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The Just and Logical Solution to the Libyan Crisis - restore it to its Proper Rulers!

The Solution for Libya is to Restore its Proper Rulers!!
By Steven Plaut

The world is wringing its hands over the fate of Libya. It is
seeking a peaceful logical solution to the regime that will govern
Libya in the post-Kaddafi era.

Being a helpful sort of guy, and what with Purim coming up fast, I
know just the proper and just solution. I would like to place on the
international table the obvious, most logical, and most justified
solution to the question of Libyan governance. Control of Libya
should be returned at once to the natural and rightful owners of
Libya, the people who controlled it before it was invaded and occupied
by the Arab military hordes.

Libya should be returned to the Jews.

Why the Jews? Well, because the Jews controlled Libya not only
before the Kaddafi era but even before the country was seized
militarily and illegally occupied by the Arabs. Libya was governed by
a Jewish Berber queen known to history as Kahina. Really.

Let's put Libya's history in order to see who the proper rulers
of the land really are. Before the birth of Mohammed, back when there
were no Arabs at all in North Africa and the Arabs were confined to
the Arabian peninsula, Libya and its surroundings were home to
Byzantine occupiers and to indigenous Berber tribes. The latter were
the true natives of the area. The Romans called them Berbers, from
which they derived the derogatory adjective "barbarian," but the
Berbers called themselves Imazighen, possibly meaning "free people" or
"free and noble men." Libya was Berber long before the Egyptians and
their slaves built any pyraminds. Cathaginians conquered the area and
were evicted by other conquerers, as were the Vandal tribes and the
Byzantines. But the natives consisted of Berbers.

And Jews. The Jews had entered the area probably first during
the period of the Second Temple, and Berber-Jewish ties were
strengthened during the revolt against the Romans in the Land of
Israel that ended with the destruction of the Temple. The North
African Jews mixed with and influenced local Berber tribes. The
French historian Marcel Simon claims that Tripoli, the same Tripoli in
which Muammar Kaddafi pranced about and suppressed his own people, was
under the rule of Jewish Berbers as early as the first century of the
common era.

By the time the Arab imperialist armies entered Libya after the
death of Mohammed, Berbers in Libya and North Africa belonged to
Christian tribes (usually heretical heterodox Christians), pagan
tribes, and at least one large Jewish tribe. And the Jewish tribe was
led by a woman! No glass ceilings for her! She did not need any
Reform rabbis to lecture her about egalitarianism in Judaism!

While known in most histories as the Kahina (from the root word
Cohen for priestess), her actual name is given variously as Dahiyah,
Dahia, or Dhabba. Her tribe was known as the Jerawa, based in the
Aures Mountains in eastern Algeria and Tunisia, and whose control
extended into Libya. And she was a warrior queen. The historian
Charles-Andre Julien, in his History of North Africa, calls her the
Berber Deborah. And her most dramatic victories were over the Arab
imperialist invaders. She decided to resist the illegal occupation of
her homeland by the Arab colonialists and to drive out the Arab
settlers with force. She drove the first wave of Arab invaders out of
Libya altogether, although they later returned.

After the Arab general Hassan ibn al Numan took Carthage from the
Byzantines, the Kahina's forces defeated him on the battlefield. She
was later defeated by him. Most Berber tribes were later Islamized,
although retained their penchant for embracing theological heterodoxy
even as Muslims.

The Kahina is not a figment of Jewish imagination like some Golem
of Prague. The greatest Arab historian of all time, the medieval Ibn
Khaldun, writes at length about her military campaigns. The great
historian Edward Gibbon, author of the classic history of Rome,
mentions her. She was a figure of fascination for the great American
writer Washington Irving, better known for his tales of Rip van Winkle
and Ichabod Crane. I have always wondered whether his familiarity
with beheadings in Arab society inspired his headless horseman in the
Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Here is a segment of Irving's history of the Kahina:

'After repeated battles, the emir Hossan was compelled to retire with
his veteran but diminished army to the frontiers of Egypt. The patriot
queen was not satisfied with this partial success. Calling a council
of war of the leaders and principal warriors of the different hordes:
"This retreat of the enemy," said she, "is but temporary; they will
return in greater force. What is it that attracts to our land these
Arab spoilers? The wealth of our cities; the treasures of silver and
gold digged from the bowels of the earth; the fruits of our gardens
and orchards; the produce of our fields. Let us demolish our cities;
return these accursed treasures to the earth; fell our fruit-trees;
lay waste our fields, and spread a barrier of desolation between us
and the country of these robbers!"
'The words of the royal prophetess were received with fanatic
enthusiasm by her barbarian troops; the greater part of whom,
collected from the mountains and from distant parts, had little share
in the property to be sacrificed. Walled towns were forthwith
dismantled; majestic edifices tumbled into ruins; groves of
fruit-trees were hewn down, and the whole country from Tangiers to
Tripoli was converted from a populous and fertile region into a
howling and barren waste. A short time was sufficient to effect a
desolation, which centuries have not sufficed to remedy.'

So back when Muammar Kaddafi's ancestors were chasing camels
around what is now Saudi Arabia, Jewish roots were well entrenched in
Libya. So would not the most logical resolution of the current
political crisis in Libya be to restore it to its proper Jewish

If the Arabs are thought to be entitled to 22 different states,
why should the Jews not have at least two – one in the Land of Israel
and one in Libya. Jewish high-tech know-how in agriculture would have
Libya turned into a rain forest within a decade. In fact, since Purim
is coming and I am feeling in a good mood, I would even be willing to
agree that part of Libya be used for solving the "Palestinian
problem." All the Palestinians can be moved to the southern part of
Libya near the Chad border and they can even set up their own state
there. Maybe even two states, one for the Hamas and one for the PLO!
They can have a cut of the Libyan oil revenue if they behave
themselves there.

If a brief period of Arab rule over the Land of Israel is thought
to convey some sort of legitimate claim to parts of Israel for Arabs,
why should the Jewish rule in Libya, older than the Arab conquest of
"Palestine," not similarly confer natural rights of sovereignty?

The peace plan is simple. The illegal Arab colonial occupation of
Libya must be ended! The illegal settlements must be removed. The
legitimate Jewish rulers of Libya must be restored to power. And now
is the right time to do so, by Dahia!

A Call for the Arrest of the Editorial Staff at Haaretz

1. I hereby call on Shai Nitzan, the Deputy Prosecutor in Israel, to
arrest and indict the entire editorial staff of Haaretz immediately.
This is the same Nitzan who has been arresting and investigating every
Rabbi he can find who has ever had a nice word to say about that
Rabbinic tract "Darchei Hamelekh," a book that discusses rules of
warfare. This is the same Nitzan who ordered a University of Haifa
professor to come in to the police to be interrogated about what he
says in class. This is the same Nitzan who runs an "enhanced
enforcement" policy designed openly to discriminate and harass
Right-wingers. Well, now I demand that Nitzan arrest Haaretz writer
Neri Livneh.

For the following article:

In this article, Comrade Livneh demands that Orthodox Jews be
prevented from moving into the Haifa neighborhood of Neve Shaanan. An
area where they do not belong (in the opinion of Livneh, who grew up
in that neighborhood). Moreover, Livneh accuses the Orthodox of
threatening to trigger Arab-Jewish violence in Haifa, a city in which
Arab-Jewish relations have generally been cordial. Finally, Livneh
keeps dubbing Orthodox Jews the "Jewish Brotherhood," equivalent to
the Moslem Brotherhood. So in Livneh's opinion, a Jew who puts on
tefillin is the equivalent to the gangs of stormtroopers obeying
Muammar Khaddafi and his "green revolution" as they shoot down the
Libyan opposition.

Such comments are a hundred times more bigoted and "inciting" than
anything any of the Rabbis interrogated by Nitzan ever said. Rabbis
and others who suggest that Jews not rent property in predominantly
Jewish neighborhoods to Arabs have been interrogated by Nitzan's
Inquisition. So why should Haaretz not be interrogated for an article
that demands that Orthodox Jews be prevented from living in a Haifa
neighborhood? And especially for the following racist incitement in
that article:
"Jews and Arabs still get along in Haifa. But if the ultra-Orthodox
are taking over the city, the good relations between Jews and Arabs
may also be at risk. Instead of worrying about the Muslim Brotherhood
in the Arab states, we should start fearing the Jewish Brotherhood
that is about to take over, and start acting accordingly."

2. Israel has just announced that it will be constructing a special
housing project in Jaffa, for Arabs only! See this:
Those responsible have not been indicted for racism. Those praising
the idea have not been arrested under Israel's anti-racism and
anti-incitement laws. Why not?

3. Chicken Lou Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Is-Slum, has been
campaigning hard to defend and celebrate the Khaddafi clan:

4. Speaking of keeping neighborhoods clean, see the initiative of
Saul Zadka in London:

5. Hebrew U calls on Attorney General to Indict Professor of
Sociology Eyal Ben-Ari, the professor accused by his students of
raping them and the fellow who invented the idea and supervised the
thesis claiming that the lack of rape of Arab women by Jews proves
that Jews are racists:

6. The "Wall of Lies" Campaign:

See also

Saturday, February 26, 2011


1. Current events quiz!!

Question: What will be the NEXT oppressive Arab state in which a
popular uprising or protest will emerge?

Answer: France

2. Probably the most amusing part of the Libyan uprising has been
watching Israeli Arab "leaders" scrambling to disassociate themselves
from Mad-Dog Muammar. It is amusing because almost every single Arab
in the Knesset and almost every Arab politician from Israel has made
pilgrimage to the Great Brother Muammar, embraced him in Green Square
while waving his green flags, cheered him and defended him, while
demanding that Khaddafi attack Israel and help annihilate it. In
fact, if there was one person in the world who personified even better
than Osama bin Laden the ambitions and ideas of Israeli Arab leaders,
it was no doubt Khaddafi the Elder (although they seemed fond of his
unctuous son as well). Call it Mad-Dog-philia.

Knesset Member terrorist Ahmed Tibi is but one example of a
Muammar-phile. Stalinist Muhammed Barakat is another (as was his
Stalinist Jewish poodle Dov Chanin). Stalinism, like love, means you
never have to say you are sorry. Haneen Zoabi, the woman terrorist
Knesset Member from the Galilee who was part of the "Flotilla"
terrorist entourage sent by Turkey on the ship to brutalize Israeli
soldiers armed with paint guns, was also one. She went to Libya this
past spring. Suddenly this week all these people are running about
demanding that the media report their fundamental disgust at Khaddafi
and his regime, and the fact that they always disapproved of Libya's
fascist dictator.

But the most delicious part of all of this is the editorial published
in Haaretz, that Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, from April
30, 2010. It came out right after some rightwing Knesset Members
denounced Zoabi and her friends for making pilgrimage to Khaddafi and
Libya. Since there is nothing so pleasant as rubbing a leftist's nose
in his own droppings, here are some quotes from that Haaretz

"The parliamentary Right has been seized by hysteria over the visit by
Arab Knesset Members and Arab public figures in Libya. The rhetorical
attacks by parties of the Israeli Right, The National Union and the
Jewish Home, the two of whom could easily merge and rename themselves
the Racist Home, sounded as if we were talking about acts of treason
without precedence. (AS IF!!!! --- SP)

"Actually this was a historic opportunity to rule out once and for all
the parliamentary immunity and rights of supposed anti-Israel members
of parliament who disgrace the country, or so said Knesset Member
Michael Ben-Ari. A proposal by Knesset Member Zvulon Orlev demanded
that those who pay visits to enemy countries be treated, no less, as
if they are participating in armed struggle against Israel.

"But Libya is not on the list of our enemy countries. (!!!!!! - SP)
And so the Arab Knesset Members were in no need of special permission
to go there. Libya had signed the Arab peace initiative (huh??? --
SP), is the current Chair of the Arab League, and its head of state,
Muammar Khaddafi, maintains excellent relations with the American

"So it is hard to say what the racist clique in the Knesset are more
afraid of – the danger that Arab Knesset Members could launch an armed
struggle against Israel with Khaddafi's help or that they could serve
as a bridge for conciliation, recognition and acceptance of Israel by

"The state of Israel is not exactly crawling with good relationships
with Arab regimes, even with Egypt and Jordan, which signed peace
agreements, how much less so with Libya, which sees Israel as an
enemy. Therefore ANY invitation to Libya of Arab Israeli
representatives, especially those serving officially in Israeli
institutions (Haaretz does not mean as prisoners – SP) must be seen as
the opening of a new window of opportunity, or at the very least as an
expression of curiosity about the Israeli experience.

"Travel to Libya or to any other Arab country is an inseparable part
of the culture and ethnicity of Israeli Arabs, and reflects their
desire to communicate their own understandings and interpretations of
the Israeli Experience, even if it is not the one forged in the
Israeli Right.

"Instead of tarring and feathering the Arab Knesset Members, Israel
would be much better off including them in the design of policy and
encouraging them to forge ties and bridges with Arab states. In so
doing Israel will at least succeed in demonstrating its commitment to
making peace with its own Arab population."

Maybe we should correct the above current events quiz. Maybe the next
fascist Islamist regime that needs to be toppled is the editorial
staff at Haaretz.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Unfair to Islam!

1. A while back a large group of "Reform Rabbis" bashed Glenn Beck
for comments he had made, and he responded by comparing "Reform
Judaism" with Islamic radicalism.

This week the following item was posted on a blog and has been making
the rounds. I attach it here in full. It is not written by me but I
do find it amusing.

When Glenn Beck Compares Reform Judaism To Radical Islam, He's Unfair To Islam
Submitted by Jonathan Mark on Wed, 02/23/2011 - 13:01

When Glenn Beck says that Reform Judaism is like radical Islam,
insofar as both are more about politics than faith, he's being unfair
to radical Islam.

Yes, both are deeply involved with politics and confuse their own
politics with God's.

But radical Islamists seems to be much more serious about their religion.

Reform rabbis often lead congregations whose overall culture is
indifferent to Shabbat and kashrut, indifferent to daily prayer and
intermarriage, and indifferent to religious literacy.
A radical Islamic leader, by contrast, is passionate and conscientious
about prayer, the Islamic Sabbath, Halal food, and Islamic family
purity. He would not be indifferent to intermarriage or classical
Islamic teachings.
Only a Reform rabbi would officiate at an intermarriage on Shabbat
itself, as did Rabbi James Ponet at Chelsea Clinton's wedding. A
Radical Islamist wouldn't do that.
Not even the Ten Commandments are as important to a Reform rabbi as
intermarriage. The integrity of Shabbat (Commandment Four) was
considered so meaningless that the ceremony couldn't even wait until
sunset. With a Reform rabbi, officiating for Clinton, a political
figure, was more important than Shabbat, faith.
A radical Islamist would not have violated the Koran to perform an
intermarriage for a king.
It's hard to imagine a Reform rabbi who didn't frequently take
political positions. Among their political positions is that we
shouldn't be Islamophobic; we should know that jihad is a spiritual
struggle, not a violent one; that imams are moderates until proven
otherwise, that we shouldn't tar Islam because of extremists who are
violating Islam. So Reform rabbis themselves say Islam, even radical
Islam (is there any other) is a religion of peace, a religion of
It's had to imagine a Reform rabbi who isn't infatuated with the great
Reform legends of fighting for Darfur, being part of the (imaginary)
black-Jewish alliance, advocating for gay and transgender rights,
hating Bush and Sarah Palin, cheering Obama's pressure on Israel, all
of which these Reform rabbis will attribute to their faith but it sure
sounds like politics.
Reform rabbis love "dialogue," the idea that all problems in the world
-- between religions and between nations -- are just a big
misunderstanding because we're all basically the same and want the
same things.
Radical Islamists don't give a damn about dialogue. They don't think
all religions or all people, infidels included, are the same, because
radical Islamists take their own faith that much more seriously.
Reform rabbis are "troubled" that settlers live in Canaan, that Ariel
Sharon walked on the Temple Mount, that Moses, a Jew, used
disproportionate force in killing an Egyptian. Hebron is not loved for
its holiness, as faith would have it, but thought an obstacle to
peace, as politics would have it.
Radical Islamists have faith that the Temple Mount is theirs, and the
Western Wall, too. They have faith that they are Abraham's children
and belong anywhere in Canaan. Radical Islamists don't care that
Moses, an Egyptian, killed an Egyptian. Hebron is loved for its
holiness, as faith would have it, not something to be negotiated, as
politics would have it.
Radical Islamic leaders don't go around saying that religion just
means being ethical and good and voting for Democrats, the way most
Reform rabbis do. Radical Islam believe that faith demands personal
service to God, not just service to each other.
Radical Islamic leaders don't define their faith so singularly with
one political party, as do most Reform rabbis, who seem to believe
that Judaism never, ever, says no to liberal dogma. Their Reform
Jewish faith, to hear so many tell it. is indistinguishable from their
Reform Jewish poliitics. To many Reform leaders, the left can disagree
with the Torah but the Torah can never disagree with the left. When in
conflict, the Torah must adapt.
To a radical Islamist, whose faith comes before politics, the Koran
doesn't adapt, everything adapts to the Koran.
Radical Islamists seem to have more fire in the belly when it comes to
their faith.
Reform rabbis seem to have more fire in the belly when it comes to
their "progressive" politics.
So Beck is absolutely wrong. Radical Islamists and Reform rabbis are
polar opposites when it comes to balancing faith and politics.
There are many Reform Jews that I love and greatly admire. These are
my people. I'd rather be the worst Reform Jew than the very best
Islamist. And I wish that Reform rabbis were, in fact, more about
faith than about politics.
Dennis Prager, the talk-show host and author, is a Reform Jew who
actually talks more about the importance of faith and religion than he
talks about politics. Debbie Friedman, another great Reform Jew, was
unique in how she restored the idea of blessing and God to the Reform
sensibility. There are other Reform Jews like Prager and Friedman who
prioritize faith over politics, but I don't get that sense from too
many Reform rabbis.
I despise, fear and fight radical Islamic politics but I love and envy
their devotion to their faith. I love how even in the midst of the
Cairo revolution, they stopped to prostrate themselves in prayer. When
was the last time you saw Reform Jews at a political demonstration
stop to say Mincha? And by the hundreds?
Here's some more on Beck, on related issues, from the Zionist
Organization of America, from regarding the Jewish
Fund For Justice's anti-Beck campaign, and from David Suissa, an
exciting columnist for the Jewish Journal in L.A.
How many people who have opinions on Beck have actually seen him in
action? Check out this clip of Beck speaking about Israel, threats to
Jews, and attacking Iran.
Beck's a better man than George Soros, and he's a better Jew, too. If
something bad, God forbid, ever happened to Israel, I'm convinced it
would bother Beck more. One guy cares about me and the two countries I
love. One guy doesn't.
I don't like it when someone who cares about us so much is hated, is
laughed at, because his caring is imperfect.

2. Notice the two "rabbis" participating in the "I am a Muslim" Rally
coming up for NY City

3. J Street Exposes Itself
by Isi Leibler
February 25, 2011

4. PC Crowd uninterested in mass murders of Libyans:,7340,L-4033624,00.html

5. The New Axis of Evil = J Street + Kadima:

6. I already posted this but am posting it again. Fiddler on the
Roof is a play about Jewish powerlessness in an impoverished czarist
Russian village. In the following clip, you can see the Israeli army
band performing in Red Square to the applause of the locals. The band
is not very good (Israeli military music is to music as Israeli
military intelligence is to intelligence.) Nevertheless, here we
have the Israeli army band playing songs from Fiddler, as well as
others, in Red Square. You will not be able to watch it with dry
eyes! If you have not seen it already, open it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hebrew University Leftist Prof Suspended for Molesting Students - had been author of the infamous "Lack of Rape proves Racism" Thesis

1. Leftist anti-Israel Sociologist Eyal Ben-Ari (Hebrew University)
suspended for "Inappropriate Relations" with Students

Same professor supervised the thesis that claimed that the absence of
rape of Arabs by Jewish soldiers proves Jews are racists

Why was Ben-Ari not suspended for rape?

Many years too late, the Hebrew University finally got around to
suspending far-leftist anti-Israel Professor of Sociology Eyal
Ben-Ari. He was the supervisor of that famous MA thesis that "proved"
that the reason that no Arab women are raped by Jewish soldiers is
that the Jews are such racists. Ben-Ari had been accused of numerous
women graduate students of raping them and molesting them. I guess he
was just proving that he was not a rapist. In any case, he has now,
at long last, been suspended, but for "inappropriate relations," and
not for rape. Why not? Inappropriate relations sounds like a romance
with a goat.

In my opinion the most remarkable part of the Ben-Ari saga is that he
used Hebrew University research funds to purchase vibrators to give as
gifts to his female students. Really. Earlier reports concerning the
affair appear here: You can
see a picture of his vibrator here:

The full report on his suspension follows:

Hebrew U. professor suspended for inappropriate relations with students

Ben-Ari was also determined to have improperly agreed to advise a
female doctoral student despite the fact that they were known to have
been involved in a close relationship.

By Asaf Shtull-Trauring
Eyal Ben-Ari, a professor of sociology and anthropology at Hebrew
University in Jerusalem, has been suspended for two years without pay
after a disciplinary panel ruled that he had engaged in inappropriate
relations with three female students who were under his tutelage.
The panel ruled that Ben-Ari had exploited his position of authority
to engage in intimate relations, including offering to share a hotel
room with a student when they were both abroad for an academic
Ben-Ari was also determined to have improperly agreed to advise a
female doctoral student despite the fact that they were known to have
been involved in a close relationship. Such conduct "was unbecoming of
a faculty member," the panel said.
The verdict comes three years after allegations first surfaced
alleging that Ben-Ari had extorted sexual favors from female students
over a number of years. However, he was not convicted of sexual
Ben-Ari will not be permitted to begin his sabbatical within the next
two years. In addition, he will not be allowed to receive research
funds or to operate research budgets.
The disciplinary panel also ruled that Ben-Ari will continue to
receive his salary until the end of the current academic year and to
advise doctoral students.
In July 2008, police launched an investigation against Ben-Ari after
the university received anonymous complaints from a number of
students. Prosecutors did not file an indictment against Ben-Ari due
to lack of evidence and an expired statute of limitations.
Two years ago, the university conducted its own disciplinary review,
during which some of the complainants came forward to give statements.
The transgressions for which Ben-Ari was convicted took place between
1996 and 2003.
"The disciplinary panel determined that Prof. Ben-Ari's actions are
grave and they inflicted significant harm to students and the Hebrew
University," the university said in a statement.
Ben-Ari's attorneys released a statement in which they stated that
their client was vindicated.
"After a long, drawn-out disciplinary process, Prof. Eyal Ben-Ari was
ultimately acquitted of most of the actions of which he was accused,
including all allegations of sexual harassment," they wrote. "The
monstrous image which others tried to pin on him and which was fueled
by lies has been blown to smithereens. The disciplinary panel itself
acknowledged the suffering that was caused to Professor Ben-Ari as a
result of the baseless accusations against him."

2. You probably heard that Beer Sheba was hit yesterday by Grad
rockets fired by our peace partners in Gaza. As usual, Israel will
respond by turning the other cheek and hoping to wait out the Hamas
until it runs out of ammunition. You will all be relieved to hear that
the rockets did NOT strike the homes of Neve Gordon, Oren Yiftachel or
David Newman.

3. Anti-Israel NGOs in Israel:

4. The Reformies got upset at Glenn Beck:

5. Israel army band plays in Red Square: Think of it! Fiddler on the
Roof played by the Israeli Army in Red Square in Moscow !

Our Russian ancestors would be amazed ! ! !

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Israeli Arab Leader Arrested for Arson

1. Remember how the leftist Moonbatocracy in Israel was screaming
about all those allegations of arson by Arabs being behind the massive
fires in Israel this past fall? And how they were nothing more than
Jewish paranoia and, of course, Jewish anti-Arab "racism?" Leftists
in Israel these days cannot complete a sentence without inserting the
word racism into it, and often without inserting the word fascism. It
is part of the growing fascism within the Israeli Left itself.

Well, Heavens to Murgatroyd, look at what has just been revealed about
those forest arsons:

Islamist Leader Arrested for Forest Fire Arson
Adar 18, 5771, 22 February 11 06:15
by Maayana Miskin
( The leader of a major Muslim movement in
Israel is suspected of setting fire to a forest less than three months
after the worst fire in modern Israeli history. Sheikh Ra'ad Salah,
head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, has been arrested
in connection to an arson attack in southern Israel.

Salah allegedly set fire to a Eucalyptus forest in southern Israel.
The attack was allegedly in protest of a Jewish National Fund project
in the area.

The Jewish National Fund is working to forest parts of the Negev, a
plan opposed by some Bedouin residents of the region. Residents of the
illegal town of El-Araqib in particular have condemned the project out
of concern that it will use land that they hope to use in the future
to house Arabs "returning" to Israel from the rest of the Arab world.

Salah was arrested while driving on Highway 1, between Jerusalem and
Tel Aviv,, and was subsequently questioned by officers in the police's
minority affairs bureau.

He was released from jail just two months ago after serving five
months for attacking a police officer. Upon release he told his
supporters, "Someday we will celebrate the end of the Israel
occupation of Jerusalem and Al-Aksa [the Temple Mount – ed.]. We will
continue with all our activities, without fear, until we reach that

The arson attempt in the south came just weeks after the Carmel fire,
a massive forest fire in northern Israel that killed 44 people. During
the Carmel fire an Arab arson offensive led to firefighters being
called away from the main blaze to battle smaller fires.

Despite the offensive, the Knesset voted down a bill to impose a
mandatory minimum sentence on arsonists.

[Sheikh Salah is the same bloke who appeared at the University of
Haifa a couple of years back in a lecture hall from which the
university officials prevented Jews from entering. Salah there called
on Arab students to become suicide bombers. Unlike some Rabbis who
praised a rabbinic treatise on the Halakhic rules of warfare, Salah
has never been investigated of prosecuted for "racism." In
post-survivalist Israel, Islamofascist terrorists can never be

2. Prof. Gerald Steinberg on Transparency and Leftist Whining
Transparency for NGOs is not anti-democratic
With the adoption of regulation for reporting of foreign government
funds, the door is open to expanding transparency for private foreign
funding for Israeli groups across the political spectrum.
By Gerald M. Steinberg
The Knesset legislation that mandates reporting of foreign government
funding for non-governmental organizations is not anti-democratic, as
claimed by vocal critics, mainly the recipients of the foreign
Indeed, as wide support in the Knesset showed, including from Labor
and Kadima MKs, this law mandating transparency is designed to fix a
gaping hole in Israeli democracy. This bill is very different from the
draconian and partisan effort to use the Knesset to investigate only
left-wing groups.
In recent years, European governments have provided an estimated 100
million euros in taxpayer funds annually to a very narrow group of
Israeli, Palestinian and European political advocacy organizations.
When these groups sponsor quasi-academic conferences, newspaper
advertising campaigns and public rallies heralding sweeping
allegations of Israeli wrongdoing, the public has the right to know
that the money was provided by a foreign government.
This transparency is an elementary requirement for the informed debate
that is essential to the democratic process. While all external
funding for Israeli civil society, across the political spectrum,
should be public knowledge, large foreign government transfers are
very different in principle from private donations.
All governments have interests and use power to pursue those goals.
When officials from Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, and another
dozen nations use their "soft power" to fund dozens of Israeli groups,
such as Breaking the Silence, Yesh Din, and the Public Committee
Against Torture in Israeli, whose officials travel the world declaring
that Israel is a nation of war criminals, these groups are also
promoting the interests of their sponsors. ‏
(In contrast, the U.S. government generally does not fund Israeli
political advocacy NGOs, and the few exceptions, such as the
ill-advised attempt to use the "Geneva Initiative" organization, ended
In election after election, the governments chosen by Israeli voters
have differed with European positions. However, by massively funding
opposition NGOs, many of which claim to promote human rights
‏(although they do this selectively‏), Europe tries to interfere with
and manipulate the legitimate outcome of Israeli elections.
In fact, some NGO officials are simply rejected politicians, who,
after failing to get Knesset positions, have used foreign funds to
exert power they could not obtain otherwise. A heavy shroud of secrecy
surrounds the budgets of these Israeli political groups.
In most European nations, the details are more tightly held than
military plans, and no parliamentary hearings are held to discuss the
legitimacy, wisdom or implications of such funding. The decision
making processes are also completely non-transparent, leaving open the
possibility that these policies are made in violation of due process
of law, as was recently uncovered in the case of Canadian NGO funding.
In theory, Israeli NGOs should be covered by the existing reporting
requirements for non-profits, but in practice, many political advocacy
groups have found ways to avoid such transparency by registering under
different frameworks, or avoiding any Israeli oversight mechanism.
The new legislation, which is based on the U.S. Foreign Agents
Registration Act, is designed to prevent these exceptions, and to
promote the public's right to know who and what forces are behind
powerful political campaigns that take place outside, and often in
direct opposition to, the electoral process.
Had the NGO recipients endorsed this transparency legislation, instead
of falsely denouncing it as anti-democratic, the proposed
investigations aimed only at one side of the political spectrum ‏(and
misdirected at alleged Arab government funding‏) would not have been
With the adoption of regulation for reporting of foreign government
funds, the door is open to expanding transparency for private foreign
funding for Israeli groups across the political spectrum.
The writer is president of NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based research
institution that tracks NGOs, particularly in the Middle East.
This story is by: Gerald M. Steinberg

3. The Left and Fort Hood:

4. You will be happy to hear that the Im Tirtzu student organization
this week picketed the Tel Aviv University classrooms in which
ultra-bimbo Rachel Giora was to lecture and handed out leaflets to
students revealing to them Giora's involvement in anti-Israel
seditious activities and her many calls for world boycotts of Israel.
The TAU moonbats are wetting themselves over this in hysteria.

5. Israel's goofiest "academic" of the week:

6. More on the J Street Jihadists:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ottolenghi on The Great Myth of Palestinian Statehood

• 1. OPINION EUROPE – Wall St Journal
• FEBRUARY 22, 2011
The Great Myth of Palestinian Statehood
Arabs' revolutionary awakening belies Western conventional wisdom in
the Middle East.
Since Sept. 11, 2001, American neoconservatives have forcefully argued
that the combination of economic stagnation, rapid demographic growth,
lack of upward social mobility, and political repression in most Arab
countries was a breeding ground for Islamic radicalism. Their "freedom
agenda"—which George W. Bush embraced during his first term but
largely relinquished after 2006—rejected the conventional wisdom that
the Arab rage that brought down the Twin Towers was a child of
Israel's occupation; that the Islamist wave sweeping the Muslim world
fed on the humiliation of the Palestinians; and that the growing
radicalism infecting Muslim immigrant communities in the West was made
in Israel.
This narrative informed the heretofore accepted view that the only
alternatives to repression in the Middle East were civil war and
failed states, or the rise of Islamic theocracies. That the status quo
was unjust, that the regimes were corrupt, and that their rulers were
cruel, were unpleasant but necessary facts of life.
The Arab world's unpalatable regimes would nonetheless help the West
midwife the solution to the region's ills: a Palestinian state that,
by restoring Palestinian justice and dignity, would miraculously
neutralize extremism.
So when the European Union's foreign-relations chief, Catherine
Ashton, spoke in Cairo last year, she only mentioned freedom
once—Palestinian freedom from Israel. This, even as the regimes
hosting her at the Arab League's headquarters were busy silencing and
torturing their own citizenry.
Europe has always had a vast array of political tools and economic
leverage to push its Arab allies to introduce reforms, liberalize
their media, unblock civil society, improve governance, and tame
corruption. But the Middle East's tyrants warned every European
visitor that doing so would open the floodgates to radical Islam.
Algeria, with the bloodbath that followed the Islamists' electoral
victory in 1992 and the subsequent military takeover, gave credence to
their arguments. Foreign ministry mandarins advised their bosses to
believe the tyrants: Solve Palestine, they whispered, and everything
else will follow.
And so they did, doggedly pursuing Palestinian-Israeli peace, and
furiously blaming Israel at every twist and turn not just for the lack
of peace but also for every other regional problem.
Now, the Arabs' revolutionary awakening should force the standard
bearers of Western conventional wisdom to finally abandon this
mindset. Unfortunately, the lesson is still not sinking in. Speaking
in Israel this month, former U.S. National U.S. Security Adviser
General James L. Jones identified progress on Israeli-Palestinian
peace as "the one thing that could have the local, regional and global
impact that is now a matter of urgent necessity." He added that
"continued Arab-Israeli dispute strengthens and amplifies the appeal
of [Iran's] message to the oppressed and those who feel that they have
no future."
British Foreign Secretary William Hague also chimed in by dismissing
Israel's concerns about the stability of its peace treaty with Egypt
in the wake of Hosni Mubarak's ousting. Reminding the world of the old
Camel Corps wisdom, he said "This should not be a time for belligerent
language. It's a time to inject greater urgency into the Middle East
peace process."
Lost in all this is the simple fact that the ordinary Arabs who rose
against their regimes didn't do so because they wanted to free
Palestine, but because they wanted to free themselves. Western
mandarins always assumed that Palestinian freedom was all that the
Arab world needed, and in the process they resigned themselves to the
region's rampant corruption, repression, and persecution of women and
minorities. Yet Mohammad Bouazizi didn't set himself on fire in
December, thereby triggering Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution, to express
solidarity with Palestinians. Instead, his suicide was a direct
response to the economic and social strictures in his own country.
Meanwhile, his countrymen's spontaneous reaction to that desperate act
stood in sharp contrast to the customary Arab displays of solidarity
with Palestinians—usually staged, regime-backed affairs.
So suddenly, Arab freedom has taken precedence over Israel and
Palestine—or so says the much-maligned Arab Street, as it topples one
tyrant and challenges the next. The conventional wisdom that the
Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the mother of all problems in the
region has now been exposed as nothing but a myth. Will Western
leaders finally learn?
Mr. Ottolenghi is a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of
Democracies and author of "Iran: The Looming Crisis," (Profile Books,

2. The latest horrendous Zionist Conspiracies:

3. Poor Poor Barry Chamish:

Bibi Peresyahu

1. Back in the 1990s I invented the term, "Bibi Peresyahu" to refer
to the prime Ministership of Bibi Netanyahu back then. At the time,
Netanyahu was trying to outdo the Israeli Labor Party and Shimon Peres
in pursuing the Oslo "peace process." Netanyahu made concessions even
Peres had refused to make, like turning Hebron over to the savages.
He signed the "Wye Accord," after which I dubbed him the Wye's Man of
Chelm. In domestic matters he refused to do anything serious to
break up the bank cartel or reform the capital market. His main
concern was to be liked by the Israeli leftist media, and that concern
caused him to shift to the Left. The same concern later led Ariel
Sharon by the nose to the Left and to the capitulation to the Hamas in

Well, Bibi Peresyahu is back. He keeps freezing Jewish building in
Jerusalem and its surroundings. A few days ago he announced his
backing for a series of anti-economic populist policy measures favored
by the ultra-Left, like raising the minimum wage and subsidizing water
consumption. And yesterday Mr. Peresyahu came out AGAINST any
parliamentary investigation of leftwing seditious anti-Israel NGOs
operating in Israel. When asked why he is suddenly against this very
popular proposal he had earlier supported, Netanyahu without blinking
replied, "But what will the goyim (nations) say." Really. Never
mind that the nations have lots of similar laws operating in their own
countries for NGOs receiving foreign funding. In the US, any group
getting foreign funding has to register as a lobbyist for a foreign

Maybe Bibi can attend the J Street conference so that the Left will
like him more?

2. The "J" in "J Street" seems to stand for "Jihad"

"J Street" is an anti-Israel lobbying group set up to demonize Israel.
It is a major group in the Anti-Israel Lobby. It loves to whine
about being persecuted by conservative or Zionist "McCarthyists,"
whose sin is that they dare to criticize it. "J Street" is funded by
George Soros (although long tried to hide this fact) and others who
hope it will neutralize the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC. "J Street"
activists include many of the same people who are promoting boycotts
and "divestment" sanctions against Israel. It portends to be
pro-Israel, although its idea of what is pro-Israel is for Israel to
be coerced into capitulating to all the demands of the Hamas, the
Hezbollah, and other anti-Israel terrorist groups.

In a few days, "J Street" plans to hold a large "conference" in
Washington, DC. They are calling it "Give Voice to your Values." (Get
it? The Zionists do not let critics of Israel have a voice!) It is
to host a hodgepodge of anti-Semites, jihadists, Jewish anti-Semites,
and many others from the axis of evil, that alliance of the Far Left
with Islamofascism.

Yesterday I sent out a list of the Moslems and Arabs who have been
invited to serve as speakers at the J Street Nuremberg Rally. See
Today I will tell you about some of the Jews who are to speak there.

Let us note that it has been revealed that a contingent of the Shimon
Peres Center will be attending. This means that the "Center" – run by
Israel's President Shimon Peres himself – will be attending officially
an anti-Israel "conference." That is right – the sitting President of
Israel is sending his people to participate in a conference whose
raison d'etre is bashing Israel. Quite a few Kadima part hacks are
also attending.

The Jewish Speakers at the "J Street" Rally:

By and large, the Jewish spakers are all leftists and are more radical
and more anti-Israel than are the Moslems speaking there. There are
so many of the former that we will not make thumbnail sketches of them
all. They are a mix of anti-Israel American Jews, anti-Israel
Israelis, and even a few European anti-Israel Jewish leftists. Many
of the Jews are active in the malicious "BDS" (Boycot, Divestment,
Sanctions) movement, designed to serve as an economic aggression and
assault against Israel. Many are simply anti-Israel students at US
colleges. Some are leaders in tiny Jewish splinter activist groups.
A few are pseudo-rabbis. Many are people of whom no one in the Jewish
community has ever heard.

Here are just a few of the more outstanding Jewish speakers:

* Eric Alterman, obsessive Israel Basher and semi-Marxist whose
diatribes run in "The Nation."

* Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun, a magazine whose prsecription for
healing the world is a mixture of Marxism and LSD. Lerner may be the
world's most notorious rabbi pretender (he has no rabbinic
ordination). He and his magazine are rigidly anti-Israel and
increasingly pro-Hamas. Lerner demanded that Americans "feel the
pain" of al-Qaeda after the 9-11 attacks.

* Naomi Chazan, president of the far-leftist "New Israel Fund.,"
which finances almost all the leftist groups in Israel that produce
anti-Israel propaganda, especially the smears adopted by the UN's
"Goldstone Commission." Chazan's face with a rhino horn sticking out
of it was placed on billboards by Israel's main Zionist student
organization as protest against the NIF's anti-Israel activities.

* Michael Sfard, leftwing anti-Israel extremist lawyer who works for
the "Association for Civil Rights in Israel," a group that has never
heard of any civil right of Jews that needs defending, nor of any Arab
atrocity that needs condemnation. ACRI is anti-democratic and refuses
to defend freedom of speech for non-Leftists. Sfard may be best known
for his quote: "I am ashamed as an Israeli" (cited at
* Oded Na'aman, head of the seditious "Breaking the Silence" group in
Israel, which has been exposed for repeatedly inventing fictional
"crimes" by Israel and Israeli soldiers, "crimes" that have turned out
never to have existed. The best expose of his groups is the
NGO-Monitor Report entitled, "Breaking WHAT Silence."
* Daniel Sokatch, long-time Israel basher and now CEO of the New
Israel Fund. In the past he was the organizer of anti-Israel
propaganda festivals in the Bay Area.
* David Saperstein – perhaps the leading pseudo-Jewish liberation
"theologian" for North America, a man who believes that all of 5000
years of Judaism can be boiled down to the endorsements of this week's
political correctness fads. He has been praised by the American
Communist Party. His wife, Ellen Weiss, runs the anti-Israel "All
things considered" show on NPR.
* Jessica Montell – executive director of the pro-terror anti-Israel
propaganda lobby B'Tselem, exposed in detail by NGO-Monitor. Famous
for its one-sided anti-Israel reports and creative work with
statistics to paint Israel as a demonic entity.
* Edina Lekovic - Director of Policy and Programming, Muslim Public
Affairs Council, pro-jihad pro-terror lobby group.
* Congressman Steven Cohen from Tennessee, best known for his vile
bile-filled diatribes against American conservatives, whom he
regularly compares with Nazi leaders.
* David Chemla; Director, JCall France, a tiny leftist Bash-Israel
lobby group in France.
* Bernard Avishai, an Israel-bashing tenured extremist from Israel,
dedicating his career to stripping Israel of its capital city.
* Laura Wharton – a member of the Jerusalem City council from the
semi-Marxist Meretz party. Hardly a major player, and included in
this list simply because I have personally crossed swords with her.
On a chat list of Israeli social science professors (she has a PhD in
political "science") she accused me of covering up the fact that the
ultra-Orthodox fringe in Israel is (in her opinion) more violent and
anti-Israel than are Palestinians, and that the ultra-Orthodox would
assault violently (she opined) anyone passing through their
neighborhoods with an Israeli flag. I responded to her on the list
that I would be willing to make a wager with her. I would walk around
ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods for an hour with an Israeli flag and no
skullcap, and she would march about Jenin or Nablus in the West Bank
with an Israeli flag, and whoever was not murdered or violently
attacked would receive $10,000 from the other person. I am still
waiting for her to reply to my challenge. It is now three years
later! Yes, she too will be spinning her "theories" for the "J
Street" conference!

3. The sexist Jewish pogromchik at NYU:

Why Didn't NYU Cut Nir Rosen Loose a Long Time Ago?
Alana Goodman 02.16.2011 - 3:55 PM
It took a Twitter joke about Lara Logan's sexual assault in Egypt to
finally push NYU's Center for Law and Security to revoke Nir Rosen's
fellowship today. The question is, what took so long?
As Jeffrey Goldberg reports at the Atlantic, Rosen has been making
disturbing and violent comments on Twitter for quite awhile. Of
course, the difference was that these remarks took aim at politically
correct targets — America and Israel — while his Tweet mocking Logan's
sexual assault was decidedly un-PC.
Much of Rosen's most vitriol appears to be focused on Israel, and his
Tweets run the gamut from unvarnished hatred of the Jewish state to
outright anti-Semitism:
Many of his tweets are given over to expressions of hatred of Israel,
and wishes for its destruction. He openly advocates for violence
against Israel: "Yes to a 3rd Intifada. This time hopefully with the
support of the Palestinians citizens of 'Israel,'" and he states that
"Israel's existence is a blight unto the nations." …
The creepiest tweet of Rosen's is this one, I think, from December
3rd, 2010: "On Hannuka, Just think, if only the Greeks had been better
at counterinsurgency we wouldn't have these problems today. Where was
Petraeus?" The meaning of this is fairly obvious: Hannukah marks the
defeat of a Syrian-Greek empire by a Jewish insurgency. If the Greeks
had won, the Jews would have been slaughtered. He also wrote that same
day, "genocide is modern concept (except when jews (sic) are doing it
on god's orders in the old testament) greeks were just hellenizing."
Based on the content of Rosen's Tweets, the statement from NYU on his
resignation couldn't have been more tone-deaf:
"Nir Rosen is always provocative, but he crossed the line with his
comments about Lara Logan. I am deeply distressed by what he wrote
about Ms. Logan and strongly denounce his comments," said Karen J.
Greenberg, the executive director of NYU's Center for Law and
So publicly wishing that the Jewish people had been exterminated
thousands of years ago so that "we wouldn't have these problems today"
doesn't cross a line? Calling for a third intifada and the violent
destruction of the Jewish state doesn't cross a line? Apparently, NYU
believes that's just being "provocative."
The university stayed silent as Rosen repeatedly glorified violence
against the Jewish people. And the sad truth is that if not for his
celebration of the sexual assault of a journalist, he would still have
his job to

4. Tel Aviv University graduate student Omar Barghouti runs the
anti-Semitic group that leads the economic aggression
against Israel, promoting boycotts of Israel and Israeli institutions,
including of course Tel Aviv University. He was due to visit the US
this coming April to promote his malicious "book" – "Boycott,
Divestment, Sanctions: The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights."

To congratulate the State Department people on an unusually
intelligent and responsible decision, write to:
U.S. Consulate:
Consul General Daniel Rubinstein
U.S. Consulate General, Jerusalem
18 Agron Road, Jerusalem 94190
Tel.: +972.2.622.7230, Fax: +972.2.625.9270
Department of State:
Visa Services
Public Inquiries Division
To tell the heads of Tel Aviv University what you think of the fact
that a TAU student is leading the economic aggression against Israel,
go here:

5. Well it looks like Khaddafi has fled his sinking rat-infested
ship, and there are conflicting reports as to his whereabouts. Since
he seems hard up for a nice holiday rental, I wanted to suggest we
offer him his own private room with bath in Gitmo. Water(boarding)
bills on the house.

As the world celebrates, let us also bear in mind the mindless
cowardice of the UK and the US in appeasing Khaddafi for so many
years. I refer to their willingness to pretend that they did not know
that he was behind the Lockerbie atrocity. And then Britain released
the jailed terrorist responsible for that bombing as a "goodwill
gesture." And the US normalized relations with Khaddafi with no
retaliation for Lockerbie. Meanwhile, Haaretz dragged out today that
long-ago-debunked urban legend about how supposedly Khaddafi's
daughter was killed when the US bombed Libya after Libyan agents
murdered US servicemen in Germany. Add that to the al-Dura hoax.
Come to think of it, there is room in Gitmo for some Haaretz editors
as well.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Moslems and Arabs who will be speaking at the J Street Conference

(Open the web page for hyperlinks to sources and quotes)

Monday, February 21, 2011
Moslems and Arabs who will Attend the "J Street" Event

New Banner for J-Street?

"J Street" is the leftist radical anti-Israel lobby group funded by
George Soros and others who hope it will neutralize AIPAC.

In a few days it will be holding a large shindig in Washington, DC.
They are calling it "Give Voice to your Values." (Get it? The Zionists
do not let critics of Israel have a voice!)

We thought you might want to get to know some of those "voices" who
will be speaking there:

* Suhail Khan, and Islamic radical, often proclaimed incorrectly as a
moderate, who has consorted with and praised the Muslim Bortherhood.
See this, this, and this

* Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, the radical pro-jihad Islamofascist
anti-Christian Imam from the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. See sample
statements of his here.

* Maen Rashid Areikat, PLO terrorist and its "representative" in
Washington, DC. Has been jailed by Israel for terrorism. Defender of
anti-Semitic bigotry (see this)

* Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, whose daughters were killed in the crossfire
when Gaza terrorists opened fire, inlcuding with RPGs and missiles, at
Israeli troops. See this. He sued Israel for returning fire at
terrorists when his daughters were killed. He did not sue the Hamas.

* Imam Yahya Hendi, a chaplain at Georgetown University, is the
closest thing around to a moderate Moslem. He has spoken out against
terrorism. Just how that makes him a bona fide lobbyist for this
radical group funded by George Soros is unclear. (A true moderate
would refuse to attend!)

* Mustafa Barghouti, anti-Israel "activist," arrested by Israel
several times for involvement in terrorism, leader in the Boycott
Israel movement

* Amjad Atallah, legal advisor to Chief PLO Terrorist Mahmud Abbas,
propagandist and apologist for the Hamas – see this, in which he
falsely claims Hamas accepts the existence of Israel.

* Nadia Bilbassy Charters, "journalist" for the pro-jihad Al-Arabiya
news service

* Mona Eltahawy - Arab anti-Israel blogger. See this. See her
Israel-bashing quotes here.

Does the "J" in "J Street" really stand for jihad?

The Libyan Riots spread to Israel’s Leftist NGOS!

1. The Libyan Riots spread to Israel's Leftist NGOS!

Well, I am not exactly Shania Twain, but I am singing "Man I feel
like a Woman" this morning!

All is not calm and tranquil in the leftist fever swamps of
Israel. It seems that Libya is not the only place in which there is a
mass revolt against the entrenched jihad! The same thing is happening
in the ultra-leftist Israeli Jewish NGO named "New Profile." And the
reporter Lara Logan, who was sexually assaulted by the mobs in Egypt
( ), is not
the only victim of sexual assault by the depraved jihadists.

The same thing happened in "New Profile."

"New Profile" is an anti-Israel communist-front activist group, no
doubt funded by the usual sources, claiming to be a feminist group,
and specializing in trying to get Israeli soldiers to refuse to serve
in the Israeli military.

The backwaters of the Israeli radical Left have been buzzing for
years about cases of alleged rape of women by the extremist Yitzhak
Laor, a regular columnist at Haaretz and a one-time lecturer at Tel
Aviv University. Laor also claims to be a poet. I confess I am not
familiar with his ouvre but I understand he may be the true originator
of the poem that begins, "Here I sit, broken-hearted, paid my dime…."

Laor has been accused by several women of raping and/or sexually
harassing them. At least one submitted a formal complaint to the
police for rape. Like in the case of the Hebrew University professor
of sociology accused by numerous women students of raping them, the
police have been dragging their feet. Leftwing rapists are just not
very high up on their agenda, in contrast with a rabbi accused of
groping male students, who now is facing prosecution. Haaretz for its
part is embracing its inner bitch and so is not reporting the Laor
story at all. In fact poet Laor has a column this very morning in
Haaretz bashing Israel. Laor is protected by the Haaretz Post-Zionist
glass ceiling.

Actually, leftwing rapists and sexual predators are fairly common
in Israel! The Director of "Zochrot," another ultra-left seditious
NGO in Israel that seeks to change all Israeli place names to Arabic
names (like the Western Wall), has also been accused of sexual
harassment. The Director, Eitan Bornstein, allegedly made lude sexual
comments towards women who work for "Zochrot." The members of New
Profile and Zochrot are essentially the same people. A leftwing actor
named Hanan Goldblatt has also been convicted of rape, and just had
his sentence adjusted a few days ago.

Now I am as proud as the next feminist of the women who have
decided to upset the leftwing apple cart and denounce the male
chauvinist pigs in question. I am proud to tell you that some of the
feminists in "New Profile" went on a rampage, not only against Laor
but also against Bornstein. Curiously, they are led by Bilha Golan,
who is so rabidly anti-Israel that I suspect that if she had not
burned all her bras years ago she might have filled them with
explosives and taken them on to a bus (she is a regular on the
anti-Semitic "ALEF" chat list: see ). The activist anti-rapist
women from "New Profile" however are being ostracized by other "New
Profile" fair-weather Barbie-doll pseudo-feminists suffering from the
Queen Bee syndrome, who insist that there must be no enemies on the
Left, and that all leftists must be automatically backed and defended
– no matter what! After all, claim these chicks, the highest goal of
feminism must be Israel's obliteration.

Laor's "Poetry" is reviewed here:

2. The anti-democratic Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is
suddenly concerned about democracy. See this story:
What upsets him is the Knesset initiative to force anti-Israel
seditious groups from the Left to reveal the sources of their funding.
Here is Weinstein:

'Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein warned on Sunday that establishing
parliamentary panels of inquiry to probe left-wing organizations could
violate fundamental human rights.
'In the state's response to a petition challenging the establishment
of such panels, he wrote: "It is impossible to ignore the chilling
effect of such investigative panels, should they be established, on
fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of
conscience, and freedom of association." '

Only one itsy bitsy problem in this. This is the VERY SAME bloke who
is investigating, arresting, and indicting rabbis for saying things he
finds "racist" or even for their praising a book that he considers
"racist." Will those who praise "Huckleberry Finn" be next on his

So his concern for fundamental freedoms of speech is highly selective!
This is the same Attorney General who has done nothing at all to
rein in the leftist Inquisitor of the Israeli Prosecutor's office,
Shai Nitzan. And while we are at it, even if we were to assume that
the comments by the rabbis in question were racist, which they were
not, since when is it illegal in a democracy to make racist comments?
If it were, 93% of Americans would be in prison. Making racist
comments in a democracy can get you punched in the nose but not
indicted and jailed!

(See )

3. Oy, dem racist Jews. Meet the black rabbi of Uganda:

4.. The Left rallies to resuscitate the Rosenberg spies:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Grand "End of Conflict Proclamation" Delusion

The Grand 'End Of Conflict' Delusion
By: Steven Plaut

Date: Wednesday, February 16 2011

For the past twenty years the quest for a Middle East peace and for
resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict has rested largely upon one
specific strategy. We'll call it the "End of Conflict Proclamation."

The key to ending hostilities, so goes the theory, and the
formula for bringing about an acceptance of Israel by the Arab and
Muslim world, is this: Israel must strike a deal with the Palestinians
that will result in the Palestinian leadership proclaiming the
conflict has ended.

Israel would need to buy such a proclamation from those claiming to
speak in the name of the Palestinians. But the "purchase" would result
in the Palestinians declaring that, as far as they were concerned,
there was no longer any basis for conflict with the Jews.

Once they proclaimed they no longer had any residual grievances or
claims against Israel, this proclamation of the End of Conflict
between Israel and the Palestinians would neutralize anti-Israel
hostility among Arabs and Muslims. Peace would be achieved.

According to the plan, such a proclamation would de-fang even the
worst Islamists and Arab fascist regimes. True, believers in this
fantasy concede, the Arab regimes have never really cared very much
about the welfare of Palestinian Arabs. But that will not matter once
the End of Conflict Proclamation is issued. Arab regimes and non-Arab
Muslim regimes like Iran and their clients would be forced by the rule
of logic to end their own belligerence toward Israel.

Since their anti-Zionism had always been founded upon the supposed
mistreatment of Palestinians by Israelis and the alleged denial of
Palestinian rights by the Jews, the moment the Palestinian leadership
itself declared that Palestinian expectations had been satisfied, the
rug would be pulled out from under the feet of those other regimes in
the most dramatic way. Those regimes could not logically continue to
war against Israel in the name of the Palestinians once the
Palestinians themselves proclaimed themselves satisfied.

Belief in the prospect of buying such an End of Conflict Proclamation
has dominated Israeli policy ever since the early 1990s. It has been
the driving force guiding the thinking of all Israeli governments
since then, including those of the Likud and the so-called right. The
immediate policy implication of the fantasy is that it is thought to
be ultimately in Israel's interests to "pay" for such a proclamation
in the currency of concessions. This is true even when "payment"
consists of granting to the Palestinians things no reasonable person
could think they deserve.

The End of Conflict Proclamation was regarded as so important that it
made no sense to quibble about its price, just as long as that price
was something less than the total annihilation of Israel. The
rationale for making concessions was that it was all part of the
pursuit of Israeli self-interest. Even granting to the Palestinians
concessions to which they clearly were not entitled would pay off
because it would induce them to cooperate in the ultimate gesture to
end the entire war - the Grand Proclamation.

Getting to the proclamation was the strategy pursued by the entire
Israeli political spectrum, except perhaps for the far left, which has
long demanded endless Israeli concessions not as a way to buy an End
of Conflict Proclamation but as a means of weakening Israel, period.
If a Palestinian conflict-ending proclamation ever became a feasible
option, Israel's radical left, led by the country's tenured academic
extremists, would protest against it.

* * * * *

The distance to which Israeli governments have been willing to go to
barter for the enticing promise of a proclamation has been nothing
short of mind boggling. Successive Israeli governments, including the
current one led by Benjamin Netanyahu, have agreed to the creation of
a Palestinian state in territories west of the Jordan river.

Perhaps more amazingly, they have agreed to acknowledge the existence
of a Palestinian people - one entitled to self-determination, to a
homeland, to political independence, and even to armed security

I emphasize this point because I doubt there are any serious people in
Israel, even on the left, who believe the Palestinians are a people
according to any historical standard. Certainly the Palestinians
themselves, rhetoric notwithstanding, have never considered themselves
to be a people. Palestinians are Arabs, part of the Arab nation that
already controls 22 sovereign political entities spread over a
territory nearly twice that of the United States.

The Arabs of Palestine are no more a separate and distinct people than
are the Arabs of Detroit or of Marseilles.

Palestinian "nationalists" themselves concede the point. In an
interview several years ago on Israeli television, Azmi Bashara, at
the time a Knesset member but now in hiding because he is wanted by
Israel for espionage and treason, said:

I don't think there is a Palestinian nation. I think there is an Arab
nation. I think that this [the term "Palestinian nation"] is a
colonial invention. Palestine, up to the end of the 19th century was
southern Syria.

In an earlier interview, Palestinian nationalist Zuhair Mohsentold the
Dutch newspaper Trouw:

The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian
stateis only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of
Israelfor our Arabunity. In reality today there is no difference
between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for
political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence
of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we
posit the existence of a distinct "Palestinian people" to oppose
Zionism. For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with
defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifaand Jaffa, while as a
Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa and Jerusalem.
However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will
not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.

But Israeli political leaders were so enthralled at the prospect of
settling the conflict with a dramatic End of Conflict Resolution that
they were willing to accept the historicity of a distinct Palestinian
people. For if none existed, how could the Palestinians play the role
that had been assigned to them and proclaim the end to the conflict?

The prospect of ending the conflict was so important that no one
wanted to let any scruples about pretense stand in the way. If the
Grand Proclamation could be obtained by means of Israel's declaring
that space aliens in flying saucers had landed on the roof of the
Knesset, Israeli leaders would have been only too happy to comply.

The acknowledgement of the existence of such a Palestinian nation was
not kept by Israeli leaders in reserve, as the currency for the final
payment for the Grand Proclamation. It was, instead, the down payment,
the first installment paid in advance by Israel, with no quid pro quo

* * * * *

The obsession with a proclamation was so thorough that Israel's
governments were willing to go well beyond the pretense that
Palestinians are a nation.

Successive Israeli governments abandoned all of the Gaza Strip, down
to the last inch, to Hamas terrorists after expelling every single Jew
living there.

And, denials notwithstanding, a surprising number of Israeli
politicians are open to accepting at least in principle some sort of
Palestinian "right of return," quibbling only over the numbers
involved. Meanwhile, Israel has repeatedly offered to grant the
Palestinians the bulk of the West Bank - the term "bulk" usually
ranging anywhere from 90 to 100 percent of the land - in exchange for
a Grand Proclamation.

Israeli politicians have also made it quite clear that they are
willing - as they were in Gaza - to expel most and perhaps all of the
Jewish "settlers" living in the West Bank as part of the deal. And
Israeli leaders have refused to challenge the axiom that any
Palestinian state need be judenrein, containing no Jewish minority at

Challenging that notion would upset the grand strategy of ending the
conflict via a Grand Proclamation. Why question the illogic of those
who insist Arabs should have the right to live as a political minority
within Israel after a peace settlement is achieved - while no such
settlement can be sought unless Jews are expelled from any future
state of Palestine?

Even more incredible is the fact that Israel's pursuit of the Grand
Proclamation has been so obsessive that Israeli politicians have
expressed a willingness to divide Jerusalem and grant control over the
shrines of East Jerusalem to terrorists and their enablers.

Even the Likud has turned a blind eye to Palestinian encroachments in
Jerusalem, and, for a period of time, limited Jewish construction in
Jerusalem, signaling its openness to considering Arab claims to the
city as part of a deal. If the Likud has not yet gone on public record
with an offer to abandon East Jerusalem, it is not because Likud
leaders rule that out as a basis for a deal but rather because they
know the Israeli public is not yet ready to accept that as the price
for a proclamation.

The infatuation with the prospect of a grand End of Conflict
Proclamation was based on shaky foundations from the start. First, it
was not at all obvious that even if Israel were to strike a deal with
the Palestinians that would culminate in a proclamation, the Middle
East conflict would really end.

It is true that Arab regimes had long based their hostility toward
Israel upon their supposed concern for the rights of the Palestinians.
But if the basis for that pretense were really removed through a Grand
Proclamation, who is to say Arab leaders could not find some other
excuse to take its place?

Hitler's Germany went to war supposedly out of concern for the
"oppressed" ethnic German minorities in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and
Lithuania. But had the respective regimes managed to strike deals with
their own ethnic German minorities, leading to End of Conflict
proclamations by those Germans, does anyone seriously believe Hitler
would have abandoned his plans to conquer Europe?

Similarly, what would stop the Arab world from finding a new cause
requiring Israel's eradication?

But the more serious problem is that the grand fantasy of an End of
Conflict Proclamation is totally unworkable because the Palestinians
understand perfectly well what Israel is up to. They know Israeli
strategy makes them, the Palestinians, the brokers of the deal - the
lynchpins, strategically the critical players, with veto power over
the entire situation.

Since Israel's approach to conflict resolution with the Palestinians
involves buying a Grand Proclamation at almost any cost, the cost will
always rise. If someone needed to buy a particular Chevy from a used
car dealer no matter the sticker price, the price would be raised
without limit.

Knowing they have ultimate veto power over Israel's ability to buy a
proclamation that supposedly would end the conflict with the rest of
the Arab and Muslim world, the Palestinians have no motivation to sell
the Chevy. To the contrary, the rational strategy for them is just to
let the Israelis keep making higher and higher bids, especially when
those bids involve growing down payments and up-front installments.

The problem is even more severe than that. The Palestinians understand
that delivering to Israel the Grand Proclamation it seeks would, for
all intents and purposes, remove the Palestinians from world attention
and interest. In exchange for the deliverance, the citizens of a state
of Palestine would end up with a flea-bitten Third World impoverished
mini-state, ruled by a kleptocratic oppressive government and raked by
internal violence and barbarism.

Indeed, this clearly explains Palestinian strategy. Because Israel is
willing to make virtually any concessions short of outright instant
self-annihilation, the only demands the Palestinians are willing to
consider as payment for the Grand Proclamation are those that would
end Israel's existence - not instantly, of course, but over a period
of time.

Essentially, the Palestinians' position is that they are willing to
issue that Grand Proclamation only on the condition that Israel
ultimately be governed by an Arab government; that Israel be flooded
with Arab "refugees" to create an Arab population majority; that
Israel be stripped of any symbols suggesting Jewishness; and that
Israel change its name to Palestine.

The "two states for two peoples" formula is part of this game of
pretense. It has long been the fundamental basis for seeking a
peaceful resolution, but one accepted only by the Israeli government,
not by the Arab world.

The Arab world is willing to consider the "two states for two peoples"
formula only so long as neither of those two states is Israel and so
long as neither of those two peoples is the Jews.

It is impossible to overstate the universal rejection by the entire
Arab world, including by Israel's own Arab population, of the very
idea of acknowledging the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state.

The Arabs will continue to reject that idea even if Israel withdraws
to its 1967 "Green Line" borders and turns East Jerusalem over to the
Arabs, and even if a Palestinian state (or perhaps two, one dominated
by Fatah and the other by Hamas) is formed in the West Bank and Gaza.

An Israeli politician with an ounce of common sense would understand
that the Arabs' refusal even to pay lip service to the legitimacy of
Israel as a Jewish state nullifies the dubious promise of extracting a
grand End of Conflict Proclamation from them.

The constitutional incapability of the Palestinians - and their
string-pullers in the existing Arab states - to proclaim an end to the
conflict with an Israel that is a Jewish Israel exposes such a
hoped-for proclamation as nothing other than a dangerous, and quite
possibly suicidal, fantasy.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hamas week at Sapir College in the Negev




1.  You will be happy to hear that starting today, and for the next 4 days, Sapir College in Israel's Negev is to be converted into a massive lobby on behalf of the Hamas.   Ironically, Sapir is located in the Negev town of Sderot, and has itself been hit by Hamas rockets.  In fact, at least one Sapir students was killed by the barrages. 


The full story on the Hamasization of Sapir can be read here.


The initiative for this comes from a Sapir lecturer named Julia Chaitin.


Here is an excerpt from the article:


'Among the organizations raising the ire of the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel are Zochrot ("Remembering" ), the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel. Zochrot is described on its website as "a group of Israeli citizens working to raise awareness of the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948."


'In a letter to Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar, Knesset Education, Culture and Sports Committee Chairman Zevulun Orlev, local government heads and Sapir College itself, the forum opposed a state-funded college holding "one-sided political conferences at the leftist edge of the Israeli ideological spectrum" without permitting the participation of "balancing figures."'


If you would like to tell the head of Sapir what you think of this, contact Prof. Uri Regev at fax 972-8- 6899412


If you have an opinion about Sapir getting any Israeli taxpayer funding in the future, tell the Minister of Education, Gideon Saar, at fax 972 -2-5602246 and email

Or use this form:



2.  As you know, I have for years been leading those who condemn the loony Lori Lobby.  I am referring to the lobby of American Jewish liberals to support and excuse the Maoist terrorist Lori Berenson, now held in a Peruvian prison.  See these as examples:  and  and .  Lori was released from prison last year on parole and within days was back in jail after meeting with terrorists and violating her parole.


   Well, compare the loud lunacy of the Lori Lobby to the strange silence of the assimilationist liberal (asslib) leadership of the American Jewish community regarding the persecution of Allen Gross by the Cuban regime.  Allen Gross is an American Jew now under arrest in Cuba for "espionage," after bringing a shipment of computers into Cuba for use by Cuba's small Jewish community.  See this for the full story:   Here is the Castros' own version of events:  Gross has been held in Cuba's gulag prison since being arrested in December, 2009. Raul Castro himself is leading the crusade against Gross:


     The liberal Jewish establishment in the United States has been thunderously quiet about all this (while even Obama himself has denounced the Castros for holding Gross).  The Washington Jewish Week is one of the few Jewish institutions that has been active in protesting the persecution of Gross.  See


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