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The Assault on Freedom of Speech by the Left's SWAT Teams in Israel's Judicial System

1. The assault against freedom of speech in Israel by the leftist
establishment, and the dual justice system of Israel, continue to
terrorize the country.

The latest is a series of arrests of Rabbis for expressing opinions.
Rabbi Dov Lior and the son of the ex-Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Yaakov
Yosef were both arrested for the crime of approving a book. In
response, Lior's followers, many from Kiryat Arba, rioted violently
yesterday. I strongly oppose their violent behavior, but I also think
it was triggered by the anti-democratic zeal of the prosecution in its
attempts at suppressing freedom of speech.

All this has to do with an 230-page esoteric book written by someone
else (Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur) concerning the
halakhic (rabbinic) rules under which non-Jewish non-combatants may be
killed during wartime. The question itself of collateral harm to
civilians arises in halakha, as it does in other real-world ethical
debate. As I have already said in these postings, the publication of
the book was foolish and serves as a provocation and intentional
antagonizing of non-Jews, and obviously is being featured on all
anti-Semitic web sites as "proof" that Jews connive to murder gentiles
(as one example, see this:,%20Settlers%20Step%20Up%20Price-Tag%20Policy%20By%20Jonathan%20Cook.htm
). As one prominent (Orthodox authoritative) Israeli rabbi has said
in regard to the book, some Rabbis should be prohibited from taking
pen to hand. Not everything that is protected speech is something
that one should say or write. Of course the position of the Leftist
Ascendancy in Israel is that the book is NOT protected speech, and
even praising the book or recommending that others read it is illegal
"incitement" and "racism." "Mein Kampf" and Shlomo Sand's latest
exercises in anti-Semitism however can be purchased in any Israeli
book store.

Having said that, and given that the book WAS published, provocation
notwithstanding, the Israeli judicial establishment has been using it
as an excuse to suppress freedom of speech. The authors of the tract
themselves have not yet been indicted but are expected to be soon.
Meanwhile, the leftist SWAT teams in the Ministry of Justice and the
police are going after any Rabbi who even expresses a positive opinion
about the book.

The persecution of Rabbis for expressing an opinion about someone
else's book stands in sharp dramatic contrast to the treatment of
Sheikh Salah. Head of the Islamofascist movement in Israel, the
bloody Sheikh, a proud stand-in and surrogate for the Hamas, regularly
and openly calls for terrorism and the annihilation of Israel. Two
years back, he spoke at the University of Haifa and called for Arab
students to become suicide bombers (see this report
). He is so openly genocidal that he was arrested in Britain this
week when he slipped through passport control and managed to enter the
UK. He has never been arrested or indicted in Israel, except for one
arrest when he punched a policeman.

But persecuting Rabbis who exercise their freedom of speech about a
controversial book is not ALL that the anti-democratic SWAT teams are
doing. According to Haaretz today, they are ALSO preparing to
prosecute Rabbis who call on Jews not to sell or lease property in
Jewish neighborhoods to Arabs. This is "racist," opine the SWAT team
commanders. So just what is NOT racist? It is evidently NOT racist
for far-leftists and Arabs to call for the prohibition of sales and
renting of property to JEWS in Sheikh Jarrah and in other parts of
East Jerusalem. No one is being prosecuted or indicted for THAT!
That is protected speech. It is also protected speech to call for the
prohibition of selling or leasing property in predominantly secularist
neighborhoods to Orthodox or Chareidi families. That is not racism
either. But wait, you say, the Orthodox are hardly a "race." Well,
neither are the Arabs.

The hypocrisy of the Left when it comes to freedom of speech is
mind-numbing. At my own university (Haifa) the tenured Left is
obsessed these days with justifying and celebrating the decision last
week by the Law School to prohibit the singing of Hatikva, lest it
offend the delicate sensitivities of Arab students, some of whom
regularly hold rallies with Hamas banners and who distribute photos of
bin Laden. Scores of tenured leftists are posting support for the
decision on an internal university chat list. Some of those express
the opinion that Hatikva is a racist anti-Arab song and should be
banned altogether. One faculty member, English lecturer Ron Kuzar,
composed his own post-Zionist alternative to Hatikva. At least one
faculty member (the extremist Israel-hating professor of psychology
Micah Leshem) called for the singing of the PLO anthem Baladi Baladi
at the university. I have no doubt most of these people would also
like to ban all Israeli flags from campus.

Now as it turns out, most of the tenured leftists so upset by the idea
of Arab students having to be present when Hatikva is sung ALSO just
sent a petition to the University Rector and President, demanding that
Sheikh Salah again be allowed to speak at the university. After that
last incident two years back when speaking on campus, when the
genocidal Sheikh called for suicide bombers, the University decided he
would not be allowed to speak on campus again. (Tel Aviv University
rushed in to fill the void and hosted Salah a few weeks back.) So
here we have scores of tenured university faculty members insisting in
the name of freedom of speech and academic freedom that the genocidal
Sheikh be allowed to speak on campus and call for mass murder of Jews.
Many of those signing were faculty in the law school.

So guess how many of those same people, including the law school's
tenured Left at the University of Haifa, have expressed protest and
indignation over the arrests this week of Rabbi Lior, Rabbi Yosef, and
the other Rabbis? How many objected to THAT infringement of freedom
of speech?

That's right, grasshopper, not a single one!

See also this:,7340,L-4088851,00.html

2. The wonderful Melanie Phillips and the british PM:

3. Israpundit, 6/26/11

Reform Angst Regarding Israel and Jewish Nationalism

By Matthew M. Hausman *

4. Vegan army boots?
The IDF apparently does not want to offend vegetarians. This was on
the news today: if a soldier brings a letter from his physician
stating that he is a vegan or a vegetarian and does not eat meat or
use leather products, they will issue him non-leather army boots.

But if he brings a letter from his Rabbi that his religion does not
permit him to drag Jews from their homes, or destroy Jewish homes,
will they let him wear the tee shirt and opt out?

5. Flotilla fascists:

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It is High Time for Israel to Get Serious about Treason


Why Israel Needs to Get Serious about Treason
Posted By Steven Plaut On June 28, 2011

Israel recently passed a law that would strip Israelis of their
citizenship if convicted of espionage or treason. Condemned for this
by countries all over the world, almost all of whom have far harsher
anti-treason laws than Israel, the Israeli law has yet to be applied
to anyone. Sometimes called the "Azmi Bishara Law," it was motivated
by an Arab member of the Israeli parliament (or Knesset), Azmi
Bishara, from one of the Arab fascist parties, who had openly engaged
in espionage and treason, including passing on intelligence to the
Hezb'Allah terrorist organization while it was firing rockets at
Israeli civilians. Bishara is now in hiding and has yet to be
prosecuted. The anti-Israel lobby has denounced this law as "racist,"
just as it denounces everything Israel does as racist (including
rescuing Haitian earthquake victims).
Treason itself is left undefined under this new Israeli law, and in
general it has been interpreted by the legal authorities in Israel so
loosely that virtually no one has ever been prosecuted for it.
Israeli law defines treason as "acts that impair the integrity of
Israel" or "impair its sovereignty," and the granting of assistance to
the enemy during time of war. Based on British law, Article 99(a) of
the Israeli Criminal Code states, "If a person with intent to assist
an enemy in war against Israel commits an act calculated to do so, he
is liable to the death penalty or to life imprisonment." It goes
without saying that no one at all has ever been sentenced to either
punishment for treason in Israel. Only a few people engaged in actual
espionage, and this includes nuclear spy Mordecai Vanunu and some
old-time spies for the Soviet Union, have ever even been so charged
with "treason."
This Israeli law is little more than a joke. Israeli Arabs, including
almost all the Arabs who sit in Israel's Parliament, openly
collaborate with the enemies of Israel, support their agendas,
sometimes engaging in violence. Israeli Jewish far Leftists work
against the sovereignty and integrity of their own country every day.
Examples of this would include issuing calls for Israel's destruction
or support for international boycotts against Israel. No one at all
has been prosecuted for any of that. The Israeli Attorney General is
quite militant when it comes to prosecuting Right-wing Israeli Jews
for "incitement" and "racism," including offenders who wear
politically incorrect Tee shirts or have bumper stickers on their cars
that some might find in poor taste. Israeli Arabs and Jewish Leftists
never go to jail for collaborating with the enemy during times of war.
It is instructive and illuminating to examine the history of what
other Western democracies have done with traitors, especially during
times of war. It is important to see what sorts of anti-treason laws
exist elsewhere in democratic countries.
Some countries have been putting teeth into old anti-treason laws
recently because of international terrorism. Britain's Treason Act,
which allowed for the prosecution of British nationals supporting the
enemy in time of war, goes back to 1351. It provided for mandatory
execution of traitors. Britain executed sixteen traitors under the
Act during World War II. The Act was suspended in 1946 and later was
repealed. However, Britain has other laws against treason, and these
are still being debated well into the 21st century. Under the
British Crime and Disorder Act of 1998, the punishment for treason is
life imprisonment, but it had been death up until that law was passed.
Canada also has a Treason Act, where "high treason" consists of acts
committed during time of war. The punishment is mandatory life
imprisonment. Australian has a somewhat similar treason law. Turkey,
Ireland and Brazil have Treason Acts that provide for execution of
traitors, as do many Third World countries. The United States has had
anti-treason laws that allow for execution of traitors, although these
were seldom applied, and similar laws were once passed by some
individual states. The US also has the Espionage Act of 1917.
France's law provides for life imprisonment for treason, as do Hong
Kong's, India's, and New Zealand's. Switzerland's Treason Act usually
provides for softer punishments, but in some cases they can go as high
as life imprisonment. Modern Germany also has an anti-treason law
with punishments up to life imprisonment for high treason, but that is
defined as attempts to overturn the constitutional order.
Execution and life imprisonment were not the only responses of Western
democracies to internal treason. In 1939 the British government under
Winston Churchill passed Defence Regulation 18B. It suspended habeas
corpus for Nazi sympathizers and allowed for their wholesale
internment without a trial. While enemy aliens were interned under
other laws, this law was used to intern British nationals. The law
was used to jail pro-German citizens, including members of the
pro-Nazi British Union of Fascists party, led by Oswald Mosley.
The United States passed its first law against enemy aliens and
against treason in the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798. It allowed for
the internment of enemy aliens in time of war. It remained on the
books, supplemented by the Sedition Act of 1918, an initiative of
President Woodrow Wilson, which was later repealed.
Abraham Lincoln may have been the most aggressive president when it
came to prosecuting and jailing traitors. He ordered the suspension
of habeas corpus in 1861. He used military tribunals and declarations
of martial law liberally. More than 4200 trials by military
commission were conducted. "Copperheads" or Americans in the North
who identified with the rebellion in the South were arrested and
jailed. Other Copperheads were deported and stripped of citizenship.
Some traitors were executed. 13,000 people in the North were rounded
up and jailed under martial law. The Union government took action
against newspapers that identified with the rebellion, closing some.
Under the Confiscation Act of 1861, the private property of those
accused of treason, and not only Southerners, could be seized.
Britain had historically made liberal use of internment as an
instrument against the enemy, especially during the Boer Wars. After
1940 it arrested Germans, Austrians and Italians in larger numbers.
The Treachery Act passed Parliament that same year and allowed for the
prosecution of any alien suspected of espionage or hostile activity,
and included provision for execution of foreign spies, In addition,
over 7000 suspect aliens were deported, mainly to Canada and
Australia. Tragically, in some cases these included non-British Jews,
for fears that German spies might have infiltrated Britain while
amongst them.
Canada interned 80,000 people during World War I. While the massive
internment of Japanese-Americans by the United States during World War
II is well known, less well known is the fact that thousands of ethnic
Japanese were interned by Canada. Australia also ran internment
camps, holding as many as 7000 Australians, plus thousands of aliens
sent there by Britain for internment. While their numbers were much
smaller than those of the interned Japanese-Americans, hundreds of
Italian-Americans were interned by the US during World War II, and
other restrictions were applied to Italian-Americans who were not
interned. German-Americans were subject to restrictions during World
War I, over 6000 were arrested and over two thousand were interned.
11,000 alien Germans were interned in the United States during World
War II. Surprisingly, given the widespread pro-Nazi sentiments among
some American ethnic Germans and the operations of several pro-Nazi
organizations in the 1930s in the US, German–Americans were not
interned during World War II, although some other countries in the
Western Hemisphere did intern domestic ethnic Germans. Small numbers
of ethnic Germans were evicted from sensitive coastal areas of the US.
After Pearl Harbor the United States outlawed the pro-Nazi "German
American Bund."
Throughout Europe before and during World War II, the ethnic German
minority populations by and large supported Nazi Germany. After the
war, these Germans well expelled en masse by many of those countries
as retaliation for their identification with the enemy, including from
democratic Czechoslovakia. The same people today whining that
Israel's "Azmi Bishara Law" is "racist" have never had much to say
about those expulsions.
The irony is that Israel's Arab population more openly identifies with
the country's enemies than do any of those groups interned during war
by Britain and the other Western democracies. Most Israeli Arabs make
little attempt to hide their contempt and intense hatred for the
democratic country in which they live, while rarely seeking to move to
any of the 22 countries that have an Arab ethnic majority. Most (but
not all) Israeli Arabs support political parties and groups openly
hostile to the existence of Israel, openly supporting the genocidal
terrorist groups and Moslem countries seeking Israel's obliteration.
Israeli far-leftist groups, awash in funding from hostile anti-Israel
foreign governments and organizations, engage in sedition and treason
during time of war, led by Israel's tenured Far Left. None of these
have been targeted for prosecution by Israel's legal system or police.
Why not? Why can Taliban John and Jihad Jane be prosecuted in the US,
while traitors in Israel enjoy immunity?
Israel, and not Israel alone, needs to start putting some teeth into
anti-treason legislation and enforcement.

2. Haaretz has a new cause celebre. It seems that Arabs are
under-represented among University faculty in Israel. See
Only 3% of university faculty are Arabs. (Haaretz did not ask what
the percentages of Arabs are among those holding PhD's. Having a PhD
is a prerequisite to be a university faculty member.)

You will notice that Haaretz had nothing at all to say about the fact
that there are virtually no Chareidi ultra-Orthodox faculty members in
Israeli universities. The Chareidim are about the same percent of the
over Israeli population as are Arabs.

And of course, if Haaretz were serious about battling against
numerical heterogeneity and against "under-representation" among
Israeli faculty in Israeli academic institutions, it would speak out
against the severe problem of the most under-represented group of all
– the non-leftists!

3. And yet another Jew is attacked by a lynch mob of peace partners:,7340,L-4087606,00.html

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4. University of Haifa vs. Hatikva:

5. Liberal Pseudo-Judaism is running out of Men:

A Liberal Jewish Woman Asks: The End of Jewish Men? What Hath Jewish
Feminism Wrought?

How "Liberal Judaism" Became A Virtually "Women's Only" Judaism

Women are 50% of Reconstructionist "Rabbis," 65% of Reform
clergypersons, & 80+% of Conservative;

See also

6. Those thugs and hooligans who riot each week in the West Bank town
of Bil'in, attacking Israeli soldiers and police:

Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 1:03 AM
Subject: Most Bilin protestors paid

Most Bilin protestors paid
Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 24 June 2011

"In practice most of the Palestinian protestors [AL: at Bilin] come
today to protest in return for payment for Leftist organizations. This
is a payment ranging from NIS 50 for young protestors who throw stones
up to NIS 4,000 for the leaders and inciters. The organizer of the
protests arrives at the place each week in a new black Hummer jeep."
Makor Rishon correspondent Shabtai Garbarvitz - Makor Rishon 24 June

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
(Mail POB 982 Kfar Sava) Tel 972-9-7604719/Fax 972-3-7255730 INTERNET

7. Getting serious about counter-terrorism?

8. Islamist Lawfare:

9. WHAT freedom of speech in Israel? and

10. Speaking about getting serious about treason: Ben Gurion
University just announced that it will prosecute in internal
disciplinary proceedings members of the faculty who call for boycotts
against Israel. See this (In Hebrew):

I do not believe them.

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The Near Lynching of Prof. Benny Morris

1. In the old novel Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, there is a bizarre
character in the story, a man who had been a Nazi war criminal, but
after the War trained as a medical doctor and came to the Caribbean in
order to save sick impoverished island people. He saves about a dozen
people a week and he figure it will only take about 600 years to save
more people than he had killed as a war criminal during the War.

I gotta tell you that I am reminded of that story whenever I
contemplate Benny Morris. Don't take this the wrong way – Morris was
never any murderer or war criminal and I do not mean to imply that he
was evil as a Nazi.

Morris was one of the original and in some ways the most destructive
of the "New Historians" Israel produced. He was essentially a
pseudo-historian, inventing history "narratives" to reflect Arab
propaganda and demonization of Israel. And he was good at it. He
collaborated with filth like Ilan Pappe and Avi Shlaim. Because he
was so viciously anti-Israel and because so much of his academic
career consisted of churning out anti-Israel propaganda, Morris had
trouble finding an academic position in Israel. He was eventually
hired by Ben Gurion University, and rumor has it that the president of
the university at the time, leftist Avishai Braverman, personally
intervened so that Morris could get hired. Morris turned out
Bash-Israel and Bash-Zionism books that were not very different from
what Ilan Pappe produced, a lot about the 1948-9 Israeli war for
independence. He also worked back then a lot for the Jerusalem Post
during its phases under leftist control. (The Post shifts back and
forth, from side to side, especially when its ownership is sold. It
now seems to be moving leftward rapidly.)

All this made Morris the darling of the campus Lefts in Europe and the
US. They loved citing Morris to prove how evil Israel is and was. 12
years ago or so Morris would have been one of the most obvious targets
for righteous Zionist rage and for being exposed, attacked and
denounced as a pseudo-scholar, something like a Neve Gordon or Ilan

But then something happened. Morris suddenly appeared to have second
thoughts. He repudiated his earlier anti-Israel radicalism and
started espousing pro-Israel and pro-Zionist opinion, especially about
the 1948-9 war of independence. Not everyone is completely convinced
that Morris has wised up, and Efraim Karsh is the leading proponent of
the idea that Morris has not and is simply engaged in pragmatic
maneuvering. (See , as
well as several Karsh articles in the NYTimes and Commentary

I was skeptical of Morris' "conversion" at first, but over time it
seems to me to be genuine. I think his very first public break with
the Bash-Israel Left took place in Berkeley, when I happened to be in
town. Invited to speak in a church, the place was packed with the
usual Berkeley jihadists and Hitlerjugend expecting a blistering
demonization of Israel. Instead Morris spent the entire talk
explaining that the Middle East conflict is the fault of the Arabs,
including any "refugee" problem. You can imagine the hysterical
reactions in the local Berkeley drug-infested media.

Later Morris would gave interviews and make statements that not only
were outright Zionist, but he went so far as to argue that any
expulsions by Israel of any Arabs that took place in 1948 were
entirely justified!

As a result, for 8 or 10 years now, Morris is the Israeli historian
that the moonbats and the anti-Semites most love to hate. They have
special hatred for him because, after all, he used to be one of them
and "betrayed" them.

Morris is frequently singled out for the venom of the barbarians,
including in Israel. When invited a few months back to speak at
Cambridge, the local anti-Semites made a fuss and insisted that Morris
be dis-invited because he is a "racist." After all, anyone thinking
Israel has the right to defend itself is a "racist" in such circles.
His talk was cancelled. This is academic freedom in Britain!

This past week, Morris was invited to speak at the London School of
Economics, which – despite its name – is also crawling with leftist
vermin. On the way to the talk he was almost lynched by a mob of
leftists and jihadists. He was personally targeted in incitement to
violence by the heads of the local BDS Hitlerjugend, where BDS is the
"Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions" movement.

Morris managed to escape and under heavy security presence he did give
a talk to 300-400 students at LSE.

That full story was in Friday's Makor Rishon.

What does the one-time Post-Zionist and one-time "New Historian"
Morris make of almost being lynched for being a Zionist?

I do not know, but I think it raises the odds of his rededicating
himself to expunging his old propaganda and doing real research that
promotes the truth, or what some pseudo-academics prefer to call the
"Zionist narrative."

2. Amira Hass, the rabid Israel-hating columnist for Haaretz, is one
of the riders on the Aid-Hamas Flotilla. See

You realize what this means? It is one more excellent reason to sink
the flotilla terrorist vessels.

Notice in the above web page how Hass complains that she does not have
enough clean clothes? Well, I understand she can get a whole new
wardrobe down in Davy Jones' Locker!

3. Hillel is being taken over by Jewish anti-Semites and
cheerleaders for terrorism:,7340,L-4087263,00.html

The Hillel paradox
Jewish-American student organization Hillel Foundation in hot seat
over anti-Israel activities including 'Apartheid Week,' financial
boycott of Israel. Hillel: We won't allow anyone calling for boycott
against Israel to be part of us
Yoaz Hendel

On a wall at the entrance to the prestige Berkeley University campus
in California posters hung with anti-Israel slogans. Apartheid,
genocide, Nazism – they read. Nearby stood representatives of Muslim
organizations and acted out a blockage scenario, accompanied by
anti-Israeli chanting behind them.

There are nearly 5,000 Jewish students in UC Berkeley, but only mere
few were willing to protest the event and others like it. Missing most
of all, it seems, is any censure by the Hillel Foundation – "the
largest Jewish campus organization in the world."

The Hillel Foundation was established in the 1920's in order to enrich
the lives of Jewish students across college campuses in the United
States. Present in 500 colleges and universities in the US, Hillel
took it upon itself to encourage the students to support the State of

However, internal political shifts within the Jewish community in the
US, and especially the weakening of ties between young American Jews
to Israel, have allowed for anti-Israeli voices to penetrate the

This shift has created a paradox: A national pro-Israeli organization
under which anti-Israeli activities are being held across some US
universities. At times, it means simply turning a blind eye to hostile
events; but at other times there is actual and intentional criticism
against Israel.

The bottom line is that many Hillel centers are being swept away in
the tidal wave of pro-Palestinian protests. Not all Hillel centers
take part in these anti-Israeli demonstrations, but these events are a
sign of what's yet to come for the future generation of Israeli and
Jewish American ties.

'Wake up call'
In the spring of 2010, UC Berkeley became the first university to
declare a boycott against companies that do business with Israel. The
message behind the bill, proposed by the members of the Students for
Justice in Palestine organization, was to cause financial harm to
Israel and its supporters.

Pro-Israeli activist John Moghtader was present at that meeting and
was surprised to see members of the Hillel organization "Kesher
Enoshi" ("human contact") speak out against Israel. "They introduced
themselves as Hillel members, spoke about their Jewish identity and at
the same time discussed their great objection to the 'war crimes'
committed by the Jewish State," said Moghtader.

The UC Berkeley student senate voted 16-4 in favor of the divestment
bill. "The fact that the student senate condemned Israel for alleged
war crimes, called it an apartheid state – it was a wake up call for

However following an Israeli diplomatic effort and a roaring
objection, the Berkeley student body president overturned the

But the damage had already been done and similar events began to take
place across other well-known universities in the country.

'Ground is ready for extremism'
These anti-Israeli incidences are not happening by chance. There has
always been a great duality amongst liberal American Jews towards
Israel, which has only increased in recent years, manifesting into

A recent survey showed that Jewish Americans under the age of 35 would
not consider the disappearance of the State of Israel to be a great
personal loss.

"Unlike their grandparents and parents, these youngsters are not
connected to Israel by past traumas," explained researcher and author
Shmuel Rosner.

"They have stronger identity circles than Israel… In college they are
detached from their parents for the first time and begin to rebel.
"That kind of ground is ready for extremism."

Anti-Israeli Muslim organizations recognized this phenomenon and
realized the best way to harm Israel is by convincing American Jews
that Israel is doing them wrong. These organizations chose to fight it
out in the greenhouses of politicians, economists, intellectuals and
industrialists – in the prestige American universities.

One such organization is the Muslim Student Association, known to be
behind infamous anti-Israeli protests like the Israeli Apartheid Week.
With over 600 branches across the US and a public connection to the
Muslim Brotherhood movement, the Association's agenda is to display
Israel, and sometimes the US, as the enemy.

The Association provides lectures across US campuses under the names
"Holocaust in the Holy Land" and "Israel – a third Reich state." It
was also previously linked to organizations defined by the State
Department as terror organizations.

Atmosphere effects Jewish students
This harsh atmosphere has a negative effect on the Jewish students.

"As a Jew, the feeling in the campus isn't good," described Jonathan
Weinberg, a former student at UC Berkeley. "Those who chose to support
Israel risk their careers… There were violent acts in the past. I felt
like I was walking around with a target on my back."

Weinberg added that they had tried to get Hillel to object and get
involved, but said they refused to cooperate. They even declined to
place Israeli flags in Berkeley claiming some find them disturbing.

Berkeley was only the beginning. "There is an atmosphere of fear and
terror here," said Tammi Benjamin, a lecturer at the University of
California Santa Cruz. "It's turned into a situation in which you can
say anything against Israel and the Jews in the name of freedom of
expression, including caricatures and hate marches. If such things
were being said against Hispanics, Afro-Americans and even about
Muslims the university would have objected."

"Those who support Israel pay a heavy personal price when it comes to
promotions and social ties. It's obvious that one should stick to
doing research and keep his head down. It's no wonder that students
cannot fight this phenomenon, because in doing so they would be going
against their lecturers and hurting their grades," she added.

In light of such feelings one would think a Jewish organization like
Hillel would not be linked to anti-Israeli movements. However this has
not stopped Hillel from being apart of such events.

It seems the anti-Israeli organization become a lot more powerful when
their claims are being backed up by Jews and Israelis.

Hillel - an empty vessel?
In once such incident, in September 2009, the Students for Justice in
Palestine organization invited two Israeli girls, who wrote an
anti-Israeli petition, to an event conducted by Hillel's Kesher
Enoshi. The event called for a boycott against Israel.

In 2009, the organization held a rock concert together with Kesher
Enoshi members composed of anti-Israeli songs comparing the State to a
Nazi regime and to an apartheid state.

A few months late some Breaking The Silence activists, sponsored by
the Students for Justice in Palestine, Muslim organizations and Kesher
Enoshi, took the stage. In February 2011, a Sheikh Jarrah
representative was there as well.

Meanwhile some worried citizens have tried to object. Dr. Ealon
Joelson, 44, a neurologist, established a pro-Israeli organization by
the name of Israel Peace Initiative.

"Organization like Hillel are empty vessels. If those in charge were
better directors they would be able to turn it into a pro-Israeli
organization," claimed Joelson.

Professor Abraham Miller of the University of Cincinnati and a former
consultant to the National Institute of Justice on counter terrorism
recalled his time in UC Berkeley.

"I saw a lot of slogans and posters against Israel. I didn't see such
things against any other group…. When Jewish student organizations
cooperate with this it's unbearable," said Miller.

When lecturers expressed their wish to talk about Israel from a
positive perspective, the Hillel organization said they would rather
not bring in people who speak about controversial issues.

"Hillel is committed to creating deep and supportive relations with
the State of Israel and everything we do it with that in mind," said
Berkeley Hillel Executive Director Rabbi Adam Naftalin. "We will not
allow anyone calling for a boycott against Israel to become part of

The Hillel administration at Washington University stated: "The
foundation is the cornerstone of pro-Israeli activities in
north-American campuses, working together with the Jewish Agency and
other organizations to provide students of different backgrounds the
opportunity to build a relationship with Israel."

"The foundation has established rules and regulations intended to
prevent activities with organizations calling to boycott Israel," they

4. Guess what proportion of all the rapes in Norway in 2010 were
perpetrated by non-Moslems:

5. Let Bashar Asad, the dictator of Syria, know that not all is lost.
There is a pro-Asad lobby now operating inside Israel. Its leading
member is Mohammed Nafa (or Naffa), who used to be a member of the
Knesset from the Israeli communist party (and still is its general
commissar). He recently published an article singing subservient
praises of darling Bashar. Published in the Arabic newspaper Al-Huar

Friday, June 24, 2011

University of Haifa Bans Hatikva!

You better be sitting down for this one.

It seems that it is now prohibited to sing the Israeli national
anthem, Hatikva, at the University of Haifa.

At a recent graduation ceremony for law school students, the singing
of Hatikva was prohibited. Evidently the decision was that of the law
school dean, Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren. Her email is Hatikva was evidently banned because of
fears that singing it could offend the delicate sensitivities of
University of Haifa Arab students. Their sensitivities are already
under assault because there are Israeli flags at the University, and
because the University holds Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremonies and
Israeli Memorial Day ceremonies. I have seen with my own eyes Arab
students singing the PLO "national anthem" on campus and also waving
PLO and Hamas flags. The university has not banned that. The law
school at the University of Haifa is well known as a den of radical

Maariv reports the story (in Hebrew, here:

Ben Dror Yemini, depiuty editor at Maariv, denounced the University of
Haifa for this (in Hebrew at
) He described the decision as "academic hooliganism" and as
evidence of the suppression of real academic freedom by Israel's Arab
nationals and radical Jewish leftists. He denounced the University of
Haifa for running a pro-Arab "legal clinic" in collaboration with the
Arab anti-Israel NGO Adalah. To learn just what Adalah is, go to

Want to complain? Write to:

University of Haifa:
President of the University of Haifa
Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze'ev
University of Haifa
Mt Carmel, 31905 Haifa Israel
Tel: 972-4-8240101
Fax: 972-4-8240281

Rector of the University of Haifa
Prof. David Faraggi
University of Haifa
Mt Carmel, 31905 Haifa Israel
Tel: 972-4-8288094
Fax: 972-4-8342101
Chairman of the Board of Governors
Mr. Leon Charney
Law Office of Leon H. Charney
Broadway 1441
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-819-0994
University "Friends of" Offices Outside Israel are listed here:

Here is what Micah Leshem, a fanatically anti-Israel professor of
psychology at the University of Haifa had to say about the banning of

From: Micah Leshem <>


Kudos to the Faculty of Law!

This is an important step toward being a True University dedicated to
universal values rather than sectarian ones.

Might I suggest the Universal Student's anthem be more appropriate and
less contentious than the religious one for our ethnically varied
Faculty and Graduates on this, one of the most significant events in
their lives?

We all look forward to the day when the other Faculties and Schools in
our University follow this commendable first step toward equality,
decency, tolerance, and mutual respect.


Dylan, Dogs, and Dhimmis

1. I spent the 1960s thinking I was Bob Dylan, down to and including
the harmonica on the mouth holder with the guitar and the long thin

Dylan was in Israel last week for a concert. Open not only for geezers.

I just stumbled upon the following rather curious piece, on the
connection between Dylan and Meir Kahane:

Bob Dylan and Meir Kahane:

2. Carlo Strenger, psychology, TAU, has Found the Real Threat against
the Jewish People - it is Israel!

"Israel has never had a government that so blatantly violates the core
values of liberal democracy. Never has a Knesset passed laws that are
as manifestly racist as the current one. Israel has had foreign
ministers who were unworldly and didn't know English; but it has never
had a foreign minister whose only goal is to pander to his right-wing
constituency by flaunting his disdain for international law and the
idea of human rights with such relish.

"Moreover, there has never been a government so totally oblivious of
its relation to world Jewry.... How can we, who have suffered from
racial and religious discrimination, use language and hold views that
- as Israel Prize laureate and historian of fascism Zeev Sternhell
argued - were last held in the Western world by the Franco regime?"

3. Moonbette of the day:
Author Alice Walker to take part in Gaza flotilla, despite U.S.
warning - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News#article_comme..
Author Alice Walker to take part in Gaza flotilla, despite U.S. warning
The celebrated poet and novelist wrote a special piece for CNN,
outlining her intention to bring letters to the people of Gaza
'expressing solidarity and love.'
By Danna Harman
The celebrated poet and novelist Alice Walker has reiterated her
intent to participate in the upcoming flotilla to Gaza, despite a
warning by the United States State Department, which advises citizens
against joining the attempt to break Israel's naval blockade of the
The author of 'The Color Purple' wrote a special piece for CNN on
Tuesday outlining her plan to carry letters to the people of Gaza on
board the "Audacity of Hope," boat.
"We will be carrying letters …expressing solidarity and love. That is
all its cargo will consist of," Walker wrote. "If the Israeli military
attacks us, it will be as if they attacked the mailman. This should go
down hilariously in the annals of history."
"But if they insist on attacking us, wounding us, even murdering us,
as they did some of the activists in the last flotilla, Freedom
Flotilla I, what is to be done?" she asks. Her letter goes on to
talk about the brave "followers of Ghandi," and the "Jewish civil
rights activists" who stood side by side with blacks in America's
South and places her current "mission," within this context.
She concludes by rebuking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's
policies, and those in the U.S. that back them.
"What of the children of Palestine, who were ignored in our
President's latest speech on Israel and Palestine, and whose
impoverished, terrorized, segregated existence was mocked by the
standing ovations recently given in the U.S. Congress to the prime
minister of Israel?"
The author visited Gaza in 2009, touring areas destroyed in Israel's
war with the Strip's Hamas rulers earlier that year.
In an interview she gave after her trip, Walker said her decision to
visit Gaza, along with members of the U.S. anti-war group Code Pink,
was spurred by the recent death of an older sister.
She said she felt a connection to Gazans who lost loved ones in the
war. "I wanted very much to be with them and to bear witness to what
is happening to them, this horrible, catastrophic, terrible thing,"
she said.

4. Gaza Flotilla Fascists:

5. More on the OTI atrocity:

6. For those who think Bibi has suddenly grown a backbone, let us
point out that he has just capitulated to the terrorists and ISM
hooligans in the West Bank town of Bil'in, those who riot violently
each week and attack Israeli soldiers and police. Bibi has just
announced he will give the thugs what they want and is removing the
part of the security fence that runs near Bil'in.

7. Much too little, much too late:

8. Delta Dhimmi

Delta adopts Saudi 'no-Jew' fly policy
Challenge to discrimination building as Congress, lawyers warned of plan

Posted: June 22, 2011
8:34 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2011 WND

Delta Air Lines' plan to add Saudi Arabian Airlines to its SkyTeam
Alliance of partnering companies would require the American carrier to
ban Jews and holders of Israeli passports from boarding flights from
New York or Washington bound for Jeddah, prompting outraged
accusations of illegal religious discrimination.
The issue, which has caught the attention of the American Center for
Law and Justice already, was raised when Washington attorney Jeffrey
Lovitky was perusing airline procedures for travel.
"As we learn more about the issue and facts, we are determined to
ensure that American citizens do not face discrimination by airlines
like Delta that are passenger code-sharing with Saudi Arabian
Airlines," said Colby M. May, director and senior counsel of the ACLJ.
Read the insiders' plans for America under Shariah, in "Muslim Mafia:
Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America,"
autographed, from WND's Superstore.
"We will be communicating our position with members of Congress, the
State Department and Delta Air Lines to ensure that the rights of
American citizens are protected," he said.
The issue first was presented to Congress, the public and others by
talk radio host and former U.S. Rep. Fred Grandy, whose own battle
against discrimination was documented when his former radio station
demanded he tone down criticism of Islam on his program. He then left
the station.
Grandy and "Mrs. Fred," – Catherine – recently were interviewed by
Talk 1200 show host Jeff Katz about the controversy, which was
described as "outrageous."
Their conversation has been posted online as well as embedded: - Center fo
"Creeping Shariah? Now [it is] jetspeed Shariah. Hat's off to Delta.
It looks like Delta will be the first Shariah-compliant airline in the
United States," Catherine Grandy said.
Katz noted, "As a Jewish man, I might not be able to fly on Delta Air
Lines in the future."
Fred Grandy told Katz that he spent time already this week in
Washington briefing members of Congress and other policy makers "on
this kind of threat."
"This creeping Shariah, economic jihad, gets you everywhere you turn,"
Catherine Grandy said. "This is just not right. I'm sure this will be
Fred Grandy said there were several questions raised by the
controversy, including would passengers continue to fly on Delta, what
should the government do and the advance of Shariah in the United
"If this isn't one landing strip at a time, I don't know what is," he said.
Delta officials did not respond to a WND phone call asking for
comment, but their sentiment is clear in letters they wrote to Lovitky
when he complained about their plans.
Lovitky told WND that he personally raised the issue with the Delta
CEO Richard Anderson when he discovered the plan while making travel
arrangements. He said Anderson didn't respond, but Kathy M. Johnston,
a coordinator for the airline's "Customer Care" did write a letter.
She blamed the plan to discriminate on Saudi Arabian requirements and
said Lovitky should consult the State Department.
"Delta must also comply with all applicable laws in every country it
serves and by the same token passengers are responsible to obtain the
necessary travel documents required for entry into another country
prior to their day of travel," she wrote. "If a passenger travels
without proper documents, the passenger may be denied entry into that
country and our airline may be fined. Delta assumes responsibility for
ensuring that each passenger boarding our aircraft has the proper
documents for travel to their ticketed destination."


Kelly McParland: Dog days in the Hate Israel industry

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meet Ben Gurion University's Doc Jihad

1. Meet Ben Gurion University President Rivka Carmi's latest little darling.

Ben Gurion University, or - as some are calling it – Ben Gurion
"University," has now outdone itself. It has produced a character who
makes Norman Finkelstein and Neve Gordon look like patriotic Zionists
and truly rational people. Ben Gurion University is now making the
transition from tenured treason to tenured ultra-treason.

A few days ago we told you about the rantings of one Dr. Eyal Nir, who
teaches chemistry at BGU. He had issued a public call through his web
site to murder Israelis who disagree with the Far Left, demanding that
they have their necks broken. Nir is active in numerous anti-Israel
groups, including the Israeli Communist Party.

But it turns out that his call for murder was milquetoast! Over the
weekend, Makor Rishon ran an expose of the good Doc's other rantings,
many taken directly from his Facebook site. (Curiously, that site has
been taken down today: )

Remember this is a tenured faculty member at Ben Gurion University!

Among his many bon mots there are these:

"The rotten corpse calling itself the state of Israel must be strangulated."

"All of Israel is an entity established on the ruins of the Arab community."

The state of Israel is "The Zionist monstrosity that can never be satisfied."

"International sanctions must be placed on Israel to coerce it to live
up to international standards of behavior and to strip it of its
nuclear weapons."

Doc Jihad also likes to call everyone with whom he disagrees, notably
the Im Tirtzu Zionist student organization, "Skinheads." Think Israel
has the right to exist? You are a skinhead! He refers to all of
Israel as the skinhead nation. He uses "stormtrooper" as a synonym
for Zionist. He attacks assorted public figured by name, including
military and police, and calls them serial murderers and those who
cannibalize Arabs. The moving of some Jewish families into the Simon
the Righteous neighborhood of Jerusalem or into certain parts of the
Negev that have a Bedouin majority are described by Doc Jihad as
"ethnic cleansing." Preventing them from so moving to keep those
areas judenrein would be the highest form of democratic pluralism. He
accuses "settlers" of being murderers because their behavior causes
Arab terrorists to murder the settlers themselves. Really. He
suggested that Lag B'Omer would be a good time to burn down and
destroy the shrine of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. He agrees with the
claim that reports of centuries of persecution of Jews are all a
Zionist hoax invented to excuse the Zionist oppression of

Cabbagehead Rivka Carmi, the President of BGU, when asked about Doc
Jihad, came up with her usual lame clichés about how she disagrees
with the content of what he is saying but of course defends his
"academic freedom" to do what he does and say what he says.
Curiously, she did not care to explain her claim from just a few weeks
back, when she insisted that Neve Gordon is the only anti-Israel
fanatic on the BGU faculty and that besides him BGU has no other such
problematic people.

Meanwhile, I do not know what Nir's credentials are and could not
evaluate a chemist's credentials if I saw them. But it is well known
that in other departments at BGU, radical anti-Israel extremists get
hired and promoted entirely thanks to their extremism, thanks to their
churning out anti-Israel hate propaganda. They are not hired in SPITE
of their treasonous activities but rather often explicitly thanks to
those! They are hired and promoted as acts of solidarity by other
leftists in the system even when they have empty or near-empty
academic publication records.

In Nir's case, I have no idea if this is also so. However, here is a
thought for Cabbagehead Carmi: Eyal Nir is a chemist. How exactly do
you officials at BGU know that he is not utilizing the chemistry
infrastructure at BGU to prepare chemical weapons and turn them over
to his jihad mates? Have you ever thought about checking this
possibility out?

There is a petition here to fire Eyal:, but
what is really needed is a petition to fire Rivka Carmi.

2. Well, you will be happy to hear that a group of leftist faculty
members at Ben Gurion University has now organized to oppose the
settling of the Land of Israel by Jews INSIDE the pre-1967 Green Line.
Keep the Jews out of Israel, seems to be their mantra. According to
YNET (,7340,L-4083778,00.html ), the
tenured leftists are irate because an NGO calling itself "Ayalim" has
been approaching students and asking to speak in classrooms at the
University about their initiative to set up rural communities in the
Galilee and the Negev designed for students. The tenured Left is
upset that Ayalim people are not recruiting Arabs to move to these
settlements. Led by Dr. Hamutal Tzamir, who teaches Hebrew
literature, and who as far as we know has no Arab neighbors, these
"academics" are screaming against the "racism" in the initiative.
Wouldn't it simpler if Tzamir and her friends simply set up their own
organization calling itself Jews Against Jews?

Ayalim has set up 14 small student communities as part of its efforts
to realize the vision of David Ben Gurion to settle the Negev, the
same Ben Gurion after whom the university is named. The university
gave approval to reps from the group to speak before classes. But
after all, how dare the university approve people to speak before BGU
students about things other than the necessity for implementing the
Palestinian right of return and the right of the Hamas to fire rockets
at Jews!!!

And besides, these little talks to students can come at the expense of
BGU class lectures devoted to the reasons why Israel is a racist
apartheid regime in need of annihilation! You know, the USUAL
classroom materials at BGU!

3. Dead Jews don't count:,7340,L-4083736,00.html

Thursday, June 16, 2011


1. Ah, Haaretz. The Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew. They
ran an Op-Ed this week by the ultra-leftist "poet" Natan Zach, who
used to write leftist spam all the time in Haaretz, entitled, "Gilad
is not Coming Back." You can see it here:
I will not stoop to commenting on it. This is not Zach's first
adventure into ultra-leftist idiocy and scandal. See also this
exercise in poetic racism:
Zach was supposed to ride on one of those Hamas flotillas but I think
he chickened out in the end. Forgot his sun block.

Then we have this wonderful lurid headline in Haaretz: Israel plans
to expand settlement onto privately-owned Palestinian land. But the
very first sentence in the actual news article states that the land is
NOT privately owned at all but rather was taken by the Jordanian
government before 1967 and made public land to be used for public use
under the Jordanian version of eminent domain. Those Jordanian public
lands became Israeli public lands when the illegal Jordanian
occupation of the West Bank was ended in 1967. So the expansion of
the Ofra "settlement" involves land close to the entrance that are
already public lands. Except the Haaretz headline has things exactly
background. In the English version of Haaretz, the reporter bothers
to try to explain the inconsistency by arguing that Jordanian
sequestering of private land before 1967 somehow does not count!

2. The Cottage Cheese Price Blintzkrieg

But one of the best media moments in Israel involves the current
cottage cheese wars.

The headlines in Israel are filled with the news that cottage cheese
prices recently shot up far faster than the price of milk itself.
Outraged consumers are demanding action, and there is even a facebook
boycott of cottage cheese in supermarkets. (See this little piece of
and,7340,L-4083076,00.html )

The background to this is that dairy products in Israel are still
controlled by one of the last bulwarks of bolshevism left on the
planet. An anti-competitive milk cartel operates in Israel and limits
the amount of milk dairy farmers can sell. The aim is to force milk
prices high and make it expensive for parents to feed their children.
In addition, there is a near monopoly for many milk products, Tnuva,
now private but once run by the Histadrut crime family. There are one
or two smaller manufacturers of cottage cheese but Tnuva calls the
shots. While most countries have antitrust policies to fight
monopolies, Israel has always had a pro-trust set of policies that
encourage monopolies and cartels.

Finally there is blanket prohibition of importing most milk products
into Israel. Indeed it is prohibited to import lots of non-milk
products as well, as Israeli trade policy continues to be dominated by
the primitive mercantilist "thinking" popular in the 19th century
before the British Corn Laws.

The bottom line is that the milk product industry is monopolized,
inefficient, anti-productive and anti-competitive.

Now it has ALWAYS been so, so what triggered the sudden jump in prices
of cottage cheese? My guess is that is was nothing more than Shavuos,
the holiday when Israelis pig out (excuse the expression) on cottage

But the greatest moment was when Tzipi Livni went on TV and denounced
Netanyahu for the cottage cheese price blintz.

Why was that so funny? Because there used to be a price ceiling on
the Tnuva near-monopoly selling cottage cheese, a ceiling that makes
sense if the market is to be preserved as a monopoly, but that ceiling
was REMOVED by the Kadima government (when Avraham Hirshson was
Minister of Finance before he was prisoner number 8363459) and Tzipi
is the head of the Kadima party responsible!

3. Some good news:

Tales from the Dual Justice System of Israel

We have been speaking of cases of Jews who were prosecuted for killing
Arab terrorists, while Arabs who lynch Jewish killers were not.

Well, one more interesting is case is that of Yoram Skolnik. In 1993,
Skolnik, then 31, killed a terrorist who had just attacked a group of
Israeli soldiers, after the terrorist had been disarmed and

Skolnik was indicted and convicted. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Later President Ezer Weizmann shortened his sentence to 11 years. In
2001 an expanded Supreme Court panel voted 4 against 3 to release him
from prison early. At the time the father of the terrorist whom
Skolnik had killed was interviewed in the Israeli media and denounced
Israel as a "state of criminals that kills Palestinian children."
Skolnik's release was against the background of the release by Israel
of hundreds of Palestinian terrorist murderers. The same Israeli
leftist groups who always demand that Israel release all Palestinian
mass murderers had a conniption over the release of Skolnik.

Meanwhile, here is one more tale from the Israeli dual justice system:,7340,L-4082844,00.html

Settler says shot Palestinian in self-defense

Police arrest 26-year old from Alon Shvut on suspicion he shot
Palestinian for throwing stones
Yair Altman

The police on Wednesday arrested a 26-year-old settler on suspicion
that heshot to death a Palestinian man who attacked him with stones
five months ago in village of Iraq Burin, south of Nablus.

During his investigation, the suspect – an Alon Shvut resident living
in Jerusalem – admitted to shooting 19-year-old Mahar Khadous, but
claimed self defense. On Friday he will be brought in front of the
Jerusalem Magistrate's Court for a remand hearing.

The gun used in the shooting was uncovered in the suspect's house in
Jerusalem. When asked why he didn't turn himself in, the suspect said
he was afraid to do so.

The suspect was detained after a prolonged investigation conducted by
the Shai District Police's Central Unit under the command of
Superintendent Eli Asayag.

Footage captured by a security camera from a nearby IDF base shows a
man with a gun trying to ward off two Palestinians who are approaching

One of the Palestinians is seen coming within a few meters of the
Israeli man. He then lifts a stone and lingers for a few moments,
while the other Palestinian joins him.

Shortly after, the Israeli man is seen trying to flee the area, while
the Palestinian chases him. The footage, which was shot from a
distance, does not clearly show when the Palestinian was shot. Moments
after the chase, the Palestinian falls to the ground, gets up, walks a
few steps – and collapses again.

See also this:

More wonderful stories from the Israeli Dual Justice System:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In 2005 a mentally ill Israeli soldier named Eden Natan-Zada opened
fire in the Galilee town of Shfaram, and killed four people, Arabs and
Druse, and wounding 13. The crowd lynched him after he was disarmed.
Twelve of those who participated in the lynching were interrogated,
seven briefly arrested, and the Israeli government has been trying to
make up its mind whether to indict them ever sincp. It is now 6 years
later and they have not been indicted. It is pretty clear they will
not be charged. For the record, I do not think they should be charged
for lynching him. In the infamous Goldstein massacre in Hebron in
1994, after murdering 29 Arabs in the Cave of the Machpelah, Baruch
Goldstein was disarmed and then lynched. Those who lynched him were
never indicted. Nor, in my opinion, should they have been.

As we reported earlier today, David Mizrachi from Kiryat Arba was just
convicted by Israel's dual justice system because he tried to run over
the terrorist who had just stabbed his wife and attempted to murder
himself and his wife. The incident took place in 2009.

Can you see any differences?

The Day Israel's Self-Annihilation Commenced

1. If Israel is ever destroyed, future historians will scratch their
heads and wonder how and when the process of annihilation began.

We can already provide the answer. It began today. (Well, ok, it
began earlier, but today it became clear that we are talking about a
path to self-annihilation.) Please read on:,7340,L-4081740,00.html

Man who assaulted terrorist convicted

Attempted murder charges brought against Kiryat Arba resident who
tried to run over terrorist who stabbed his wife mitigates to
aggravated assault in plea bargain
Aviad Glickman

David Mizrahi from Kiryat Arba was convicted Monday of aggravated
assault against a Palestinian terrorist who stabbed his wife.

Mizrahi, 56, was initially charged with attempted murder.

The case dates back to 2009, when a Palestinian terrorist stabbed
Mizrahi and his wife, Tamar, near a Paz gas station in Kiryat Arba.

The two sustained light injuries. The terrorist was shot by IDF
soldiers who were on the premises, and while he lay injured on the
ground, Mizrahi tried to run him over.

The defense and the Jerusalem District Prosecution eventually reached
a plea bargain on reduced charges.

The court sanctioned the deal, seeing how the prosecution had no
clear-cut proof that he meant to kill his attacker.

The defense told Ynet that the plea bargain was "balances and
accommodating of the special circumstances of the case."

2. David Mizrachi is a hero and deserves to receive a medal of valor.
Those who prosecuted him deserve to be imprisoned.

3. Jewish Anti-Semitism
The Jewish Enemies of Israel
Posted By David Solway On June 15, 2011 @ 12:13 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

It has never been easy for Israel—the understatement of the
century—from the day of its establishment in 1948 when it was invaded
by seven Arab armies to the present moment when it is facing multiple
threats to its very survival. It suffers a history like no other
nation in the world, surrounded by enemies, fighting wars on every
front, infiltrated by terrorists, confronting the wetware dreams of
genocidal regimes, in particular the prospect of a nuclear Iran sworn
to the country's annihilation, and subject to an international
delegitimation campaign carried out via the United Nations, the World
Council of Churches, spurious NGOs and "peace" organizations, labor
unions, university campuses, a hostile European Union, and the efforts
of an American president who wants to see the country reduced to
indefensible borders.
As if this were not enough, there is yet another menace it has to
face, deriving from the Cain and Abel paradigm, which has inwardly
corroded the Jewish community since the thunderous instant it
purportedly received the tablets from Mount Sinai: betrayal from
within. The rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram against Moses and
his mission to create a unified and cohesive people set the tone for
much of what followed in the history of the Jews. The record is
inexhaustible: the backsliding tribes and their idolatrous rulers whom
the Prophets railed against, the conflict between the brother states
of Israel and Judea, the quarreling Jews Josephus tells us about who
were in large measure responsible for the Roman victory and massacre
in the first century A.D., the apostates, "wicked sons" and Court Jews
who have proliferated through the ages, and those who contracted the
wasting disease that Ruth Wisse in Jews and Power called "the
veneration of political weakness."
True, the quietist Jews who took refuge in ritual and scripture caused
no material injury, but they, arguably, instilled an attitude of
helplessness and defeatism into the plasm of the Jewish
sensibility—precisely what the vigorous and determined Palmach
fighters and the Zionist kibbutzniks who settled and farmed the land
of Israel intended to counteract. They would no longer go "like sheep
to the slaughter"; instead they put the debilitating syndrome to rest,
struggled valiantly to survive and built a strong and proud country.
However, the renegades and turncoats did, and continue to do,
immeasurable harm. The motive for treachery seems to be immemorial. As
Wisse writes, "For every Mordecai and Esther who risked their lives to
protect fellow Jews, there were schemers who turned betrayal or
conversion to profit." Indeed, "the ubiquitous informer, or moser" is
always with us. In the modern age they beget like rabbits on
But it is not only a question of schemers and betrayers. There are
many Jews who have turned against, or disembarrassed themselves of,
their own compatriots for ostensibly "noble" reasons, like the
Yevsektsiya or European and Russian Jews who joined the Bolsheviks and
were instrumental in the formation of the Soviet Communist Party,
until they were duly liquidated. Today, these are the Jews who embark
on flotillas to abet a terrorist regime in Gaza, validate the
Palestinian faux narrative, practice outreach and dialogue with
Islamic murderers, vote "liberal," pride themselves on their pacific
and ecumenical ideology—a "universalist worldview," as Daniel Gordis
writes in a poignant Commentary essay, that "does not have a place for
enemies"—and celebrate their birthdays in Ramallah bars festooned with
"PLO posters advocating the death of Jews."
Everywhere we look we see these broken Jews who have embraced
left-wing causes, or assimilationist fatuities, or the temptations of
social prestige, or the fashionable bromides of the zeitgeist that
promise peace and understanding with anti-Semitic killers and despots
in a pluralistic New World Order that exists only in their own febrile
and disarrayed minds.
Their behavior is nothing short of scandalous: Reform and
Reconstructionist Jews who profess to have as much (or more) in common
with Muslims and Buddhists as with their embattled congeners in the
Holy Land, espousing the Sabbatarian fiction of multiculturalism;
intellectual and political recreants like Noam Chomsky, Norman
Finkelstein, Michael Lerner, Neve Gordon, Joel Beinin, Charles
Enderlin, Jeremy Ben-Ami, Richard Falk and the contemptible Richard
Goldstone who labor to abolish the Jewish state or change its
character unrecognizably, siding impenitently with its adversaries;
artistic Jews—I have in mind people like Amos Oz, A.B. Yehoshua, David
Grossman, Daniel Barenboim, Aharon Shabtai and the late Harold Pinter,
among innumerable others—who give or gave succour to the enemy; media
Jews who open their op-ed pages, both in Israel and America, to
Palestinian "negotiators" and avowed terrorists; American Jews who
vote for the most anti-Israel president who ever put his feet up on
the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, and who, as Isi Leibler says,
have "adopt[ed] an anti-Israeli chic"; mogul Jews in the entertainment
industry who tiptoe around the Islamic fact and have nothing good to
say on Israel's behalf; filmster Jews like Steven Spielberg, Eyal
Sivan, Ran Edelist and Amos Gitae, among a multitudinous crew of
pan-and-zoom Israel bashers, who can always be counted on to impugn
the nation's character or justify the Palestinians; and the endlessly
ramifying Jewish anti-Zionist and post-Zionist organizations in Israel
and the West that accuse the Jewish state of insensate aggression, or
immorality, or original sin, or illegitimacy, or inflicting collective
punishment on their neighbors, ad nauseam. As I wrote in Hear, O
Israel!, it is almost as if there is something in the Jewish psyche
that breeds sinat chinam, or baseless hatred, in the midst of an
historic kinship.
These individuals and groups comprise a veritable host of Joseph's
Brothers who go about their business selling Israel out and, although
they may not know it, are quite plausibly arranging for their own
eventual misery. As Rabbi David Algaze of Havurat Yisrael said of Tony
Kushner, the Jewish playwright who believes Israel was a mistake and
falsely accuses it of engaging in "the deliberate destruction of
Palestinian culture," he "is ignoring history and history will come
back to haunt him."
The issue we are broaching is not only whether Israel can survive its
obvious enemies both in the Islamic world and in the West. The
situation is bad enough as it is. The issue is whether Israel can
survive its own. For Israel may not win through if it is constantly
maligned and attacked by a swelling fifth column of fellow Jews who
may bring the same fate upon the nation as it suffered in Biblical and
Roman times. The Assyrians and Babylonians and Romans of yore have not
gone away; they have merely transmuted into contemporary forms.
If Israel is to survive it must be defended, or at the very least not
undermined, by its ethnic compatriots in the Diaspora or the
admittedly small, but influential, cadre of its fractious and deluded
citizens. It must, as a minimal condition, be allowed to fight its
wars in peace.

Article printed from FrontPage Magazine:

4. The wonderful Caroline Glick on confronting Israeli traitors:

5. Read talkback 5:

6. Dersh on Yale and anti-Semitism:

7. For those with compassion for the "suffering" Palestinians. It
might amuse you to see their new amusement park.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

BGU leftist Faculty member calls for murdering Jews who Disagree with the Left

You may think that you already have heard everything about tenured
treason at Ben Gurion University, but I doubt even you are prepared
for the leftist faculty member at BGU who just came out with a call
for the murder of Israelis who do not agree with his leftwing

For months the cabbagehead president of Ben Gurion University,
Rivka Carmi, has been telling everyone and anyone willing to listen
that there are no tenured traitors at all at her university besides
Neve Gordon (SHE calls him a traitor!). She insists she is unaware of
any problem at her university besides Gordon. She has never heard of
the scores of other anti-Israel extremists on the faculty of her
university. She does not know about any of the BGU faculty cheering
on Hamas terror, cheering on the Qassam rockets fired into the Negev
by the terrorists, denouncing Israel as a fascist apartheid regime,
nor about the many BGU faculty supporting the "BDS" (boycott,
divestment, sanctions) movement of economic aggression against Israel.
She does not know about BGU faculty members who have called for
Israel to be annihilated. She does not know about BGU faculty members
who penalize and harass students when they fail to toe the anti-Israel
ideological mark of their professors. She does not know about entire
departments at BGU in which non-leftists and Zionists may not teach.
She does not know about indoctrination courses, where the entire
course consists of anti-Israel propaganda. She cannot find any
one-sided anti-Israel propaganda on campus either
). She does not know about BGU faculty who have gotten hired and
promoted and tenured on the basis of churning out anti-Israel hate
propaganda. There are no problems at all at BGU, insists Madame
Cabbagehead, other than Little Neve.

Well, let us introduce you to Dr. Eyal Nir, who teaches chemistry
at BGU, at least when he is not busy as an activist in the HADASH
Stalinist Party and other anti-Israel groups. Over the weekend, the
YNET news web site, run by Israel's largest daily Yediot Ahronot,
reported that Nir issued a call for murdering Israelis who fail to
support his far-leftist communist political positions. Specifically,
he called for the breaking of the necks of Israelis who march with
Israeli flags and support the right of Jews to live in neighborhoods
of East Jerusalem where Stalinists like Nir think that Jews do not

I attach the entire news report in English below.

Now for nearly two decades, ever since the Rabin assassination,
Israelis have been subjected to a totalitarian indoctrination of an
anti-democratic "theory" about that assassination, holding that the
exercise of freedom of speech by Right-wingers caused Rabin's death.
Because those Right-wingers opposed Rabin's "peace" policies and did
so loudly and impolitely, their "incitement" caused the murder. The
"theory" that "incitement" produces murder has been embraced by all of
the Israeli media and by almost all of the political establishment.
Even Likud leaders mouth their belief in it.

Preventing "incitement" that will cause violence is the figleaf
of the leftists in the Attorney General's office when they harass,
interrogate, and arrest rabbis and activists who express opinions of
which leftists disapprove. It goes without saying that anyone
expressing support for Kahanist ideas can expect to be arrested.
Israelis have been arrested for having politically incorrect bumper
stickers on their cars or on their tee shirts.

But the crusade of the Israeli establishment against freedom of
speech and "incitement" has never extended to incitement to murder by
leftists. Not a single leftist has ever been jailed for expressing
approval of terrorism, of murders against Jews, or for endorsing
anti-Semitic groups, ideas or positions. Just a few days ago, an
old-time communist named Gideon Spiro was briefly arrested after he
wrote an article cheering on Arab terrorist murders of Jews. He was
released immediately and will not be prosecuted:
Rabbis and their wives who have expressed the opinion that Jewish
single women should date Jewish men and not Arabs have been harassed
and interrogated for "racist incitement."

And so the Israeli dual justice system muddles along. Will Nir be
fired by Rivka Carmi for calling for murder? Will he be prosecuted?
You jest! If he had said that he believed that Rabin's policies were
responsible for the thousands of "Oslo" dead, he might well be fired
and indicted. If he had exoressed disapprove of children being raised
by homosexual couples we KNOW that Rivka Carmi would have him fired!

Last year, Neve Gordon claimed that he received an anonymous
"death threat" letter. At the time, we pointed out reasons for
suspecting that the letter, written in a child's hand, was bogus and
possibly a fabrication by Gordon himself. The heads of Ben Gurion
University, however, insisted that they took the "threat" literally
and seriously (see this:
). Will those same university officials who treated the supposed
"threat" againt Gordon as something real now take action against the
Doctor of Murder from their chemistry department? Will they continue
to insist that the enjoyment of freedom of speech and academic freedom
should be restricted to far-leftist anti-Israel extremists and denied
to those who criticize tenured extremists?

Here is the full report:,7340,L-4080623,00.html

Lecturer: Break rightists' necks

Doctor of Chemistry writes Facebook status calling Jerusalem Day
marchers 'gangs of bandits'
Ilana Curiel

A lecturer at Ben Gurion University has issued a Facebook call for
violence against right-wing activists who marched through the capital
with flags on Jerusalem Day, urging people to "break their necks".

"I call on the world to come and help break these scoundrels' necks,"
Eyal Nir, a doctor of Chemistry known as a left-wing activist, wrote
on the social networking site. He described the rightists as "gangs of
bandits swarming in our country".

But his status invited a deluge of negative responses. "What gross
incitement from a university 'lecturer'," one wrote.

Dr. Eyal Nir's Facebook page: Come help break their necks

"And what hypocrisy. Imagine a lecturer at Bar-Ilan saying all
leftists should have their necks broken. He'd be out of there before
he could press 'send'."

"It's incitement to violence and a criminal violation," wrote another
Facebook user. "I guess incitement is only criminal when it comes from
the Right."

Dr. Nir also linked an article about the arrest of a left-wing
protester on suspicion of incitement and called for "the removal of
the mask of liberalism from Israel's Zionist, occupying, settling, and
wild face."

In response to the comments he received on his posts, Dr. Nir says he
believes it was warranted.

"During the Jerusalem Day march a gang of a few dozen bullies walked
through the city's Arab streets calling death to Arabs, death to
leftists, burn their villages," he wrote.

"I believe that the response of any reasonable, peaceful and just
individual should be that they must be prevented from acting out their
threats such as in terrorist activities dubbed 'price tag'. I believe
my cry for stopping them is reasonable, and actually the silence from
society and the Israeli system in the face of this incitement to
terrorism and terror itself is what should be written about in the

Take a moment and send a note to:

Ministry of Education

The Honorable Gideon Sa'ar
Minister of Education
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
Kiryat Ben Gurion, Jerusalem
Additional Email:
Phone: 972-2-6408131
Fax: 972-2-6753525

Shalomit Amichai
Director General of the Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
Kiryat Ben Gurion, Jerusalem

Friday, June 10, 2011


1. I have been holding something back from you.

Last summer I saw Mister Spock. Or, as he is better known, Leonard
Nimoy the Leftist anti-Israel Twit.

Nimoy is the third rate actor best known for playing the Vulcan on
the early Star Treks. He also appeared in some movies, none very
memorable. And it turns out, Spock also likes to take photographs.

I was vacationing in the Berkshires with the Missus, and the
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art was about to open a special
exhibit of Spock's photographs. (See
) Some of these had seemingly Jewish content in them, but usually
nothing deeper than a Jewish symbol tossed into a photo about
something else.

I must confess up front that this was the first time I ever
realized that Nimoy was Jewish. I had assumed he was Greek from his
name. The superficial Jewish themes in the photos kind of gave it all
away. And at one point I saw him walking into the back of the Museum
where a fancy dinner was being organized in his honor. He was not
sporting any Vulcan ears for the occasion, to my disappointment.

Nimoy has long had pretensions of interest in Jewish subjects, but
his interest never goes beyond the most shallow glossing over of a
Jewish theme then forced into a politically correct straightjacket.
Take a look at this:

Now I mention all of this because Nimoy just became the latest
Hollywood airhead to offer his "opinions" about the Middle East
conflict. He decided to suck up to the local US chapter of "Peace
Now" and write a letter that supports its political platform,
including a call for dividing Jerusalem and giving the important parts
to the barbarians. See this:,7340,L-4079727,00.html . Naturally
he also favors a Palestinian state.

Now just why would Nimoy think he is qualified to offer an
"opinion" about such weighty things? I mean, come on now, do I tell
HIM how to run things on Vulcan? Just what are his intellectual
credentials that entitle him to pontificate about peace settlement in
the Middle East? Has he even been to Israel?

Hollywood actors in general seem to think that if they appear on a
movie screen then their opinions about serious matters of state are of
tremendous importance and interest to the world. Here is an
interesting thought experiment: make a list of all the Hollywood
actors with whom you would like to spend a full hour in conversation.
The catch is that you have actually to engage them in a serious
conversation about something other than their movies or acting. You
would have to force them to discuss with you some subject having to do
with something else, and you would have to do so for a whole hour.
With the possible exception of Anthony Hopkins, I cannot imagine a
worse form of torment and torture!

Nevertheless, perhaps something of value has come from Nimoy's
shooting off his mouth (and his pointed ears). Let's all agree that
the only reasonable place for the "Palestinians" to enjoy political
sovereignty is on Vulcan. And we can start by beaming them up,
Scotty, starting with Hanan Zoabi and the other terrorists in the
Israeli Knesset.

Until then, I propose that anytime Spock gets an urge to
pontificate about matters that do not involve photon torpedoes – that
he be given a Vulcan nerve pinch and a good old fashioned yankee slap
across the kisser.

2. Time to Boycott the anti-Israel Israeli boycotters and bigots:

A Call on Israeli Society to Boycott the Boycotters
This is simple and easily done, and each and every one of us can
contribute. Take a person like Professor Emmanuel Farjoun from the
Hebrew University. He was interviewed by Channel Two and he admitted
that he was trying to bring us to our knees by means of an
international boycott. Professor Farjoun has students, colleagues,
research assistance, neighbors, relatives. There are stores he shops
in, cafes he frequents. Each and every one of those locations ought to
turn him into a persona non grata. And wherever it is legally
possible, they ought to refuse to serve him, to give him work; they
ought to turn him a cold shoulder. The same applies to Professor Neve
Gordon from Ben-Gurion University. This man has worked to have IDF
officers prosecuted by foreign courts. The same applies to Kobi Snitz,
an Israeli mathematician who belongs to the group that led to the
cancellation of the Pixies' concert.
The time has come for students to refuse to enter lectures given by
Neve Gordon, for people to refuse to work and fraternize with Kobi
Snitz, for their aunts, relatives and acquaintances hang up the phone
on them. Of course, there are more people and groups on the list, such
as Yesh Gvul. They all repudiate the right of Israeli and Jewish
society to determine its own fate. They are all trying to twist our
arm by means of foreign courts and governments. They have all become
far more dangerous than Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah, and the time has
come for us to respond accordingly. [in Hebrew]
IsraCampus Translation
Boycott The Boycotters
Nadav Haetzni
In the past few weeks the phenomenon of Israelis pushing the entire
world to boycott us has become decidedly salient. The phenomenon is
nothing new, but the boycotters have recently recorded a number of
successes, honing the grave danger posed by their activity. For many,
the most painful was the Pixies' decision to cancel their performance
here. Before that they urged Elton John and Leonard Cohen and every
other artist who was planning to perform here to cancel the visit.
They are responsible for the boycott of products that are manufactured
in Judea and Samaria, they have brought about the boycotting of
Israeli universities, they have brought about arrest warrants being
issued against high-ranking officers and so forth.
That band of people has only bad things to say about us, and their
worldview is anti-democratic and offensive. Since they have despaired
of persuading us of their extremist positions, they try to force them
on us from the outside. As long as they boycotted settler products
they barely bothered a soul. But now the trend has changed, mainly
since the damage that was done to the holy of holies - the Pixies. A
majority of Israelis are furious with that band and suggestions have
already been made to use the current body of law against them, to pass
new legislation, to revoke their citizenship and so forth.
All of that is certainly justified, but in the meantime those bad
people are continuing to go about their affairs and live among us as
if nothing were wrong. We politely shake their hand, we invite them to
talk shows, we hire them for work and we show up to hear their
lectures as if they hadn't shown up as the spearhead of Israel's
enemies. They render our blood forfeit in the world and turn us into
lepers, whereas we smile at them with a closed mouth. This is an
absurd situation that runs contrary to any logic and fundamental
instinct. After all, what could be more natural than boycotting back
the people who are boycotting you? That simple means is in the hands
of each and every one of us: they want to turn us into shunned people?
So let them receive, at least in our midst, a wall-to-wall shunning of
their own. Of course, they must not be physically attacked, but the
time has come for Israeli society to respond like a public that has
the basic desire to survive and to defend itself. The people who break
the rules of the game and try to ostracize us from the fraternity of
nations is going to find himself ostracized from us.
This is simple and easily done, and each and every one of us can
contribute. Take a person like Professor Emmanuel Farjoun from the
Hebrew University. He was interviewed by Channel Two and he admitted
that he was trying to bring us to our knees by means of an
international boycott. Professor Farjoun has students, colleagues,
research assistance, neighbors, relatives. There are stores he shops
in, cafes he frequents. Each and every one of those locations ought to
turn him into a persona non grata. And wherever it is legally
possible, they ought to refuse to serve him, to give him work; they
ought to turn him a cold shoulder. The same applies to Professor Neve
Gordon from Ben-Gurion University. This man has worked to have IDF
officers prosecuted by foreign courts. The same applies to Kobi Snitz,
an Israeli mathematician who belongs to the group that led to the
cancellation of the Pixies' concert.
The time has come for students to refuse to enter lectures given by
Neve Gordon, for people to refuse to work and fraternize with Kobi
Snitz, for their aunts, relatives and acquaintances hang up the phone
on them. Of course, there are more people and groups on the list, such
as Yesh Gvul. They all repudiate the right of Israeli and Jewish
society to determine its own fate. They are all trying to twist our
arm by means of foreign courts and governments. They have all become
far more dangerous than Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah, and the time has
come for us to respond accordingly.

3. Dingbette of the month:


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