that he and Ami Ayalon and the rest of the Shin Bet Left produced.   I personally would like to call on Denmark to issue a similar arrest warrant for Ami Ayalon.  If you Danes send the Interpol to the University of Haifa to come pick him up, you are all welcome to use my own office for free as your logistics operations base.  I will move some of the posters of Naomi Chazan with the rhino horn on her nose out of the way so you will all have enough room.



      [And while I obviously think that Carmi Gillon is an incompetent anti-democratic buffoon, let me make it clear that this is NOT the same thing as endorsing any of the infantile "theories" of Barry Chamish about how Gillon was somehow responsible for the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.  As usual, Chamish "theories" about everything are deranged idiocy.  Chamish's latest cause, by the way, is to recruit his few remaining followers into helping him fight off a conspiracy by the Council on Foreign Relations to place noisy toddlers in the apartment unit above his in Florida, where Chamish is living off welfare and where, according to his latest "publication," the toddler noise is interfering with his invention of conspiracy fiction.]



2.    One of the problems in Israel is that the media, most of which are dominated by leftists, rarely conduct public opinion polls in which the truly relevant questions are asked.  Until now, I have not seen any serious poll about what Israelis want to do with the tens of thousands of African illegal infiltrators in the country.   Leftists in the media prefer to lecture the Israelis about how "Jewish ethics" require that Israel grant unlimited refuge and "rights" to the Africans, just as long as none of them are housed in the buildings where the Leftists live.  This coming from the very same secularist leftists who have never studied or observed Judaism and have no idea whatsoever what Jewish ethics really are.


    Anyway, the conservative Makor Rishon newspaper conducted a poll last week about the African invaders and its results appeared on Friday.  The vast majority of Israelis believe the government exhibited gross incompetence in everything related to the invaders.  In terms of dealing with the invaders, 51% of Israelis want all of the Africans to be evicted immediately.  Another 43% want most of them evicted but are willing for some to be granted special residence visas in exceptional circumstances, such as those facing persecution in their home countries.  Only 2% want the invaders to be generally allowed to remain in Israel.  These are the 2% who have been influenced by the New Israel Fund rallies and media events in which leftists prepare placards and speeches for the Africans so they can pretend to be persecuted refugees.  The latest rallies by the invaders are where the Left has them cued to scream about their "rights."  Just what "rights" do illegal African invaders have in Israel?  Other than the right to a one-way ticket on a steamship from Eilat to Africa?  (I personally would make them pay for those tickets as well!)   I guess I would be willing to pay for their plane tickets to Denmark though.


    In the same poll, Israelis (including Israeli Arabs) were asked if they think the Kerry "negotiations" will produce any results, and 80% said no.  9% said yes, with the rest having no response or saying don't know.  9% is half the proportion of Arabs in the population.    Israelis were asked what they would say if Kerry produced a "deal" under which the Arabs recognized Israel as a Jewish state and where a Palestinian state was formed in the West Bank with minor exchanges of territory and where the settlement concentrations remain part of Israel.  Fully 53% say they would OPPOSE such a deal, even if it were to be offered.   34% said they would support the deal, except that the "Palestinians" repeat three times a day that they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state (see above quote by reptilian Ashrawi) and so the 34% are endorsing a completely imaginary and utopian "deal" that will not be on the table.


      More specifically, since Kerry has been drumming on the need for Israel to abandon the Jordan Valley and turn it over to the savages in a "peace deal," fully 73% of Israelis say they would OPPOSE Israel giving up the Jordan Valley even if it were part of an overall peace accord.  20% say they would endorse it.   I presume these are the Arabs in the survey saying so. 


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