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The new Leftist Assault against Bar Ilan University




1.  A few days ago I posted a sarcastic spoof piece about how the Allies were providing free electricity to the Third Reich so that German civilians would not suffer, and how FDR refused to condition the electricity on the Germans stopping their V-2 rocket attacks on London or paying for the power.  I also posted it on the Israeli social science professors list.   This is a highly-censored leftist chat list and I suspect they allowed the piece to post because they thought it was for real.  Since then I have gotten quite a few responses from professors of social science on that list who believed the story was for real.  I thought this is as good an indication as you can find of the state of academic standards in Israel.



2.    Israel's fascist Left is suddenly all upset about the suppression of academic freedom at Bar Ilan University.  What got them upset was a group of students who denounced a professor there who used an announcement about the date for an exam to insert his own leftist ideological agenda in the message an impose it upon his students.  The professor, one Hanoch Sheinman, sent out the message about the exam date but added wishes that his message "finds you in a safe place and that you, your families and those dear to you are not among the hundreds of people that were killed, the thousands wounded, or the tens of thousands whose homes were destroyed."    The students, all of whom either serve in the military or have friends at the front and almost all of whom know soldiers killed or wounded, resented the snide attempt by the professor to equate the suffering of Israeli victims of the Hamas with the Gazans targeted in retaliation.  We now know that of the "hundreds of people that were killed" in Gaza, at least 80% have been armed terrorists.  The professor can stand on the street corner and express his opinions but inserting them into a message about the exam to his students is political harassment.


   The students filed a complaint against the prof with the Dean of Students at Bar Ilan.  The dean issued a statement condemning the behavior of Sheinman.  Two other universities warned students and faculty against using campus facilities to spread "unrestrained" discourse, meaning treasonous anti-Israel propaganda.


    The Tenured Left and Haaretz have been having a fit.   Haaretz denounces Bar Ilan University today in an editorial for "McCarthyism" in the Sheinman affair.  See the editorial here: .  Let us note that this is the same Haaretz that has been demanding in recent days that Bar Ilan professor Mordecai Kedar be silenced and fired ( ).   This is the same Haaretz that has operated a McCarthyist campaign against Bar Ilan University for years, denouncing it for being responsible for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin because Yigal Amir studied there.   Curiously, Haaretz has never gotten around to reporting that Haggai Amir, the convicted accomplice of his brother Yigal Amir, is today a far-leftist who supports Haneen Zoabi and Palestinian statehood.  This is the same Haaretz that has led the lobby demanding that rabbis who write books it regards as "racist" be jailed for this and their books burnt.


   Meanwhile, some protesters held a protest against leftist journalist Amnon Abramovich outside the latter's home.  Some members of the Tenured Left are demanding that these protesters be arrested and jailed.  No academic freedom for THEM!



3.   Here is another "assault" against "academic freedom" that has the Left soiling its nappies:

Eldad to Israeli Students: Boycott Leftist Professors

Former MK Professor Aryeh Eldad has a message for Isreali students: Just say no to leftist professors

By Yaakov Levi


Former MK Professor Aryeh Eldad, head of the Professors for a Strong Israel organization, called on Israeli students to "vote with their feet" and reject leftist professors who have come out against the IDF's mission in Gaza. In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Eldad suggested that students check the names of professors before signing up for courses, and boycott the courses taught by leftist professors.

"They must be rejected and ejected from the family of academia," Eldad said. "If I could, I would paper the land with posters and take out ads listing the names of the professors and teachers who advocate for Hamas."

He is unable to do so himself, Eldad said, but he had a suggestion for students who wanted to avoid such teachers. "Just don't sign up for their courses," he said.

"Israeli academia has a long tradition of 'self-hate,'" said Eldad. "We have this all year long, but it becomes much more annoying and dangerous during periods of war and tension. More people see it, and more families whose sons are fighting and dying on the front are hurt." By avoiding their courses, students will be sending the professors – and their employers, the universities – a clear message, that such activity is unacceptable.

Eldad believes that Israel needs to remain in Gaza on a permanent basis. "Without a Jewish presence in Gaza the IDF will not be able to operate there," he said. "The real breaking point in security for the south leading to this war was the disengagement. In order to restore security we must return to the point when there was security  before the disengagement, when Israelis lived in Gush Katif. Anything less will not enable us to fight the tunnels and the missiles," he added.


4.  About those Hamas supporters who whine that Israel harms Palestinian children:


Wiesenthal Center Urges 47-Member UN Human Rights Council to Investigate Hamas Over the Deaths of 160 Palestinian Children Forced to Work on Terror Tunnels




5.  Many of those Gaza rim villages in Israel that have borne the brunt of Hamas atrocities have been far-leftist kibbutzim.    These spent decades promoting the "two-state solution" and "self-determination" for the "Palestinians."  The Guernica of Israel has been the town of Sderot and it hosts Sapir College, another bastion of leftism.  Sapir has held Solidarity with the Hamas rallies.  The terror assault tunnels that have been uncovered were designed to allow hundreds of terrorists to infiltrate these areas in a flash and carry out mass murders of hundreds of Jewish children and other civilians.  The leftists living near Gaza have been mugged by reality.  They are leading the demands that the Hamas be exterminated.

Bastions of the left, kibbutzim are on front lines of war

Despite all the changes they've been through, kibbutzim still account for a high share of combat soldiers and are big champions of mutual aid.



6.   Always good to hear from "Palestinian moderates":

'Moderate' PA Leader: Jews Brought the Holocaust on Themselves

Senior member of Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party, Jibril Rajoub, calls Israelis 'the new Nazis', says Israel committing a 'holocaust' in Gaza.



7.  The Messiah must be Nigh:  here is an Op Ed in Haaretz:


The 'hounding' of Israel's hypocritical left

Claims of a 'crackdown' on left-wing dissent are ludicrous self-promotion. If they really cared about free speech, where were they during the antinationalist witch hunts in the disengagement and after Rabin's murder?

By Amiel Ungar | Jul. 29, 2014

To believe the Israeli left, it is encountering intellectual persecution that threatens to degenerate into political assassination. As proof, the left cites the dismissal of comedian Orna Banai from her job as a cruise liner presenter, and the recent decision by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to investigate MK Haneen Zoabi (an investigation that's subsequently been dropped).

These self-serving premonitions of martyrdom are, of course, relayed by the leftist village tom-toms to like-minded sympathizers abroad. Now, in addition to "war crimes," they can charge Israel with stifling dissent.

It is also an act of self-promotion, because our intellectual shahids can congratulate themselves on maintaining their principles against the mob and they will undoubtedly reap rewards, invitations and perhaps film festival honors for playing the righteous in Sodom.

To round out this tragic soap opera, the left has even provided us with a prince of darkness – a heavy (literally and figuratively) who calls himself 'Shadow' – and provided him with international notoriety. If this goes on, we could even see a revival of the 1930s radio series that began with the immortal line, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"

Admittedly our "shadowed" Israeli left is not exactly flavor of the month because the war in Gaza has further demolished two of its favorite arguments: Gaza, or for that matter an independent Palestine, can never pose a threat to Israeli security; and if we are – however improbably – threatened, we would enjoy international backing to hit back hard. This was the logic behind Oslo and the disengagement/expulsion from Gaza and we are currently paying the wages of that folly.

However, to talk of a crackdown on the left is ludicrous. Meretz chair Zahava Gal-On and other left-wing talking heads remain welcome guests on our talk shows to spout the same nostrums. They are free to rave about the moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, even though we saw Abbas Jr. and Abbas II in Arabic dismissing their father's talk about renouncing claims to pre-1967 Israel as window-dressing intended for gullible Israelis.

Israel can compare favorably with any country fighting a battle against an enemy that promises to destroy it and makes good on its threats by launching attacks on the homeland.

When Britain fought desperately on in World War II, it rounded up the fascist Oswald Mosley and his supporters; even the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were deported to the West Indies because of their known Nazi sympathies. The German American Bund, let alone Japanese Americans, were roughly treated in the United States.

Going back further in American history, President Abraham Lincoln, who viewed the Civil War as a test of whether the United States would hold together, suspended habeas corpus for the antiwar Copperheads.

The Israeli left faces no similar privations or restrictions, and has received deferential treatment when we recall political crackdowns against Israeli nationalists.

During the disengagement from Gaza, the Israeli police engaged in short-circuiting political dissent – frequently by arbitrary measures. The book was thrown at demonstrators whose tactics were far more restrained than those witnessed at other demonstrations.

Our current defense minister, Moshe Ya'alon, was sacked as chief of staff for daring to privately question the wisdom of the measure and replaced by the more pliable Dan Halutz. Opponents of the disengagement – who have since been vindicated – were then pilloried by a vicious government-sponsored press campaign.

They were charged in the press with planning armed resistance to the Gaza expulsion or hurling acid at soldiers tasked with their eviction. These charges were proven baseless, but no apology was ever offered.

After the Rabin assassination, a veritable witch hunt was launched for "Rabin's assassins." Despite the Shamgar commission's findings that Yigal Amir acted alone, the hunt was on for would-be inciters.

The only way to secure immunity from the charge of being Amir's accomplice was to recant opposition to Oslo. Those now trumpeting freedom of dissent didn't intervene but actually fanned the flames. So they should at least have the decency not to lecture us on intellectual freedom and political intimidation.

Zoabi represents the failure of the compromise, forged by former MK Geula Cohen, which would have barred politicians who either did not subscribe to democratic principles or undermined Israel's identity as a Jewish state.

The left was happy to use the agreement to block Meir Kahane's reelection to the Knesset, but they reneged on their part of the deal when it came to Arab MKs such as Azmi Bishara or Ms. Zoabi. The real question is not why Zoabi is being prosecuted now, but why she wasn't prosecuted long ago.

It is particularly rich of Ms. Banai to complain of persecution. When Arafat launched his suicide bombers at us, Banai knew whom to blame: the settlers. "Because of them we are dying like flies," she moaned.

She promised never to appear in a settlement. After the Jewish residents of Gaza were herded into buses so the bulldozers could destroy their life's work nine years ago, Banai piled on by accusing them of abandoning their pets.

Now, for however briefly, the usual boycotters have become the boycotted – and they find this situation unacceptable. Believe me, I don't want any harm to befall leftists because – to paraphrase De Gaulle on Sartre – they too are Israel.

I can only hope that the reversal of roles that the left has encountered may engender a more respectful political debate within Israel.

Dr. Amiel Ungar is a political scientist.


8.  Thomas Sowell - Cease the Ceasefires:



9.  Oh dear - the Jews shoot back:

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Memo to FDR from 1944 discovered:

We just discovered the following memo that was sent to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the summer of 1944 by a group of Germanists in the State Department, endorsed by the Professors for Peace and by the German-American Friendship Alliance (whose slogan is that 'Germans and Americans refuse to be Enemies'):
Dear Mister President: We want to emphasize that the very best way to resolve the war with Nazi Germany is to provide free electricity to the population of the Reich, lest innocent civilians suffer from a lack of electric power. To that end we would like you to instruct all US forces to help ensure that German citizens, whether Nazi party members or not, are not deprived of electric power. There is also no reason to insist that these German consumers of power pay for it or refrain from using the electricity to manufacture V-2 rockets to shoot at London. That would just prolongue the hostilities.
Patriotically yours,
The Team

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Ethiopian-Israeli leads other IDF soldiers in song during Protective Edge

The Lost Chapters of the Book of Joshua




1.  Who wants to be a Hamas billionaire?



2.  More on the Hamas marching song that has been transformed into the most popular clip in Israel, advertising the goodlife in Israel. Here is the Israeli clip with Hamas "music":  It is going viral in Israel and is sung at parties, weddings and bar mitzvahs. 

Here is a translation of the song into English (from Seth Tiger):

Attack! Cause mass injuries!
Go around causing shocks!
Liquidate all the Jews!
Shake Israel's security!
Undermine the Jews with every encounter!
Incinerate market-places and soldiers!
We will shake the security of Israel!
We will lay waste to it with torches and volcanoes!

Undermine the Jews with every encounter!
Incinerate market-places and soldiers!
We will shake the security of Israel!
We will lay waste to it with torches and volcanoes!

Liquidate all the Jews!
Shake the security of Israel!
Cause mass injuries!
Go around causing shocks!
Liquidate all the Jews!
Shake Israel's security!

Nation of weakness and deception, they can't hold their position in war!
When they encounter mighty ones, they hide themselves like spiders in webs!
Nation of weakness and deception, they can't hold their position in war!
When they encounter mighty ones, they hide themselves like spiders in webs!

Shake Israel's security!
Set fire to the heart of Israel like spider-webs!
Undermine Israel to her foundations!
Exterminate the nest of cockroaches!
Expel all the Jews!
Cause mass injuries!
Go around causing shocks!
Liquidate all the Jews!
Shake the security of Israel!

The heart of every Jew turns in a different direction and can't orient itself!
They are terrified of death and they hide behind walls or shelters!
The heart of every Jew turns in a different direction and can't orient itself!
They are afraid of death and they hide behind walls or shelters!

Shake the security of Israel!
Set a fire to the heart of Israel like spider-webs!
Undermine Israel to her foundations!
Exterminate the nest of cockroaches!
Expel all the Jews!
Cause mass injuries among the apes!
Go around causing shocks!
Liquidate all the Jews!
Shake the security of Israel!

Israel's deluded Army will not succeed!
It is stricken with obsolescence and filth!
It has become like rats in a dry field!
Their death is fast approaching! Open fire!
Israel's deluded Army will not succeed!
It is stricken with obsolescence and filth!
Its soldiers are like rats in a dry field
Their death is fast approaching! Open fire! 

Shake the security of Israel!
Set a fire to the heart of Israel like spider-webs!
Undermine Israel to her foundations!
Exterminate the nest of cockroaches!
Expel all the Jews!
Go around causing shocks!
Liquidate all the Jews!
Shake the security of Israel!

Blast many missiles down onto them!
Turn their worlds into a theater of terrors!
Burn a "great miracle" into their consciousness!
Because they will be expelled and we will remain!
Blast many missiles down onto them!
Turn their worlds into a theater of terrors!
Burn a "great miracle" into their consciousness!
Because they will be expelled and we will remain!

Shake the security of Israel!
Set fire to the heart of Israel like spider-webs!
Shake the security of Israel!
Set fire to the heart of Israel like spider-webs!
Set fire to the heart of Israel like spider-webs!!!

Undermine the Jews with every encounter!
Incinerate market places and soldiers!
We will shake the security of Israel!
We will lay waste to it with torches and volcanoes!
Undermine the Jews with every encounter!
Incinerate market places and soldiers!
We will shake the security of Israel!
We will lay waste to it with torches and volcanoes!




3.   (from 2002)  The lost chapters of Joshua 

The Book of Joshua's Missing Chapters by Steven Plaut 

We have discovered that there were actually several chapters in the Biblical book of Joshua that were lost for millennia and only recently rediscovered. We bring them to you here for the first time: 

And after conquering many of the lands of the Canaanites, Joshua came to speak with the Lord and said unto him: Oh Lord we seem to be having failure to communicate with the Children of Israel. And the Lord asked, tell me My son, what seems to be the problem? And Joshua said to the Lord, well things were going just fine at first. We were kicking Canaanite butt right and left and they were everywhere in flight. Victory was in sight. But then the Israelites sent a delegation to them with a proposal for a change in plans. We wish to reach a compromise with the Canaanites, they told me. Yep, I know it is hard to believe, but these Children of Israel demanded that we stop the campaign to conquer our promised land and instead seek a compromise by splitting the Land of Israel fifty-fifty with the savages. They are demanding that we offer the Canaanites half of the country, including the territories holding most of the holy sites and shrines from the period of the Patriarchs. 

You are not just yanking my chain here Joshua, asks the Lord. 

I am serious, oh Lord. But it gets worse. These people are suggesting we let the Canaanites organize their own militias and army, right here in Jericho, Shechem and Hebron. They claim these militias will be used to suppress Canaanite radicals and terrorists. They then want the Levites to collect a tithe of 10% of the income and property of the Israelites and hand it to the Canaanites. They claim they want to try to swap land for peace with the pagans. And they even want to let the Canaanites set up altars of their own in Jerusalem after we conquer it. 

Now hold your heifers here Joshua. I thought we had an understanding. I thought Moses had made it clear to these people that their job is to impose their sovereignty over the entire area I promised them! They have no right to "compromise" with My Land. They have no permission to trade "land for peace". Their job is to exercise the military option and to achieve unchallenged victory. The only compromise they are authorized to offer the Canaanites is to demand their unconditional surrender and maybe allow them to hold commuting day jobs as cutters of wood and drawers of water. 

Hey, I am on Your side, oh Lord, answers Joshua. But what can I do? The tribesmen claim they held an election and the "peace camp" won. 

We will see about that, says the Lord. If these stiff-necked dingbats refuse to see reason, if they refuse to take the initiative and impose their sovereignty over the entire territories and lands that have been granted by Me to them, then We will have to take measures that leave them with no choice but to declare war. We will have to create the conditions under which they have no choice but to attack the Canaanites, to use military force, and to achieve victory. 

You´re the Boss, says Joshua. You show the way. And the days pass and the Canaanites begin to snipe at the passing Israelites with blowguns and crossbows. Ah You clever One, says Joshua to the Lord. Surely, this will bring them to their senses. Surely now they will realize there can be no territorial compromise with the pagans and that the only way to deal with them is through military initiative and conquest. 

But lo, the days go by and the tribal chiefs simply expand their dialogue and talks with the Canaanite terrorist leaders.  It is not working oh Lord, says Joshua. We will see about that, responds the Almighty.  In the coming days the Canaanites escalate their conflict. They start sending epistle bombs consisting of parchment wrapped around explosives to homes of the Israelites. They invade several villages of Israelites and burn down their homes. They fire catapults randomly into Israelite civilian homes. 

Any progress yet Joshua?, asks the Lord. Alas, answers Joshua, they are responding to these new atrocities by demanding that we turn more territory over to the savages and give them more chariots and weapons, as well. Time to turn up the heat some more, says the Lord. This will surely put the fight into them and fire in their bellies. In the coming days the Canaanites send out gangs of assassins to roam the roads and fields of the Israelites and to murder them. But, Joshua explains, even this is not producing the needed change. The Israelites suggest that we give up own own flags and psalms and instead adopt those that are less offensive to Canaanite sensitivities. They want to teach Canaanite poetry and philosophy in their schools. Israelite universities teach about the tragedy that has befallen the Canaanites from the Israelite migration across the Jordan, and several teachers in Israelite universities erect Canaanite flags and banners with images of Baal and Moloch on them. 

You don´t seriously mean to tell Me that the morons are still trying to make peace with the murdering barbarians?, the Lord asks Joshua. Maybe you should have given them some more common sense and IQ points back in the Sinai wanderings, suggests Joshua.  No more Mister Nice Guy, answers the Almighty. 

The Canaanites escalate further. They place large bombs aboard the public transit chariots of the Israelites. They murder Israelite children. They blow up Israelite universities and nightclubs. They murder Israelites engaged in the Passover sacrifice. They scream that they will annihilate the Israelites. They demand that pagan armies from all over the world join in the campaign of annihilation. They dress up their own people, including their children, with explosives beneath their cloaks and place camel bombs in the Israelite marketplaces. The campaign of atrocities makes the Plagues against Egypt seem like children´s games. The carnage continues, all as part of the Divine program to force the Israelites to take up arms, to impose their will on the savages, to defeat them militarily and to exercise sovereignty. 

The lands of Israel became the Valley of the Shadow of Death. The Divine reeducation of the Israelites proceeds with no stopping. They will be goaded into military victory over the Canaanites or My name is not oh you know what, comes a voice from the sky. Months go by and turn into years. The carnage toll rises. Not a single family of Israelites remains untouched. And when things could not possibly go on even a day longer, the Israelite tribe leaders at last come up with a plan of action and present it to Joshua. 

Ok Son of Nun, they tell Joshua, we have decided on a unilateral humanitarian cease-fire combined with goodwill measures towards the Canaanites plus an offer to recognize an independent Canaanite state with Mount Moriah as its Capital plus talks at the White Pyramid overseas, and in the meantime allow the Canaanites to operate their diplomatic altars in Jerusalem, while we disarm ourselves further to show we seek peace and we will issue an apologize for any Canaanites that might have been killed by our troops while shooting back at attacking Amalekite hordes. 





Gaza op exposing radical left's disgrace 

Op-ed: The picture of 'good' and 'evil' in this war is so clear, that the left's radical margins are forced to create an artificial symmetry between Israeli soldiers and Hamas and Jihad fighters.
Oz Almog 

Violence sometimes has cultural and ideological reasons, which are detached from a concrete conflict between two sides.


It should be noted, for example, that the Nazis hated the Jews and established an annihilation mechanism not because of some religious or national dispute, but because the Jews were part of a wider goal: Destroying the non-Aryan Western culture.



In other words, the Holocaust was the result of a distorted ideological code, rather than a conflict which could be settled through negotiations and compromises.


Because the radical left refuses to seeHamas' war as a cultural war, it tends to ignore the ideological and organizational common denominator between the Gazan fundamentalism and the global fundamentalism.


According to the radical left's perception, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are local terror organizations with local goals – in other words, national – rather than an extension of a global network of evil. Their war is perceived as part of a legitimate struggle for national liberation.


And then came Operation Protective Edge, and for the very first time threw a glaring spotlight on the radical left's delusion. It suddenly became more difficult to cut corners, to bash Israel and to disregard the sensibility and morality of its leadership, its army and most of its citizens.


Unfortunately for the radical left, Hamas also launched the missile offensive, and in fact started the conflict even earlier with the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli teens; Hamas also revealed a huge weapon arsenal it has been piling up in order to murder masses of Israelis, while wasting billions of shekels which were supposed to be used to improve the standard of living in Gaza; Hamas also demonstrated its irrational considerations to the point of insanity and suicide – because, after all, it's clear that it's impossible to defeat Israel with missiles, and it's even clearer that the response will take a heavy toll on the aggressor; and Hamas also showed that its conditions for restoring the calm fail to include a single section about peace negotiations.


But the most painful thing for the radical left is seeing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, its bitter enemy, acting moderately and with national and moral responsibility, accepting every international call for a ceasefire and postponing the ground invasion to the very last minute, while firmly facing his internal critics.


The difficult dissonance the dogmatic left has found itself in produces the "but" arguments: Hamas is indeed misbehaving – but the occupying and jailing Israel is to blame for that; they really are a bit violent – but why refer to them as a "terror state"?; we are allowed to defend ourselves – but why kill so many innocent people?; You are only good with wars – but what about peace?; today you attack – but what will happen tomorrow?; you can kill enemies – but why gloat?; an airstrike is okay – but why add a ground operation?; Hamas really does hate Jews – but what about all the moderate Palestinians?


The fact that the picture of the "good" and "evil" in this war is so clear – why even the Egyptian president condemned Hamas – makes it particularly difficult for the left's radical margins.


They are so distressed in light of the reality striking them in the face, that they are forced to create an artificial symmetry between us and the Hamas and Jihad fighters. Israeli pilots are likened to the missile launchers and terror attacks from Gazan and are slammed with the defamatory slogans "the bad ones join the Air Force" and "the murderers join the Air Force."


The radical left's response in this war exposes the lack of intellectual integrity it is characterized by. The integrity to recognize the cultural reality in the Middle East and the nature of the forces operating in the arena.


The radical left is refusing to acknowledge its mistake, not just because it is generally difficult for people – mainly people filled with ideological enthusiasm and hatred – to admit their mistakes, but because it knows that this war exposes its moral disgrace.



5.  How children are taught not to fear Hamas' missiles: by singing together!

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Make Bigui-im! Must read before shabbat!



   Sorry to interrupt your preparations for shabbat but this is an urgent story that just must be shared.


   To explain this, the Hamas went to the trouble to produce a marching song in HEBREW (well, broken Hebrew with atrocious pronunciation).  It is called: "This is How we Make Bigui-im".   The Hebrew word for terrorist attacks is Pigoui-im, but Arabs cannot pronounce the "P" sound.  (That means, by the way, that they cannot pronounce the word "Palestine.")   Anyway, the Hamas made a whole video clip that they thought would demoralize the Jews.  Bragging about how they are coming to make Bigui-im.


    But a group of Israelis took the Hamas clip in its entirety, left the sound track with no change, and changed the video scenes.  The result is not only the funniest video you have ever seen in your life.  It also is probably the very best advertisement for Israel and life in Israel that there ever was.  It shows the real Israel under war, Jews out dancing and smiling and kidding around, to the exact words and melodies of the Hamas marching song.  You simply must watch it 4 or 5 times before candle lighting.   It is here:   (A common quip in Israel has people saying, At Long Last an Oriental Music Song I really Like!)


  If you want to see the original Hamas clip all by itself, with Hebrew subtitles, it is here:  If I find one with English subtitles, I will post it.  But briefly the Hamas terrorists sing:   Attack, harm the "Beoble", cause disruptions, annihilate all the Zionists, shake up Israel's confidence.  It goes on in bloodthirsty manner.   But you really have to watch the Zionist parody of it, with URL as mentioned above.  Another parody, not as good, is here:



   There is also a special Facebook page that has collected some of the best clips from Israel about the war.   Not all are funny but a few are hilarious!   The set is here (in Hebrew):


    This one is particularly funny - a Hamas terrorist emerges from the ground tunnel and asks the "Zionist dog" for directions.  He tells the terrorist to dig a U-turn and return to the border.  The terrorist thanks the Zionist dog.  Go here:


    Remember the story of how the Hamas fired a rocket that cut the electric cable to Gaza?  Well, here is the Israeli parody of this story:

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Small Victory for Academic Freedom


   A remarkable event took place this week at Bar Ilan University, reported in Haaretz (in Hebrew here )


    A course in business law was being taught by one Dr. Uri Weiss, an anti-Israel ultra-leftist who was denouncing Israel on Facebook as a criminal inhumane monstrosity committing war crimes and devoted to murdering children.  He also endorsed the slanders of the "Goldstone Report."  The students were not amused.  Bar Ilan is not the first place that comes to mind when it comes to radical anti-Israel propagandists serving on its faculty but even Bar Ilan has its own share of such moonbats.  Weiss has published trash on the Neo-Nazi web magazine "Counterpunch" accusing Israel's Supreme Court of "engaging in apartheid."  See


   The students demanded from the administration the right to drop Weiss' course and take an alternative course from someone not engaged in anti-Israel demonization and slander.  What is remarkable is that the Bar Ilan administration agreed!  30 students dumped Weiss and his class.


Weiss' email address is

2.  One other remarkable story from the dungeons of Israeli academia.  We reported the story of Prof. Mordecai Kedar being persecuted and denounced by the Caring Left after he gave a radio interview about how to understand suicide bombers.  There he said that suicide bombers can not be deterred by usual means and theoretically would only be deterred if there were a threat to rape their mothers and sisters when they carry out mass murder.  Kedar was not advocating this be done, merely analyzing the problem theoretically.

   The tenured Left had a conniption and has been demanding that Kedar be fired and silenced.  One tenured leftist at my own university (Haifa) posted a message on the professors chat list that literally (I am not making this up) called for prohibiting anyone even having THOUGHTS like Kedar!  That is correct. This woman professor demands a thought police that will patrol incorrect thoughts!

   Meanwhile the very same people jihading against poor Mordecai Kedar are also organizing a petition to DEFEND Orna Banai and demand that she be reinstated.  Banai is a not-particularly-funny TV comedienne in Israel, niece of singer and entertainer Yossi Banai.  She was appearing in ads for Mano, a small Israeli-owned kosher cruise ship line.  Orna started mouthing off against Israel and against the Israeli army. Mano, a private company, decided they do not want Orna to be their rep in ads any more, that she is not the image they seek to project.  So they terminated her contract.  The tenured Left is aghast.  The very same people demanding the Mordecai Kedar be burned at the stake are organizing petitions demanding that Mano be coerced into keeping Orna Banai on its advertising payroll.


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Afterword on "existential threats"

(apologies for another senior moment - I inadvertently used CC instead of BCC - apologies to all.  Will try to be more careful)

For so many years the bleeding hearts have whined that Arab terrorism is simply a nuisance for Israel but not an existential threat. Therefore Israel was over-reacting to it in "disproportionate" manner. Well, now that the savages are shooting rockets at Ben Gurion airport it is obvious to all that terrorism IS an existential threat to Israel. And just what is the measured and proportionate response to an existential threat?

A "Palestinian state" is clearly an existential threat to Israel.  So is the "Palestinian right of return."  Conclusion?




1.    A rather amusing spectacle has been taking place the past few days in the middle of the battles with the savages, as the Tenured Left has discovered a new cause.  It seems the Tenured Left is now screaming its indignity while sipping its lattes and martinis because of Mordecai Kedar.


    Kedar is a prominent Middle Eastern Studies professor at Bar Ilan University.  He is decidedly non-Left.  You probably have seen his many commentaries on the web and elsewhere.


   It seems Kedar was interviewed recently on Israeli radio about what can be done to stop suicide bomber mass murderers.  This is clearly a difficult problem since threatening to kill them is not effective for obvious reasons.  Kedar answered that such people are not deterred by anything except possibly threats to their own family.  Specifically, Kedar said in the interview:  "The only thing that can deter terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children and killed them, is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped."   (See


     Well, you can imagine what sort of effect THAT statement had.  Note that Kedar is hardly advocating that they be raped, just making an observation about what incentives, if any, would affect suicide bombers.


    The feminizts in Israel and around the world left their Bushido studios and went on the war path.  There are letter writing campaigns against Kedar and demands that Bar Ilan University fire him.  These are the same feminizts who have no problems when Hamas shoots thousands of rockets at Israeli women and children.  The spokesman for Bar Ilan issued a statement backing Kedar and emphasizing that his words are being intentionally distorted.  The chat lists of the Tenured Left in Israel are buzzing with self-righteous leftist postureurs denouncing Kedar.   Haaretz is leading the lynch mob against Kedar.  Here is a typical attack on Kedar in a far-leftist web site:  .   It is hardly the first time the Left has demanded that people making comments it finds "insensitive" (meaning non-leftist) be silenced and censored.


     Now the Caring Left so aghast at Kedar's words is curiously silent when leftists deal with the subject of rape in cavalier manner.  Remember that infamous MA thesis sponsored by Hebrew University far leftists that "found" that Israeli troops do not rape Arab women because the Jews are such racists?  A thesis awarded a special prize by the Hebrew University and hailed as path-breaking research by the Left? (see and Refusing to Rape=Racism if you are an Israeli Soldier :: The Phyllis Chesler Organization.)  THESE are the same people suddenly so aghast at Kedar's comments.  


    Curiously the Caring Left has also maintained its studied silence when actual rape takes place.  For years everyone in academia knew about the allegations that Hebrew University's Eyal Ben Ari (sociology) had been raping his students, but because Ben Ari is a senior radical anti-Israel leftist, the Left refused to speak out because of their sense of solidarity with him.  Until the Hebrew University fired him due to growing public outrage ( ).  Ben Ari, of course, was also the supervisor of that thesis accusing Jews of being racists because they do NOT rape Arabs.  I guess Ben Ari just wanted to prove how unracist he was, and the Caring Left had his back.



See this:  and



2.  In a very strange way, I think it is good that Hamas fired some rockets at Ben Gurion airport.  I have been saying for years that the Israeli government would not end its playing silly games with the savages until the airport was targeted.  Short of that, Israel can bomb some empty buildings, make meaningless threats about RRH (really, really hard), seek a rapid "ceasefire" that leaves the terrorocracy intact, and then let life return to normal without annihilating the Hamas.  The Israeli government is looking for any excuse possible to avoid the inevitable conclusion that Israel needs to re-conquer and re-occupy Gaza and impose Denazification and martial rule there.   It has been obvious since early Oslo days that this would be necessary sooner or later.   And the Israeli Left will not REALLY feel threatened until the airport itself is targeted and they cannot go on their ski holidays or pop over to the Riviera.


   Well, now there is no wiggle room left.  Netanayhu and company cannot hide from the obvious any longer.  There is no alternative to R&D = Re-Occupation and Denazifization.


      There is also no room left any longer for delusions about Israeli Arabs.  The bulk of Israeli Arabs (although not all) are cheering Hamas.  When injured soldiers arrived at a hospital in the Negev, the local Arab staff CHEERED (that the soldiers had been wounded).  When (false) reports emerged that an Israeli soldier was kidnapped by the Hamas, the streets of Nazareth broke out in celebration.  Pro-Hamas street demonstrations are everywhere there are Israeli Arabs (or Jewish communists).  Many Israeli Arab businesses were closed down as signs of solidarity with the Hamas. 


   Avigdor Lieberman upset the caring classes by demanding that all such businesses by Arabs shut down to show support for the Hamas be boycotted by Israeli Jews and the government.  The Left soiled its nappies.  Lieberman hardly went far enough.  It is time for the Israeli government to DEFUND and refuse to provide ANY revenues to any Arab town or village that engages in open support for Hamas and open treason against Israel.   Starting with any that voted for or support Haneen Zoabi.  Cut the purse strings as a first step.  They want to war against the Jews?  Let the Jews fight back!





Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's have an Environmentally Friendly anti-Terror Policy




1.  Hat tip to Yocheved Miriam Russo for this idea.  What Israel needs is an environmentally-friendly form of capital punishment for terrorists.  Non-polluting, no greenhouse gases, sustainable, no carbon footprint.  The idea is this: we strap each terrorist down into a solar-powered electric chair at 4 AM.  His feet are placed in water.  And there are solar panels above. Then we all sit and sip coffee until sunrise.  And then we daven shacharit!

See also




Now I mention this in part because the Hamas is saying it will agree to a ceasefire only if it continues to get free electricity from Israel (see ).  Now I am all in favor of this idea as long as the free electricity is used for electric chairs.  Go Sparky!



2.  I concede that is has been decades since I studied chemistry but I DO seem to recall that chlorine gas is heavier than air.  That means it sinks down into underground tunnels and stays there.  Actually, sulfur dioxide is also heavier than air and, when mixed with water, like perspiration, it turns to sulfuric acid.  So Bibi and Bogie, are you getting any ideas from this discussion?



3.    I support Black Power:



4.  The Western liberuhs are all whining that Israeli retaliations are not "surgically precise" enough.  They are in fact far more precise than US or NATO military operations in recent decades.  But since a perfectly-precise weapons system does not exist, when these people insist that Israel do nothing at all unless its operations are pinpoint precise, this is equivalent to insisting that Israel take no military actions at all against the Hamas savages.  What they REALLY want is for Israel to roll over and turn its other cheek.....



5.   If the Union army in the Civil War used the same requirements for "pinpoint accuracy" that Obama and Kerry are trying to impose upon Israel today, Obama would be a slave (or maybe a Kenyan).



6.   The heavy casualties yesterday were from the elite infantry "Golani" brigade.

Here is Yoram Gaon singing the famous song about the brigade: 

And here are the words in Eמglish translation:



7.   Remember back when Israel was in full control of the Gaza Strip, before the "withdrawal," when the worst thing that the local savages could do was to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers?  When the Israeli Left insisted there was no risk in leaving Gaza because nothing could POSSIBLY be any worse than a situation in which rocks were being thrown at soldiers?



8.  Israeli young men are dying in order to destroy the terror tunnels of the Hamas in Gaza.   Lest there be any misunderstanding, every single one of those terror tunnels was constructed with concrete provided to the Hamas by the Israeli government.  Afraid of the bad press for constricting "civilian supplies" to the savages.



9.  We have been hearing from the Left for so long that terrorism is caused by Israeli occupation of "Palestinians."  Now the truth should be obvious to all. Terrorism is caused by the REMOVAL of Israeli occupation of "Palestinians."

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Send in the Drones


1.  We have been hearing from the Left for so long that terrorism is caused by Israeli occupation of "Palestinians." Now the truth should be obvious to all. Terrorism is caused by the REMOVAL of Israeli occupation of "Palestinians."


2.   Al Dura - Long Range Ballistic Hoax:


3.  It's all YOUR fault, Chaver!


4.  New words for the Frank Sinatra song, "Send in the Clowns"
Original lyrics may be seen here:
(You can see Blue Eyes performing it here: )

Send in the Drones

Isn't it rich?
Isn't it fair?
Us here at last on the ground,
Choppers mid-air.
Send in the drones.

Isn't it bliss?
Don't you approve?
Drones that keep tearing around,
Shooting what moves.
Where are the drones?
Send in the drones.

Just when we'd slammed Oslo doors shut,
Finally knowing that the Pals are kaput
IDF making its entrance with flair,
Sure of the goals,
Hamas is there.

Don't you love force?
Albeit late I fear.
I thought that you'd want what I want.
So Sorry, my dear.
So where are the drones?
Quick, send in the drones.
Cowabunga, they're here.

And now a word from our sponsor:




   As so often happens these days, the best contemporary and timely commentary on current events can be found in the Bible.


  The following is largely based on an article published by the controversial Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, son of the late chief rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu (and the rabbi the Far Left most loves to hate for his suggesting that people in Safed rent their apartments out to Jews and not Arabs).  But putting politics aside:


   He begins by arguing that the fact that over 1000 rockets were fired into Israel with almost no casualties at all clearly represents (in his opinion) Divine intervention.   He notes that a single Hamas attack on Egyptian troops killed and injured more than did the 1000 plus rockets fired at the Jews.   He considers it a manifestation of the expression in prayer of the construction of a Succah of Peace over Israel and Jerusalem. 


   He then goes on to explore the Biblical term "Hamas."  The word Hamas appears throughout the Bible in the Hebrew text.  The first place it appears is in the story of Noah, to describe the evil of that generation.  But what exactly does the word mean?  In the authoritative Onkelos translation of Biblical text into Aramaic, Hamas is translated as "kidnapping."  Still think the Bible is out of date?


    In Genesis in the story of Noah it says that the earth was filled with Hamas kidnapping.   We know how this was fixed.


   In the psalms, which are traditionally attributed to King David, the term Hamas appears 14 different times in 12 different chapters.   In Psalm 7, the behavior of the Hamas people is described.  It says that they not only attack with swords and arrows but shoot explosive fiery projectiles.   The same Psalm describes Hamas people as those who obsessively lie and as those who dig tunnels in order to cause injury to their victims.  King David writes explicitly that these tunnels will turn into the graves of the Hamas.


   Chapter 11 of Psalms describes how the Hamas loves to shoot at innocent people, meaning women and children.  The Psalm predicts that fire and brimstone will rain down upon the Hamas.  Drones and choppers are not mentioned.  In Chapter 18 King David describes how to defeat Hamas enemies and mentions a bow of copper, which reminds us a bit of a Dome of Iron.  He predicts that his soul will be rescued from the Hamas.  In Chapter 25 the Hamas are described as people driven by obsessive blind hatred for Jews.  In Chapter 35 Psalms asks God for protection against the Hamas liars and false witnesses.  In Chapter 55 Psalms predicts that the Hamas barbarians will fight among themselves.  Chapter 72 of Psalms again predicts that Israel will be rescued from Hamas.  In Chapter 73 Hamas people are described as lazy bums and as parasites.


   Finally in Psalm 140, Hamas is mentioned three times as evil ones even when they pretend to be seeking peace.


Friday, July 18, 2014

The fourth transgression of Gaza

1.  Amos 1:6: Thus says the LORD: "For three transgressions of Gaza, and for four I will not revoke the punishment, because they carried into exile a whole people to deliver them up to Edom."  

2.   When Hamas meets Darwin:

3.   Israel's new Spice Girl: 

4.  How Napoleon dealt with Gaza (and with Turks): (from

The time taken to conquer Gaza was longer than expected, but another even more difficult problem emerged. An army on the march is ill suited to the maintenance of prisoners of war. Moreover, Napoleon was very short on food, and could not afford to feed the two thousand Turks he had captured. Using his western sense of honor as his guide, he freed the Turks on the condition that they swear not to fight the French ever again. British and other western soldiers would adhere to their word of honor. For the Turks, however, western concepts of honor would prove to have little relevance. They were in a holy war against the infidel, and one does not honor pacts with the devil.

Thinking that problem solved, Napoleon marched north to Jaffa. On March 7, he took the port city of Jaffa. This was a significant military victory, but it led to one of the more controversial episodes in Napoleon's career. In taking Jaffa the French also took about four thousand Turkish prisoners. Many of these prisoners were the very Turks who had earned their freedom at Gaza by swearing not to fight the French again. Moreover, the problems of food and transportation that existed in Gaza were even more serious with the French further north and the number of Turks doubled.

Napoleon was thus faced with a very difficult situation. He could, of course, release the Turks. Doing this would mean, however, that they would eventually rejoin the Turkish army and kill more French soldiers. Clearly, Napoleon could not have any faith in their oaths. If Napoleon kept them prisoner, they would either starve to death or cause the starvation of French soldiers. Napoleon was torn by the options, and consulted at length with his advisors. In the end, however, he ordered the Turks shot.

5.  Leftist anti-democratic pseudo-academic, Prof. David Enoch from the Hebrew University's law school, makes a fool of himself, becomes the laughingstock of American academic community:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ceasefire with Terrorists in the Bible:

1.  I was overly optimistic.  Netanyahu DID order Israeli technicians to restore the power to Gaza after Hamas rockets had damaged the power lines, so Gaza savages are once again getting free electricity from Israel.

2.  The Torah has an interesting comment on how to utilize a ceasefire with terrorists:

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:

Please take note of how Simon and Levi exploited a "ceasefire" with the terrorists in the Book of Genesis to put an end to terrorist aggression once and for all.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Part II of Proof that God has a Sense of Humor

Proverbs 19: 21

   Many are the thoughts in the heart of man, but the will of God will prevail.

   As you know, in spite of the fact that the Protective Edge operation is costing Israel an estimated 150 million NIS a day, Bibi Netanyahu and his government have been too pusillanimous to cut off the electricity to Gaza.  The Hamas in Gaza never pays for electricity.  So the savages are getting their free electric power all the same time that they are shooting rockets at the Jews.  Netanyahu prefers to defeat the Hamas by causing it to run out of rockets, and by punishing empty Gaza buildings after warning the terrorists to evacuate before the buildings are hit.

    Well, God has His own anti-Hamas strategy.  It seems that some Hamas rockets went off course and destroyed the electric cables that bring the free electricity to Gaza (see news story at   Netanayhu at last showed a smidgen of backbone when he announced that he will be punishing the Hamas by NOT repairing the cable right away.  The idea of not repairing it at all, or at least not as long as the Hamas owes millions of dollars for back electric bills is one of those imponderables that Bibi is not willing to consider.  But fear not - the Gaza savages still get free water from Israel.

Hamas Rocket Strikes Gaza Electric Supply, Israel not Fixing It

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has asked the IEC not to risk the lives of its employees in trying to restore power.
By Yosef Berger
First Publish: 7/13/2014, 10:18 PM

Seventy thousand Gazans from Khan Younis and Deir el-Balah were in the dark Sunday night after a Hamas rocket hit the power line that supplies electricity to those places. It's not clear when Israel Electric Company workers will be able to repair the system, but they areapparently in no rush to do so. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has asked the IEC not to risk the lives of its employees in trying to restore power to the affected sector in Gaza, an operation that could take hours.

As Operation Protective Edge enters its seventh day, many Israelis are demanding that the country take more aggressive action against Hamas in order to put a halt to the seemingly endless missile attacks from Gaza. One suggestion that has come up numerous times – including from MKs and Ministers like Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon – is cutting off electricity to Gaza,which Israel is still supplying. The Hamas missile, which hit one of the high tension wires that move power from Israel to Gaza,apparently made that a moot point, at least partially.

The Palestinian Authority currently owes the Israel Electric Company NIS 1.5 billion ($525 million) in unpaid bills for electricity. An examination of that debt by business daily Globes shows that the relative amount owed by Gaza was NIS 220 million ($62 million).

Last month, the IEC filed a petition with the High Court demanding to be allowed to shut off electricity to the Palestinian Authority until the debt was paid – or to allow the IEC to seize customs and aid payments collected on behalf of the PA to pay off its debt. That case is still pending.

Meanwhile, the IEC is still supplying electricity to Gaza, under orders from the government. The power is delivered to Gaza via 12 high-tension wires that are capable of delivering up to 120 megawatts of electricity. Experts say this is not enough for all the residents of Gaza, and in recent weeks residents have said that they have been getting electricity only 12 hours a day.

Along with the IEC's power, Gaza also receives electricity from a 140 megawatt generator which is under the control of the PA's Palestine Electric Company, which is run by Hamas operatives. The generator, which is currently operating, is maintained by a crew from German company Siemens. It had been damaged by IDF forces several times in the past, officials said.

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